By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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16-17. JESSE C. ELSTON. Grandson NELSON UPTON a 2 year old filly, two cows, bed and furniture. Granddau MARY E. UPTON a bay colt, a cow, bed and furniture. Dau MATILDA a dark bay mule. Tract he lived on among his two daughters, ELIZABETH and MATILDA (and her children NELSON UPTON, MARY E. UPTON and JAMES HUNT). Six grandchildren, hrs of his son WILLIAM ELSTON each $1. Balance of effects among his ten other children. Execs Jesse J. C. Elston, David E. Elston, sons. December 11, 1852. Wits James Harrison, Henry Barrier.

51-56. Property of JESSE C. ELSTON, dec. sold on March 15, 1855.

MCCM 7, page 365. Will probated February 5, 1855.


17-18. JAMES McCLOHN, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife all his property and if she remarried, divide among his heirs according to law. Wife (unnamed) exec along with friend, James Harrison. January 18, 1855. Wits Sm. C. Cobb, C. Ruddle, T. J. Fuller.

48. Inventory of McCLOHN's personalty, April 2, 1855.
464-465. Settlement report, McCLOHN's estate, May 21, 1857.

MCCM 7, page 366. Will probated February 5, 1855.


18-19. C. P. FITZ. His land, all livestock was to be sold and after debts paid, 1/3 of proceeds to his wife, CAROLINE E. FITZ; 2/3 to his children MARY A. FITZ and PHYNNAS FITZ. If children died before coming of age, their portions went to his mother, ELIZABETH FITZ and if she had died also then this portion was to go to the children of his sisters, HARRIET E. JETT and MINERVA A. GRAVETT. Armed rocking chair to his mother. Exec I. C. A. Skillern. January 5, 1855. Wits W. S. Spring, D. H. Smith.

MCCM 7, page 366. Will probated February 5, 1855.

162-163. Sale of Property, CLEMENT P. FITZ Estate, February 16, 1855.
224. Settlement Report, Fitz Estate, February 2, 1856.


30. HENRY MEDLIN. All his property to be sold and proceeds to wife, REBECCA. Exec Gray B. B. Medlin. February 6, 1855. Wits W. W. Williams, B. C. Mason.

MCCM 7, page 384. Will probated March 5, 1855.


35. Receipt from THOMAS F. BERRY to WALTER T. KEY, his guardian for money, $4926, plus 16 negroes. January 15, 1855.


44-45. VALENTINE S. VANN. Beloved wife SUSAN A. all property that came to him through their marriage, through "any of her relations." Also to her five negroes, buggy, bay horse named Charley, bed and furniture, wardrobe, large traveling trunk. Grandson WILLIAM H. EDWARDS "one fine saddle horse, a red sorrel." Balance of property sold and proceeds to be divided among his wife "and all my children." Execs Radford Withers, James R. Vann. January 26, 1855. Wits W. W. Boykin, Herbert Perry. Codicil, January 30, 1855. Loaned to dau BALSORA WADE portion of his estate she was entitled to and it then at her death to her children. Property to be kept together until the crop had been made and Mr. Walker was to be retained as overseer. Wits George Snider, Rob. Fenner.

87-94. Inventory of Vann's personalty reveals estate of a well-to-do person.
234-237. Inventory of "all the property" sold in Vann estate, combined sales Oct. 18, 1855 and Dec. 26, 1855 resulted in $25,723.39.

MCCM 7, page 400. Will probated April 2, 1855.


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64-67. JOSIAH H. DYSON, Madison Co., Tenn. ROBERT C. DYSON was to keep in trust for SARAH, youngest dau of his brother, JAMES H. DYSON $2000 to be hers at age 21. Brother ROBERT C. DYSON $2000. Mother MALINDA DYSON all livestock, household furniture. 300 acres were to be sold, the same he and his sister MARY E. received from his father ACQUILLA DYSON. His sister MARY E. and her husband, THOMAS INGRAM were to have his real estate, except the 300 acres to be sold. If Thomas died, then Mary would pay into his estate $6500 in 3 equal instalments. After both Ingrains were deceased, this portion would go to their children. WILLIAM A. ANTHONY was to keep in trust for children of his sister, MALINDA ANTHONY $6500 and when each reached age 21 they would receive their portion of same. Half of his slaves to the Ingrams and half to the Anthonys. THOMAS INGRAM was to have the livestock, wagons, carriage, farming tools on his plantation and Ingram was to pay Anthony $700 for his children. Rest of estate to his two sisters. Exec Thomas Ingram, brother-in-law. April 13, 1855. Wits Henry Brown, John Cole.

MCCM 7, page 421. Will probated June 4, 1855.


83. Executor's Settlement Report for WILLIAM STODDERT's estate, July 2, 1855, including $18,100 T. W. Gamewell paid for house and lot.


109-110. Settlement Report, LEWIS BOND estate, September 8, 1855.


112-113. THOMAS BUCHANAN, Madison Co., Tenn. All property to be divided among "my dear wife SARAH H. BUCHANAN" and son THOMAS N. BUCHANAN and W. M. DUNAWAY, husband of dau SARAH E. and his grandchildren THOMAS, URSULA and SARAH, children of his dau MARGARET E. RAINES. Specifies that wife receive 1/3 of estate. Had already given negroes to his three children. Oct. 6, 1852. Wits B. W. Humphreys, William Pope. Codicil. Noting that he had given each of his children a negro.

MCCM 7, page 446. Will probated October 1, 1855.


120-121. TABITHA DAVIE, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau ELIZABETH ABLE $1, she "having already received her proportionable part of my estate." Son EDWARD B. DAVIE an equal share of estate with other hrs. Dau JANE M. DAVIE the tract of land "on which I now live" and an equal portion of her estate. Dau MARY K. CARTER, a slave and at her death portion went to her husband, HOPSON CARTER. Son NELSON DAVIE in trust for her dau PRUDENCE T. McCULLOCH, land she, the dau, lived on and at death it was to go to her children. Son NELSON DAVIE equal share of her estate. Dau TABITHA B. HOPPER a share. Dau MARTHA ANN F. CLEMENTS, a share of estate. Execs Edward B. Davie, Nelson Davie. August 28, 1855. She signed with an "x" mark. Wits Jo Gill, Edward Telfair, Robert Davie.

MCCM 7, page 453. Will probated November 5, 1855.


126-128. LITTLEBERRY CREWS, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife NANCY CREWS tract on which he resided and at her death or remarriage it would be divided among his sons and daughters WILLIAM A. CREWS, JOHN S. CREWS, MARY S. COVEY, WESLEY CREWS, ELIZABETH GILLESPIE, JOSEPH A. CREWS, THOMAS A. CREWS, ISHAM I. CREWS, GIDEON P. CREWS, ANDREW J. CREWS. Wife to have choice horses, cows, calves, twenty hogs, 10 head of sheep, wagon and gear, fowls, kitchen and household furniture and negro girl Caroline, age 10. Other negroes to wife and daus. Had given dec son FLETCHER CREWS all that he intended and left his widow $1. Son WILLIAM A. CREWS $100 he had already given him. Dau MARY S. COVEY the $430 he had already given her. Son JOHN S. CREWS the $200 he had already given him. Son WESLEY CREWS the negro boy worth $225 already given him. Dau R. M. E. GILLESPIE negro woman worth $400 already given her. Son JOSEPH A. CREWS the negro girl worth $400 he had already given him. Son THOMAS A. CREWS the negro boy worth $400 already given him. Such sums were to be


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charged against their portions of his estate when it was divided among hrs. He signed with an "x" mark. No executor named. September 26, 1855.

MCCM 7, pages 454, 456. Will probated November 5, 1855.


173-175. Settlement Report, JOHN DEBERRY's estate, May 22, 1855.


211-212. ANDREW GUTHRIE, Jackson, Tenn. Wife MARY ANN GUTHRIE the house and lot on which he lived in Jackson, with furniture, carriage and 51 acre tract south of the Forked Deer River; several negroes including "a negro man usually called George French." Beloved children FANNY MEDORA GUTHRIE, WILLIAM HENRY GUTHRIE, given other slaves and farm on Johnson's Creek, about 900 acres, with his livestock. Execs wife and friend and brother-in- law, Dr. R. R. Dashiell. November 9, 1855. Wits James S. Lyon, B. R. Person.

263-264. Inventory of Guthrie's personalty, July 15, 1856, including list of slaves and their ages:
George Prewett, abt 28 yrs; Sam Taylor, abt 45 yrs; Sam Hicks, abt 32 yrs; Isaac, abt 30 yrs; Geo. Anthony, abt 28 yrs; Fed, abt 34 yrs; Jim, abt 25 yrs; John, abt 19 yrs; Henry, abt 19 yrs; Coleman abt 18 yrs; Eliza, abt 28 yrs; Albert, abt 10 yrs; Mary, abt 19 yrs; Charlotte, abt 50 yrs; Lizzie, abt 14 yrs; Big Betsy, abt 26 yrs; Ruth, abt 16 yrs; Hetty, abt 14 yrs; Jane, abt 7 yrs; Sy, a boy, abt 3 yrs; Geo. Alexander, 3 weeks; Louisa, abt 26 yrs; Nelson, abt 7 yrs; Caledonia, abt 8 yrs; William, abt 3 yrs; Charley, abt 3 yrs; Little Betsy, abt 4 yrs; Henrietta, abt 2 yrs; Minty, abt 50 yrs; Amanda, abt 15 yrs; Emeline, abt 20 yrs; Robert, 1 yr; Vick, a woman, abt 17 yrs; Hannah, abt 23 yrs; Henry, abt 8 yrs.

MCCM 7, page 547. Will probated March 4, 1856.


213-214. JOHN H. MITCHELL. Son WILLIAM H. MITCHELL 125 acres he already had a deed for, being the same the son sold to W. O. Boykin. Dau NANCY ELIZABETH PARALEE CHRISP negro girl Isabel. Wife EDNEY balance of property with the "request" that at maturity of his son EDWARD MITCHELL, his son AMERICUS MITCHELL and his son, JOHN MITCHELL she would give each an equal distributive share of his estate, commensurate with what had been given to children WILLIAM H. MITCHELL and PARALEE CHRISP. Execs William H. Mitchell, son and R. W. Sims. January 4, 1856. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits W. H. Jelks, W. H. Williams.

MCCM 7, page 548. Will probated March 4, 1856.


225-226. Sale of property, SELDEN BETTS' estate at his former residence, March 12, 1856.


227-228. WILEY FUTRELL, Madison Co., Tenn. ALEXANDER FUTRELL 1/2 of land he lived on and the other half to MATTHIAS FUTRELL. Alexander also to have negro boys Cato and Peter. Dau ELIZABETH FUSSELL negroes Susan and Harry. Dau SARAH LANGFORD negroes Henry and woman Kia. MATTHIAS FUTRELL to have negro boy George. JAMES G. FUTRELL negro boy Sephas. ALEXANDER FUTRELL also negroes Clarey and children Mary, Nancy, Ruphus, Shadrich and an infant child; negro man Drue and Alfred, Henrietta, Ginney. At last settlement $200 to be paid to grandchildren MARY MUNN, JAMES E. LANGFORD, JAMES A. LANGFORD, MARTHA E. POOL, JANE M. LANGFORD. Execs Alexander Futrell and Daniel Shelton. January 13, 1852. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Jonathan Blanchard, A. B. March.

MCCM 7, page 582. Will probated May 6, 1856.


228. JAMES W. SWAYNE, Jackson, Tenn. Wife AMANDA JANE SWAYNE entire estate and she to be sole exec. She was to give NOAH S. SWAYNE $2000 and if he succeeded in business he was to pay her back. Wants wife to consult for advice from James A. Henry, Lexington, Tenn. Wits William F. Still, R. H. Ayres, Thomas Murrell. March 10, 1856.

MCCM 7, page 576. Entire will copied on this page; probated May 5, 1856.


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230. GEORGE H. BOND. Each 1/4 of estate: GEORGE BOND and LEWIS BOND hrs of his son HENRY BOND; dau ELIZA A. NEWSOM; SARAH BOND, ALICE BOND hrs of his son, FRANCIS R. BOND; FRANCIS R. BOND, son. Grandson WILLIAM TRADER $5. Grandson ROBERT G. C. BOND $5. Exec Richard F. McKnight. September 6, 1855. Wits Samuel W. McKnight, G. R. Scott.

285-287. Inventory and sale of Bond's personalty, May 22, 1856.

MCCM 7, page 581. Will probated May 6, 1856.


230-231. PENINAH BETTS. Nuncupative Will. Joseph R. Sykes, P. D. W. Conger and Emily Parsons had heard her give them her will, in her residence, March 6, 1856. Wanted her brother, JAMES B. CONGER to have $800. Balance of estate divided among James B. Conger "and the other two" (names not given). P. D. W. Conger to "attend" to her will for her. Sworn before the court, April 3, 1856.

MCCM 7, page 598. Will probated June 2, 1856.


257. Sale of personalty, WILEY FUTRELL's estate, June 2, 1856.


272-273. JAMES BLYTHE. Wife LURANEY all furniture and at her death same went to two youngest children WILLIAM J. BLYTHE and ELIZABETH JANE BLYTHE. Dau MARTHA ANN, wife of JOSIAH THORN 1/8 of estate. Remainder of estate to WILLIAM J. and ELIZABETH J. BLYTHE. Exec, wife. July 26, 1856. Wits John F. Lea, J. W. McElwee.

MCCM 7, page 642. Will probated September 1, 1856.


283-285. JOHN H. DAY, Madison Co., Tenn. Son WILLIAM AARON DAY an equal part of estate including the place where he lived and a negro Dump. Dau SUSAN VIRGINIA negro girls Julia and Lucy and a piano. He had given a dau SARAH C. LAVELETTE $3000 and she to have an equal portion of his estate, minus this $3000. Had given son E. H. DAY $500 which was to be charged against his equal share of the estate. Dau O. T. McCREA a negro Daniel and an equal share of the estate. Dau Mrs. M. H. WATKINS negro girl Mary, charged against her equal portion of the estate. Dau MARTHA A. FORD negro girl Sylva and equal portion of the estate. August 14, 1856. Wits Robert B. Hurt, T. P. Scurlock.

MCCM 7, page 650. Will probated September 3, 1856.


297-299. SAMUEL EPPERSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife ELIZABETH H. negroes Viny and her dau Mary and Isaac; livestock. REUBEN H. EPPERSON negroes Pad and wife Cass and her child Isabella and Martha. Dau SUSAN M. NEWSOM separate from her husband JOHN NEWSOM negroes Lewis, Polly. Dau MARY ANN EDWARDS $1500, with Avery Hunt being trustee for her. Son HENRY H. EPPERSON negroes Louis McCuary and wife Polly and child, Dicey; Calvin, Billy, Jane. Dau ELENORA T. negroes Andrew, Mariah, Eliza, Bob, Daniel. Son THOMAS N. negroes Bob, Sandy, Nancy, Angeline, Twilly. Son HENRY $100. ELENORA $300. THOMAS N. $450 for his education. Balance of estate to all his children "WILLIAM EDWARDS EXCEPTED." Reuben H. Epperson to be guardian of son HENRY H. Mentions that sons REUBEN and HENRY were beneficiaries of estate of their grandfather HARMON. William H. Hunt to be guardian for ELENORA and THOMAS JEFFERSON. Exec Henry A. Welsh, friend. October 10, 1856. Wits James R. Glenn, William H. Hunt.

363-364. First sale of Epperson's personalty, November 20, 1856.
415-416. Second sale of Epperson's personalty, December 16, 1857.

MCCM 7, page 688. Will probated November 3, 1856.


354-355. WALLACE A. TRANSOU. PARMENIO P. TRANSOU, FRANKLIN B. TRANSOU, either of them to serve as exec of estate. He preferred that "my family" continue to reside where his children could be educated, "relying on God's goodness that he will continue his mercy to them as they have been extended to me." At death of wife division of his estate was to be made among his children


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AUGUSTA L. TRANSOU, ELLEN J. TRANSOU, CORNELIA C. TRANSOU. November 26, 1856. Wits Thomas M. Meriwether, ___ ___ (unreadable name).

MCCM 7, page 710. Will probated January 5, 1857.


355. JOHN L. CHAPPELL, Madison Co., Tenn. Tract of land on which he lived, his interest in the grist and saw mill to be sold. Dau MARGARET S. CHAPPELL the negro woman Sally and her children. /Inferentially, estate would be divided among his heirs! November 20, 1856. Wits Robert A. Connally, J. B. Long.

MCCM 7, page 711. Will probated January 5, 1857.


369-372. AMOS WILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife ELIZABETH, for life, house and lot in village of Spring Creek and several negroes and all property she brought to their marriage. Dau MISSOURI BARRONS "poorhouse tract", 123 acres in Civil District 12 and negroes. Son W. A. P. WILLIAMS home tract including farm house in which he had formerly lived and another 314 acre tract and several negroes. EDMUND J. WILLIAMS' children 150 acres he formerly lived upon. Jesse Gray to serve as trustee for son NEWTON R. WILLIAMS' wife Sally. Son HERBERT W. WILLIAMS for whom he had gone security on a loan to the amount of $2500 and if son fails to pay this debt, it was to be paid from his estate, a negro to be sold in helping to pay this debt if necessary. He makes reference to repairs on his house in Spring Creek. Rest of estate to be sold and money spent for building purposes and to be distributed among his children. Exec Jesse Gray. January 23, 1857. Wits Jesse Gray, R. A. Hill, W. W. Boyd.

409-413. Inventory of Williams' estate, March 2, 1857.

MCCM 7, page 749. Will probated February 2, 1857.


394. SELAH TINER. Dau SARAH CATHARINE WATSON a bureau. CELIA ANN ELIZABETH WATSON a bed, furniture, a set of silver teaspoons. Rest of property to be sold and proceeds divided equally among her grandchildren, share and share alike. Exec Ashley A. Midyett. March 7, 1856. Wits Radford Withers, J. Q. A. McClellan. Signed with an "x" mark.

427. Personalty report, Tiner estate, April 6, 1857.

MCCM 7, page 764. Will probated March 2, 1857.


427-428. ROBERT G. JONES. Nuncupative Will. On or about February 27, 1857 JONES delivered his will to JARETT J. McLEMORE and Miss LUCY J. JELKS. The deed of gift he had made to son SAMUEL J. JONES was revoked. Henry A. Welch was security on a loan for him but he did not want Welch "to suffer even if his /Jones'/ own property had to be sold." Property in estate to remain in common for wife and children and wife to give to children as they came of age what she "could spare." Wanted son SAMUEL J. and his sister to divide property equally (after wife's death). Wanted SAMUEL J. to "wind up his business."

MCCM 8, page 13. Will probated April 8, 1857.


428. REBECCA C. BOYCE, Madison Co., Tenn. Son ISHAM BOYCE negroes Merrick, David, Charles, Susan, Wesley, Hannah, Harriet, Sam, John, Thomas, Ruthy, Jane, Jim, Nelly, Henry and Sucky /pronounced Sookey/. September 11, 1852. Wits Martin Cartmell, D. C. Hall, John D. Bond.

MCCM 8, page 15. Will probated April 8, 1857.


429. SARAH J. GHOLSON, Madison Co., Tenn. James L. Talbot was to hold in trust for her dau MARGARET, wife of SAMUEL L. GANNAWAY all her property and he to be exec. March 4, 1857. Wits W. H. Stephens, T. P. Scurlock.

MCCM 8, page 17. Will probated April 9, 1857.


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443-444. FRANCIS MERIWETHER, Madison Co., Tenn. Personalty to be divided among wife and children. Had given property to five oldest children. Wife to select negroes she wanted. Absolem Deberry was to hold in trust for dau CAROLINE her portion of his estate. Dau ELIZABETH had relinquished her portion of his estate, requesting it be given to his sons JOHN THOMAS MERIWETHER and DAVID JACOBUS MERIWETHER. The place he lived on to go to his wife and four youngest children. Sons Jacobus Meriwether, John Thomas Meriwether and Absolem Deberry and Dr. E. Taylor, execs. They were to have right to sell home tract if they thought it best for wife and children, proceeds from same to be used to their benefit. No wits.

MCCM 8, page 20. Will probated May 4, 1857.


469-471. HARRISON JOHNSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Had given all his children "a certain portion of property or money which they now hold in their possession." Youngest dau JEMIMA a negro Sindy, featherbed, horse, saddle, bridle. Youngest son GILBERT LAFAYETTE two negro children Judy and Wyatt, bed, furniture, horse, saddle, bridle, cow and calf. THOMAS J. JOHNSON, LAURA A. JOHNSON a bed, furniture, cow and calf, each. Beloved wife JEMIMA rest of property "except two acres in and around the graveyard to be laid off as my son Thos. J. Johnson may think best." In last division of property wanted granddau LYDIA J. only child of his dec son, JOHN M. JOHNSON to have $50. JESSE JOHNSON, fourth son, to have $50 and no more. Execs Thomas J. Johnson and David A. Johnson. May 12, 1857. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits R. H. Givens, William R. Barton, James M. Alexander.

MCCM 8, page 41. Will probated July 6, 1857.


471-472. JAMES MONTGOMERY. All personalty to be for use of "my affectionate son" ALBERT MONTGOMERY, aged 12 yrs and daus JULIA ANN, MARGARET E. and ELIZABETH E. MONTGOMERY for the time they lived on his farm. When daus married each was to be given an equal portion out of his estate by "three of my most judicious neighbors." Son ROBERT 80 acre tract in Civil District 5. Exec William Roberson. July 15, 1855. Wits A. R. Reid, Jonathan Terrell. Codicil, January 8, 1857. Son ROBERT to let his sisters live without charge on his land. Wits A. R. Reid, R. S. Vaden.

MCCM 8, page 42. Will probated July 6, 1857.


488. SARAH L. McCOLLUM, Madison Co., Tenn. all property divided into three shares, to: son PETER; son ROBERT; dau MARY L., wife of WILLIAM C. MURCHISON. Exec Peter McCollum. June 9, 1855. Wits Joel Rushing, W. R. Dickinson.

MCCM 8, page 49. Will probated August 3, 1857.


491-492. JOSHUA M. CASEY, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife ELIZABETH all estate and after her death, property to be divided "among my lineal heirs." Exec John Casey, brother. January 22, 1856. Wits Perry C. Wilkes, Everet Casey.

MCCM 8, page 60. Will probated September 7, 1857.


492-493. WILLIAM McKNIGHT, Madison Co., Tenn. Negroes and property to son CALEB McKNIGHT; son THOMAS McKNIGHT; son-in-law WILLIAM CASON; children of son JAMES McKNIGHT; son-in-law JAMES CASON; son HUGH McKNIGHT. Son CALEB to sell rest of property and proceeds given to grandchildren; $200 each to THOMAS VANCE, GEORGE VANCE, MARY STEWART, LUCINDA TEAGUE. $100 to ABNER TEAGUE. Whatever residuary estate left to sons THOMAS, JAMES and CALEB. January 5, 1856. Wits A. S. Rogers, Hiram Johnson.

MCCM 8, page 62. Will probated September 7, 1857.


511-512. FREDERICK REPLOGLE. Wife CATHARINE all his lands "on which I reside" and land in Henderson Co., Tenn. known as the Bell tract and personalty. At her death, estate to be divided equally among his heirs. Execs Philip Replogle, Benjamin Replogle. June 12, 1857. Wits Walter T. Key, Martin B. Key.

MCCM 8, page 75. Will probated October 5, 1857.


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