From Family Findings
Vol. I, No. 2, July 1969, pp. 9-12
Vol. I, No. 3, October 1969, pp. 39-57
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1969
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Copied by Mary Ann Mitchell and Charlotte Thornton at the Court House, Jackson, Tennessee, from the Historical Records Project, Official Project No. 765-3-5, copied under Work's Progress Administration. [Note: Format has been altered for HTML presentation.]


COLLINS, Henry D. to Matilda Anderson
Iss'd: 7 July 1823, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 15 July 1823 by J. B. Cross (J.P.)

HENDERSON, Tobias C. to Eunicy Haralson
Izs'd: 10 Dec. 1823, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: ______ Burrus, M. Banks (Mr.)
"Married According to Love"



MILLER, Thomas to Martha A. Tweedy
Iss'd: 14 Jan. 1826, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 16 Jan. 1826, J. B. Cross (J.P.)



ALLEN, Athan to Charllotty Oneal
Ised: 9 Dec. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Witness: Athens Allen, Midget Brooks

BALEY, John C. to Matilda Sledman
Iss'd: 4 Dec. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Witness: John C. Cx) Baley, Wm. Givens

BASS, Henry S. to Matilda Napey
Iss'd: 19 Nov. 1827
Witness: Bryan B. Trousdale, Henry S. Bass

CARTMELL, Martin to Jamima A. Sharp
Iss'd: 25 Oct. 1827, McIver, Clk.
Witness: Martin Cartinell, A. Patton

DICKSON, William to Tabitha Chisum
Iss'd: 20 Sept. 1827, McIlver, Clk.
Sol: 25 Sept. 1827, S. Copeland

HOARD, William to Nancy Willis
Iss'd: 15 Oct. 1827, McIver, Clk.
Witness: William Hoard, John F. South

JACOB, James to Mary Chisum
Iss'd: 22 Nov. 1827
Witness: James Jacob, John Chisum

KING, Jesse to Matilda Anderson
Iss'd: 6 Dec. 1827, McIver, Clk.
Witness: Jesse (x) King, James (x) King

MAULDIN, William P. to Susans Bryans
Iss'd: 14 May 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: Hiram Casey


(Page 10)

MILLER, John to Sarah Chisum
Iss'd: 3 Nov. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Witness: John (x) Miller, William (x) Anderson
: 4 Nov. 1828, S. Copeland

MOORE, Leornard to Susan Dullard
Iss'd: 25 May 1827, R. McIver, Clk.

OLDHAM, Ebeneze to Elizabeth Jackson
Iss'd: 11 Dec. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Witness: Ezebaza Oldham, William M. Tidwell

POLLAN, John to Mary Harpe
Iss'd: 13 Nov. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Witness: Joe Pollan, George W. Pollan

ROBB, John to Eliza Kay
Iss'd: 1 Dec. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Witness: John Robb, Robert Wilson

SEALS, Anthony to Jane Harkins
Iss'd: 27 Sept. 1827
Sol: 23 Aug. 1827, J. M. Johnson (J.P.)

SPARKS, Daniel to Polly Tuel
Iss'd: 17 Sept. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 17 Sept. 1827, J. M. Johnson (J.P.)

SPARKS, David to Cumfort Moffit
Iss'd: 17 Sept. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 17 Sept. 1827, J. M. Johnson (J.P.)

STEWART, Thomas to Jane Wynn
Iss'd: 25 Sept. 1827
Witness: Thomas Stewart, Franklin Madding

STONE, Hiram H. to Mary Sanders
Iss'd: 3 Mar. 1827
Sol: _______ B. N. Burrus

TRIGG, William to Eliza Rawlings
Iss'd: 27 Oct. 1827, R. Tvlclver, Clk.
Witness: William Trigg, Jno. P. Martin

TURNER, Alexander to Colann Gordon
Iss'd: 10 Jan. 1827, R. McIver, Clk.



ARMOUR, David to Ann Cremwell
Iss'd: 26 May 1828
Witness: David Armour, Wm. Armour

ANDERSON, Hiram to Susan Harp
Iss'd: 8 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Witness: Hiram Anderson, ______ Stanford


(Page 11)

ANDERSON, William to Celinda Fuller
Iss'd: 22 Jan. 1828
Witness: William Anderson, John S. Anderson

BROWN, John S. to Elizabeth Anderson
Iss'd: 29 Oct. 1828
Witness: John S. (x) Brown, Layton Sullivan
Sol: 30 Oct. 1828, M. Deberry (J.P.)

BROOKS, Travis C. to Elizabeth A. Morris
Iss'd: 5 July 1828
Sol: 8 July 1828, John P. Harton (V.D.W.)

BARNETT, William to Eveleni Lynn
Iss'd: 2 July 1828
Sol: 3 July 1828, Anthony Lambert

BROWN, Robert to Susan Brown
Iss'd: 25 Mar. 1828
Witness: Robert Brown, William Neil).
Sol: 25 Mar. 1828

BROWN, John to Rhoda Chandler
Iss'd: 13 Mar. 1828
Sol: 13 Mar. 1828, John Seay

CAUBBELL, Cams to Nancy Turner
Iss'd: 16 Dec. 1828
Sol: 16 Dec. 1828, J. B. Cross (J.P)

CRAIN, Stephen to Elezabeth Collinsworth
Iss'd: 18 Nov. 1828
Witness: Stephen (x) Cram, F. C. (x) Wyatt

COPLAND, Dempsey to Matilda Byrn
Iss'd: 17 Nov. 1828
Witness: Dempsey Copeland, Ransom H. Byrn

CLIFTON, William to Mary Draper
Iss'd: 22 Sept. 1828
Witness: William Clifton, Jas. Burns

CAMPBELL, James H. to Judith K. Nichols
Iss'd: 22 July 1828
Witness: James H. Campbell, Thomas Watt
Sd: 22 July 1828, Wm. Atchison (J.P.)

CANNADY, Hugh to Malissa Duckworth
Iss'd: 15 July 1828
Witness: Hugh Cannady, William Robinson

CAMPBELL, Robert to Sarah Lyon
Iss'd: 17 Mar. 1828
Sol: 17 Mar. 1828, William Atchison (J.P.)


(Page 12)

COOK, M. B. to Lucy Ann Jones
Iss'd: 24 Jan. 1828
Witness: Malchiseduk B. Cook, Robert H. Wynn

DICKSON, Alexander to Sarah Stallings
Iss'd: 7 Nov. 1828
Witness: Andrew Arwins, Alexander Dickson

FENNER, Robert to Ann M. Jones
Iss'd: 23 July 1828
Witness: Robert Fenner, Geo. Snider

GLEASON, Alfred to Bethany Severe
Iss'd: 22 July 1828
Witness: Alfred Gleason, John Severe

HARRIS, David to Elizabeth Earneast
Iss'd: 8 Nov. 1828
Witness: David Harris, Thomas Elliott
Sol: 13 Nov. 1828, Grant W. Givens (J.P.)

HALL, John B. to Eliza Clinton
Iss'd: 27 Sept. 1828
Witness: John B. Hall, William B.S. Hall, William Atchison

HARELSON, Joseph T. to Fransis Jane Watts
Iss'd: 7 June 1828
Witness: Joseph T. Haralson, Stephen Lacy, Samuel Henderson

HAYNES, Henry to Matilda Butler
Iss'd: 2 Jan. 1828
Witness: Henry Butler, James Overall
Sol: 3 Jan. 1828, John P. Hardin (J.P.)

JACKSON, Nathan to Mary Kelly
Iss'd: 28 June 1828

JONES, John T. to Nancy Casey
Iss'd: 22 Apr. 1828
__________, by Hiram Casey

JACKSON, Hugh to Mary Childress
Iss'd: 17 Apr. 1828

KING, Michael to Nancy Ward
Iss'd: 6 Sept. 1828
Witness: Michael King, Alexander McIver

KELLY, James to Nancy C. Jackson
Iss'd: 28 June 1828

LOVE, Joseph B. to Rebecca McLerr'y
Iss'd: 12 Dec. 1828
Witness: Joseph B. Love, Luke B. Prendergrast

(Page 39)

LOWERY, Robert to Esther Price
Iss'd: 15. Oct. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
it: Robert Lowery, John Jackson

LAKE, Robert H. to Mary M. Sanders
Iss'd: 8 Sept. 1828, R. McIver, Clk..
Wit: Robert H. Lake, James Young
Sol: 2 Sept. 1828, Samuel Houston (Governor & C.)

LOVE, James M. to Terrison A. Braden.
Iss'd: 31 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: James M. Love, Harry C. Braden

LANEY, Jonathan to Delila Turner
Iss'd: 23 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Jonathan Laney, Julius Laney

LANEY, Culbert M. to Elizabeth Dick
Iss'd: 5 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Culbert M. Laney, Allen Thompson

MULLER, Isaac to Winney Ingram
Issd: 17 Sept. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Isaac (x) Miller, Jacob (x) Miller
Sol: 21 Sept. 1828, by Bird B. Smith (J.P.)

MORGAN, William N. to Elizabeth Butler
Iss'd: 11 Sept.' 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: William N. Morgan, Joseph Hudson

MUSLEY, Daniel to Nancy Logan
Iss'd: 30 Aug. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Daniel Musley, Elisha (x) Mitchell

MUNNS, Alexander to Martha Ann Chamberlain
Iss'd: 28 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Alexander Munns, William Munns

MADISON, Baily to Pheba McCaslin
Iss'd: 6 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Madison (x) Baily, John (x) McFarlin
Sol: 22 May 1828, by William Atchison (J.P.)

MARTIN, James to Mary Ann Verible
Iss'd 23 Jan. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: James Martin, John (x). Bunard

McINTOSH, Roderick A. to. Mary Brown
Iss'd: 3 June 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Roderick A. McIntosh, Peter McCallum


(Page 40)

McEWEN, Christopher E. to Narcissa F. Newsom
Iss'd: 26 May 1828,R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Christopher B. McEwen, Jason H. Wilson

NOWELL, Dempsey to Harriet Pearcy
Iss'd: 1 July 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Dempsey Nowell, James Gessee

PEEL, James to Martha Weaver
Iss'd: 27 Nov. 1828, R. McIver Clk.
Wit: James Peel, John Harrison
Sol: 27 Nov. 1828, by Sam W. Givens

PIPKIN, Kinion to Treasy Cogial
Iss'd: 24 Oct. 1828, McIver, Clk., P.. McNeill (D.C.)
Wit: Kinion Pipkin, L. C. Pipkin
Sol: 27 Oct. 1828, by D. McIver (J.P.)

POWELL, Alfred W. to Mary W. Harrington
Iss'd: 2 Oct. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Alfred W. Howel, Thos. Harrington

PRICE, Masha to Matilda Brigum
Iss'd: Sept. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Marshall Price, Larkin Caison

PIPKIN, Lewis C. to Elizabeth Bowman
Iss'd: 9 Sept. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Lewis C. Pipkin, Charles (x) Chamberlain

PENN, James to Mary Vincent
Iss'd: 25 Feb. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 28 Feb. 1828 by James McCutcheon (J.P.)

ROGERS, Alexander to Belinda Wallis
Iss'd: 29 Jan. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 2 Feb. 1828, by S. Copeland

SEETON, William M. to Tennessee Blair
Iss'd: 9 Dec. 1828, P. McNeill (D.C.)
Wit: William M. Seeton, Robt. H. Givens

STANLEY, Eli to Luriraney Smith
Iss'd: 6 Apr. 1828, R. McIver, Cllk.
Wit: Eli (x) Stanley, Josiah (x) Campbell

SPENCER, James to Mary Odle
Iss'd: 6 Feb. 1628, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 7 Feb. 1828 by M. Deberry (J.P.)

TURNER, William D. to Mariah Espy
Iss'd: 31 Dec. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: William D. Turner, Nathaniel A. Clark
Sol: 1 Jan. 1829, by M. Debery (J.P.)


(Page 41)

THOMAS, John to Marina Boon
Iss'd: 20 Dec. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: John.Thomas, Franklin Mading
Sol: 23 Dec. 1828, by Jno. P. Ho(a)rton (V.D.W.)

TEMPLE, Charles to Charlett Hunter
Iss'd: 3 Nov. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Charles Temple, Wyatt Temple

TAYLOR, Joseph to Sally Elison
Iss'd: 14 Oct. 1828,R. Ivlclver, Clk.
Wit: Joseph Taylor, Saml. H. Davis

TAYLOR, John I. to Martha D. Meacham,
Isstd: 19 Feb.1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 19 Feb. 1828, by William Atchison (J.P.)

WEIGHT, Francis to Barborah Fullbright
Iss'd: 15 Dec. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Frances Wright, James G. Maya
Sol: 15 Dec. 1828

WILLIAMSON, George to Tabitha Ann Lane
Iss'd: 30 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: George Williamson, James D. Williamson

WOOD, James B. to Jane Willis
Iss'd: 13 May 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: James B. Wood

WILSON, Jason H. to Elizabeth Hutchings
Iss'd: 10 May 1828, R. l4clver, Clk.
Wit: Jason H. Wilson, John K. Chester

WEBB, Micajah to Drucilla Farmer
Iss'd: 11 Jan. 1828, R. McIver, Clk..
Wit: Micajah Webb, Athen Allen

WARMATH, William to Caroline Quimblay
Iss'd: 7 Oct. 1828, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: William Warmath, John Nuckells



ALEXANDER, James to Amelia Ann Conn
Iss'd: 24 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Jas. Alexander, Jas. C. Hankel

BAKER, Robert to Charlotte O. Lynn
Iss'd: 29 June 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 30 Jan. 1829, by Richard Beard (M.G.)

BARFIBILD, George C. to Harriet Smith
Iss'd: 30 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: George A. Bratton, Anderson Skillern


(Page 42)

CONNER, Samuel to Rebecca Parker
Iss'd: 30 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Samuel (x) Connin, Parker (x), Parker (x)

CRAIN, Jeremiah S. to Rachael Wallace
Iss'd: 5 Feb. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Jeremiah S. Crain, S. Copeland

COLE, John to Lucy Waddell
Iss'd: 24 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: John Cole, Henry D. Smith

CHILDRESS, Jessie to Nancy Dillard
Iss'd: 15 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Jesse (x) Childrenn, John (x) Price
Sol: 15 Jan. 1829 by Thomas Smith (J.P.)

McCOY, James to Nancy Nowell
Iss'd: 5 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: James M. McCoy, Woolsey (x) Lancaster

CALEB, Hansel to Louisa Haltum
Iss'd: 7 Jan 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Hansel M. Caleb, Woodson Nowell

DANAL, Henery to Lotty Johnson
Iss'd: 23 Mar. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Henery Danal, Thomas Smith
Sol: 9 Feb. 1829

DICKINSON, Willia to Margaret Reed
Iss'd: 4 April 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Willis Dickinson, Duncan McCollum

DELPE, David to Greeny McFarland
Iss'd: 23 Jan. 1829
Wit: David Delph, Hugh Hardekin
Sd: 24 Jan. 1830 by W. Nichols (J.P.)

DILLIARD, John to Elizabeth Childress
Iss'd: 13 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: John Dillard, John (x) Price
Sol: 15 Jan. 1829 by Thomas Smith (J.P.)

FOREHAND, Eli to Margaret Weaks
Iss'd: 17 Feb. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Eli Forehand, John Manly

FITZHUGH, John W. to Minta Bryan
Iss'd: 2 Feb. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: John Fitzhugh, Alexander McLeod

GLADNEY, Samuel to Ann Trousdale
Iss'd: 13 Mar. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Samuel Gladney, John Trousdale


(Page 43)

HARBUT, William to Mary Waddell
Iss'd: 30 Dec. 1829
Sol: 31 Dec. 1829, Walker, Jr.

HUNTSMAN, Adam to Elizabeth Todd
Iss'd: 13 June 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: 14 June 1829, by M. Deberry (J.P)

HUTCHINGS, Christopher to Louisa Edwards
Iss'd: 16 March 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Christopher Hutchings, James Miller

JOHNSON, Moses to Polly Shoemaker
Iss'd: 17 March 1829
Wit: John Irvin, Moses Johnson

KING, Alfred to Frances Worley
Iss'd: 28 March 1829
Wit: Alfred King

MAY, William to Nancy Brown
Iss'd: 3 March 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: by John (V.D.W.)

McCLELLAN, Samuel C. to Balsora Vann
Isstd: 14 Jan. 1829, R. Mclvez!, Clk.
Sol: by M. Deberry (J.P.)

O'STEEN, William to Lucretia Dillard
Iss'd: 11 Feb. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Elijah Jones

PARKER, William to Sally Nerren
Iss'd: 26 March 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Benj. Nerren, Wm. Parker

PEGUES, Oliver H. to Ann Eliza Alston
Iss'd: 9 Jan. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Oliver H. Pegues, Robt. Clanton

REAVES, Maulden to Mary Neeley
Iss'd: 12 Nov. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Thomas Boon

RUMNELL, Samuel to Margaret R. Medanis
Iss'd: 19 Aug. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Sol: J. Greer (J.P.)

SPENCER, Mark to Nancy McCollum
Iss'd: 9 March 1829, P. McNeill (D.C.)

STARKEY, William to Matilda Tims
Iss'd: 11 Feb. 1829, R. McIver, Clk.
Wit: Jarvis (x) Starkey


(Page 44)

THOMPSON, Alexander to Patsey Lawrence
Iss'd: 21 Mar. 1829
Wit: Isaac Lawrence

WADKINS, Willie B. to Ann E. Kincaid
Iss'd: 14 Apr. 1829

WILSON, William W. to Martha Strain
Iss'd: 28 Mar. 1829

WRIGHT, William A. to Mary Givena
Iss'd: 25 Mar. 1829
Sol: 26 Mar. 1829, byiobnP. Harton(V.D.W.)

WILKS, Burwell to Nancy P. Elston
Iss'd: 2 Mar. 1829
Wit: Wm. Eleton

WALLACE, Richard to Eliz. Rogers
Iss'd: 3 Mar. 1829
Sol: by S. Copeland (J.P.)



ANDERSON, William to Elizabeth Golden
Iss'd: 3 June 1830
Wit: John Arnold

ANTHONY, J. W. to Cynthia Johnson
Iss'd: 27 May 1830

BRANCH, William D. to Mary Caruthers
Iss'd: 23 Dec. 1830
Wit: John Berrycroft

BETTY, John to Martha Tarbutton
Iss'd: 25 Nov. 1830
Sol: 30 Nov. 1830, by Thos. L. Garland
Wit: Silas C. Goodrich

BETHUNE, Allen to Heneritta Busby
Iss'd: 31 July 1830
Sol: 2Aug. 1830, by J. Perkins (J.P)

BARCHY, James to Nanny Evalinie
Iss'd: 30 July 1830, R. McIver, Clk., P. McNeil, D.C.
Sol: 15 Aug. 1830, by Jas. G. Mays (J.P.)

BUSBY, Micajab to Dysy Barns
Iss'd: 15 Feb. 1830, P. McNeill (D.C.)
Wit: Micajah (x) Busby, Robert (x) Busby


(Page 45)

BOON, Henry to Susan Golden
Iss'd: 16 Jan 1830, P. McNeill (D.C.)
Wit: Henry Boon, Richard Golden

CLARK, Isaac E. to Mary A. McCleary
Iss'd: 30 Sept. 1830, P. McNeill (D.C.)
Wit: Isaac E. Clark, Bong F. Lynn

COX, Gambrill to Marian Turner
Iss'd: 13 Sept. 1830, R. McIver (Clerk)
Wit: Gambril (x) Cox, John Read
Sol: 16 Sept. 1830, by Jas. C. Mays

COUNSEL, William H. to Cynthia Frazer
Iss'd: 13 May 1830
Wit: W. H. Price

DOHERTY, Reuben to Mary Moss
Iss'd: 28 Dec. 1830
Writ: Reuben Doherty, Thos. Cheldien?

DOVE, John to Nancy Sprouse
Iss'd: 14 Sept. 1830
Wit: John Dove, James P. Law
Sol: 14 Sept. 1830

DICKENS, Thomas to Mary M. Stewart
Issd: 2 June 1830
Wit: Thomas Dickens, Fleet Cock?

ELSBERRY, Isaac to Elizabeth Drake
Iss'd: 28 June 1830
Wit: Isaac Elsberry, Jessee Brown

EDWARD, Robert to Mary Timms
Iss'd: 15 Feb. 1830
Wit: Robert Edward

FUSSELL, William to Susan Dockins
Iss'd: 31 Mar. 1830
it: William Fussell, Anderson Edwards
Sol: by B. G. Stewart (J.P.)

FLY, John to Eliza Ann Tyson
Iss'd: 23 April 1830
Wit: Thomas Fly, Thomas C. Lancaster


(Page 46)

FULBRIGHT, Jacob to Mary Nail
Iss'd: 4 Jan. 1830
Sol: 6 Jan. 1830

GRUNADE, Harvey W. to Nancy C. Swan
Iss'd: 10 Dec. 1830
Wit: Harvey W. Granade, George S. Bonner
Sol: 15 Dec. 1830

GRACE, Jesse G. to Phebe Gately
Iss'd: 31 Aug. 1830
Wit: Jesse G. Grace, Fowler Beamon
Sol: 2 Sept. 1830

GOAD, Morris to Polly Ward
Iss'd: 25 Mar. 1830
Wit: Morris Goad, James Hopper

HARDY, Calvin J. to Julianna Wooddard
Iss'd: 24 Nov. 1830
Wit: Calvin J. Hardy, Thomas Rawlings

HUFNER, George to Rodah Adams
Iss'd: 19 Nov. 1830, R. McIver (Clerk)
Wit: George (x) Hufner, Austin (x) Cook

HOLT, Leander C. to Elizabeth Severe
Iss'd: 14 Oct. 1830
Wit: Leander Holt, H. C. Connelly
Sol: 14 Oct. 1830

HOLMES, Charles to Emily McGill
Iss'd: 7 Oct. 1830
Wit: Charles Holmes, James Miller

HUNT, William H. to Elizabeth F. Dickeus
Iss'd: 2 Aug. 1830
Wit: William Hunt, Allen W. Hicks

HILL, Bird to Louisa Eddings
Iss'd: 12 June 1830
Sol: 15 June 1830

HALL, William to Sarah Halton
Iss'd: 27 Feb. 1830
Sol: 20 Mar. 1831
Thomas L. Garland (Wit. or Sol: by ??)


(Page 47)

HARDGRAVES, Francis to Ann Green
Iss'd: 25 May 1830

HARRIS, James G. to Mary Boyde
Iss'd: 26 Jan. 1830
Wit: James C. Harris

HOWARD, Benjamin F. to Elizabeth Muse
Iss'd: 31 Jan. 1830

HUDSON, Joseph to Sarah Moulder
Iss'd: 13 Feb. 1830

HUTCHISON, William I. to Elizabeth May
Iss'd: 25 May 1830
Wit: William G. Hutchison

JARRETT, William to Mahaly Duncan
Iss'd: 16 Sept. 1830
Sol: 16 Sept. 1830

JOB, Andrew to Lucinda Brooks
Iss'd: 27 Feb. 1830
Wit: Andrew Jobe, C. E. Mathews

JONES, Abner to Moriah Bobbit
Iss'd: 29 Jan. 1830
Sol: 4 Feb. 1830

JONES, Jessee to Rebecca Raspberry
Iss'd: 27 Jan. 1830
Wit: Jessee Jones, Abner H. Musgrave

KING, William to Parmealia Martin
Iss'd: 16 Feb 1830
Wit: William King, William Starkey

LACKY, Alexander A. to Harriet Robertson
Iss'd: 9 Mar. 1830
Sol: 25 Mar. 1830, by M. Christian (J.P.)

LIEUALLEN, Willy to Catherine Pane
Iss'd: 12 Oct. 1830
Sol: 12 Oct. 1830

MALLORY, James B. to Eliza Branch
Iss'd: 27 Oct. 1830
Wit: James B. Mallory


(Page 48)

MARTIN, John D. to Sarah Dickens
Iss'd: 10 Jan. 1830
Wit: John D. Martin

MASSEY, Joseph to Eliza Borren
Iss'd: 4 Feb. 1830
Wit: Joseph Massey, William R. Branch

MAY, Philip M. to Caroline Dent
Iss'd: 25 May 1830
Sol: 26 May 1830

McCARROLL, John R. to Elizabeth Eddings
Iss'd: 12 June 1830
Wit: John McCarroll, John Ross
Joseph G. Hull

McDONALD, James I. to Charity Lankford
Iss'd: 2 Mar. 1830
Wit: James L. McDonald, James H. Rogers

McIVER, Alexander to Martha C. Poe
Iss'd: 8 Dec. 1830 Alexander McIver, Elisha Dismukes

MERONEY, William to Charity Peake
Iss'd: 9 Nov. 1830
Wit: William Meroney, Henry L. Meroney

MOORE, Eli to Anna Miller
Iss'd: 26 Feb. 1830
Wit: Eli Moore, Leonard Moore

MUSE, George A. to Elizabeth Cain
IssTh 25 May. 1830
Wit: George A.Cane, Andrew Cain

NICHOLS, Irvin to Jane Watt
Iss'd: 2 Feb. 1830
it: Irvin Nichols, William Shane

NORWOOD, John to Matilda O'Neal
d: 16 Sept. 1830
Wit: John Norwood, John Shaw Martin

ODAM, Ransom to Rebecca Robertson
Iss'd: 11 Nov. 1830
it: Thomas Odom, Washington Price
Sol: 15 Nov. 1830


(Page 49)

OLIVER, Malechi to Minerva Hodge
Iss'd: 30 Nov. 1830
Sol: 2 Dec. 1830

PEARCY, Thomas to Axalina Rook
Iss'd: 30 July 1830
Wit: Thomas Pearcy, Reuben Ferris
Sol: 31 July 1830

PRICE, Weight to Sally Corsort
Iss'd: 11 Jan. 1830
Sol: 17 Jan. 1830, by Robert Lowery (J.P.)

RAINY, James to Elmedia Hielderbrand
Iss'd: 3 Aug. 1830
Wit: James Rainy, James Kiser

ROBERTS, Zachariah H. to Sarah Fly
Iss'd: 2 Aug. 1830
Wit: Zarcariah Roberts, Allen W. Hicks

ROBERTSON, Battle to Martha Willis
Iss'd: 29 Sept. 1830
Wit: Battle Robertson, Washington Price

ROBERTSON, John to Bell Mays
Iss'd: 23 Mar. 1830
Wit: John Robinson, B. Cowan

ROBESON, Hugh B. to Caroline Duckwoth
Iss'd: 28 Dec. 1830
Wit: Hugh B. Robeson, William W. Duckworth

ROBINSON, William to Jane Gregory
Iss'd: 17 April 1830

RUSSELL, George to Susannah Cook
Iss'd: 11 July 1830, P. McNeill (D.C.)
Wit: George (x) Russell, Aaron Green

RUST, Lemuel W. to Lorenia Shute
Iss'd: 20 March 1830
Wit: Christopher Johnson

SHEPPERD, George to Nicy B. Smith
Iss'd: 14 Nov. 1830
David E. Putney, Edmid Jones
(Elder M E C)


(Page 50)

SILER, John to Mary Johnson
Iss'd: 18 June 1830
Wit: Archibald Raas

SKILLERN, Anderson to Margaret McDowell Christian
Issd: 3 May 1830
Wit: Stephen Lacy

SMITH, E. H. to Nancy C. Spratt
Iss'd: 25 Nov. 1830
Wit: Elijah Smith, John H. Rawlings

SMITH, Stephen to Mary Polly Alman
Iss'd: 1 Nov. 1830
Wit: Stephen Smith, George C. Rust

SMITH, William to Huldy Williams
Iss'd: 4 Dec. 1830
Wit: William Smith, Henry Marsh

SMITHERN, William H. to Evoline Neill
Iss'd: 9 Jan. 1830

SPRUCE, Joseph to Winopard Leary
Iss'd: 8 June 1830
Wit: Joseph Spruce, Martin Cartmell

STALLINGS, Willis to Jane Law
Iss'd: 19 Nov. 1830
Sol: 24 Nov. 1830
Thomas Boone (Wit. or J.P.?)

STRAIN, John D. to Winny Holloman
Iss'd: 8Sept4 1830
Wit: John D. (x) Strain. Nathaniel W. Robinson

SULLIVAN, Ramson to Mary Nichelson
Iss'd: 4 March 1830
Wit: Reuben McVey

TAYLOR, Lemiel to Teressa Wallace
Iss'd: BSept. 1830

THUMAN, Joseph to Ann Turner
Iss'd: 9Dec. 1830


(Page 51)

WALKER, Elias to Sarah Dilliard
Iss'd: 1 Oct. 1830
Wit: James Dilliard

WALKER, Lewis to Thomis Poor (Thornis?)
Iss'd: 3 April 1830, P. McNeill (D.C.)

WATERS, John to Ann Adam
Iss'd: 9 Jan. 1830, R. McIver (Clerk)

WEAVER, Joshua to Nancy Sanford
Iss'd: 28 Aug. 1830
Wit: Joshua Weaver, Thomas W. Sturdivant

WEIR, David D. to Margaret Weir
Iss'd: 10 Aug. 1830
Wit: Elijah H. Smith

WHITE, Littleberry to Susan Branch
Iss'd: 7 July 1830
Sol: B. Butler, J.P.

WHITE, Redding to Mary L. A. Eason
Iss'd: 3 May 1830
Wit: George W. Randolph

WILLIAM, Calvin to Milly Narvin
Iss'd: 23 Jan. 1830
Wit: Calvin Williams, Iredol Williams

WILLIAMS, Hudson to Caroline Parker
Iss'd: 2 Nov. 1830
Ralph Williams (Wit.?)

WILSON, Henry to Nancy Ann Ragadale
Iss'd: 27 Oct. 1830
Wit: Henry Wilson, Abel Ragadale

WOODARD, Benjamine to Mary Justine
Iss'd: 7 Dec. 1830
Sol: 9 Dec. 1830



ALEXANDER, Isaac W. to Nancy Berry
Iss'd: 15 April 1831
Wit: Isaac W. Alexander, Henry Berry
Sol: 22 April 1831, I. V. Harris (P.)


(Page 52)

ALSTON, John R. to Lydia Ann Tyson
Iss'd: 8 March 1831
Wit: John R. Alston, Oliver H. Pegues

ANDERSON, John V. to Elizabeth Freeling
Iss'd: 8 Aug. 1831
Sol: 8 Aug. 1831, John P. Harton

ATCHISON, William to Threasy L. Davy
Iss'd: 20 Aug. 1831
Wit: William Atchison, James T. Brown

BARRON, Alexander to Missouri Williams
Iss'd: 2 May 1831
Wit: William B. S. Hall

BOBBIT, Lewis to Sally Hooper
Iss'd: 11 Nov. 1831
Nit: Harry Maroney, Eli Chandler
Sol: Sam W. Givens (J.P.)

BOWLS, John T. to Rachel R. Stubbs
Iss'd: 9 Aug. 1831
Wit: R. H. Givens

BRIDGES, Edmmd to Melinda Spence
Iss'd: 11 Aug. 1831
Wit: Alexander Nichols

BROWN, Benjamine to Elizabeth Youngblood
Iss'd: 20 Jan. 1831
it: William M. Tidwell
Sol: 22 Jan. 1831, by Jacob Perkins (J.P.)

BYRN, Handy W. to Sally Haynest
Iss'd: 31 Aug. 1831
Wit: Byrn Osareah

BYRNS, Alexander T. to Rebecca A. Meridith
Iss'd: 10 March 1831
Nit: W. W. Talley
Sol: J. M. Johnson (J.P.)

BUTLER, Anderson to Susan Garrett
Iss'd: 18 Aug. 1831


(Page 53)

COLLIER, William Jr. to Sarah Robertson
Iss'd: 10 March 1831
Wit: Robert T. Harton
Sol: 13 March 1831, by Tho. L. Garland (M.G.)

CONNER, John to Zabra Parker
Iss'd: 23 Feb. 1831
Wit: John (x) Connor, Charles (x) Parker

DAVIS, Graven A. to Lucy C. Haynes
Iss'd: 15 June 1831
it: Craven Davis, H. W. Byrn

DOWNING, Alexander G. to Elizabeth McLean
Iss'd: 11 Jan. 1831
it: Thomas Rawlings

FULBRIGHT, Jacob to Mary Nail
Iss'd: 4 Jan. 1831
Wit: Jacob (x) Sipes

GIVENS, Robert H. to Lucinda Hill
Iss'd: 9 Aug. 1831
Wit: John T. Boals

GOODRICH, Josiah to Catherine Read (no dates)

GOODWIN, William to Laury Ann Williams
Iss'd: 26 July 1831
Wit: Thomas Haley
Sol: Thomas Haley (J.P.)

HAFFORD, John to _______________ (name missing)
Iss'd: 5 Mar. 1831
Wit: Jasner McKnight

HAYNES, Joseph N. to Margaret E. Davis
Iss'd: 15 June 1831
Wit: H. W. Byrn

HENNING, Richard G. to Lurannia Hill
Iss'd: 11 Oct. 1831
Wit: Robert H. Givens

HICKS, Edwin A. to Lucresha Dickens
Iss'd: 8 Sept. 1831
Wit: Allen W. Hicks
Sol: James S. Lyon


(Page 54)

HOWARD, Benjamine F. to Elizabeth Muse
Iss'd: 31 Jan. 1831
Sol: Thomas Haley (J.P.)

JOHNSTON, John to Temperance S. Alston
Iss'd: 31 Aug. 1831
Wit: Benjamin R. Dill

KITTELL, Amma to Mahola Freeman
ss'd: 22 Feb. 1831
Wit: J. M. C. Vandike

LOFTIN, George Burwell to Teresa M. Bedford
Iss'd: 29 April 1831
Wit: Edward Joyslin
Sol: 4 May 1831, by James T. Lyon

LOVE, John W. to Martha M. Wharton
Iss'd: 3 Aug. 1831
Wit: L. B. Prendergrast

LOW, Ellis to Nancy Young
Iss'd: 7 Feb. 1831
Wit: James Miller

MAYS, James G. to Catharine Fulbright
Issd: 7 Feb. 1831
Wit: Thomas Haley
Sol: by Thomas Haley (J.P.)

McMAHON, Thomas J. to Frucy Hays
Iss'd: 28 Sept. 1831
Sol: James Lampson

MEDDERS, Lewis to Tempey Jackson
Iss'd: 13 Dec. 1831, R. McIver (Clerk)
Sol: Robert Lowry

NEILL, William M. to Jane B. Hughes
Iss'd: 11 August 1831
Wit: James Miller
Sol: 11 August 1831, by Richard Hudson (M.G.)

NOWELL, Barnabas to Nancy Bell
Iss'd: 19 March 1831
Wit: Dempsey Nowell


(Page 55)

PATE, Thomas G. to Mary Butler
Iss'd: 3Aug. 1831
Wit: M. Young

PERKINS, Jacob to Mary Salaake Anderson
Iss'd: 11 Oct. 1831
Sol: 12 Oct. 1831, by R. H. Hudson (M.G.)

SHANE, William to Louisa E. Lyon
Iss'd: 18 Feb. 1831
Wit: Benjamine M. A. Darr

SHAW, James to Charity Boyt
Iss'd: 26 July 1831
Wit: Joshua B. Anderson
Sol: 28 July 1831, I. V. Harris (P.)

STh/iPSON, John P. to Sanai Needham (Sarai??)
Iss'd: 15 June 1831
Nit: Edmondson, Turner

SPENCER, John to Martha Taylor
Issd: 22 Jan. 1831
Wit: Hale, Reubin
Sol: 23 Jan. 1831, by S. W. Givins (J.P.)

TAYLOR, Jonathan N. to Rebecca Green
Iss'd: 5 Sept. 1831
Wit: David M. Holder

TENNIS, Reubin to Nancy Mathews
Iss'd: 2 July 1831
Wit: Jack Arnold
Sol: 3 July 1831, John P. Harton

WALKER, James H. to Isabella S. Meridith
Iss'd: 20 April 1831
Wit: Phillip McNeill

WEST, Benjamin to Elizabeth Cozart
Iss'd: 18 April 1831
Wit: James W. Cozart

WESTBROOK, James to Winifred Jordan
Iss'd: 27 August 1831
Wit: John M. Johnsol
Sol: 1 Sept. 1831, by J. M. Johnson (J.P.)


(Page 56)

WOODWARD, Asa to Mary Penn
Iss'd: 10 Dec. 1831
Wit: Elisha Bancroft
Sol: 11 Dec. 1831, by M. Christian (J.P.)



BLACK, James to Sarah Baker
Iss'd: 18 Feb. 1832

DILLARD, Isaac to Mary Ann E. Tipton
Iss'd: 26 March 1832, R. McIver (Clerk)
Wit: James Dillard

EDDINS, Lewis L. to Elizabeth. Lacy
Iss'd: 27 March 1832
Wit: John Eddins

EDWARDS, Justin L. to Mary Vann
Iss'd: 14 March 1832
Wit: H. B. Carr

HALL, Melford to Rebecca Curtis
Iss'd: 29 April 1832
Wit: John B. Cross, Jr.
Sol: 3 May 1832, J. B. Cross (J.P.)

HA1~RI5ON, William to Melinda Ragsdale
Iss'd: 18 Feb. 1832, R. McIver (Clerk)
Wit: Jesse Stubbs
Sol: 23 Jan. 1832, by Sam W. Givens

KEITH, Micajah to Susan Replogle
Iss'd: 19 May 1832
Wit: John L. Chamberlin

McBRYDE, Harvy to Mary Barham
Iss'd: 30 Jan. 1832, A. D. McIver (Clerk)
Sol: 20 Jan. 1832, by M. Christian (J.P.)

McCLELLAN, James D. to Isabella C. McLean
Iss'd: 12 May 1832
it: Edwin C. Estes

NEWSOM, Lemuel to Nancy Crowder
Iss'd: 25 Feb. 1832
Sol: 28 Feb. 1832, by B. Butler (J.P.)

OBAR, Robed to Mary Weaver
Iss'd: 12 Jan. 1832, by James G. Mays (J.P.)


(Page 57)

OLIVER, John C. to Anguline Chapman
Iss'd: 2 April 1832
Sol: 3 April 1832, Allen Thompson (M.G.)

YOUNG, Levy to Malinda Patterson
Iss'd: 18 Feb. 1832
Sol: 21 Feb. 1832, A. Summers (J.P.)


This completes the 1823-1832 Loose Madison County Marriage Bonds, published for the first time to the best of our knowledge in any genealogical newsletter or quarterly. There are other loose marriage bonds of later dates in the Madison County Court House and it is the desire of this Society to publish these in succeeding issues of "Family Findings."