From Family Findings
Vol. VI, No. 2, April 1974, pp. 66-67
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1974
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(Warren County, Tennessee)

            In the name of God Amen. I Moses Rea of the County of Warren and state of Tennessee, being indisposed and weak of body, but sound mind and disposing memory, calling to mind uncertainty of human life and being disirous to dispose of all such worldy substance as it hath pleased God to bless me with. I hereby give and bequeath the same in the manner following to wit: 1st, I give and bequeath HANNA RITTER my beloved wife the mansion house and kitchen altogether with all the furniture goods and chattels as they now are and remain to occupy and enjoy together with a certain negro boy called Simon. A certain horse called Ball and a certain ___ mare together with my waggon and all the tacklings thereunto attached together with one hundred dollars in species and as much of the livestock not mentioned above as she may think necessary to keep for her support to have and enjoy using during her natural life and after her death to be disposed of as herein after directed. Item 2. I give and bequeath of this tract of land of two hundred acres on which I am living at this time be divided into four equal lots beginning at a large Spanish Oak. Thomas Mays and David Ross beginning South and West for the First lot or fourth, I give and bequeath to my daughter POLLY HUBBERT from the termination of the first Run South and West before for the second lot or one fourth including the mansion house and orchard which I give and bequeath to my son JOSEPH REA from the termination of the second running South and West - for the third lot or fourth of the above tract I give and bequeath to my daughter ELIZABETH GIBBS and from the termination of the third lot or fourth part run South and West to the South and West Boundary line of said tract of two hundred acres for the fourth lot which I give and bequeath to my son OBECIAH REA also the balance of a tract of five hundred acres at the foot of the mountain purchased from THOMAS HOPKINS. Supposed three hundred and twenty five acres including the place on which JASPER SAINZ [or LAIN] now lives. I will that it be divided between my two daughters JANE CAMBELL and SUSANNAH SIMS taking advantages and disadvantages into consideration and divide the same into two parts agreeable to quality and quanity to suit as well as possible both individual's interest. SUSANNAH having the place on which she now lives and JANE the place knows as HUNFIELD. Item 5, I will and disire that all the live stock and surplus tolls remaining after my beloved wife settled together with the above provision as much as is actually necessary for her purpose to be sold at public auction as the law may require and that the moneys arising thereof from be equally divided between the sons JAMES REA, JOHN REA, WILLIAM REA and ALFORD REA.

            I further will that a sorrell colt called Arch remain on this premise until he becomes fit for service and that he be the right and property of my name sake and nephew MOSES RES, the son of OBEDIAH REA my son and nobody to dispose of said colt Arch either directly or indirectly unless it be himself. I will and desire that after the death of my-beloved wife H. R. REA, that all the live stock, wagons, implements farming utensils, household furniture and otherwise be sold as by law requires and that the money therefrom arising be equally divided between my sons as in the former bequeath (to-wit), JAMES, JOHN, WILLIAM and ALFORD. I further will that my money, funds or estate remain undivided until the last division and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend JOHN K WELLS executor of this my last will and testement hereby revoking all other or former wills or testaments heretofore made in witness whereof I have here to fore set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of March in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of

Leroy Braly
Thomas (x) Martin
Alfred Braly

Signed Moses Rea



A. D. 1830 and on the fifth day of said month there was the will produced in open court for probate whereupon Leroy Braly, Thomas Martin and Alfred Braly came into open court and made oath that they saw Moses Rea sign and seal and publish the same as his last will and testament and that he was at the time of sound mind and disposing memory. Whereon it was ordered that letters testamentary and the same be re-registered. Given under my hand and seat at office this 5th day of July 1830. Registered the 8th September 1831.

JOSEPH COLVILLE              
By L. Colville              


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