By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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In April 1871 the county court allowed the county register to buy a well-bound book for the purpose of recording all wills not heretofore recorded therein, as explained on the first page of this deed book.

1. PARKES CHANDLER. Part of his 122 acre, "my father's old tract" to be sold to pay debts. Wife LOUISA "balance" of property and at her death a division to be made among his children. Exec Roland Chandler, son. Jan. 17, 1845. Wits T. P. Jones, Isham C. Burrow.

MCCM 5, page 373. Will probated February 4, 1845.


2. NANCY RANDOLPH. Brother, JAMES RANDOLPH to receive all property consisting of negroes. May 16, 1839. Wits William M. Midyett, C. Midyett.

MCCM 5, page 377. Will probated February 5, 1845.


2-3. ABRAHAM WEAVER, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife NANCY the tract he lived on with personalty and negro Cholet and at her death or remarriage the property was to be divided among his children SIMSON, SURENA, WILSON, JOSIAH, CATHARINE, WILLIAM, SAMUEL, SARAH ANN and FRANCIS HALL. Son PHILIP the land he lived on about 50-60 acres. Son CLABER tract on Bear Creek about 214 acres and he was to finish paying David D. Weir for same. Exec Clabert Weaver, son. Feb. 10, 1845. Signed with "x" mark. Wits D. Taylor, Thos. Benton.

MCCM 5, page 378. Will probated February 5, 1845.


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3-4. SAMUEL NEILL, Madison Co., Tenn. JACKSON JAMES MATHEW STEPHEN /no commas/ and CANEY PATE a tract in Dyer Co., Tenn., 325 acres on which JACKSON and JAMES PATE were living. Dau JANE; son WILLIAM; daus POLLY, ELIZABETH, NANCY and MARGARET each 1.3 youngest sons JOHN, SAMUEL, JOHN "balance" of property. Son JOHN a bed an furniture. Son SAMUEL a bed and furniture. Exec Elijah Summers. December 8, 1844. Wits James G. Mays, Pomfrett Hart.

MCCM 5, page 387. Will probated April 7, 1845.


4-7. JAMES GREER, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved and devoted companion" Mrs. DELIA GREER the homeplace where he lived except the places where his son JAMES and WILLIAM lived. At wife's death the son, AMZY A. GREER to have the homeplace, wife also received several negroes and other personalty. Son JOHN C. GREER woodland. Son THOMAS GREER the home tract in Yellow Bushie Co., Mississippi, 575 acres and $1500 worth of land, 300 acres, to be valuated by commissioners, land he had been given by his grandfather. Daus HANNAH C. REID and MARTHA JANE GREER a tract of 640 acres "in the Poplar Corner neighbourhood." Wife lot in Jackson. Sons WILLIAM and JOHN not being equal with son JAMES and son THOMAS in land, the other sons to be charged with $300 for son THOMAS, $2600; son JAMES $2150; son WILLIAM $1950; son JOHN $1850; son AMZI $1575. Dau MARTHA JEAN $1575. Adjustments to be made among his hrs to equalize their inheritance. Exec Thomas Greer, son and Col. Joseph H. Talbot and Judge John Read, commissioners "to settle all matters that may become necessary." Feb. 20, 1845. Wits J. B. Wood, Wm. P. Godwin.

MCCM 5, page 388. Will probated April 7, 1845.


7-8. WILLIAM DICKENS. Beloved wife NANCY all lands not otherwise disposed of; all negroes, livestock, farming tools, pleasure carriage and a life interest in 250 acres, including the "mansion house." Son JOHN R. DICKENS 500 acres off east end of tract he lived on. Son SAMUEL DICKENS 40 acres he had bought that contained also the 250 acres to his wife. Children MARY W. B. HICKS, ELIZABETH F. HUNT, LUCRETIA M. HICKS, WILLIAM B. P. HICKS, NANCY P. TALBOT, JOHN R. DICKENS, SAMUEL DICKENS all $1 each. Wife NANCY remainder of estate and she to be sole executrix. Oct. 24, 1844. Wits James R. Glenn, Moses Cox.

MCCM 5, page 388. Will probated April 7, 1845.


8-9. JAMES SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife OBEDIENCE SANDERS a mare, cow, household and kitchen furniture, 15 barrels of corn and benefit of an occupant claim to be rented for her during her life-time. Dau ELIZABETH McAFEE balance of corn crop, wheat, hogs, farming tools and at wife's death 50 acres. Beloved dau PHEBE JONES a bee-stand and son-in-law, JOSEPH JONES the use and benefit of money owed to him for two years, then this money and what was due him in hands of his son EZEKIAL SANDERS, after paying a debt of $85, to be divided equally among his hrs, allowing dau ELIZABETH McAfee $5 less than the others. Beloved son NATHAN SANDERS a pair of steelyards. Grandson WILLIAM J. McAFREE a bridle and saddle. Exec Samuel P. McDonald. July 8, 1845. Wits Thos. M. Sanders, James Moore.

MCCM 5, page 413. Will probated August 4, 1845.


10. Will of SARAH JOHNSON "could not be found" but it was probated in Sept. 1845 according to MCCM 5, page 418.


10-11. ROBERT GILL, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. His widow ELIZABETH to have a good featherbed and furniture, milk cow and calf, a choice horse and two head "of good killing hogs." Balance of estate to wife and children, except dau SABRAY DUNCAN's part was to be held in trust for her and her children. Sons had been deeded property and this was to be charged against their portions in the estate. Execs Thomas Jo and Charles G. Gill. Nov. 13, 1843. Wits James R. Glenn, J. C. Steward.


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MCCM 5, page 431. Will probated November 3, 1845.


11-13. PATRICK M. DUFFY, Madison Co., Tenn. Son HENDERSON G. DUFFY 200 acres, including house and plantation "where I now live"; oxen, cart and still, negro Abram and also Rachel and her child Maria and then to his own hrs. Son WILLIAM DUFFY $50 for him and then to his children. Grandchildren MARY JANE HAMILTON, WILLIAM HAMILTON certain negroes. Rest of property to be sold and proceeds divided among his hrs. Money in Union Bank of Jackson same manner of distribution, equally to hrs. MARY JANE also to have a set of china and silver spoons now in possession of her father, ELIJAH HAMILTON. Exec Henry Duffy, beloved brother; Henderson G. Duffy, son. Feb. 28, 1845. Wits Samuel P. McDonald, Henry Duffy.

MCCM 5, page 448. Will probated January 5, 1846.


13-16. REDMOND DAVIS, Madison Co., Tenn. Son GUSTAVES H. DAVIS all household furniture except one bed and furniture; also farming tools, livestock, wagon and gear and GUSTAVES was to give $150 to son THOMAS M. DAVIS. Dau MARY JACKSON $300. Dau MARGARET E. HAYNES, son ALFORD G. DAVIS 100 acres of land in Surveyor's District 9, Range 1, Section 7 on south side of the Forked Deer River. Son SNOWDEN H. DAVIS 100 acres "of occupant land." Dau MARY JACKSON featherbed and furniture. Execs GUSTAVES H. DAVIS and ALFORD G. DAVIS, sons. Jan. 2, 1844. Wits James G. Mayo, John Lea.

MCCM 5, page 446. Will probated January 5, 1846.


16-17. DANIEL BUNTING. Nuncupative Will. JOHN INGRAM, H. B. WILSON, JAMES DAWS testified they had heard DANIEL BUNTING give them his will on Dec. 12, 1845 and he wanted wife to be executrix and all his property held together until the youngest child came of age; the dwelling to be repaired. REDMON MAYO also was to assist his wife if she needed help in managing the estate. Nephew then living with him to be counted as one of his own children "so long as he willingly yeilded to his wife's advice and assisted with the other children" in laboring on the farm. Sister, SIBRA, to live with his family "as long as she wishes."

MCCM 5, page 455. Will was allowed to probate February 2, 1846.


17-19. JOHN VINSON, SR. Horses, mules to be sold and debts paid and what was left went to MALICHI's children, son MALICHI tending to same. Son HINTON VINSON horse Gilford Sitty and $300. Son JOHN VINSON several negroes. Son RA VINSON land he lived on, negroes and livestock. Son HENRY H. VINSON negroes. Son MALICHI and dau SINDY AN all land that he owned, livestock. Dau ELIZABETH LUCY negroes. Dau PHERUBY B. negroes. Grandson JAMES VINSON $5. Granddau NANCY BARBARDE $5. Negroes Handy and Grace to choose with whom they would rather live. Feb. 12, 1844. Wit Tavner Toone.

MCCM 5, page 465. Will probated March 2, 1846.


19-20. JOHN KIRKPATRICK, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife REBECCA JANE and son WILLIAM SAMUEL KIRKPATRICK entire estate, including 3 negroes Philis and children Peter and Oliver. If wife remarried, estate was to be divided equally among his children. Exec Samuel Kirkpatrick and his wife. March 6, 1846. Wits Nichs. P. Stone, Tilmon Randle.

MCCM 5, page 482. Will probated April 6, 1846.


20-21. NATHAN HOLLOWAY. Dau JANE a bed and furniture. Beloved wife CHARITY for life or widowhood land "on which I now live" and if she remarried or died estate was to be divided among his children. Exec Willie B. Dickinson. Jan. 20, 1846. Wits Joseph Fry, Caleb McKnight.

MCCM 5, page 483. Will probated April 6, 1846.


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21-22. JAMES M. SYKES, Madison Co., Tenn. Dear mother ELIZA SYKES "my boy Dick." Dear sister AMANDA JANE SYKES $100, proceeds from the hiring-out of Dick. Exec John M. Barnett. Jan. 6, 1846. Wit John M. Barnett.

MCCM 5, page 491. Will probated May 4, 1846.


22-23. ANDREW MASSEY. All property was to remain as "it is" for 6 yrs, then wife SUSAN distributed among hrs. Wife negroes. Son WILLIAM two negro boys Edmond, Ned at end of 6 yrs. Son ROBERT two slaves David and Julyann. Son JOHN slaves Pleasant, Henry. Dau JANE slave Mary and Isah. Son ELBERT slaves Noah and Hanner. All slave bequests fulfilled at end of 6 yrs. May 9, 1846. Wits John Massey, John P. Robertson. Signed with "x" mark.

MCCM 5, page 496. Will probated June 1, 1846.


23. DANIEL BEVILL, Madison Co., Tenn. Loving wife MARY all lands and negroes, livestock, furniture. At her death, property to be sold and proceeds divided among his wife and "her people." Jesse E. J. Davidson to have negro girl Tiney. Signed with "x" mark. May 22, 1846. Wits John Gately, James S. D. Davidson.

MCCM 5, page 496. Will probated June 1, 1846.


24-25. NELSON CHILDRESS, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife ANNIS CHILDRESS furniture and $40 annually for her support. RICHARD M. GOWIN $1. Five children PRESTIN S., EDWIN T., MILDRED N. PARRISH, LEUANA A. and NORCETTUS H. "share and share alike" in estate at death or remarriage of his wife. He had $215 in dispute between hrs of James D. Parrish and D. Hardeman. If Hardeman was successful in his claim, execs were directed to pay money to him; if not, pay $100 to JANE R. ALEXANDER and $150 to JOHN A. S. PARRISH to be divided between him and his sister MARY. Execs Norcettus H. Childress, son; John A. S. Parrish. May 2, 1846. Wits Wyatt Mooring, Ollin West.

MCCM 5, page 507. Will probated July 8, 1846.


25-26. JOSEPH B. LOVE. negro woman Martha and her 4 children to his children of his first marriage JOHN W., WILLIAM, JOSEPHINE and MARY JANE, equally. Residue of estate to wife MARY and children equally. His house and lot he lived on to remain for use and benefit of his wife MARY for her life-time. Brother, JOHN W. LOVE to "take charge of all my children as their guardian." Execs John W. Love, brother; Charles Hickox. May 5, 1846. Wits Thos. D. Tarver, Thos. H. Newbern.

MCCM 5, page 497. Will probated July 8, 1846.


26-27. MARY JACKSON, SR. MATTHEW GOODRICH, WILLIAM HENRY, PHEBE JANE, ELIZABETH negroes Cyrus, Charity, Jackson, Moses, Feraby and Sovery, equally and tract of land, farming tools, livestock, all divided equally. Granddau EYRGINIAN $50. Granddau LOUIZA MALINDA the horse Jolly, side saddle, bed and furniture and servant Polly. Sally to remain "undivided" until after death of her mother, Tabby. Exec William B. Watson, W. Henry Jackson. Feb. 1, 1846. Wits Matthew G. Bobbitt, Avon J. Jones.

MCCM 5, page 502. Will probated July 6, 1846.


27-28. SARAH THOMPSON. Brother, THOMAS THOMPSON negro woman Mahaley, a bed and household furniture and her claim in land now in the hands of her brother, JOHN THOMPSON in North Carolina. Nephew JAMES P. THOMPSON a bed and furniture and a year of "schooling." Exec Thomas Thompson, brother. Oct. 2, 1845. Wit John W. Cole.

MCCM 5, page 502. Will probated July 6, 1846.


28-29. CHASTEEN ELLINGTON. Wife MARY all his property but at her death or


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remarriage property to be divided among his children, his wife MARY and her dau REBECCA JANE MATHIS "share and share alike." Exec Wyatt Mooring. Wits Wyatt Mooring, William Williams. Codicil, May 12, 1846. Wife MARY to be able to sell house and lot where he lived for benefit of her and in "raising my children." May 12, 1846.

MCCM 5, page 503. Will probated July 6, 1846.


29-30. ELIZABETH DEBERRY, Madison Co., Tenn. All negroes except Lucinda to be divided into 4 equal shares; one share to children of her dau ELIZA JANE MERIWETHER, another share to children of dau SUSAN ALLEN HURT; son-in-law DAVID MERIWETHER to receive and manage share to children of E. J. MERIWETHER. Son-in-law ROBERT B. HURT to receive and manage Susan's share. Son AB DEBERRY have the other 2 shares in trust for benefit of her sons MATHIAS and ALLEN, JR. after reaching the age 21. If they died before receiving their legacy, the shares would go to the hrs of her late husband MATHIAS DEBERRY. Son MATHIAS her watch, furniture. Carriage and horses to dau SUSAN A. HURT. Remainder of estate to son ABSOLEM in trust for MATHIAS and ALLEN. Dau R. F. TAYLOR negro Lucinda. Hazle Hewett, Allen Deberry, Martin Cartmell, Kenneth Garrett, Samuel Lancaster, Absolem Deberry or any two of them to divide her negroes among her children. Sons JAMES W. HAYLEY, AB DEBERRY and dau MARTHA SMITH each $1. Exec Ab Deberry, son. Wits Jas. Thompson, N. H. Whitlow. Jan. 24, 1846.

MCCM 5, page 503. Will probated July 6, 1846.


31-33. ALEXANDER A. CAMPBELL, Madison Co., Tenn. Liberated his soul to God, "the voluntary surrender of all that I am & all that I have to be. . . for time and eternity." To mercy of God he delivered his wife and children and grandchildren. He had sold to J. B. Staunton, Haywood Co., the last payment due Jan. 1, 1836, and when it is paid for exec to make Staunton a clear deed for land. All property to wife SARAH CAMPBELL and children, BENJAMIN R., LYSANDER M., FRAN D., GEORGE ALEX, CASSANDRA CAROLINE ALETHA CAMPBELL and to board my two grandchildren ELIZA JANE and JOHN ALEX LIGON so long as their father permitted them to live with his wife. After death of wife property to be divided equally among the children ERASMUS S. CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN R. CAMPBELL, LYSANDER M. CAMPBELL, FRAN D. CAMPBELL, GEORGE ALEX CAMPBELL, C. C. ALETHA CAMPBELL and that 1/2 of a child's part equally divided between his 2 grandchildren SARAH JANE and ALEX LIGON, children of his beloved dec dau ELIZA ANN LIGON. If his wife remarried she would receive a child's portion in estate. Exec wife SARAH CAMPBELL. April 29, 1836. Codicil, August 13, 1841. "Erased my sons name, not now being a resident of Madison and leave my wife sole executrix." Codicil, May 25, 1846. As there was a doubt whether $100 received by him from Samuel Gilbert formerly of Alabama for purchase of land in Western District /of Tennessee/ for hrs. Wits John W. Campbell, J. M. Parker.

MCCM 5, page 507. Will probated July 6, 1846


34. PHILIP WEAVER, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife NANCY GREEN and two children WILLIAM SIMSON and JOHN LAWSON all his furniture, livestock and crops and plantation tools. Land divided equally between these three also. July 23, 1846. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Thos. Benton, Simpson Weaver.

MCCM 5, page 516. Will probated August 3, 1846.


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34-35. MARY ALEXANDER. Son MARTIN ALEXANDER $5. GREENWOOD ALEXANDER $5. NANCY PACE $5. Son ROBERT GARLAND $5. Hrs of son EDWARD GARLAND $5. Dau FRANCIS PATE $5. Dau MARY ANGUS $5. Son BONAPART GARLAND negro man Joseph. Balance of estate divided among BONAPART GARLAND, PETER GARLAND, THOMAS L. GARLAND, HARIET WILMOT SIMMONS and JOHN C. GARLAND, WILLIAM N. GARLAND. Exec William W. Garland, son. November 29, 1843. Wits John C. Vantrease, Wm. C. Vantrease.

MCCM 5, page 544. Will probated December 7, 1846.


35. Colonel THOMAS P. BRUTON. All property to wife during her widowhood. If she remarried, the property was to be sold and proceeds distributed equally among his children. Nov. 4, 1846. Wits Nathaniel Macon (x mark), Stephen Miller.

MCCM 5, page 463. Will probated December 7, 1846.


36. CHARLES A. TAYLOR, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife PEGGY "the farm on which we live," yoke of oxen and wagon, negroes Chloe, Mary, Washington, Melia, Squire. Son LAWSON DUDLEY a bay filly and a good education. At death of his wife, property to be divided equally among children LAWSON D. and dau NANCY GREEN. Exec Dick McLellan. No execution date. Wits George A. Connally, Archd. S. Rogers.

MCCM 5, page 556. Will probated January 5, 1847.


36-37. SPENCER BALL, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife ELIZABETH tract of land "that I now live upon" with furniture, cattle, the mill, carry-all, to help in providing education for his children WILLIAM, SARAH, CHARLES, MARY and ELIZABETH. WILLIAM to have 3 yrs of "schooling." After wife's death the other property in estate to be divided equally among his seven children ROBERT, PRUDENCE, WILLIAM, SARAH, CHARLES, MARY and ELIZABETH. Wife a bay mare called Tib, a bay mare Kit and sorrel horse. Son ROBERT a sorrel filly, a bay colt. Execs Robert Ball, son; Charles D. Taylor (x mark). Sept. 16, 1845. Wits John A. Smith, Laura D. Taylor.

MCCM 5, page 569. Will probated March 1, 1847.


38. ANDREW HERRON, Madison Co., Tenn. Having already given his children what he had "designed" for them, except son JOHN S. HERRON. Property left to wife for life. If she died before he did, estate went to this son. Exec Sarah, wife; John S. Herron, son. Feb. 19, 1840. Wits Wm. Anderson, Wm. Brinkley.

MCCM 5, page 582. Will probated May 7, 1847.


39. J. M. FENNER. Beloved wife EUNICE his property; 100 acres known as the Coor Pender place. Beloved sister M. M. COORPENDER to handle estate. April 25, 1842. Wits Wm. H. Burgess, Alex Henderson.

MCCM 5, page 580. Will probated April 7, 1847.


39-44. WILLIAM ANDERSON, Madison Co., Tenn. "in the name of the Holy Trinity, Amen." 1/4 part of tract of 640 acres by right of his wife in estate of ROBERT EDMONSTON in eastern part of the county, be sold by exec for benefit of his estate. Niece JULIAT POWEL $50. Granddau MARY SALASKY ANDERSON JENKINS, now in Canton, Miss. $300 for her education and to said granddau and her children 3 negroes Margaret, George, Robert. Son WILLIAM ANDERSON would get these bondspersons if granddau left no children. Other negroes to JACOB JACKSON, his son-in-law's children by his present wife. Son WILLIAM 1/2 of "all my lands," half of livestock. Also 9 "negro slaves." Wife SARAH ADELINE ANDERSON 1/2 of all his livestock and household and kitchen furniture; to be divided among wife and son WILLIAM, including note owed him in "Marchal County, Mississippi." Exec Samuel Lancaster and John Tidwell. Sept. 6, 1841. Wits John L. Blue, Samuel C. Lancaster.

MCCM 5, page 600. Will probated August 2, 1847.


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44-46. ALLEN DEBERRY, Madison Co., Tenn. to ABSOLEM DEBERRY "my woman Mariah" in trust for estate and "my man Lenor" in same way. Absolem Deberry servant DONALSON "to be free or go off to act for himself or to do with it as the circumstance and the situation of said Donalson may seem most prudent and proper." ELIZA JANE MERIWETHER $1000. WILLIAM A. WARD negroes Hannah, Stephen and $300. Certain slaves to be held in trust and to be given nephew, MATHIAS when he reached age 21. $7000 to be held in trust by execs. When ALLEN reached age 21 he would convey to his brother MATHIAS all his portion of lands in Madison County, coming to him from his father's estate but if he refused to make such conveyance the $7000 was to be paid to MATHIAS. Nephew Absolem Deberry land and negroes not already given away. Exec Absolem Deberry, son. July 12, 1846. Wits Samuel McKinney, John Siddall.

MCCM 5, page 603. Will probated September 6, 1846.


46-49. BENJAMIN P. BALLARD. Beloved wife SUSAN most of his property. Dau MALVINA TEMPLE several negroes. Wife SUSAN and FRANCIS M. BALLARD to pay to Malvina $200 "to make her lot equil to Francis lot." Son FRANCIS M. BALLARD several negroes, his guns and watch. Money and notes to be divided equally among his wife and MALVINA TEMPLE and FRANCIS M. BALLARD. Son FRANCIS M. BALLARD to remain with his mother and assist her in the management of property. Exec Francis M. Ballard. Aug. 10, 1847. Wits Charles Temple, Joshua Ewell.

MCCM 5, page 603. Will probated September 6, 1847.


49-50. CADER PIERCEY, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife LUCY all property for widowhood. Sons BRYANT and CADER PIERCEY land "on which I now live", equally between them. Exec William Piercey, Jarnes Sowell, Dempsey Nowell (x mark). April 7, 1841. Wits Martin Wiggs, Wm. Piercey.

MCCM 5, page 606. Will probated September 6, 1847.


50-51. SYLVIA SIMMS will "cannot be found" but it was probated October 1847 according to MCCM 5, page 615.


51. JAMES G. DAVIS' will "cannot be found" but it was probated November 1847 according to MCCM 5, page 620.


51. ELIZABETH D. ROBINSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved sisters MARY and SARAH ROBERSON entire estate, money, furniture, some livestock. Exec Moses T. Roberson, brother. Dec. 20, 1846. Wits John Hunter, Cyrus A. A. Wallace.

MCCM 5, page 622. Will probated December 6, 1847.


51-53. HANNAH GIBSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Daus PEGGA WILLIAMS, RUTHA BROWN and children of BETSY HENDERSON and children of HENRY STILLWELL two beds and furniture. Land and negroes divided into 7 equal parts distributed to PEGGE WILLIAMS, BETSY HENDERSON, RUTH BURN, children of MARY STILLWELL, THOMAS W. LONGMIRE, JOSEPH LONGMIRE, children of JOHN LONGMIRE, K. H. Stillwell his horse. Exec Micajah Fly, friend. Nov. 9, 1847. Wits Alexander Turner, T. H. Gray.

MCCM 5, page 626. Will probated December 6, 1847.


53-55. PARIS ALEXANDER, Madison Co., Tenn. Oldest son THOMAS N. ALEXANDER $5. Dau HELENA MOORE the place that "she now lives on", provided she paid JANE THOMAS $250. Son JAMES M. ALEXANDER part of the house and land whereon he lived and negroes. Dau ISABELLA M. ALEXANDER negro Ann; dau MARY N. TALER negro girl Eliza; dau SUSAN C. UTLEY negro Holly. Dau SINTHA C. TALER negro boy Amzi. Beloved wife rest of estate. Sons James and Ross Alexander, execs . No execution date.

MCCM 5, page 651. Will probated February 7, 1847.


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55. ANDREW RAGSDALE, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife ELIZABETH his "entire property" including the tract he lived on. If she wished to leave the land "as a home" it should be sold and an equal distribution of proceeds went to her and his children. Exec William Ragsdale, son. March 23, 1846. He signed with an "x" mark. Wits Nichs. P. Stone, John Hunter.

MCCM 5, page 679. Will probated April 3, 1848.


55. Will of WILLIAM HARRIS "cannot be found" but it was probated May 1848 according to MCCM 5, page 686.


56. NATHAN HOLLOMON, Madison Co., Tenn. Sister WYNNEY's 3 children ELIZABETH HARRIET PIETY and MARY JANE (no commas) 170 acres of land, it being in Johnson Co., N.C. "whereon my father JESE HOLLOMON died in said county." No exec named. May 20, 1833. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Isham V. Harris, John Swan.

MCCM 5, page 710. Will probated September 15, 1848.


56-60. WILLIAM P. GODWIN. "I commence with an impartial feeling of love and devotion to my dearly beloved and loving family and do sincerely cheerish the hope that the little hand earnings I am about to bequeath may be as thankfully received and appreciated as is so willingly bestowed." Beloved and loving companion MARY B. GODWIN and dear little children FANNY D., WILLIAM P., MARY SUSAN, FRANK B. and any others who might yet be born, entire estate as long as his wife remained single "and if in the weakness of human nature she should marry again" she was to have a child's portion and the rest divided equally among his children. His interest in the Spring Creek factory, the farm on which he lived, houses and lot rented out in Spring Creek, the Shelden place, 136 acres "at the head of Spring Creek" sold to purchase a farm in Rutherford County or wherever his wife "may desire it." Dau FANNY DICKENS and son WILLIAM POWEL $1000 each. As each child came of age or married, he or she was to receive his or her portion of his estate. Exec, wife. April 6, 1848. Wits John S. Moore, B. Orgin.

MCCM 5, page 711. Will probated September 5, 1848.


60-61. ANDREW W. HARRISON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MATILDA was to take charge of his estate and she was to be sole executrix. Property to be kept together until his children came of age, each to have an equal portion thereof. Execs V. S. Vann, Avery Hunt. Feb. 24, 1847. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits G. M. Sharp, V. S. Vann, Avery Hunt.

MCCM 6, page 27. Will probated March 5, 1849.


62-63. JOHN GRAY BLOUNT, Beaufort, Washington Co., N.C. Grandson WILLIAM BLOUNT RODMAN negro Mary. Dau OLIVIA BLOUNT negro girl Lucinda. Son THOMAS HARVEY BLOUNT land near the town of Washington known as San Souci. All children to receive an equal share of estate. Names of children: THOMAS H. BLOUNT, JOHN GRAY BLOUNT, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BLOUNT, LUCY OLIVIA BLOUNT, PATSY BAKER BLOUNT, each a 1/6th interest in trust until WILLIAM BLOUNT RODMAN, MARY MARIA RODMAN, MARY OLIVIA RODMAN, children of dau POLLY ANN RODMAN came of age, they having a 1/6 interest together. WILLIAM B. RODMAN was to have what he owed his grandfather. Exec Thomas H., John G. and William A. Blount. March 25, 1823. Wits Thomas A. Daniel, James Ellison.

MCCM 5, page 422. Will recorded in Madison Co., Tenn. October 2, 1845.


64-69. AUSTIN WOOLFOLK, Ibberville Parish, Louisiana "now on a visit to the city of Baltimore", Maryland executed his will. After debts and funeral expenses had been paid, the rest of estate to be divided equally among his sons JOSEPH B. WOOLFOLK, AUSTIN WOOLFOLK and adopted children WILLIAM WOOLFOLK and JOHN WOOLFOLK "share and share alike." Wife, EMILY, to have her


(Page 47)

dower rights. Adopted son WILLIAM was baptized on Feb. 12, 1836 in the Cathedral Church of Baltimore. Adopted son JOHN was baptized Dec. 13, 1836 in same. Exec John H. B. Latrobe, Baltimore, Maryland who was to rent out his properties. As each child came of age an equal portion was to be given him. Mrs. ELIZABETH PATRICK to have $1000. Latrobe to see to the education of his sons. Exec Samuel Lancaster, Jackson, Tenn. to have charge of his estate in Tennessee. Execs to carry on the Louisiana operation of his estate, wife, John Woolfolk, his uncle of Columbus, Ga., Enoch Knowlton, Charles Slack with authority "to carry on my sugar plantation." Nov. 23, 1846. Wits J. Cocke, John Wright, P. Walter Keyster.

MCCM 5, page 598. Will probated August 2, 1847.


69. MARGARET O. TAYLOR, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau NANCY G. WEAVER negro girl Lindy. Son Lawson Dudley was to divide other negroes between them, and also all his lands, including the tract her father, DAVID BRANDON had resided on, in equal shares. No exec named. Nov. 9, 1848. Wits A. L. Rogers, Simpson Weaver.

MCCM 6, page 40. Will probated May 7, 1849.


70. JAMES ALSTON'S will "cannot be found" but it was probated March 1849 according to MCCM 6, page 28.


70. JOHN JONES' will "cannot be found" but it was probated August 1849 according to MCCM 6, page 64.


70-71. JOHN B. ROBINSON. Beloved wife, MARY ROBINSON all property for life and then it would go to children ELIZA ANN ROBINSON, a one-half, including the dwelling, negroes Flora and her child Moses, two milk cows, 4 head of sheep, gray horse colt. Son DAVID C. ROBINSON the other one-half and negro boy Jo. Dau SUSAN T. KIRKPATRICK negro girl Ann and negro woman Becca. Son WILLIAM ROBINSON negro Anderson, a wagon and yoke of work oxen. Dau REBECCA JANE MONTGOMERY negro girl KIZIA and boy Alfred. Son DAVID C. ROBINSON 2 milk cows, 4 head of sheep. Exec Reuben Burrow, Sr. November 23, 1849. Wits C. Horton, John W. McKissack.

MCCM 6, page 67. Will probated September 3, 1849.


71. Will of SELDEN BETTS "cannot be found" but it was probated September 1849 according to MCCM 6, page 70.


72. JACKSON FISHER, Madison Co., Tenn. Crop, livestock, farming tools, furniture to be sold, except his riding horse. Sisters MALINDA and LUCINDA each $25. Sister MALINDA BILLINGTON corn fodder. $144.32 to be divided equally among his brother JOHN W. FISHER and two sisters. Exec John W. Fisher, worthy bro. Feb. 19, 1849. Wits R. A. Atkinson, John H. Lanier.

MCCM 6, page 70. Will probated September 3, 1849.


73. RICHARD LANGSTON, Madison Co., Tenn. Son-in-law SPERIUS TEDDLETON and son MAJOR LANGSTON tracts in Madison Co. One tract 7 acres, another 90 acres, another 20 acres. In all 117 acres. Exec Stephen B. Barnett, friend. Aug. 26, 1848. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits J. D. McClellan, W. A. Murchison.

MCCM 6, page 79. Will probated October 1, 1849.


74-76. H. H. WARMOTH, Madison Co., Tenn. "weak in body." Exec to sell part of land in Gibson Co. to pay debts and for wife to use in raising and educating his children. To her 100 acres "on which I now live" along with livestock, farming tools. At her death, property to be divided among his children. Exec Micajah Fly. Oct. 2, 1849. Wife to have all land in Madison Co., Tenn. Wits Micajah Fly, Thos. D. Warmoth.

MCCM 6, page 82. Will probated November 5, 1849.


(Page 48)

76-78. GABRIEL ANDERSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Son JOHN JARRED ANDERSON all land he lived on on north side of the stage road including all the buildings thereon. Beloved wife JANE all property and effects she brought to their marriage-Son JAMES C. ANDERSON a horse. REBECCA NORVELL a horse. Servant, JESSE, to be set free under disposition of his son JOHN JARRED ANDERSON. Exec to sell farming tools, furniture and proceeds divided equally among SAMUEL L. ANDERSON, MATILDA COLLINS, ESTHER RENSHAW, MARY G. BRODIN, SARAH S. McELWEE, LUCRETIA A. COOPER, DRUCILLA WILLIAMSON, MIRIAM L. BLACKMON, JOHN JARRED ANDERSON. JOSEPH A. COLLINS and WILLIAM S. COLLINS, ch of ELIZABETH P. COLLINS, dec to have an equal share as was his wife, JANE. Land south of stage road to be sold. If a good title could be arranged for the Strafford tract purchased by son JOHN JARRED ANDERSON, then his execs would make the first payment on it. Exec John Jarred Anderson, son; Joshua Ewell, old friend. Jan. 16, 1850. Wits Thos. W. Gamewell, James Farrell.

MCCM 6, page 106. Will probated February 4, 1850.


79-80. JAMES McWILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. Brother, JOHN McWILLIAMS a tract of 350 acres in McNairy County and at his death to be divided among ELIZABETH R. MCWILLIAMS, ISRBE McWILLIAMS, DEBORIAH H. McWILLIAMS, FRANCIS O. McWILLIAMS, MARY E. McWILLIAMS, DAVID W. McWILLIAMS, JOHN L. McWILLIAMS. DAVID D. WEIR $350 and 3 horses. JANE ROARK a certain red cow and calf. JOHN McWILLIAMS a certain heifer; to him and DAVID WEIR 4 head of sheep, lot of pork hogs, equally. JOHN McWILLIAMS a saddle horse and saddle. Exec John H. Dickinson. Jan. 12, 1850. Wits Wm. W. Price, Jas. W. Robinson. A schedule, codicil dated Jan. 12, 1850, giving DAVID WEIR cash, as well as to SARAH ANN WEIR and MARGARET ELVIRA WEIR. Same wits.

MCCM 6, page 132. Will probated March 4, 1850.


81-83. ROBERT MARSHALL, Beloved wife SELEY 200 acres and negroes until dau ASENETH MANERVA came of age, then estate to be divided between his wife and said dau. Hrs of son JOHN C. MARSHALL $400. Dau ANN LANSDEN negro John. Hrs of son ALEXANDER $400 in money or land. Son ROBERT F. negroes Henry and Alsey. Dau MATILDA ROACH negro Weeney. Daus MARY LANSDEN and ISABELLA HOOKER jointly the negro man Tom. Step-dau SARAH MOORE negro girl Nancy. Exec Isaac Roach, Robert F. Marshall. Aug. 1, 1850. Wits John T. Bryan, John Bryan. Codicil, Aug. 1, 1850, implements left on the farm until "my" crop was gathered and his cotton ginned and disposed of. Same wits.

MCCM 6, page 173. Will probated August 6, 1850.


83-84CATHARINE ROSS, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau NANCY GREEN negro girl Aggy and child Frankey and 40 acres. Son PETER E. ROSS negro girl Lethey and child Matilda. Son JAMES C. ROSS negroes John and Susan. Grandson JOHN ANDREW ROSS negro girl Mary, cow and calf. Grandson JAMES STORY ROSS cow and calf. Grandson HENRY EMERSON ROSS a cow and calf. Sons PETER E. and JAMES C. ROSS to have "balance" of land, equally between them. Livestock, furniture to be sold to pay debts, and remainder to go to children NANCY GREEN, PETER E. ROSS and JAMES C. ROSS. No exec named. July 8, 1838. Wits Wyatt Mooring, Aaron Climer.

MCCM 6, page 177. Will probated September 2, 1850.


85-86. MARY REID, Madison Co., Tenn. Son JAMES REID negro Rose, bed and furniture, half of livestock. Son AMBROSE REID negro Washington, bed and furniture and other half of livestock. Son DAVID REID negro Prilly. Dau MARY A. CLARK a carriage and negro Jinny. Granddau ELIZA ANN REID negro girl Fanny (Rose's child). Granddau ISABELLA MARGARET MURCHISON the remainder. Exec Ambrose Reid, son. April 19, 1843. Wits Philip Alston, Ann Alston. Codicil, May 20, 1845. Sons JAMES REID one mule named Jim. Son DAVID REID 2 mules named Jip and Jillar. Wits Philip Alston.

MCCM 6, page 207. Will probated November 4, 1850.


(Page 49)

86-87. JAMES JOHNSON. Wife to keep property together to raise and educate his children. When younger children came of age or married they were to be given $300 in property or money making them "about equal" with his older children. Son JAMES JOHNSON a horse. Wife MOURNING right to sell land he lived on, proceeds towards the purchase of other land. At death of his wife property to be divided equally among his children except for son JAMES and 2 step-children MARY E. K. MATHEWS, HARRIET J. JOHNSON and they were to have $50 less than other hrs. Execs James Johnson, brother-in-law and Stephen Johnson, brother. Sept. 28, 1850. Wits Wyatt Mooring, L. Day. Codicil undated, If wife remarried all property was to be divided with her receiving "one equal share" with his children.

MCCM 6, page 209. Will probated November 4, 1850.


88. M. B. STEWART, DeSoto Co., Miss. Dear brother B. G. STEWART and sister FRANCIS on his deathbed conveyed to them his land to wanted them to "accept the love of your dying brother." July 14, 1847.

MCCM 6, page 235. Will probated December 3, 1850.


88-89. JAMES RANDOLPH, Madison Co., Tenn. Sister MARY RANDOLPH all his lands and negroes except boy Peter and some other property. Peter was to be "liberated" and $300 kept in trust for him by "my" brother-in-law ALBERT G. McCLELLAN. Brother-in-law ALEXANDER COLE to have no benefit in his will. Exec Albert G. McClellan. Sept. 3, 1850. Wits. W. Matthews, M. Midyett, J. D. McClellan.

MCCM 6, page 240. Will probated January 7, 1851.


89-90. DAVID HATHAWAY, Madison Co., Tenn. All his property to his brother KINCHEN HATHAWAY in trust for use of his wife CHANEY for life or widowhood until his youngest surviving child reached age 21, at which time property was to be divided equally among his children. If his wife remarried she was to receive a child's portion of his property. Exec Kinchen Hathaway. April 3, 1851. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits L. D. Hill, D. Whitaker, Allen Dungan, Wm. Pearce.

MCCM 6, page 324. Will probated May 5, 1851.


90-91. WILLIAM HEFLEY. Exec could sell property as he saw fit to pay debts. Beloved wife MARGARET all his estate for life or widowhood. If she remarried exec was to take control of children's portions. Exec S. P. McDonald. May 24, 1851. Wits E. Hamilton, C. G. McCrory.

MCCM 6, page 330. Will probated June 1, 1851.


91-93. GREEN C. HOWLETT, Madison Co., Tenn. Property to be kept together for support of sister-in-law JACKEY HARP and to support and educate his children JOSEPH F. and ELLEN J. HOWLETT. John M. Barnett to be trustee for Jackey Harp and his children, the children receiving their portions as they came of age or married. Exec John M. Barnett. Feb. 1, 1851. Wits W. B. Morrow, Joseph Fogg, R. M. Mason.

MCCM 6, page 330. Will probated June 1, 1851.


93-95. LEWIS BOND, Madison Co., Tenn. Son DAWSON BOND 320 acres and several negroes, gin and gin-house. Son LEWIS BOND about 2000 acres in several tracts, several negroes. Son HANCE BOND the plantation "on which I live," about 1000 acres, several negroes. Son EATON BOND, plantation he lived on, about 250 acres, several negroes. Dau MARY WALKER, then in Ark., $2000 if she returned to Tenn. and settled in the Western District. Grandson WHITMELL BOND saddle horse. Sons all monies due him. Already given to sons-in-law WILLIAM JONES and DAVID JEFFREYS property and the hrs of dau SARAH NEWBERN, formerly Jeffreys. Oct. 18, 1849. Wits T. D. Tarver, John Ingram, J. C. A. Skillern.

MCCM 6, pages 335, 342. Will probated July 7 and August 4, 1851.


(Page 50)

98. ROBERT O'NEIL. Son-in-law JEREMIAH BROOKS $1; son-in-law JOHN McCARCAL $1; son-in-law DANIEL TEET $1. Dau-in-law CORDELIA O'NEAL $1. Grandson WILLIAM THOMAS O'NEIL, son of ROBERT O'NEIL, dec $25. Balance of property to his six living children LABON, ELISHA, JAMES, RALICKA, MATILDA and SARAH. Exec Elisha O'Neil. Sept. 24, 1850. Wits James L. Crawford, E. Etkins.

MCCM 6, page 364. Will probated September 1, 1851.


98-99. ANN FENNER, Madison Co., Tenn. JAMES VAULX, JOHN M. FENNER, CALVIN HENDERSON all hold property in trust for her beloved dau INDIANA H. McKNIGHT. To the rest of her other /children? word left out/ 5 shillings each "and my blessing." Trustees were also to serve as executors. Aug. 16, 1851. Wits Wm. H. Burgess, L. Coor Pender, Wm. F. Henderson, C. C. Harris. Codicil, Sept . 15, 1842. Son-in-law JAMES VAULX to be trustee for 3 yrs of negroes Ann and her child for sole use of his dau MIRIAM FENNER. Same wits. Codicil, Dec. 23, 1850. Slave, Dick, to LOUISE B., JUNIUS P. FENNER, ch of John M. Fenner, dec. Wits Julius Johnson, Wm. H. Burgess.

MCCM 6, page 360. Will probated September 1, 1851.


100-101. WILLIAM DYER, Madison Co., Tenn. Loving wife JANE all property so long as she remained a widow and if she remarried, property to be divided equally among her and his children. He wanted his children "to have a good English education." Sept. 10, 1851. Wits James Baxter, John Rooker.

MCCM 6, page 384. Will probated November 3, 1851.


101. The will of JORDAN C. HOLT "cannot be found" but it was probated November 1851 according to MCCM 6, page 384.


101-102. TRYPHENA WILLIAMS, Dyer Co., Tenn. Sister RHODA PAGE $500. Sister JANE ELLIS $500, she supposedly living in Pitt Co., N.C. Exec Edward Williams. July 2, 1842. Wits Ashby Crisp, Stephen E. Williams, J. W. Edwards, Wm. H. Mitchell.

MCCX 6, page 385. Will probated November 3, 1851.


103-104. ANDREW DAVIS. Wife TABITHA all lands, negro Elmina, a cow and calf, horse, sow and pigs, ewes and lamb, a bed and furnitured. ELIZABETH POWEL $60. Dau ELLEN BUNTIN $60. Dau ELIZABETH B. POWELL $12.50. Dau FRANCES S. LOYD $12.50. Son JOHN I. DAVIS after the death of his wife the land and houses. June 27, 1851 . Wits E. P. Snipes, James B. Cole. Codicil, Sept. 22, 1851. negro Elminda to be sold among his legatees /presumably meaning that one of his children would purchase Elmina from the estate/.

MCCX 6, page 384. Will probated November 3, 1851.


104-107. PETER J. SWINK. Son WILLIAM P. SWINK $22. Son DAVID MARION SWINK $200. Son JAMES ALEXANDER SWINK $175. Son TURNER L. SWINK $175. For love and affection for his wife MALINDA he loaned her for life all property and if she remarried property was to be equally divided among his children BURRELL, ROBERT, MARY SUSAN, SARAH ELIZABETH, HENRY HARRISON, GEORGE WASHINGTON, DARIUS NEWBERN. Exec D. D. Newbern. Sept . 15, 1851. Wits G. W. McGuire, E. S. Leggett. This will was contested by some of his hrs but the court ruled that it was valid and was admitted to probate.

MCCM 6, page 386. Will probated November 3, 1851.


107-109. JOHN COZART. Beloved wife ELIZABETH COZART during life and widowhood the tract "on which I now live", household furniture, farming tools, all negroes except Green. After death of wife his land was to be divided in a north and south line between son JOSHUA M. COZART and dau MAHULDY COZART. Both received several slaves. Grandchildren BERRY M. GRAY and CINTHA A. E. GRAY have slave Green valued at $600. Son GILBERT COZART a slave Jeff valued at $350. Son MADISON COZART slave Sam valued at $400. Dau JANE HATHAWAY slave Lydia Ann valued at $400. Dau MALINDA ALLEN a slave Jack valued at $400. Hrs of son WILLIAM D. COZART (ROBERT N., JACKSON, GILBERT,


(Page 51)

NEWTON, HIRAM, JASPER) to be considered as one heir. A. HAYNOOD COZART and THORNTON L. COZART one bed. Execs Gilbert Cozart, Jackson Cozart. ____ 27, 1851. Wits Bird S. Jones, Thomas Wright.

MCCM 6, page 406. Will probated December 1, 1851.


109-112. GEORGE E. CHILDS, Jackson, Tenn. SARAH CHILDS, JAMES G. READ, JOHN READ, son of said JAMES G. READ to hold in trust for benefit of Mrs. MARY READ, wife of the Hon. JOHN READ certain property; rest of estate went to his wife SARAH A. CHILDS and she to be sole executrix. Feb. 14, 1850. Wits B. R. Person, J. T. Hayley. Will published in Clark Co., Indiana where Childs died August 19, 1851. Probated September 25, 1851.

MCCM 6, page 428. Will recorded in Madison County, January 6, 1852.


112-113. LABON O'NEAL. Wife, all property. Hrs of dau LIZY JANE $5 each. Dau EMILY E. $5. Dau SARAH H. $5. Dau MARY MATILDA $5. Brother E. O'NEAL to manage land and "wind up his business." Dec. 2, 1851. Wits S. A. Foster, C. H. Childress.

MCCX 6, page 445. Will probated February 2, 1852.


113-114. ROBERT EXUM. Nuncupative Will. JOHN and MARTHA EXUM heard ROBERT EXUM's verbal will at his residence in September 1851. Son Jack to have two negroes Son WASHINGTON negro boy Louis Boyd. Other children to have a negro when they came of age. Wife to have rest of property for life and at her death it would be distributed among his children.

MCCX 6, page 446. Will probated February 2, 1852.


114-115. THOMAS M. COBB, Madison Co., Tenn. Faithful and beloved wife FRANCES ANN COBB all his property, trusting that she would "do ample justice" to their dau MARY ADELINE COBB. Wife exec and her father, JAMES MERIWETHER and her brother, THOMAS M. MERIWETHER also execs. Jan. 19, 1852. Wits T. D. Tarver, J. C. A. Skillern.

MCCX 6, page 446. Will probated February 2, 1852.


115-116. JAMES D. McCLELLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. Dearly beloved wife ISABELLA CAROLINE McCLELLAN all property to dispose of as she saw fit and she to be sole executrix. Aug. 23, 1841. Wits Wm. A. Guthrie, H. W. McCrory, T. P. Scurlock. Codicil, Jan. 26, 1852. To mother, CATHARINE McCLELLAN $1000 and ELIZABETH DIXON $200. Wits J. L. H. Tomlin.

MCCX 6, page 471. Will probated March 1, 1852.


116. JUSTIN L. EDWARDS, Madison Co., Tenn. Tract in Lauderdale Co., Tenn. to be sold and proceeds used to buy a home for his family; livestock, f arming tools to be sold and use for benefit of his family. Son WILLIAM H. EDWARDS his watch. Exec, wife. Feb. 14, 1852. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Robt. G. Jones, Newton Harris.

MCCX 6, page 498. Will probated April 5, 1852.


116-117. ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau NANCY TAYLOR a bed and furniture and her wearing apparel. Son RICHARD ALTMAN $20. Son KINCHEN T. BEST $1. Son WILEY J. ALTMAN $l. Exec Marsh Taylor, son. Jan. 30, 1851. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Martin Wiggs, Marsh Taylor.

MCCX 6, page 498. Will probated April 5, 1852.


117-118. JOHN GATELY. Nuncupative Will. PHILIP DELPH and CHARLES B. JONES heard Gately's will, delivering same to them on the day he died. He didn't want a public sale of his property. Children to be kept together and if the place where they lived was sold, another place for them was to be purchased. Sworn, April 2, 1852. Wit William McFarlin.

MCCX 6, page 499. Will probated April 5, 1852.


(Page 52)

118-119. JESSE ARMSTEAD, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife FRANCES several negroes. As each of his children came of age he or she would be given horse bridle and saddle and one year's provisions provided his wife could provide/spare it from the homeplace. When youngest child came of age a final distribution of land would be made among them. Wife sole executrix. Dec. 5, 1846 . Wits John Henning, W. D. Martin, Wm. H. Henning, F. A. Henning.

MCCX 6, page 500. Will probated April 5, 1852.


119-120. JOHN STRAYHORN, Madison Co., Tenn. NANCY STRAYHORN "my boy Henderson." SARAH TATE "my boy Luke." SARAH STRAYHORN $200. Hrs of DAVID STRAYHORN remainder of his esate. Exec William Pope. May 10, 1852. Wits Samuel Jackson, Jonathan T. Bryan, Thos . J. McMahan.

MCCX 6, page 520. Will probated June 7, 1852.


120-121. JOHN BURTON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved sister ELIZABETH all his property and their father, WILLIAM BURTON to be exec. June 3, 1852. Wits David Thorn, Littleberry Thorn.

MCCM 6, page 550. Will probated October 4, 1852.


121-122. JOHN PIERCY, Madison Co., Tenn. Dearly beloved wife SARAH PIERCY balance of personal and real property. WILEY KIRBY for son, EVERETT G. PIERCY's children. Exec Wiley Kirby, friend. Jan. 291851. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits J. D. McClellan, William Croom.

MCCX 6, page 551. Will probated October 4, 1852.


122-123. WILLIAM GOODWIN, Madison Co., Tenn. Old negro man John to be sold and his lands, livestock and other property. Brother/s/ SAMUEL and ALLEN to take his wife and all negroes "home with them." 2/3 of property to be used for the benefit of his brother NATHANIEL's children. l/3 of estate went to NICHOLSON PERRY's 4 children by his first wife and "my" brother A. B. GOODWIN's children. Execs Samuel and Allen Goodwin. Dec. 4, 1852. Wits P. B. Littlepage, Spencer Williamson.


123. JOHN D. DEBERRY'5 will "cannot be found" but it was probated Dec. l, 1852 according to MCCM 6, page 579.


123-124. JAMES N. WATT's will "cannot be found" but it was probated Jan. 1853 according to MCCX 6, page 605.


124-128. STEPHEN LACY, Madison Co., Tenn. Son DAVID LACY 171 acres and another 103 acres. Son JAMES LACY 100 acres. Son GRIFFITH LACY 165 acres and 42 acres Son DONALD R. LACY 150 acres and 40 acres. Son THOMAS LACY 165 acres. Beloved wife KATHARINE several negroes, livestock, furniture, f arming tools. Dau JANE GLADNEY a negro worth $200. Son DAVID LACY 3 cows and calves. Son JAMES LACY 3 cows, calves, bed and furniture. Grandson WILLIAM CAROTHERS $200. negroes divided among his children. Execs Thomas and David Lacy, sons. July 27, 1847. Wits P. N. Smith, Jackson Doss, P. C. Moore. Plat of survey, well drawn, is on page 126.

MCCX 6, page 635. Will probated March 7, 1853.


129. GABRIEL DAVEY, Madison Co., Tenn. Dearly beloved wife TABITHA all his property. Exec, wife. May 22, 1847. Wits B. M. Perry, James R. Glenn. Signed will GA DAVEY.

MCCX 7, page 75. Will probated July 4, 1853.


129-131. THOMAS LACY, Madison Co., Tenn. Property in equal portions to his children. One or more slaves could be sold to pay debts. Children "to be sent to school." There was some property coming to his children from their grandfather's estate in Ohio. Exec Hugh R. Lacy, brother. June 16, 1853. Wits John W. Cole, John Copeland.

MCCX 7, page 76. Will probated July 4, 1853.


(Page 53)

131-133. MARY RANDOLPH, Madison Co., Tenn. ALBERT G. McCLELLAN to hold in trust for her nephews and nieces, JAMES N. McCLELLAN, MARY E. McCLELLAN, WILLIAM G. COLE, MARTHA A. COLE, JAMES R. COLE, ADELINE F. COLE, JOHN T. COLE, all negroes in estate. When the youngest child came of age the land was to be divided equally among her three nieces. Sister, HARRIET ELIZA McCLELLAN 3 negroes Ben, John, Critenden, Dillar; furniture, monies, notes. ALEXANDER T. COLE, father of these hrs (by name of Cole) was to be prohibited from having anything to do with the property. Exec Albert G. McClellan, brother-in-law. Jan. ll, 1853. Wits P. C. Midyett, Burgess B. Davis.

MCCM 7, page 82. Will probated August 1, 1853.


133. BURGESS B. DAVIS. Beloved wife ELIZABETH TABITHA DAVIS all his property but if she predeceased him, property would go to MARY ANN SAMMONS, ROBERT DAVIS, MARY ANN COX, ELIZABETH JANE DELOACH, equally, except for ELIZABETH JONES who had gotten $100 more than the other legatees. Exec Albert G. McClellan. July 9, 1853. Wits E. W. Mathews, SilaS Lassiter.

MCCX 7, page 83. Will probated August 1, 1853.


134. KINCHEN CARTER. Wife MARGARET CARTER entire estate. Execs R. W. SIMS, JOHN B. BOYKIN. June 1, 1853. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Henry A. Welsh, Robert G. Jones.

MCCX 7, page 83. Will probated August 1, 1853.


134-135. JAMES SANFORD. Beloved wife MARY all property but what would be sold to pay debts. At death of wife property to be divided among his children. Sept. 19, 1853. Wits Newton Harris, James S. Smith.

MCCX 7, page 107. Will probated October 3, 1853.


135-137. WILLIAM DUNGAN, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved sons WILLIAM HILL and GEORGE entire estate, including 150 acres. WILLIAM to have south half of land. Dau PARTHENA $3. Dau SALLY $25. Son NATHAN $5. Dau REBECCA $5. Son ALLEN $5. Son THOMAS $5. Dau POLLY $5. Personal property and chattels to son WILLIAM "in consideration of his attendance to me while living." Execs Benjamin F. Collinsworth, Joseph R. Reaves. November 3, 1852. Wits W. A. Jelks, L. Duncan, J. A. Pearson.

MCCX 7, page 121. Will probated November 7, 1853.


137-138. NORFLETT H. WARD, Madison Co., Tenn. Sister LUCY ANN negroes Matilda and son Stephen and big Eaton, Harriet. Said sister, LUCY ANN FRY all monies, and livestock. Brother, JOSHUA WARD negro man ELLICK. Sister MARTHA GOODWIN children WILLIAM, JOSHUA, MARY, THOMAS NORFLET negroes. Exec Samuel M. Fry. May 23, 1851 . Wits A. G. Davis, P. B. Littlepage.

MCCX 7, page 122. Will probated November 7, 1853.


138-139. BENJAMIN H. HUBBARD, Madison Co., Tenn. Estate kept together for benefit of wife and children. When youngest child reached age 21 the property was to be divided equally among wife and children. Exec Milton Brown. April 29, 1853. Wits Lorenzo Lea, B. M. Burrow.

MCCX 7, page 150. Will probated December 8, 1853.


139-143. ABSOLEM DEBERRY, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife ELIZABETH F. DEBERRY his carriage, horses, furniture, 1/2 of personalty. At division of negroes wife to have her choice. Land to brother ALLEN DEBERRY but if he died land would go to the children of his brother MATHIAS DEBERRY, sister E. J. MERIWETHER, REBECCA F. TYSON, SUSAN A. HOLT. Half-bro, JAMES W. HAYLEY and half sister, MARTHA A. SMITH each $5. Exec Mathias Deberry, Robert Hurt, David J. Meriwether. June 5, 1849. Wits Milton Brown, Alex Jackson. Codicil, June 17, 1850. His bro. MATHIAS had died hence portion left to him would go to his hrs. Exec Allen Deberry. Wits Robert Hurt, Alex Jackson.

MCCX 7, page 151. Will probated December 8, 1853.


(Page 54)

143-144. NANCY G. ROGERS. WILLIAM S. WEAVER, JOHN L. WEAVER, her first two children to be held in trust and money and notes to children by her first husband, PHILIP WEAVER. ARCH S. ROGERS, present husband interest in lands until he died then to the sons, equally with her youngest children MARTHA ROGERS, CHARLES C. ROGERS. Wanted S. A. Rogers "to keep all my children together." Nov. 28, 1853. Wits L. D. Taylor, John C. M. Garland.

MCCM 7, page 153. Will probated January 2, 1854.


144-146. WILLIAM HAMILTON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MARY HAMILTON the land "on which I now live." Negro boy Cowper and personalty. At death of wife the property was to be sold and proceeds to JAMES, ABSOLOM's children and each to have $30 more than each of their sisters ELIZABETH, MARY ANN and PERLINA. Son PEYTON have $50 more than the others. Son ELIJAH HAMILTON, exec. Feb. 28, 1852. Wits S. P. McDonald, T. M. Stewart.

MCCM 7, page 154. Will probated January 2, 1854.


146-147. JOHN ROOKER. TWO youngest sons WILLIAM I. ROOKER and ANDREW ROOKER a horse, saddle and bridle each. If wife ELIZABETH remarried a division of property to be divided among his children. Execs, wife and Rooland Harris. Oct. 16, 1853. Wits R. W. Sims, Henry Blurton.

MCCM 7, page 154. Will probated January 2, 1854.


147-149. NANCY NICHOLSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Cotton to pay off debts. Land not devised to children to be sold to further pay debts. SARAH ANN STALY to have slave. JOSEPH T. NICHOLSON have slave Reuben. DAVID SHEMUEL to have to have Ben and they to pay to their brother, JAMES NICHOLSON and sister ANN MARIAH to make them equal in division of negroes. DAVID SHEMUEL personalty. Execs Wright Nicholson, A. G. Beaty. Jan. 14, 1854. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Bryan Kirby, John W. Lackey. David S. Nicholson, Sarah Ann Staly to have use of dwelling and plantation for the present year. Jan. 14, 1854. Same wits.

MCCM 7, page 183. Will probated January 9, 1854.


149-150. JOHN FLY. Having made advancements to married children, directed that in division of his property WILLIAM D. FLY charged with $750; CHRISTOPHER C. FRY $775. MARY A. CLEMENTS $650. SARAH ELIZABETH HALL $775. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FLY $750. FRANCES M. GRAVES $750. MICAJAH FLY $1000. JANE ELIZA GREER $900. Wife 130 acres "on which I live," 3 negroes and other personalty. To his surviving children and those of Micajah Fly all negroes except wife's share. Exec W. Dickson Fly, Christopher Columbus Fly. October __, 1853. Wits David Gill, C. C. Clements.

MCCM 7, page 223. Will probated March 6, 1854.


152. WILLIAM N. WINSTON. Wife to have place "which we now live on with the benefit of my lease from A. C. Deberry and bed with bed clothing." Property to be sold, foundry "matters settled up", $10 paid to his mother and balance to wife and son WILLIAM ROBERT and he to have proceeds from sale of 180 acres nr. Cotton Grove at age 21; to be educated. If he died, estate went "to the children of my brothers" to be educated. J. R. Chappell, N. H. Whitlow to help settle his business. Oct. 22, 1853. Wits D. C. Hall, P. D. W. Conger, Arnold Winston.

MCCM 7, page 223. Will probated March 6, 1854.


153. HIRAM ADAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife MARTHA all property for widowhood and if she remarried, property to be divided equally among her, MARY BURTON ADAMS, MARTHA JOSEPHINE ADAMS, WILLIAM HIRAM ADAMS. Execs wife, Martha; John B. Boykin. Jan. 23, 1854. Wits W. C. Stovall, Young A. McLemore.

MCCM 7, page 245. Will probated April 3, 1854.


153-154. AUGUSTUS L. BONER, Madison Co., Tenn. All property to wife JULIE. March 26, 1852. Wits Peter Transou, H. Hunt.

MCCM 7, page 303. Will probated August 7, 1854.


(Page 55)

154. JAMES F. CREWS, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MARY ANN his estate and she to be sole executrix. June 29, 1854. Wits R. W. Crockett, James Exum.

MCCM 7, page 304. Will probated August 7, 1854.


155. ARCHIBALD YARBROUGH. Sister FRANCES E. YARBROUGH all property and if she died to his two youngest sons HENRY and DAVID YARBROUGH. Exec Richard F. Yarbrough, brother. July 22, 1849. Wits Radford Withers, J. Q. A. McClellan.

MCCM 7, page 305. Will probated August 7, 1854.


155-158. AARON TISON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife LANEY 1/2 of house and farm "whereon I now live," several negroes and assorted personalty. Beloved dau SALLY HARRIS negroes, 265 acres on which she lives, furniture, a yoke of oxen. Beloved son JOHN TISON 1/2 of his houses and land, furniture, farming tools. AUGUSTUS C. DOWNING at age 21 a sorrel mare and bequest dealing with land in Green County, North Carolina. Exec John Tison, son. October 8, 1846. No wits.

MCCM 7, page 344. Will probated December 5, 1854.


160-163. GEORGE ANDERSON CONNALLY, Madison Co., Tenn. Son ROBERT ANDERSON CONNALLY a 1000 acre tract, the 640 acre tract he lived on and other smaller tracts with a total valuation of $8000.
Son these negroes, with their valuations: Fanny and her child $500; Mary $650; Jim $750; Malinda $500; Emily $450; Henry $350; Joe $250; Anderson, a blacksmith $900; Sandy $700; Ellick $450; Maria $450 and 3 children Jim $500; Pete $450; Ben $150. Tom abt 35 yrs old $700; Ned, a man $650; Lewis $750; Peter, young man $800. Jack, young man $900. Charlotte, a girl $500. Dau REBECCA FRANCES OLIVER these negroes and valuations: Ann and young child $650 and 5 other children Sarah $650; Elvira $600; Vincent $550; Tom $450; Charles Freeman $250; Charles, husband of Ann $700; Wash, a blacksmith, $800.Jinny $350 and 5 children Monroe $750; Govenor $600; Eliza $650; William $500; Wash, a little boy, $350; Alfred $900; Henry $800; Charles, abt 15 yrs old $700; Dilcy and child $850; Martha $800. Execs Robert A. Connally, John Oliver. December __, 1851. Wits A. S. Rogers, John C. M. Garland.

MCCM 7, page 339. Will probated December 4, 1854.



page 197. SUSAN LESTER, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau SUSAN BETTS "for love and affection, a negro man Oliver and $275 owed her by John D. Bain; her bed, furniture. She wanted Susan to pay her brother, RICHARD LESTER $50 from the Bain money. No exec named. Sept. 13, 1836. signed with an "x" mark. Wits Samuel Newsom, James Newsom.

MCCM 4, page 457. Will probated January 11, 1837.



page 120. Nuncupative Will, KEMP HOLT. WILLIAM EWING swore, Dec. 16, 1839 that on the Friday evening before Holt's death on Sunday night, December 8, 1839 he made his will verbally to him; wanting Ewing to collect money due him and settling what little estate he had for wife DORCAS HOLT. Witnesses to Ewing's account were John Conner, John Cook (both signed with x'es).

MCCM 4, page 622. Will probated January 6, 1840.

page 121. Inventory of Kemp Holt's personalty. January 1840.


(Page 56)


pages 204-205. GEORGE BLACK. All personalty excepting wearing apparel to be sold and proceeds along with the interest he had in his father, JOHN BLACK's estate to be divided equally among his brothers and sisters: AMOS BLACK, BAILY BLACK, JAMES BLACK, ROBERT BLACK, JOHN BLACK, THOMAS BLACK, CYRUS BLACK, NICEY, SEREPHENY, EDA BLAIR, JANE BLACK, to the exclusion of his half-sisters MARGARET, ELIZABETH and ELLEN BLACK. Exec Howel H. Woodson. June 29, 1840. Wits G. W. Dodd, Aquila J. Goodloe.

MCCM 4, page 676. Will probated July 6, 1840.



246. JAMES A. DILLARD. Wife HOLLAND POPE DILLARD the "tract on which I now live," 87 acres and all personalty. At her death, property to be divided between her "relations" and his "relations." Father, JOHN DILLARD his occupant claim on which Elias F. Walker lived. Brothers, his apparel. J. M. Lucky "to employ suitable workmen to have my grave and the graves of my two sisters walled with brick. . . . " July 30, 1837.

MCCM 4, page 492. Will probated September 4, 1837.


260-261. JOSEPH DUNCAN. Daus LOUISA and ANNA CEVEL to have bed, furniture. Estate to be divided among "my children." Exec Lewis Duncan. July 4, 1835.

MCCM 4, page 505. Will probated January 1, 1838.


300-301. HENRY S. BASS, Madison Co., Tenn. Dearly beloved wife MATILDA and children WILLIAM H. and SARAH J. BASS to have homeplace, 65 acres, furniture and estate among them. Exec Matilda Bass. Wits J. V. Darby, W. F. Johnston. No date on will.

MCCM 4, page 527. Will probated May 7, 1837.



page 55. This will, that of WILLIAM HARRIS, is stated to be "not found" in the will book, this page, but the original will was found by this abstractor in box of loose original wills "Box Wills Books 5 and 7". Mentions "beloved wife" NANCY, to have plantation "on which we live" with livestock, farming tools, blacksmith tools. Wanted family to remain on plantation and the five youngest children as they came of age to have a horse, bridle, saddle, bed and furniture, to the amount of about $121, equal to what the five children who had already "left us" had received. Wife to have her interest in her father's estate in N.C. and his interest in the estate of his father once his mother had died and divided among his ten children. If wife remarried property to be sold and proceeds of same to be given to his ten children. March 25, 1848. Wits Isham V. Harris, Philip D. Alexander.

MCCM 5, page 686. Will probated May 2, 1848.


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