(Part 4, 1850-1851)

From Family Findings
Vol. V, No. 2, April 1973, pp. 75-76
Vol. V, No. 4, October 1973, pp. 125-127
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1973
Appears on this web site by permission


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Continued from Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972 FAMILY FINDINGS, Copied by Miss Judy G. Alpha, 120 W. Mason Street, Jackson, Tennessee 38351


LEA, E. W. to Elizabeth Haynes
Iss'd March 4, 1850, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk. Jno. M. Parker D.C.
Witness: E. W. Lea, J. E. Hardage
Sol. March 7, 1850 by A. S. Roger, JP

MEDLIN, James M to Catherine BURROW
Iss'd Dec. 15, 1850
Witness James M. Medlin, George C. Medlin
Sol. Dec. 18, 1850 by William Boon, JP

MORRIS, Robert D. to Mary M. CLOVER
Iss'd Dec. 3, 1850
Witness: Robert B. Morris, J. W. Fussell
Sol. Dec. 5, 1850 by Alexander Futrell, J.P.

Iss'd Nov. 5, 1850
Witness: John Murrill, James Murrell
Sol. Nov. 5, l850 by James Holmes

MORGAN, Thomas P. to Amanda M. JAMES
Iss'd. Nov. 2, 1850, Thomas W. Gamewell, Clk.
Witness: Thomas P. Morgan, A. T. Brown
Sol. Nov. 3, 1850 by Benj. A. Hays

MANLEY, Wm. B. to Eliza J. JOHNSON
Iss'd. Oct. 21, 1850
Witness W. B. Manley, Isaac Taylor


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MOIZE, Lafayette to May Ann KING
Iss'd. July 4, 1850, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk.
Sol. July 13, 1850 by A. Matthew

MIDGETT, Ashley to Mary E. KNIGHT
Iss'd. May 6, 1850, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk.
Witness: Ashley Midgett, Charles T. Knight
Sol. May 8, 1850 by S. Sypert

MANN, Jas. T. to Sarah E. TOMLIN
Iss'd. April 22, 1850
Witness: James Mann, John E. Fry

MOORING, John C. to Eliza Jane CHRISTIAN
Iss'd. March 9, 1850
Witness: John C. Mooring, J. W. Hayly
Sol. March 12, 1850 by Benj. A. Hayes

MASON, Abner W. to Catherine PIERCY
Iss'd Jan. 9, 1850
Witness: Abner Mason, Miles C. Piercev
Sol. ._________

McMILLIAN, James to Mary Jane MARLOW
Iss'd. Feb. 26, 1850
Witness: James McMillian, John Falkner
Sol. __________

McKIMON, Loftin to Elizabeth SHERMAN
Iss'd. March 4, 1850
Witness: Loftin McKimon, J. B. Compton
Sol. __________

McEarlin, Henry to Angelia BOLTON
Iss'ci. July 27, 1850, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk.
Witness: Henry McFarlin (X), Joseph Edward (x) his mark
Sol. July 20, 1850, by J. M. Hanna J.P.

McNEAL, John H. to Elizabeth ROGERS
Iss'd. Sept. 21, 1850
Witness J. A. McNeal, I. D. Harris
Sol. _____ by James M. Pyles, J.P.

McFARLEAND, William J. to Paralee P. KING
Iss'd. Oct. 29, 1850, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk.
Witness: Wm. J. McFarland, John P. Burns (Haywood Co.)
Sol. __________

McALELLY, George P. to Mary Ann GOODRICH
Iss'd. Dec. 12, 1850
Witness: George P. McAllelly, (x) Wm. Shane
Sol. __________


From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 4, October 1973, pp. 125-127

(Page 125)

The Continuation of the Madison County, Tennessee, Loose Marriage Bonds copied for this issue by Charlotte (Mrs. Dempsey) Thornton at the Court House, Jackson, Tennessee


Newsom, Robert to Harris, Narcissus
Iss'd Oct. 15, 1850
Witness: Robert Newsom and George L. Harris
Sol. Oct 15, 1850 by Minister Cooper

Nelson, Noah to Johnson, Ann Elizabeth
Iss;d Sept 24, 1850
Sol. Sept 25, 1850 by Alexander Futrell, J.P.
Witness: Samuel Lancaster and Felix C. Exum

Newsom, Jenkins to Bond, Eliza A.
Sol. April 17, 1850 by Rev. A. W. Jones
Witness: George W. Bond, Fayette County

Newbern, Darius D. to Hill, Elizabeth A.
March 25, 1850
Witness D. J. Newbern

Oliver, John to Connally, Rebecca F.
Sept. 16, 1850 Thos. Gamewell Clk.
Sol. Sept. 18, 1850
Witness: John Oliver, Monroe County John Morrill and Matt Clay

Orgain, Edmond J. to Kimball, Sarah J.
Feb. 7, 1850 by R. Day M.G.
Witness D. C. Hall

Patterson, Freeman to Raines, Martha
Iss'd Nov. 30, 1850
Witness Freeman (x) his mark and Elisha Rains
Sol. Dec. 5, 1850 by S. P. McDonald J.P.

Parker, Jacob to Glover, Elizabeth H.
Sept. 22, 1850 by Alexander Futrell J.P.
Witness: John O. Glover

Richards, Redmond to Pierce, Manerva
Oct 10, 1850 by John D. Boykin, J.P.
Witness: Luther Chivers

Robinson, William J to Williamson, Mary E.
May 1, 1850 by G. H. Gillispie
Witness: William Lockard

Reeves, Joel W to Crenshaw, America Ann
Jan 15, 1850 by B. M. Perry, J.P.
Witness: James M. Exum

Robertson John M. to Brigham, Elizabeth
Jan. 2, 1850 by S. P. McDonald J.P.
Witness: William (x his mark) Wyatt
Testators: John Burrus and J. M. Shaw

Sanderlin, Lemuel to Moody, Mary
Dec. 24, 1850
Witness: C. C. Hines

Steepleton, William R. to Lambert, Delilah
Nov. 8, 1850
Witness: J. R. Steward


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Shelton, Wynn to Tyner, Julia Ann
Nov 7, 1850
Witness John D. Hall

Sherrill, John F. to Temple, Susan M.
Oct. 12, 1850 by Thos. L. Garland, M.G.
Witness, Hiram Johnson

Shuffield, Washington D. to Duncan, Ruth A.
Aug. 1, 1850 by George S. Harrison, J.P.
Witness: James E. Harrison

Spears, Hudson J. to Graves, Sarah
June 3, 1850 by Joshua Bell
Witness E. B. Ferguson

Smithwich, William G. to Hoppers, Rebecca
Jan. 9, 1850 by John B. Boykin, J.P.
Witness Riddick, M.G.

Tomlin, George M. to Captenter, Sarah M.
Nov. 28, 1851 by R. Day, M.G.
Witness: S. J. Puckett

Taylor, Thomas to Davis, Martha
Nov. 19, 1859 by F. S. Brandon, M.G.

Telfair, Edward to Davie, Mary R.
Oct. 28, 1850 by Benjamin. Hayley, J.P.
Witness: James B. Davie

Taylor, Sylvanus (Haywood Co.) to Kirby, Henretta J.
Oct. 12, 1850
Witness: William J. Copeland

Taylor, John J to Ham, Dicey
March 19, 1850
Witness: E. G. Stewart

Thomas, Henry A. to VanPelt, Sarah Jane
Feb. 8, 1850 by John B. Boykin
Witness: J. R. Jelk

Vantrees, William to Nanny, Martha A.
April 17, 1850, by A. S. Rogers, J.P.
Witness: William E. Shest

Vincent, John A to Anderson, Sarah A.
Jan 9, 1850 by Rev. A. W. Jones "God Bless you both"
Witness: Thomas M. Merewether

Wells, William H to Latham, Mary Ann
Dec. 24, 1850 by F. S. Brandon, M.G.
Witness William Wells (Haywood Co) and George Watson

Wilkins, Feereby to Sturdivant, Catherine
Dec. 11, 1850 by G. H. Gillispie

Williams, Newton to Ellington, Sophronia
Dec. 17, 1850 by Young McLemore, J.P.
Witness: John R. Jelka

West, William F. to Gatlay, Fhebe
Aug. 7, 1850 by William Boone, J. P.
Witness Matthew McAdoo

Williams, Anthony T. to Eddins, Margarett L.
March 27, 1850 by A. W. Jones
Witness: Dempsey C. Neal


(Page 127)

Watt, James N., Jr. to Lyon, Sarah Jane
March 16, 1850
Witness: T. L. Tidwell

Willis, Albert to Baker, Ann
Feb. 7, 1850
Witness: C. W. Jackson

Walker, Valintine to Walker, Otey
Jan. 20, 1850 by William Boon, J.P.
Witness: James Cash

Armstrong, William to Forsythe, Elizabeth
Feb. 21, 1851
Witness: William Armstrong (Henderson Co.) Wm. V. Dickinson

Bayet, William W. to Grant, Elizabeth T.
Oct. 9, 1851 by A. Williams, J. P.