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Submitted by Linda Russell Lewis (linda@usroots.com) - Descendant of Edmund Bishop, Sr.

Will Proven at May Term, 1858.
(Probate - See Minute Book, No. 8 - page 219.)
State of Tennessee - Madison County, this 18th of January, 1855.

In the name of God, Amen, I Edmund Bishop now being in health and of sound dispering(?) mind and memory, do make and ordain this to be my last will and Testament hereby revoking all all [sic] others in manner and form and following:

Item. I lend to my bloved wife Sally Bishop, one hundred & six acres of land whereon I now live and five beads Bead steads & furniture all farming tools two head of horses, & 1 mule, all my hogs & cattle & sheep & poltry, one horse waggon, ten head of sheep, also four negroes to wit: one woman Jane, Sarah, Tom & Joe during her life or widowhood.

Item. I now give & bequeth to my beloved daughter Elvira M. Harrison one Fether bed & furniture, one bay colt that's in her posession, one Execution gainst her husband George T. Harrison of one hundred and ninety dollars which I paid I paid as scurity for him and at the death of my wife I give & bequeth to her five dollar to her & heirs forever. I now give & bequeth to my son George T. J. Bishop Fifty six acres of Land ajoining of Aa. Tison whare he has built upon at my death to him and his heirs forever. also one bay horse I got of(?) Hattom and at the death or widowhood of my wife I give him one equal part of the negroes loaned to my wife to him & his heirs for ever.

I now give & bequeath to my daughter Lucy J. Bishop Harrison one- Fether Bed bedsted & furniture, also one negro girl named Elizabeth called Betty which I have already given her in a deed of gift which deed of gift is now recorded to her & her bodily heirs for ever & also one mule all of which is in her possession and she is not to have any thing more at the death of my wife or widowhood.

I now give & bequeath to my two youngest children B. F. Bishop & Sarah Clementine Bishop at the death or widowhood of my wife one hundred and six acres of land where-on I now live to be equally divided between them and at the death or widowhood of my wife to have an equal share of the negroes, also to have all the stock. Horses hogs cat-tle sheep & poltry. The whole of the Beds & furniture one wagon to be equally divided between B. F. Bishop & Sarah Clementine Bishop my two youngest children to them and their heirs forever.
I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my oldest son George T. J. Bishop my Exec-utor to this my last will and Testament.

In witness whereof I heareunto set my hand & seal this precise day & date above written.
Edmund (X - his mark) Bishop [seal]
Jno. H. Freatnig(?)
Wm. R. Hanes
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Madison County
Roll 534
Book 7
P. 13

NOTE: Edmund Bishop, Jr. was former resident of Lunenburg County VA.
Transcribed and contributed by Linda Russell Lewis linda@usroots.com (descendant of Edmund Bishop, Sr.).


Transcribed by Honey Lanham Dodge & Mary Early Dishner, 24 May 1998

MADISON COUNTY TN Will Book I (December 1825 - May 1835)
page 534
Vicksburg State of Mississippi Feby 25 1833

In The name of God Amen I William Dent of Madison County & the State of Tennessee being at this time and at the above mentioned place sick do make this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

1st I give and bequeath to my son John W Dent two hundred and two and one half acres of land situated in Houston County & state of Georgia on Indian Creek. 2ndly I give and bequeath the store house and lot situated in the town of Madisonville in the county of Madison and State of Tennessee to James M Skelton for his own use & benefit forever by his paying to my administrator or Administrators the sum of one hundred Dollars.

3rdly I give and bequeath unto Hepsaby Gartman the woman who has lived with me as my wife for some years and by whom I have three Children viz: Francis Louisa, Martha Elizabeth & Nancy Rebecca I give the sum of one thousand dollars to paid out of the proceeds of the sale of my property I also give her one bed & bedstid and furniture for the same; she has the right of choise of all my beds bedstids and furniture & for the same.

4thly I will and bequeath to my children both those I had by my first wife & those I have by the woman living with me at this time viz. Hepsoby Gartman all the residue of my property both real and personal to be equally divided among them all except three negroes and other property which I have let my daughter Polly Caroline May have that property is to be considered a part of her legacy and is considered to be worth and is to be charged to her at eight hundred Dollars.

5thly The property I have given to those three children which I had by Hepsoby Gartman I intend that the said Hepsoby Gartman is to have a competency therefrom as a support for her so long as she

page 535

remains single or my widdow by This I intend that she shall have a decent support from the property belonging to my three children which I have had by Hepsoby Gartman viz: Francis Louisa, Martha Elizabeth and Nancy Rebecca but it is not intended that the said Hepsoby Gartman is to have any part of the property or the use thereof any longer than she remains unmarried.

6thly I shall leave it optional with my administrator to sell all of my Lands in Tennessee or somuch of them as will pay my debts, or to sell any part of my property so that my debts may be paid The residue of my property my administrator will lease or hire out to the best advantage for my heirs.

7thly I appoint as my administrator Major Middleton Bradford of Madison County Tennessee.

In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal
W Dent (SEAL) Witnesses present R H Byrn O Byrn
Thomas Rawlings

State of Tennessee
I Roderick McIver Clerk of Madison County of the Court of Pleas and quartersessions for the county aforesaid do certify that the forgoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of Wm Dent now on file in my office
Witness my hand and my office the 31st Decr 1834 R. McIver Clk

In pursuance of an order of the County Court of Madison County at the November Term 1834 and in accordance with of the will of William Dent Decd late of said county we have proceeded to divide the negroes belonging to the estate of said decd. The names and estimated valuation as follows, to wit, 1 Stephen about thirty years old valued @$550.00 2 Randol 26 650.00
3 Sam 26 600.00
4 Frank 21 650.00

page 536

5 Old Ben 45 years old 500
6 Young Ben 21 650
7 John 37 550
8 Young Sam 13 550
9 Harrison 12 400
10 Lee 13 500
11 Peter 13 500
12 Charles 9 400
13 Maria 35 375
14 Cherry 10 325
15 Martha Ann 7 275
16 Andrew 4 225
17 Louisa 2 150
18 Franky 35 375
19 Sarah 10 325
20 Armstid 4 200
21 William 3 175
22 Hannah 30 375
23 Chany 3 150
24 Sampson 9 months old 75
25 Nancy 48 years old Diseased estimated at 100 dollars less than nothing
26 Anna about 7 years old valued at 275
27 Pheoby 7 175
28 Young Nancy about 25 years old 400
29 Eliza 5 years old 175
30 Darcas 45 years old 250
31 Malindy 17 years old 350
$ 11,950
Deduct from the Lot drawing 100 dollars old Nancy
divide by 7 $ 11,850
The proportion of each heir 1692 6/7 Polly Caroline May's part heretofore recd
Negros John about 37 years old 550, Malinda 17 years old 350 ($1700 6/7 This much over her proportion 7 1/7 The balance (1672 6/7 her proportion after of setting apart the above two negros to Polly C May, we Threw into six lots and drew for the other six heirs as follows lot no 1 was drawn for Jane White:
Stephen valued 550
Franky 375, Sarah 325
Armstid 200
William 175
This much under her proportion 67 6/7 1692 6/7

Lot No 2 was drawn for Nancy R Dent (Towit)
Randol 650
Maria 375
Martha 275
Andrew 225
Louisa 150
This amt under her proportion 17 6/7 1692 6/7

Lot No 3 was drawn for John (Towit)600
Young Nancy 400
Eliza 175
Peter 500
This much under his part 17 6/7
1692 6/7

Page 537

Lot No 5 was drawn for Francis L Dent (Towit):
Frank $650 & Cherry $375
Lee 500 & Darcas 250
This much over her proportion 32 6/7 1692 6/7

Lot No 5 was drawn for Martha E Dent (To wit)
Old Ben $500 & Hannah $375
Chany 150
Sampson 75 and young Sam $550
775 1650 This much under her proportion 42 6/7 1692 6/7

Lot no 6 was drawn for Mary A Dent (To wit)
Young Ben $650, Harrison $400 Charles $400
Ann 275, Phoeby 175
1900 Old Nancy for her deduct 100
This much over her proportion 107 6/7

Given under our hands 1692 6/7
This 2nd day of January 1835
James Vaulik H Herron Martin Cartmell Lots Nos 2,4 & 5 was drawn for Nancy R Dent Francis L Dent & Martha E Dent The three youngest children and as the will provides that their mother shall be supported out of the said 3 children's property. we recomend to the Court to imalgimate The property drawn by the said 3 children and be held in common by them.

Jas Vaulik
Martin Cartmell
H Herron

South Carolina - Lexington district
Recd March the 5th 1827 of Epsey Gartman
Three hundred Dollars infull for a negroe Girl Kesian about ten years old, which negroe I for was warrant & defend the right and title to sd Epsey her heirs & assigns Given under my hand and seal this day
William Dent

the hand writing of Wm Dent proven by the oath of A Patton in open court the 2nd Feby 1835
R McIver Clerk
Madison County TN Minute Book 4
(August 5, 1833 - September 9, 1840)
page 35

Monday 4th November 1833

Ordered by the Court that James S Lyons be & is hereby appointed Guardian of the children of William Dent deceased to wit: Francis Louisa, Martha Elizabeth, & Nancy Rebecca.

Transcribed by Honey Lanham Dodge & Mary Early Dishner
24 May 1998



Proven 21 July 1870 Madison County, Tenn.
I Wesley Gordon of the county of Madison and the state of Tennessee being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and constitute this my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills heretofore made by me.

I give and bequeath to my daughters Eliza Rutherford, Emily P. Moss and Fannie C. Gordon the homestead upon which I now reside containing 245 acres and the Wells tract upon which I now reside containing about 22 1/2 acres more or less being the tract purchased by me from Wm. G. Wells and adjoining the 245 acres to them share and share alike to be equally divided between them for and during the terms of their natural lives to their sole and separate use and at their deaths to go to their children of my said daughters. Eliza, Emily and Fannie shall die without having children then the share of each child shall go to the survivors to be equally divided between them and in the event said tracts of land cannot be divided among my said daughters Eliza, Emily and Fannie without doing manifest injury to their interest then my executors herein after named at the request of any two of my said daughters in writing shall expose said land for sale upon a reasonable credit taking part cash and invest the proceeds in other lands for my said daughters upon the same uses and like limitations.
I give and bequeath my lands in Henderson and Carroll counties consisting of my old homestead in Henderson and the Elijah Morgan Tract in Carroll County to my daughter Sarah E. Moore, Elizabeth Gooch, and my Granchildren Emma P. Moss and James Livingston Moss one third to have and to hold the same unto them and their heirs and assigns forever and in the event the said lands cannot be divided between my said daughters and grandchildren without doing manifest injury to their interest then and in after named at the request in writing of my said daughters Sarah E. Morre and Elizabeth or of either of them and the Guardian of my said granchildren. Lames Livingston Moss and Emma P. Moss shall sell said land upon a reasonable credit, taking part cash and divide the proceeds of the same between them Sarah E. Moore and ELizabeth Gooch taking one third each and my grandchildren Emma P. Moss and James Livingston Moss taking one third.

It is my will and desire that my executors soon after my death as possible every kind and description for cash or upon such credit as in their judgement may seem best. One half of the proceeds there of to be given to my daughter Fannie and the balance to be equally divided between my Eliza Rutherford and Emily T. Moss to be held and used by them upon some conditions and restrictions as provided for in the first item of my will.

Having given my son George Gordon a childs part of my estate during his life time I only give his two children one dollar which is to be paid by my executors.

I direct that any money I may have at the time of my death shall after my just debts are paid to be equally divided among my daughters Eliza Rutherford, Emily T. Moss and Fannie C. Gordon upon the uses and limitations provided in the first item of my will.

I nominate and appoint my sons-in-law William Moore and James H. Moss the executors of this my last will and testament. Signed sealed and acknowledged in our presence and in the presence of each other and witnessed at the request of the testator this the day of 1869.
J.T. Howard, J.A. Howard, W.H. Gordon


Submitted by Laura W. Griffith

WILL OF JOHN MAY - (1843) Jackson, Madison Co., Tenn. Will Book "4" Pp. 97-98:
In the name of God Amen, I, John May of the county of Madison and State of Tennessee being in Sound mind and perfect memory but being weak and feeble in body and feeling a desire to dispose of such property as it has pleased God to bless me with I do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament.

First, I direct that all my Just debts may be paid as speedily as convenient also my funeral Expenses.

Secondly, I give unto my beloved Daughter Mary Taylor a negro called Big Henry and a boy named Turner which negroes are to be held in Trust by my Executors their heirs and for her use and benefit during her life and at her death to be Equally divided between all her children by said Executors.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my son John May three negroes to wit. Ellmder?, Jefferson and Chester.

Fourthly, I give unto my son-in-law William C. Hutchison one negro fellow called little Jim? and a negro boy named Jacob.

I give and bequeath unto my son-in-law Dawson D. Bennett a negro called Big Jim and three hundred and fifty dollars which I desire he shall lay out in the purchase of a likely girl to wait upon his wife as a house__?

I give and bequeath unto my son Philip May the following negro property to wit. Jerard and Maria his wife & their son Ag__? and Patsy his wife and Warren? and Jessie? and their children which negroes are to be considered in full of all the negro property he is to get from my estate.

I give and bequeath unto my son William May's children two negroes to wit. David and Matt but said negroes are not to be taken from my Estate until said children shall arrive at Lawful age.

It is my Will and desire that my Grand daughter Nancy Tennessee Newsom shall take choice of my five horses if she chooses to do so in part pay.? of what I may be owing her if she shall not choose said horse then money shall be paid her.

It is my further Will and desire that if any of the before mentioned negroes shall prove refractory or not answer the purpose of those to whom I have given them that they are at liberty to sell them if they choose and buy others if they think proper with the proceeds.
I further direct my Executors to sell one of my waggons as it will not be needed on the plantation.

All the balance of my property of whatever nature one kind ? either lands negroes stock of all kind Household and Kitchen furniture farming utensils debts money or ? owing my Estate or on hand. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Nancy May to do as she pleases with at her death hoping she will so dispose of it as to do equal Justice and give Equal Satisfaction to our children as fair as is practicable.

It is my Will and desire that in case of my death that the property herein bequeathed away shall be taken away by those to whom it is given as soon as soon as the ?ro? now in hand shall be gathered in and saved.

I do hereby autorize my beloved wife to give out to our children such portions of property from time to time as she may think she can spare without diminishing her own comfort and maintenance.

I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Adam Huntsman, Dawson B. Bennett and William Hutchison Executors of this my last Will and Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 4th of October 1843.
Attest. Wm. P. Godwin James Cook
Signed John May (his mark (x))
\ seal\

John MAY, Sr. was born 1772 in Anson Co., NC; died 13 Oct. 1843 Spring Creek community, Madison Co., TN - May Family Cemetery. He appeared in Davidson Co., TN (1805), Hickman Co. TN (formerly Dickson from 1809-1819) and eventually settled in Madison Co., TN by 1819 (two years prior to the county's formation in 1821. He married in 1805 in Davidson Co., TN to Nancy GREER (1788-1868). Nancy GREER was the daughter of Martin and Mary GREER of Davidson County, TN.

Six "known" children of John and Nancy Greer MAY:
1. William MAY, (born before 1810), married Nancy NEWSOM, dau. of Eldridge Newsom, (Nancy was previously married to Jeremiah Brown, who died before 1829). William May and Nancy Newsom Brown were married on 3 March 1829 in Madison Co., TN. Wm. MAY died about 1839 leaving behind the following minor children (all born between 1829-1839): (1) Newett N. MAY married Sarah "Sallie" Lanier; (2) Christopher E. MAY; (3) John MAY; (4) Mary C. MAY; (5) William MAY, Jr.

2. Philip M. MAY married Caroline DENT on 26 May 1830 in Madison Co., TN. They had one "known" son named C.E. MAY.

3. John MAY, Jr. moved to Arkansas.

4. Elizabeth MAY (b. 1814, TN) married William C. HUTCHISON (b. 1805, VA) on 25 May 1830 in Madison Co., TN. Ten known children of Elizabeth May and W.C. Hutchison were: (1) Jane Hutchison; (2) Nancy W. Hutchison; (3) Thomas Hutchison; (4) William "Bill" M. Hutcheson, born 1836; (5) Ann "Annie" Elizabeth Hutchison; (6) Laura Virginia Hutchison; (7) Tennessee A. Hutchison; (8) Adelaid J. Hutchison; (9) Ida Hutchison; (10) Rebecca Hutchison.

5. Mary MAY, married a Mr. Taylor - nothing else is known of this line.

6. Nancy G. MAY, the youngest known child of John and Nancy Greer MAY, married Dawson D. BENNETT (b. 1806, VA) sometime before 1843. The following children were found enumerated with them on census: (1) Mary E. BENNETT; (2) Nancy T. BENNETT; (3) Lydia A.? BENNETT; (4) Ann A. BENNETT; (5) John D. BENNETT; (6) Helen E. BENNETT.

Information on descendants provided by Laura Griffith, descendant of John MAY, Sr.


Submitted by Laura W. Griffith

WILL OF NANCY MAY - (1868) Jackson, Madison Co., Tenn. Will Book "A" Page 67: I, Nancy May, being now 77 years of age and feeling that I am rapidly declining have concluded to make this my Last Will and Testament.

It is my wish, after my death that my land with all of my effects, be sold and divided among my six heirs as follows - to wit. That Mary Taylor, Nancy G. Bennett, the heirs of my sons Phillip and John May have an equal share in my property - also that Elizabeth Hutchison have an equal share, and then to her children so as that it shall not be subject to the debts of W.C. Hutchison, her husband, in any respect whatever.

It is my wish farther, that the heirs of my son William May have an equal Interest except C.E. May, who I wish not to be interested in my estate in the least. He being left out of my estate, will leave the last share one fifth less than the other shares - which one fifth is to be given to Elizabeth Hutchison and her children.

Furthermore I wish that Benj. A. Hayes act as my Executor without security.
February 14, 1867
Witnesses: John F. Hurt, Thos. B. Scinner?
Signed: Nancy (x - her mark) May


Submitted by Laura W. Griffith

This Reuben May may have been related to John MAY (will listed above)...

WILL OF Reuben May (born 24 September 1776; died 21 October 1833)

State of Tennessee, Madison County
(some of the following was "very" difficult to read, therefore I have inserted a "_" where necessary):
This last will and testament of Reuben May, dec'd where as Reuben May __ of this County departed this life on Monday 21st of October 1833 and whereas he calls a __ us the __ __ to take notice that be m_ his property to be divided and laid off as follows Just _ his wife Elizabeth May to have four cows? and also his wife to have one bed and furniture also he wanted Hannah Crowder to have one bed and furniture and Polly May to have one bed and furniture and Betsy May to have one bed and furniture and that he wanted his _ _ pa_ also two thousand pound of pork fatt_ also _ _ Balance of the cattle and hogs when sold after the show? _ cattle are taken and sufficient pork for the _ use of the family. _ Benjamin May to certify that the said Reuben May stated _ shall within the law whereas he then lived and died _ date or _t and further m_ a_ certify that he _ all his property of any description all the money the property might sell for and all the money and debts he thus had owing him to be used if _ replay to the support of his children that he had by his late wife the __ Elizabeth May also including the ou_ _ now pregnant with. _ _ our hands and seals this 2nd? November 1833.
Robert May /seal/
Benjamin May /seal/
Ja_ Gi_ty? /seal/

State of Tennessee, Madison County, County Court May term 1834 then the matter will of Reuben May was proved in open court the Execution thereof duly proven by the Oaths of Benjamin May and Robert May subscribing witnessess thereto and order to be certified and recorded.


Submitted by Laura W. Griffith

Know all men by their presence that I, William May of the county of Madison and state of Tennessee __ do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament hereby making all former wills by me heretofore made and First, I wish that my body be decently interred in a manner suitable to my condition in life and as to such worldly estate as it pleases God to Interest me with I dispose of the same as follows.
First, I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of any monies that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hand of my Executors from any portion of my Estate real or personal.

Secondly, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy the who use and control of all my estate real and personal for the term of her widowhood or until her children are of age using it for to give them education and at thus arriving to the years of maturity let it be distributed at the decision of my beloved wife Nancy to the children if she shall remain a widow, if not, let it be divided between her and the children as the law shall direct and let the Executors take charge of the childrens parts and use it to the best advantage for the children they may see proper until they are of age. I do hereby make ordain and appoint my esteemed father John May, Senior and Christopher E. McEwen of Williamson County, executors of this my Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof William May, Testator have to this my will written on the sheet of paper let my hand and seal this 8th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty five.

Signed, sealed and published in the presence of us who have subscribed in the presence of the Testator and of each other.
Wm. May / seal /
Caleb T. Harris
Henry W. King
Young S. McLemore
T.N. Sullivan


Provided by Patricia West

Verbatim transcript; Brackets [ ] enclose punctuation for readability:
In the name of God Amen I Balam Newsom of the county of Madison and State of Tennessee being of sound mind and disposed to make a disposition of my property make this my last Will and Testament in effect as follows (viz.)

First to my beloved wife Betsey Newsom I give my tract of Land whereon I now reside with all the plantation utensils Household furniture and my stock of every kind [,] also a negro girl named Dolly to have and to hold the above named property during her natural life.

Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my sons Lemuel, Balam & James an equal part of the aforesaid tract of land after the death of my wife [,] they paying to my son William or his children the sum of one Hundred dollars in consideration of my having left him no share in the land as I once intended to do. James share of said tract of land is to include the ground whereon my dwelling and out houses now stand. I wish it distinctly understood that I wish my sons Lemuel & Balam to have that portion of my tract of Land whereon they now reside at present and the aforesaid division made with the view as equitable as possible. I also bequeath to my son James the farming utensils and household furniture which be on the place at the death of my wife.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Polly Lester one negro girl slave named Eliza during the natural life of my daughter aforesaid [,] at her death the said slave Eliza and her Increase I bequeath to my Grandson Thomas Hudson Williams son of the said Polly Lester by a former Husband.

Fourthly, I give unto Hiram Anderson one dollar and to Betsy Lester & Polly Duncan each twenty dollars of my estate.

Fifth, I give and bequeath unto my son James Newsom his pick of three of my best sows and calves out of my Stock also my cupboard and sugar chest at the death of my wife provided he resides with his mother until her death.

Sixthly & lastly, at the death of my wife Betsey the slave Doly and Increase together with with [sic] the balance of my stock and Horses [,] sows [,] Hogs [,] Sheep [,] & etc. to be sold, and the money divided equally among the following Children viz. Solomon, Robert, William, Lemuel, Balam & James Newsom my sons each one share [,] to following children of my daughter Rhoda Reeves one share viz. Betsy, William, Balam, Lucinda, & John Reeves these five to have the share of their deceased mother, my daughter Lucy Sanford & Jane Garland each a share.

I do here nominate and appoint my son Balam Newsom as Executor of this my last Will and Testament. In Testimony whereof I have this the 16 day of July A.D. 1840 set my name and seal.

/s/ Balam Newsom (seal)

Test: C.A. Hill, John Dearmore
Oaths follow

Newsom Lineage (Corrected)

The Newsom family first appears in James City Co. (later Surry Co.), Virginia when William Newsom I, planter, was granted 550 acres of land toward Sunken Marsh for the transportation of 11 people to Virginia on 3 May 1636. His patent was renewed 26 August 1643.

The family lived primarily in Surry, Isle of Wight, Southampton and Sussex Co., Va. My branch moved from Southampton Co. to middle Tennessee about 1797-1799.

The authority of the Newsom family of Virginia is Holtzclaw's article (see references) published in 1939. Holtzclaw made an error in the descent of my line, which he corrected in his notes before he died, but did not publish. His notes are now in possession of Dr. George L. Newsom, Jr. of Athens, Ga. The error is corrected in this lineage.

1. William Newsom I, b ca 1614. May be the 'William Neesum aged 21 years' who came to Virginia in the George in 1635. Married (1) Penelope Ramsay (2) Sarah Fisher (3) Elizabeth Wilson, and possibly (4) Gertrude ___ who later married Capt. George Watkins. He was married to Elizabeth Wilson when he patented land in 1636. We cannot say for sure which wife was the mother of his two known children.

2. William Newsom II, b 1646; d 1691 Surry Co., Va. Will probated 5 Sept 1691 in Surry Co. m Anne (Sheppard) Hart, d/o Maj. Robert Sheppard and Elizabeth (Spencer) Sheppard. She married (3) George Foster. She was b ca 1645. Her will probated 20 Mar 1711. Six chn.

3. Thomas Newsom, b 1685 Surry Co., Va. & d 1745 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. Will probated 27 Jan 1745 in Isle of Wight. m Elizabeth Crafford/Crawford, d/o Robert Crafford/Crawford and his wife Elizabeth (Carter) Crafford/Crawford. She was b 1685 in Surry Co & d 1755. Will probated in Southampton Co., 14 Aug 1755. 12 chn.

4. Sampson Newsom, b 1710 Surry Co.; d 1778/9 Southampton Co. Will probated in Southampton Co. on 13 May 1779. Served in Virginia militia in 1759 as an ensign. m Mary _____. 8 chn.

5. William Newsom, b ca 1730; d aft 1803; m Elizabeth _____ (possibly Knight). He was a millwright. Appears as "William of Sampson" in Southampton Co. tax lists between 1782 and 1800. Four of his children's births and baptisms were recorded in the Albemarle Parish Register (Surry Co.), and the sons appear in tax lists with their father in Southampton Co. [The children from the Albemarle Parish were attributed to Holtzclaw in his article as the children of another William Newsom ("William of John") and his wife, Elizabeth Gray.] William last appears in records in a deed in 1803 in Greensville Co., Va. where "William Newsom, Sr., millwright, later of Southampton Co., deeds to Eldridge Newsum of Davidson Co., TN ....." Six chn.

6. Balaam Newsom, b 26 May 1766 in Surry Co. d 13 Dec 1840 in Madison Co., TN. m Elizabeth "Betsey" _____. His will above. Conveys land in Davidson Co., TN in 1799. In Rutherford Co., TN in 1803, in Davidson Co. census in 1820 and in Madison Co. by about 1825, along with brother Eldridge Newsom. A handwritten letter he wrote to his son, William, on 27 Oct 1832, survives.

7. Mary "Polly" Newsom, b 1814 TN and d aft 1860, probably in Arkansas. m about 1831 (1) _____ Williams who was b in NC & said to have died before their son was born; (2)ca 1825 to Richard Lester , b 1790, whose will was probated in Madison Co. in 1856. Polly moved to Prairie Co., AK with her daughter, Mary Lester Robinson and is in the 1860 census there. Polly was alive in 1861 when she was back in Madison Co., TN court for the final settlement of her husband's estate. One child by first husband; two daughters by second.

8. Thomas Hudson Williams, b Madison Co., TN 23 Dec 1832; d 7 Sept 1913 in Collin Co., TX. Left will. Served in CSA 11 Texas Cavalry. Pvt., Co. D., Young's Regiment. m in 1856 in Rusk Co, TX to Mary Ann Simmons, b 1840 MS & d 1925 in Collin Co., TX. 15 chn.

9. Martha Elizabeth Williams, 28 Jan 1885 in Collin Co., TX; d 15 Apr 1973 in Ala.; m on 24 October 1909 in Jackson Co., OK to Zack S. West.

SOURCES: 1. B.C. Holtzclaw, Ph.D., "The Newsom Family and Related Families of Surry, Isle of Wight, Southampton & Sussex Counties, Va.," Genealogies of Virginia Families: From the Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, vol. IV, (Baltimore: GPC, Inc.), 1981.

Virginia M. Meyer & John Frederick Dorman, FASG. Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5. 3rd edition. Publ. by Order of First Families of Virginia, 1607-1624/5. (Richmond, Va.: The Dietz Press, Inc.), 1987.


Provided by Laura W. Griffith

Madison County, Will Book 3, Page 533, Will of Philip Warlick, executed June 17, 1841, and Published as follows:

Philip Warlick Last Will, Reg. 11th March 1842.
In the name of God Amen, I, Philip Warlick of the County of Madison and State of Tennessee enjoying my usual health and having a disposing mind and memory, for which I thank God, do make, ordain and establish this my Last Will and Testament.
First, It is my will and I hereby bequeath unto my wife Nancy Warlick the whole of my estate both real and personal to be held by her for the benefit of herself and my children during her natural life or widowhood. Second, In the Event that my wife marry the second time, then it is my will that she have an equal proportionate share of my personal property with my children during her natural life and that all my Lands be Equally divided among my children.
Third, I give my Executors power to sell and make title to any of my property which they both in their judgment may think proper for the benefit of my heirs.
I hereby appoint my wife Nancy Warlick and my brother David Warlick executors of this my Last Will and Testament and because I have unbounded confidence in their honesty and integrity, I do not require of them bond nor security Given under my hand and seal this 17th day of June 1841.
Signed and acknowledged in presence of: Ab Deberry, Joseph Deberry
Signed - Philip Warlick

In Will Book 3, Jan. 1839, page 548 is the Inventory of Philip Warlick's Estate, which reports 20 slaves, 4 Horses, 20 Head of Cattle, 3 Yoke of Oxen, about 100 Head of Hogs, 50 heads of Sheep, 8 beds of furniture, 1 prep. 1 wardrobe, 4 tables, 20 chairs, 1 saddle and bridle, 1 Lot of cooking utensils, 1 loom and spinning machines, 2 spinning wheels, 1 sul (?), 1 on wagon, 1 pleasure carriage and harness, 2 log chains, 9 plaughs, 5 pair of gear, 1 crop cut saw, 1 plow, 5 axes, 10 hay, 1 cutting ban, 1 fan mill, 2 cradle and seythes, 1 grass sufficient for the use of the family and farm for one year and no more. Forty-seven dollars of uncurrent Mississippi Bank notes and the several notes and accounts...

Philip Warlick, born November 30, 1794 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, was the first Warlick to move to Tennessee and raise a family. He was the son and eldest child of Daniel Warlick (born Aug. 17, 1771) and Margaret Ramsour (born Oct. 16, 1777), who were married in January of 1794 in Lincoln Co., N.C.
Daniel's father, Johann Nicholas Warlick was the son of Johann Daniel Warlick from the Palatinate area of Western Germany.
Johann Daniel Warlick was born about 1710, in Stuttgart, Witenburg, Germany and was the son of Martin Warlick and Katherine Klore. Johann Daniel Warlick arrived in Philadelphia on Aug. 19, 1729 on the ship Mortonhouse. He was among one hundred and eighty Palatines arriving and taking the oath of allegiance that day.

Philip Warlick married Nancy Norris on January 17, 1828 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Nancy Norris, born October 11, 1799, in Loudoun Co., Virginia, was the daughter of John and Jane Norris. John and Jane Norris were plantation owners in the area of Lincoln and Catawba Counties of North Carolina, which was verified through his will dated Feb. 17, 1836. Both of Nancy's parents are buried in Salem Lutheran and Reformed Church Cemetery located near the Lincoln/Catawba County line.
Shortly after Philip and Nancy Warlick were married they left for West Tennessee, where Philip had been issued Land Grants. They arrived by December 6, 1828, when their first child, daughter Cynthia Jane Warlick was born in Jackson, Tennessee, the county seat of Madison County.
They made their home on over 350 acres of land in the area of the south and middle forks of the Forked Deer River, which Philip had obtained through General Land Grants and West Tennessee Land Grants. Philip and Nancy Norris Warlick had seven children: Cynthia Jane, William Franklin, John Norris, Laura Ann, Frances Eliza, Emily Catharine, and James P. Warlick.