WILL BOOK A, 1862-1894

Abstracted by Jonathan K. T. Smith

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These genealogical abstracts were taken from Will Book A on Roll 528 of the Madison County, Tennessee microfilm public records of the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee. However, in numerous instances I have checked will data in the original will book itself to clarify spellings and better to understand specific bequests.

The customary preambles of wills -- acknowledging of one's mortal state and providing for the payment of debts -- have been deleted unless there was something "original" in such prefatory remarks. As it is my intention to provide the researcher with genealogical data I have chosen to encapsulate lists of personal possessions bequeathed in these wills as "personalty" or "certain personalty." I have also abbreviated long will stipulations or paraphrased them.

If a testator (will-maker) did not write his or name in a will I have noted that he or she signed instead with an "x." Following the name of the testator are two dates; the first is the date that the will was executed (signed and witnessed) and the second is the date that the will was probated/proven in the county court.

The researcher is advised to obtain photocopies of the will(s) of interest to him or her from the bound will book or even the original wills themselves (ordered from the County Court Clerk, Madison County in Jackson, Tennessee).

Abbreviations I have used in this compilation are:

ac/acs = acre, acres
agt = against
bro = brother
CD = civil district
ch = child, children
dau/daus = daughter, daughters
div = divide
ea = each
eq = equal, equally
est = estate
exec/execs = executor(s),executrix
hrs = heirs
husb = husband
wits = witnesses

Jonathan K. T. Smith          
Jackson, Tenn.          


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SAMUEL SMITH, March 25, 1862-April 1862
Wife, Mary D. Smith, "all my estate, both real and personal for her use and support," and her children living with her during her life or widowhood. At her death, est eq div to my ch, except dau, Nancy, an extra $500 as she is a cripple. Bro-in-law, Nathan H. Whitlow exec. Wits J. E. Vanhook, J. E. Haskins.

pp 1-2
MARTIN MARLOW, Feb. 9, 1861-May 1862
Wife, Elizabeth, 70 acs off so. end of tract, including mansion and outhouses. Dau Harriet, one bed, bedstead, cow and calf. Other 70 acs to daus Emily Ann, Mary Jane, Amanda Caroline, Julia Frances and Harriet. Son, Ruben I. Marlow. 70 acs left his wife at her death. R. W. Jones exec. Wits K. Hathaway, L. M. Jelks, Henry Blurton.

pp 2-3
JAMES VAULX, March 23, 1857-October 1865
To ch, eq, first paying for education of son, James, now at the University of Virginia. James Caruthers, Alexander W. Campbell execs. Wits H. W. McCorry, E. B. Law, Rob. Fenner.

pp 3-4
JONATHAN BAILEY, July 22, 1860-June 1862
Hrs of my son, Paley Bailey, $l; dau Cary Williams and son Henry Bailey, $l. Wife, Polly, balance of est, "to raise and educate" my children Anderson, Nancy Elizabeth, Harris, Milly Eugenia. Wife exec. Wits James M. Collinsworth, John W. Bailey, J. J. Follis.

pp 4-5
MARTIN CARTMELL, April 21, 1864-August 1865
Wife, Jemima A., house, lot in Jackson where I now reside, etc. Son, Robt. H. Cartmell, and son-in-law, John D. Bond, jointly, my tract in Monroe Co., Ark. deeded to me Dec. 1858. Son, R. H. Cartmell, a small parcel, 17 acs adjoining tract where he now lives. Son, James Martin Cartmell, 850 acs where he now lives. Son, R. H. Cartmell and son-in-law, J. D. Bond, execs. Wits P. T. Scruggs, John N. Harris.

pp 5-6
WILLIAM B. MARSHALL, no exec date-August 1865
Slaves, Daphney, Fannie & child, Alice, for faithfulness to be freed. James M. Hurt, $2000 in trust for said Fannie & ch, Alice and $500 for Daphney. Ch of my nephew, William A. Marshall, eq, $2500. Nephew, David Marshall, $10,000 & if it be confiscated, whatever is left to niece, Kittie, dau of W. W. Searcy of Texas. Sister, Catharine Searcy, wife of W. W. Searcy, $10,000, to her son, Isham Searcy in trust for her. Howell Jackson, Adison Pyles, Cyrus Simmons, Robt. B. Hurt execs. Wits John L. Brown, John L. H. Tomlin. Signed will with an "X."

pp 6-8
H. W. McCORRY, Oct. 3l, 185l-Aug. 1865
Four ch, Thomas, Henry, Mary and Corinna to be "well educated." Single sisters, Musidora, Ellen, support from est. Niece, Sally P. McCorry, supported so long as she remains with the family. Most of property to be sold for hrs. "The place in town on which I now life" to be kept for family. Sisters Musidora, Ellen & Mary, to have benefit of est if my ch die. Nephews Henry Mc Henderson, Henry Clark, sons of my sisters, Mary and Susan, part of est. Niece Sally P., portion


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of what's left in est. Bro-in-law James Caruthers exec. Cod, August 1859, As bro-in-law is "becoming old" I appt. my friend Wm. H. Stephens to be exec. No wits.

pp 8-10
ASHFORD WALKER, Sept. 23, 1861-Aug. 1865
Wife, Pheby Walker, $1000, etc. Son James M. Walker, a servant. Hrs of dau Clara Wharton, a servant. Rest & residue of est to ch of my dec dau Ambrose Evans, William Evans, John Evans and William Young, the son of my granddau, Mary Young. James Walker, Philip Walker, John Wharton, Martha Wharton and Leonidas Rankin, William Wharton, Enoch Newton Currie, Sarah B. Currie, Catharine Currie, 1/8 of est. Dau, Nancy Walker, 1/8 of est. Grandson William Walker Tate, his mother's portion. Slave Cary to Samuel Wharton, if wife dies. Son James M. Walker & friend Thomas Tuggle execs. Wits James A. Rogers, W. Langster, W. C. Robinson, S. I. McElwee.

pp 10-11
JAMES S. LYON, Nov. 21, 1864-Aug. 1865
Wife (unnamed), entire est. She also exec. Wits B. R. Person, J. C. Sharp, Rob Fenner.

pp 11-14
LEWIS BOND, Nov. 15, 1860-Aug. 1865
Wife, Martha, slaves and implements for her life, widowhood, then to sons, Lewis and Thomas Bond. Son Lewis Bond, slaves & 450 ac Daniel tract and other small parcels. Bro, Dawson Bond, in trust for my dau Martha Sykes, slaves and land. Dau Eliza Ramsey Bond, slave, land and piano forte. Dau Sallie Bond, slaves, land. Dau Leilia Bond, slaves and land. Son Thomas Bond, slaves and land. Son John Bond, slaves and land. Son James Bond, slaves, land. Old Negroes Jenny, Mina, Leah to be supported by my wife and ch. Wife & bro Dawson Bond execs. If he cannot serve, then my bro Eaton Bond to do so. Wits William H. Stephens, John T. Bryan, James K. Stephens.

pp 14-15
L. D. TAYLOR, March 8, 1802-Sept. 1865
Wife, L. J. Taylor, entire est and when of age or at wife's death my ch, their eq portion of my est. No exec named. Wits J. L. Weaver, S. B. Carmack.

p 15
JAMES SHIVERS, Dec. 7, 1864-Sept. 1865
Wife (unnamed), my property. Samuel S. Jones exec. Wits R. W. Sims, E. T. Transou.

p 16
SOPHIA EWING, Aug. 10, 1859-Oct. 1865
Son Newton Alphonso Ewing, $500. To ch of dau Elizabeth A. Smith (Theodore A. Smith, James C. Smith, Dinkins Smith, Sophia Jane Vance, Newton Hart Smith, Thomas Henry Smith), $800. Ch of son David Crawford Ewing (Elizabeth Ewing, Jane O. Steed, Adaline Eliza Ewing, Newton Alexander Ewing, David C. Ewing, Joseph D. Ewing, Fanny Ewing, Mary Ewing), $5 ea. Dau Rebecca O. McMillan, $500. Dau Margaret White, $500. Theodore A. Smith, exec. Wits Hiram Johnson, John D. Smith, Stephen M. Johnson.

pp 16-17
ELIZABETH BARTON, March 16, 1857-Oct. 1865
Parmelia, Nancy, John P., ch of Elizabeth Barton, my est except amt. to son Wm. R. Barton, $30. Rest & residue to "my ch", Parmelia, Nancy and John eq except $1 ea to daus Susan James, Minerva Thomas and hrs of Elizabeth and Mary. Son, John P. Barton, exec. Signed with an "x." wits N. W. Stedman, George Williamson.

pp 17-18
CHARLES GILL, March 16, 1863-Oct. 1865
Bro Thomas Gill, slaves, livestock. Bros Robert and David Gill, slaves. Nieces


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Frances T. Duncan, Betty L. Duncan, slaves. Thomas Gill and David Gill execs. Signed with an "x." Wits James R. Glenn, John C. M. Garland.

pp 18-19
WILLIAM W. BOYKIN, Aug. 24, 1865-Oct. 1865
Wife & her 3 ch Ida, Lula and Franklin, with my son James Boykin, hometract, 236 1/2 acs. To my other ch, balance of est, Thadeus H. Boykin, Ann E. McLemore, Martha Blakemore, Osborne Boykin, John Boykin. At Martha Blakemore's death, her portion to her dau Anna Hutchens. Son Franklin Boykin, my gold watch. James E. Boykin, Osborne P. Boykin, John Sinclair of Dyer Co., Tn. execs. Wits James R. Glenn, J. J. McLemore.

pp 19-20
JOHN CARTER, July 14, 1865-Oct. 1865
Wife Elizabeth Carter, 1/2 of my land, including the dwelling house, provisions for her. Shares of est to my ch Margaret T. Hall, Mary Ann Reaves, Elizabeth B. Dunlap, James A. Carter. James S. Smith exec. wits B. A. Carter, Alexander Williams James S. Smith.

pp 20-21
MARY ELIZA ROBERTSON, Jan. 31, 1865-Oct. 1865
"my kind uncle," Dr. Robert Fenner, $400. Cousin Eleanor McKnight and friend Rev. John A. Harrison, $300 ea. My friend Rev. J. T. Pickett, $300. Rest of est to James J. Vaulx and sisters, Matilda F. Gibbs, Katherine C. Shapard, eq. Bro-in-law Charles N. Gibbs exec. Wits William H. Stephens, Mary J. S. Stoddert.
pp 21-22
JAMES CARUTHERS, Sept. 24, 1859-Oct. 1865
To 8 ch, eq, taking into account house and lot given my dau Virginia wife of J. B. Freeman, 1/2 section of land, at Horn Lake, Ms. to son James and the office my son William occupies. Son William Caruthers exec. Cod, May 9, 1862. dau Virginia has died and her husb J. B. Freeman, killed at Shiloh battlefield, their 8 yr old dau (unnamed) provided for, eq with his children. No wits given

pp 22-23
WILEY KIRBY, July 4, 1860-Oct. 1865
Est to be sold for benefit of my five sons Haybon Kirby, Jesse Kirby, Alex. Kirby, James A. Kirby, Wiley Kirby. Two living daus Adaline Perry, property; Mary Bennett, property. Grandch, hrs of Austin Kirby (Celia H. Jinkins, Adaline J. Kirby, Wiley L. Kirby, Sarah M. Kirby, Feby C. Kirby, Winfield S. Kirby), ea $5. Their mother, Biddy Kirby, $l. Granddau Celia W. Glover, $l. Daus Elizabeth W., Emily D., wives of John Glover, Sr., dec, property already given them. Grandch Isaac J. Piercey, Elizabeth R. Piercey, John W. Piercey, $l as I have already
given to dau Elmyra Piercey, wife of John Piercey, property. Stephen Burrus exec. Wits Martin Wiggs, Jonathan White.

p 23
JOHN W. TURNER, July 22, 1863-Oct. 1865
Wife Margaret B. Turner, est unless she remarries, then my ch to have benefit of est. Dau Mary Ann Turner, part of est. T. A. and K. N. McLemore execs. Wits H. I. Pearson, Radford Withers.

p 24
ABRAM B. MARCH, June 27, 1862-Oct. 1865
Mother, Anna March, slaves & at her death, to bro Daniel O. March and sister, Clemantine March. Bro Franklin March, $50. Half-bros, S. W. March, Archibald M March, Wm. D. March, $10 ea. Nephew, Abram K. March, $10. Bro, Daniel O. March exec. Wits Alexander Futrell, Daniel Shelton.

pp 24-25
THOMAS B. RAINS, May 25, 186l-Oct. 1865
Sisters Ursula Hays, Sallie Hide, 2 slaves. Uncle, Thomas Buchanon my horse. David H. Parker exec. Wits James W. Anderson, C. F. Burton.


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p 25
WILLIAM CARUTHERS, April 7, 1862-Oct. 1865
Est, eq, to wife, Mary Jane and dau Frances. Wife and father James Caruthers execs.

p 25
NARCISA HAYS, July 30, 1865-Oct. 1865
Mary Ormond Henderson, $500. Sarah A. Hays, my wardrobe, etc. Balance of est to George W. C. Bond. Radford Withers exec. Wits Lorenzo Lea, T. P. Scurlock.

pp 26-27
JAMES S. SMITH, Oct. 30, 1865-Nov. 1865
Wife, household goods & money. Mary E. Gooch, $500. James S. Smith a part. Virginia Smith, $1000, etc. Grandson Walter S. Harris, $500. Money eq div among my ch Mary E. Gooch, John M. Smith, Martha M. Mathews, Jane S. Smith, Virginia E. Smith. Wife, Lucy, 266 acs (except 25 acs to J. M. and Virginia Smith), including mansion house and at her death, to be attached to the land of James S. and Virginia E. Smith. Son James S. Smith, Jr. and Virginia E. Smith, 508 acs. Balance of land, except 25 acs to my son John M. Smith and dau Martha A. Mathews, my Reelfoot land, Obion Co., Tn. and the King tract and 25 acs off the tract on which I reside. John M. Smith, Edward P. Mathews execs. Wits James R. Glenn, James H. Baldridge, Newton Harris.

p 27
JOHN W. FISHER, Oct. B, 1864-Nov. 1865
Wife Sarah Fisher, est, and at her death or remarriage to my grandch, John M. Thompson, Mary A. Thompson. No exec named. Wits J. L. Brown, Y. G. Block.

pp 27-29
RICHARD LEWIS, June 18, 1862-Nov. 1865
Wife Ann Lewis, home tract for life, then to my son Merada Lewis and dau Martha Lewis. Slaves and provisions to wife. Sons John and Samuel Lewis, my tract in White Co., Ark. Son Theodore, my Nelson tract, 160 acs. Son Merido Lewis and M. E. Senter execs. Wits Samuel Shane, L. G. B. Seat.

p 29
EDWIN TYSON, May 5, 1857-Nov. 1865
Niece Rachael Rawlings, $1000. Bro Archibald Tyson, shotgun. Nephew Edwin Tyson, my watch. Bro Blakely Tyson rest of est. John R. Alston exec. Wits John R. Alston, John A. Tyson.

pp 29-30
NANCY TOMLIN, April 1, 1863-Dec. 1865
Dau Elizabeth Hayley, slave and furniture. Dau Margaret C. Hayley, horse, buggy and harness. Grandson Matthew Tomlin, one watch. Moneys due me from est of Matthew Tomlin, dec to be div eq among my 3 daus Caroline V. Hayley, Nancy E. Hayley, Margaret C. Hayley. No exec named. Signed with an "x." Wits Thomas M. Greer, J. W. Hogsett.

pp 30-31
MARY M. BROWN, Oct. 31, 1859-Jan. 1866
Furniture to daus Elizabeth S., Margaret A. and Mary A. Son Thomas Lewis Brown rest of personal est. Real est to be div eq among my 5 living ch William, Elizabeth, Thomas L., Margaret A., Mary A. and grandson Philip Gentry Brown son of Stokely R. D. Brown; ea a sixth. Son Thomas L. Brown exec. Signed with an "x. wits William H. Stephens, J. T. Hicks.

pp 31-32
BENJAMIN STEADMAN, /1864/-Jan. 2, 1866
"We are now five miles of Atlanta, Ga. I am sure we will not fall back much further.... Ma, I want to see you worse and worse every day. . . I think of you always when I am on the battle field. "Asks her for shirts. "I wish you had a


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chance to send me a little pound cake. I would appreciate it so much. " If I am killed, give my little colt to Ida. Give almost everything in the way of property to sister Mary and her little girls. Bob or Pleas to have my watch. Signed, Ben.

pp 32-33
JOHN A. VINCENT, Trenton, Tn., May 27, 186l-Jan. 1866
Wife Sarah A. Vincent, 163 acs, part of tract fell to her son Wm. Anderson from his father's est and I bought. Slaves, implements, livestock, pleasure carriage and lot in town of Trenton where I live to my wife. My son Thomas S. Vincent, remainder of my property, 300 acs in Madison Co., Tn and slaves. Wife exec. No wits.

pp 33-34
MARK TAYLOR, Jan. 16, 1862-Jan. 1866
Wife Nancy, home plantation and 1/2 of Hoper place, the other 1/2 to be rented out for benefit of my sons Wyatt, Mark, John, Richard. After wife's death, land div eq among my 4 sons. Slaves sold and proceeds div eq among my 7 daus Lucretia, Charloty, Elizabeth, Rebeccah, Serenia, Ziphia, Luginia. Granddau Sary Hicks, a portion. Wife and son, Wyatt Taylor execs. Wit R. A. Cathey.

pp 34-35
THOMAS CAMPBELL, Jan. 7. 1862-Jan. 1866
"being advanced in years." Daus Sarah J. Burrow, Lurany A. Hasking, E. Shelton, Eliza F. Shelton, Cornelia A. Mayo, ea a portion. Son Allen A. Campbell and son Wm. T. Campbell, ea a portion. Dau Prudence H. Campbell, portion. Dau Elizabeth Campbell and my son Charles J. Campbell portions. Wife Eliza Campbell all remainder of est for her life-time, then div eq among my 3 sons Allen A. Campbell, William T. Campbell, Charles J. Campbell. Jacob Hill exec. Wits R. Day, J. V. Hasking, Jonas Mayo.

pp 36-39
CHARLES CROOM, Nov. 23, 1859-Oct. 1865
Wife Sarah, part of land I live on, abt 291 acs, implements, furniture and slave. Son Jesse land willed my wife after her death or remarriage. While he lives single, 1/2 of the house and cleared land. Son Benjamin F. Croom part of land I live on. Son William part of land I live on, abt 273 acs. Dau Clarkey, slaves already given her. Son Isaac, land. Son Major, land. Son John, land. Son James, land and slaves. Son Joseph, already given him $2880. Granddau L. Blankenship, 94 1/2 acs. Granddau Mary Ann Rooks, $200. Granddau Margit Rooks, $200. Granddau Susana Rooks, $200. Son-in-law James Rooks, $5. Of the slaves to be sold, proceeds to my 8 sons. Son Major Croom, as trustee for my son, Joseph Croom, a slave. Major Croom exec. Wits W. E. McMillin, S. M. Watlington. Cod, Dec. 28, 1861, my granddau, Lucinda Blankenship, take back land given her and give her instead a mule and $75. wit K. M. Jones.

pp 39-40
HENRY D. COLLINS, Oct. 1, 1857-Feb. 1866
Son John G. I. Collins to be sent to school 2-3 yrs paid for out of my est. After sale of his perishable property and slaves, proceeds div eq among my ch, those not having already received advancement on est, "their equal share of articles to have the same amount with those who have received theirs." Friend James Blackmon exec. wits F. R. Hargrove, W. D. Brigance. Cod, Oct. 4, 1857. Do not want Mary B. Lockard and her child charged for their board, her services to the family overpays their board.

pp 40-41
WILLIAM RICKETTS, March 18, 1862-Feb. 1866
Dau Eliza A. Jones, a slave. To ea of my ch John F. Ricketts, James A. Ricketts, Mary J. Ricketts, Martha E. Ricketts, a slave. Wife, Cynthia E. Ricketts, rest of est; after her death, the est to be div between my ch Eliza A. Jones, John F.


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Ricketts, James A. Ricketts, Mary J. Ricketts, Martha J. Ricketts. Wife and son John F. Ricketts execs. Wits W. W. Gates, Micajah Bullock, Hervey Brown.

p 42
JOHN WOOLFOLK, no exec date-April 1866
Wife Milly Woolfolk, entire est. She to pay ch of my dec dau Malvina Hargrove, $1 ea. Cornelia Carpenter, $l. V. B. Woolfolk, $l. John R. Woolfolk, $l. Wife exec. Wits W. C. Hutchinson, Joseph Fogg.

pp 42-43
THOMAS ROLLINS, March 7, 1859-April 1866
Wife Rebecca Rollins, most of est, balance to my ch; also that Augustus Rollins 2 ch have one equal share and children of Enoch, wife's son, have one equal share. Son James Rollins and William Blackmon execs. Wits James Blackmon, Fordham Blackmon.

p 43
JOHN DUFFY, Feb. 26, 1866-April 1866
Sister Mary Jane Slater "my undivided share of lot running through to to /sic/ Water Street with a hotel and other buildings thereon, known as the Duffy Hotel" in Prescott Township of Augustua Canada West, etc. No exec named. Wits Giles Hawkins, A. A. McAlexander, C. T. Brady, J. Scurlock.

pp 44-45
JOSEPH B. HENNING, July 13, 1865-April 1866
Wife Winneford Henning, est. Daus Sarah F. Henning, Judith A. Henning, Henrietta A. Henning and my sons, J. B. and Francis W. Henning, portions. Dau-in-law Elizabeth wife of son John D. Henning, I've already given $2000. Dau Sarah F. Henning, a young mare and other property. Wife Winneford, exec. Wits John D. Cole, Stephen W. Cole.

p 45
ELIZABETH HASKINS, June 29, 1863-May 1866
Husb James V. Haskins, a slave. Ann F. Haskins, dau of Creed B. Haskins, a slave at my husband's death. Friends Reuben Day and wife, Clarissa Day, slaves. William T. Vaden exec. Signed with an "x." wits G. W. Day, W. T. Vaden.

pp 46-47
ELIJAH JONES, May 6, 1865-May 1866
Abner Jones, Hardin Jones, Lewis Jones, Arlis Jones, Nancy Boon, Margaret Goodlow 167 acs in CD 10, slaves, implements, furniture. Martha A. Jones my granddau featherbed and other personalty. Caroline Fentriss, wife's niece, personalty. John C. M. Garland, W. R. Howlett execs. Wits H. G. Bledsoe, W. R. Howlett.

p 47
JOHN McCLISH, July 11, 1866-August 1866
Wife Ellenor McClish, $500, livestock, furniture and land. Dau Jane Thomas, $1000 after the death of my wife. Son Joseph B. McClish, the Coock tract whereon he lives. Son John McClish, $1000. Rest, real and personal est, div 6 eq parts to sons Joseph B. McClish, John McClish; daus Margaret A. Transou, Caroline Kirkpatrick, Martha E. Spurlock, ch of my dau Mary A. See. Son Joseph B. McClish exec. Wits Nathan Johnston, Wm. H. Simpson.

p 48
CATHARINE HOWELL, nuncupative will, proven Aug. 1866
Enoch Walker, Dallas Howell, N. T. Nevell were at Catharine Howell's house abt 24 hours before she died (died on July 26, 1866), stated she wanted the children, Rachel, Patrick, Pinkney, Wyatt, Franklin, Galveston, that made the crop growing on her land to have proceeds after expenses paid.


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pp 48-49
ALBERT G. McCLELLAN, May 6, 1866-August 1866
Wife Harriet Eliza McClellan, entire est during life then to my dau Mary E. Morrill. If wife remarries, est to be eq div between said wife and Mary E. Morrill. Wife Harriet Eliza and John L. H. Tomlin execs. Wits James R. Glenn, H. Richards.

pp 49-50
SAMUEL DAVIS, March 15, 1860-September 1866
Son Joseph D. Davis, a slave. Ch of Peter C. Davis, Lavina A. Young, William J. Davis, Richard M. Davis, Samuel C. Davis, Joseph C. Davis, ea 1/9 part of est. After all expenses paid, a 1/9 part paid to my grandch Samuel C. Young, Nancy M. Young and great-grandch Martha Ann Evans. Son Samuel C. Davis, in trust for daus Margaret A. Dodd, a portion; eame for dau Sarah E. Joyce. Son Samuel C. Davis and friend James G. Mays execs. Signed with an "x."Wits James L. Baker, S. Williamson, Marlin T. Hays.

pp 50-51
NEAL SMITH, June 18, 1863-Oct. 1866
Wife Nancy Smith, entire est. She to be exec. Wits H. Barrier, Jacob Ford. Signed with an "x."

p 51
JOHN T. LEWIS, nuncupative will (July 9, 1866)-November 1866
Samuel Shane and Edith Rogers, witnessed this nunc will, July 9, 1866. Wanted wife Olivia J. Lewis to have "full control" of his estate to raise and educate his children.

pp 52-53
SAMUEL J. HAYS, Oct. 11, 1866-November 1866
Sell Ark. and Shelby Co., Tn. lands to pay debts. Est div eq among ch Andrew J. Hays, Robert B. Hays, Middleton Hays, Fannie H. Preston. Son Middleton Hays and dau Fannie H. Preston, $10,000 above the 1/4 interests before mentioned. All furniture and silverware of the homestead except furniture of drawing rooms, I direct to be sold and proceeds go to Middleton Hays and Fannie H. Preston. Middleton to have my library. Old servant, Abraham, I leave to the care of my son Andrew J. Hays; this slave to have $100 and one cow and calf during his natural life. Faithful servant, Amy, $200. All my "Jackson Papers" to son Andrew J. Hays, "he to distribute a portion of them to his brothers at his discretion. " Andrew J. Hays, Middleton Hays, R. J. Hays execs. Wits Rob. Fenner, John Chester.

pp 53-54
M. F. WALINGSFORD, Oct. 22, 1866-January 1867
T. W. Walingsford and I. N. Walingsford, my land with exception of $50 /sic/ to M. M. Walingsford. Martha Gattys hrs, I. B. Walingford's hrs, Mary N. H. Jacobs, M. B. Walingsford, G. W. Walingsford, M. B. McMin, W. J. Wilingsford, ea $l. Bed and
bed clothing to be sold to pay doctor's bill. T. W. Walingsford exec. Wits W. H. West, W. E. Butler, T. B. Martin.

pp 54-55
MILDRED C. WOOLFOLK, Oct. 186, 1866-March 1867
All property to be sold, proceeds to granddaus America Hardgrove, Elizabeth Lou Woolfolk; ea $70 and a bed and furniture. Out of proceeds also to grandson Gilbreath Neill Woolfolk, $100 towards purchase of a horse when he reaches age 21. Balance of proceeds div eq 1/4 partions among ch of my son Vivion B. Woolfolk: Virginia Amy Askew, Julian R. Woolfolk, Maria Louisa Askew, Martha A. Henderson, Mary Ellen Woolfolk, John G. Woolfolk, Artilia A. Woolfolk. 1/4 to my dau, Cornelia Carpenter. 1/4 to my granddaus America Hardgrove & 1/4 of the said 1/4 to granddau Cornelia Malvina Hardgrove. 1/4 of "entire


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proceeds of sale" to my grandch Mildred Ann Woolfolk, Julietta Woolfolk, Lee Woolfolk, Almira G. Woolfolk, James G. Woolfolk, Elizabeth Lou Woolfolk, G. Neill Woolfolk, Florence Woolfolk. Son John R. Woolfolk exec. Signed Milly C. Woolfolk. Wits E. P. Lowrance, James Blackmon.

p 55
AVERY HUNT, May 27, 1858-March 1867
Property to be kept together until my ch marry/come of age. My wife to have "share equal with the children." She may sell any slave she cannot manage or thinks best to sell. Also, to buy as many "young negroes" as she can with money made from the farm. No exec or wits.

pp 55-57
WILLIAM H. LONG, April 16, 1867-June 1867
Already advanced to son James B. Long a full share of my est; he's to have no more. Having given to my daus Susan M. Long and Mrs. Harriet A. Mann, my Madison Co., Tn. plantation, abt 1520 acs, by deed not yet registered, this is their portion of my est. Having given to sons Frank P. Long, Wm. H. Long my Marshall Co., Ms. plantation, abt 1760 acs, having with my wife conveyed this
to them, this is their portion of my est. The residue of my est, after debts paid, to my wife, Elizabeth J. Long for her natural life and at her death, personal property sold for money and real estate to be sold "on time. "Out of proceeds of same, $12, 000 in cash left eq to 4 living ch of my dau Mary J. Chester, to wit: William, Robert, Lizzie and Vernie and any other ch she may have. After taking said $12, 000 out rest to be divided, 1 share ea to sons Frank, William and daus Susan, Harriet A. Mann, Mary J. Chester. Wife Elizabeth J. Long and son-in-law, John G. Mann execs. Wits Rob. Fenner, John Chester, Wm. H. Stephens.

pp 57-58
WILLIAM GREGORY, March 16, 1866-June 1867
Son B. J. Gregory plantation I live on, 225 acs, crop and farming implements. Dau Elvira F. Gregory, $500, 1 featherbed, clothing and bedstead. Son B. J. Gregory to receive residuary est. Signed with an "x." Wits Radford Withers, John M. Withers. B. J. Gregory, exec.

pp 58-59
T. P. SCURLOCK, May 21, 1867-June 1867
Wife Anne all estate. She also exec. Wits Jo W. Scurlock, Kate L. Scurlock, J. Caruthers, John C. Taliaferro.

W. A. CONNALLY, May 20, 1867-July 1867
John R. Watlington, Jas. W. Perryman, J. R. Smith witnessed this nuncupative will of W. A. Connally May 20, 1867 at his residence. Wanted half-bro, John C. Connally, have 1/3 of est. Sister S. T. Moore, "balance of his effects." Cousin Robert Byrd, a portion. Bro-in-law, J. W. Moore and his wife S. T. Moore execs, retaining John C. Connally's portion until he is 21 yrs old. Sworn by these witnesses, May 22, 1867.

p 60
A. W. O. TOTTEN, July 19, 1867-August 1867
Entire est div eq between 2 daus Alice and Caroline Totten. Milton Brown, Alex. W. Campbell execs. Wits John L. Lancaster, Amos W. Jones, Robt. B. Hurt.

pp 60-64
CATHARINE SEARCY, Nov. 3, 1866-Sept. 1867
She the wife of W. W. Searcy of Lavaca Co., Texas. Son H. Clay Searcy of Grimes Co., Texas, $500. Dau Rebecca Catharine, wife of Wm. M. Milby, $500. Husb W. W. Searcy, residue of my est, the most of it left to her by my "much beloved brother, Wm. B. Marshall," late of Jackson, Tn. At husb's death, remaining est to dau E. H., wife of Dr. H. J. East; son Isham G. Searcy; son H. C. Searcy; dau


(Page 9)

Rebecca C. Milby; hrs of son A. W. Searcy and hrs of son O. C. Searcy. Husb W. W. Searcy and son Isham G. Searcy, execs. Signed with an "x." Wits H. R. McLean, B. N. Hanna. Texas depositions recorded towards probate of this will.

pp 64-65
ELIZABETH MADDOX, Oct. 14, 1867-November 1867
Statement by John L. Lancaster, November 5, 1867. Mrs. Elizabeth Maddox reached my house, Oct. 7, very feeble and on Friday "took to her bed and was never up again." Abt 2 o'clock, Monday evening, Oct. 14, she wished me to see that Fanny "had all she left."

pp 65-66
JANE KENDRICK, Feb. 23, 1867-December 1867
Son James Kendrick 200 acs in Range 2, Section 8. Grandson John Kendrick bed and bed clothing. Granddau Fannie Kendrick bed and bed clothes for the same. Son James Kendrick exec. Signed with an "x." Wits T. A. Futrell, T. N. Stephenson.

pp 66-67
MARY ANN THOMAS, no exec date-November 1867
Granddau Mary Jane Blair 2 featherbeds, bed clothes and a bureau. Balance of est div eq between my daus Martha M. Hamilton, Jesse Thomas & 4 daus of Mary Shelton (Maryan Marshall, Bettie Shelton, Fannie Shelton, Martha D. Shelton). James Blair exec. Wits H. H. Woodson, R. H. Givens.

p 67
NANCY MAY, Feb. 14, 1867-Feb. 1868
All land effects to be sold and proceeds divas follows. Mary Taylor, Nancy G. Bennett hrs of my sons Philip and John, an eq share. Elizabeth Hutchison to have an eq share, not subject to her husb W. C. Hutchison. Hrs of son, William, an eq share except C. E. May; "who I wish not to be interested in my estate in the least." A final share to Elizabeth Hutchison and her ch. Benjamin A. Hays exec. Signed with an "x." Wits John F. Hart, Thomas B. Fenner.

p 68
AUGUSTUS ASKEW, Jan. 29, 1868-March 1868
Daus Martha G. and Virginia A. Askew, sons Thomas A. and Alexander W. Askew, my entire est, with rent of land and gin for 5 yrs. Daus 1/3 and sons 2/3 of my est. In 5 yrs. my real estate to be sold and proceeds div among all the legatees. Wits J. P. Johnson, J. D. Askew. Cod, Feb. 1, 1868. Son William Askew to have all "improvements which he has put upon the tract of land upon which he now resides." Wits J. N. Greer, Alexander Askew. J. N. Greer, Wm. Askew execs.

pp 69-71
HUGH A. MONTGOMERY, Feb. 18, 1868-March 1868
Dau Cornelia Ann Montgomery, 54 acs. Son William M. Montgomery, 911/2 ac tract. Son Albert F. Montgomery 551/2 ac tract, being 1/2 of 111 acs known as the Sol Williams land. Son Hugh Kirk Montgomery 551/2 acs, being other 1/2 of 111 acs. Son Charles Gill Montgomery 57 acs. Dau Martha Tibitha Montgomery 55 acs off the so. end of my homestead tract. If another ch born, eq amt. of land off my homestead tract. Wife Elizabeth Tabitha Montgomery remainder of my homestead, "say" 70 acs, "a piece" of timberland, 2 acs wide and 5 acs long; also all household furniture, livestock, farming implements. Father-in-law William Hopper exec. Wits Alex. M. Jones, James Hardgrove.

pp 71-72
DAVID J. MERIWETHER, Jan. 17, 1868-May 1868
Execs Edmond A. Taylor and James A. Wilder to sell or otherwise dispose of "all or any portion of my real or personal property," including disposition of my stock in Bank of Madison and 2 lots in Jackson, Tn. Est to sons Samuel and Herbert Meriwether. Wits John Ingram, E. F. Cunningham.


(Page 10)

pp 72-73
JOHN COKER, Aug. 7, 1861-June 1868
Wife Susanah Coker, farm "upon which I now live," 134 acs, servants, Richard and Biddie, money, livestock, furniture. Wife exec. Wits T. B. Snipes, Thomas Bond.

p 73
NELSON DAVIE, May 1, 1860-June 1, 1868
Wife a child's portion. Dau Lula Davie all interest I have in est of my father. After debts paid and Lula's legacy, rest to be div eq between my wife and all my children, including Lula. Wits Wm. Hopper, Wm. J. Biggs. Willis Moore, exec.

pp 73-74 JOHN J. TAYLOR, March 31, 1868-July 1868
My land div between 2 daus L. N. Taylor and Mary E. A. Taylor; lot, 25 acs I live on, also 72 acs and 3 acs out of east corner of the 160 acs I "got" from my mother Jane Taylor including stable, corncrib. The 160 acs from my mother except the 3 acs already mentioned. Daus are to draw for lots when youngest dau comes of age. End of my dwelling to be my mother's until her death. I
will to my sister Mary Currie the room she occupies, for life. Friend James R. Neely exec. Wits James R. Neely, J. M. Hunt.

pp 75-76
JACOB E. VANHOOK, Aug. 2, 1868-September 1868
All est to wife Nancy Vanhook; at her death, div between "our" two ch Solomon and Alice. Wife exec. Wits James W. Glass, R. M. Hall.

pp 76-79
ELIZA L. THEUS, July 23, 1868-September 1868
Desire that Bro. Mays, pastor of the Baptist Church in Jackson to officiate at my funeral. To ea of grandsons William Campbell, son of my dau Mariah; William Randolph Theus, son of my son, Henry Theus; William Randolph Theus, son of my son, Francis D. Theus, $1000 "for the special reason that they bear the name of my deceased husband, their grandfather." Joel R. Chappell and John Glass, in trust $3000 for buying or building a permanent parsonage for the Baptist Church in Jackson. Exec to sell house, lot in Jackson whereon my son, Henry, formerly lived. Notes I hold on Dr. Wammock for the purchase of the house and lot he lives on. Grandson, Sydenham Campbell, 1 bedstead and bed. Granddau Lenud Theus dau of Francis D. Theus, my room furniture. My portrait and my small silver forks, with my name on them and my large silver spoons with my name on them, to my surviving ch Francis D. Theus. Dau-in-law Lucy A. Theus and granddau Mary Delessline Wommack, "to collect all my pictures and mirrors", tableware, kitchen furniture and div into 5 shares: Sydenham Campbell, William Randolph Theus, son of Henry Theus; William Campbell, son of my dau Mariah; Mary Delesline Wammock and her sister Elizabeth Leger Wammock, eq, and to ch of Francis D. Theus. Granddau Elizabeth Wammock Campbell, a gold watch worth $100 to be purchased for her. Grandson Francis Campbell, $800. Son Francis D. Theus, for use and support of my "aged and faithful servant", Sillar, during her life, to be paid her semi-annually. Tombstone for my grave to be placed over my grave. Son Francis D. Theus exec. He to be guardian of my grandson William Randolph Theus, son of Henry Theus, with a legacy of $1000. Wits John W. Campbell, Robt. B. Hurt.

p 79
NOAH G. HEARN, August 25, 1868-October 1868
In "feeble health and weak in body. " Mother Minerva M. Gardener all my share in crops in Chicot Co., Ark. Half-bro Joseph F. Gardner exec. Wits Micajah Bullock, Wm. M. Hutchison, M. J. Hutchison.


(Page 11)

p 8
SNOWDEN H. DAVIS, May 13, 186-December 1868
Wife Sarah E., home tract, 23 acs for life or widowhood, then eq div between sons William Stephen Davis and John Redmond Davis. Wife to have furniture, farming implements, etc. Sons balance of est. Rufus A. Mays exec. Wits H. B. Goodwin, J. G. Mays.

pp 81-82
LETTY HILLSMAN, August 29, 1868-January 1869
Out of large lot: son Young Hillsman, lot l; dau Irene Hillsman, lot 2; dau Melinda Haskell, lot 3; dau Rose Haskell, balance of lot. Signed with an "x. Wits John L. H. Tomlin, James Robinson. No exec named.

p 82
GOODMAN OWEN, March 23, 1868-March 1869
William F. Duffey, Laticia Duffey, Susan E. Duffey, Simon Duffey, ch of my dau Arsena Duffey (now dead), $l. Dau Sirena Duffey, $l. Dau Leticia Duffey, $l. Son Henry Owen, $l. Rest to wife, absolutely. Signed with an "x." Wits E. S. Matthews, Wm. C. Stovall. No exec named.

pp 82-84
ROBERT MAY, March 7, 1869-April 1869
Son Wm. B. May, tract of abt 27 acs and the 100 acs I live on. Son Reuben M. May, 57 1/2 acs he now resides on. Dau Lucy Rooks, bay mare and rent on the place she lives for 1869, being already made advancements from me. Ch of my son, Thomas G. May, the money he already had from me, $203. Son-in-law John Pearcy and Jane E. Cook, 100 acs div eq between them. Daus Elvira May, Fanny H. Mainord div eq the tract I live on, abt 140 acs. Son-in-law W. T. Parham, Reuben Johnson tract of which Reuben Johnson now lives, he to have portion which the houses are located on, provided Johnson pays ch of my son, Elias May, $5, hrs of my
dau Patsy Crowder, $5 and to James Kendrick and ch, $5, to Wade Ussery's wife and ch, $5. Dau Ellen Hart, $19. Sons Reuben M. May and Wm. B. May execs. Wits James Allison, W. A. Allison.

pp 84-85
CALVIN SPIVEY, December 1867-May 1869
Wife Mary A. E. Spivey, house, lot in Jackson "on which I now live." Rest of est to her to raise "my family and children." At wife's death, est div eq among all my ch. Wife exec. Wits Samuel C. Lancaster, Hervey Brown.

pp 85-88
ABNER TAYLOR, November 10, 1855-August 1869
William Manley, $1000. Albert F. Taylor of Ark., $1000. Residue of est to wife Laura Taylor and if she dies or remarries, est div eq among my child. Wits Robert B. Hurt, R. R. Dashiell, Milton Brown. Cod 1, Jan. 6, 1857. Desire to have my daus interests free of their husbands. Manley's $1000 revoked as I had nearly paid that amt. to him. Wits Robt. B. Hurt, Joseph Hartt, Milton Brown. Cod 2, March 15, 1858. Wife, Laura Taylor and friends Addison Pyles and Cyrus Simmonds to be execs. Wits D. C. Hall, R. R. Dashiell, Hervey Brown. Cod 3, not dated. To wife, also, an annuity of $500 a year and if she lives over 10 yrs. after "this" date, reduced annuity of $250 a year. Substitute James H. French in place of Cyrus Simmonds as exec. Wits James W. Glass, H. A. Meriwether, C. A.
Still. Cod 4, July 3, 1869. My dau Eliza French has died; all her portion to my wife Laura as she had no children. Wits James R. Neely, M. Murchison, James Grantham.

p 89
JAMES V. HASKINS, Feb. 2, 1869-August 1869
Wife Margaret, one press, tableware as she wants, etc. Son Robert Haskins, my watch. Rest of stock, household furnishings, after debts paid, div between all ch, the ch of George Williamson. John and George making one heir. Wife, $733. 33 1/3. Robert Haskins exec. Wits H. Newton, W. T. Campbell.

(Page 12)

p 90
RADFORD WITHERS, July 5, 1860-August 1869
Wife Elizabeth S. Withers, entire use and benefit of my property during life, widowhood. If she remarries, all est to be div eq between her and all my children. She may sell negroes. Wife exec. Wits Wm. H. Hunt, John R. A. McClellan.

p 91
JAMES A. JOHNSTON, May 7, 1864-September 1869
Tract on which I live to be sold to pay debts and invested to benefit of my family. Wife Lydia Johnston, rest of est. John A. Greer, L. C. Gillespie execs. wits J. H. Gillespie, John A. Tyson, Jr.

pp 91-92
WILLIAM R. HUDSON, March 28, 1866-September 1869
"in the seventy seventh year of my age." Wife Susan B. Hudson, house, household furniture, several livestock, pork and bacon. At her death, est sold and proceeds div among my 6 ch or their hrs, Mary A. Brown, James A. Hudson, Lawrence T. Hudson, William A. Hudson, Susan B. Bostick, Harriet E. Hearn. Son John H. Hudson, 24 acs on NE corner of my tract no. of the old Mt. Pinson road. Eugenia J. Hudson (wife of my dec son, Francis E. Hudson) and her hrs have received from me a deed for the SE corner portion of my tract. Son Charles W. Hudson, remainder of my land, abt 200 acs. Son Charles W. Hudson, Henry F. Parker execs. Wits W. K. Bove, P. H. Nelson.

pp 93-94
STEPHEN GRANT, September 28, 1868-January 1870
Son D. H. Grant, Boyd tract he now lives on, abt 80 acres, but he is to pay into my est, $300. I have already given my first wife's children all I intend to as their distributive shares of my est. and have given my dau Tennessee Boyd, her share. Have advaned to dau Manervey Gaston, $275. Dau Fanny H. Grant to be made eq to the other advances made to Manervey Gaston. Wife Susan Grant, all the money I have on hand at my death, also tract of land I live on, abt 500 acs for benefit of my two sons William and George W. Grant. At my wife's death, these sons are to receive this tract, equally. Signed with an "x." Wits R. M. Mason, E. B. Mason. Wife and son, D. H. Grant execs.

pp 94-95
THOMAS G. WILLIAMSON, March 16, 1861-January 1870
Wife Drucilla, all property but at her death my 3 daus Melissa Ruffin, Lenora D. Williams, Corrinna C. Williamson and their hrs, inherit est, eq unless my wife sees proper to give my son Thomas J. Williamson an eq share. James Blackmon exec. Wits J. J. Anderson, H. D. Collins.

pp 96-97
PHILIP ALSTON, February 19, 1866-January 1870
Granddaus Jane Tyson, Mary Johnston, Tempie Johnston, Anne Fussell, Susan Fussell, Fanny Fussell and great-granddau Fanny Taylor. Grandsons James Fussell Littleberry Fussell and great-grandson, John Taylor, all my est. Sons J. R. Alston, Philip Alston and son-in-law, L. E. Gillespie, superintend my burial at the place and in the manner I have "directed" them. Dau T. S. Gillespie, dau-in-law, Sarah Alston, to dispose of my personal effects left in my bed chamber. Sons, J. R. and Philip Alston and son-in-law, L. C. Gillespie. execs. Wits J. A. Johnston, H. A. Johnson.

p 97
JOHN R. ALSTON, January 17, 1867-February 1870
Wife Eliza B. Alston, entire est. Wife, exec. Proven by sworn testimony that this is John R. Alston's will. A. S. Rogers, chairman, Madison County Court.

p 98
HARRIET A. HALE, November 2, 1866-March 1870
Dau Mary Docia Taylor, personalty and house, lot in Jackson where I now live;


(Page 13)

at her death, div among my grandch, Elizabeth Taylor, Molly R. Taylor, Sally Taylor, Mary T. Taylor, ch of Mary Docia Taylor, who is to serve as exec. Wits John A. Harrison, James K. Stephens.

p 99
GREEN B. MORGAN, no exec date-March 1870
Wife all est for life or widowhood and/or when youngest child is 21 yrs. old, est to be sold and proceeds div eq between my children. Wife exec. Wits W. H. Brown, D. I. Montgomery.

pp 99-100
E. H. ESTES, May 14, 1869-March 1870
Wife Sally Ann Estes all est except that Elias A. Estes have some livestock. I. Sample to have some livestock. Nancy Elizabeth some livestock. Ea and all my ch, $5 ea: Sary Jane, Charles, Henry, Wesley, Kisey, Lucretia, William, Thomas, Elias Able and Isaac Sample and Nancy Elizabeth. Wife exec. Signed with an "x". Wits George W. Sipes, Harrison Bevill.

pp 100-101
FRANCIS MERIWETHER, Dec. 11, 1869-April 1870
Mother Louisa Meriwether and beloved bro James G. Meriwether, jointly, personal property and interest in my father's est. On death of one, the other receives his/her share. Bro James G. Meriwether exec. Wits Thomas M. Meriwether, John A. Tyson.

p 101
SARAH A. COLE, March 30, 1866-April 1870
Son Reuben Cromwell Cole, my marbletop cabinet, 2 beds, bedding, etc. Granddau Laura Sarah Jones a bed, bedding and $100. My youngest son Leonidas Hunter Cole, remainder of est. Son John A. Cole exec. Wits F. D. Campbell, W. G. Cole.

pp 101-102
SAMUEL LUCKEY, Jan. 23, 1867-April 1870
Wife Hollan Pope Luckey, $5000 in cash and all personalty. Residue into 2 eq shares, one for wife and other "to my natural daughter Caroline Goodrich, widow of Stephen B. Goodrich." County Court to appoint executor. Wits Wm. H. Stephens, Samuel C. Lancaster.

pp 102-103
HERVEY BROWN, Nov. 6, 1866-June 1870
Wife, Martha L Brown, all est. Provides $3000 for building an iron fence around our burying lot in the graveyard and erecting "suitable monuments" over grave for wife and myself similar to that at our dau Fannie's grave. Wife and my bro Milton Brown execs. wits John L. H. Tomlin, Milton I. Brown.

pp 103-104
WILLIAM DARNALL, April 2, 1867-June 1870
Wife Martha Darnall, all property, including 516 acs, crop, household furniture, buggy, farming implements, my rifle gun, "all my property of every kind." Wife exec. Wits L. B. Haughton, James K. Stephens.

pp 104-106
WESLEY W. GORDON, 1869-June 1870
Daus Eliza Rutherford, Emily T. Moss, Fannie C. Gordon, eq div homestead I live on, 245 acs and the Wells tract, 22 1/2 acs, adjoining the homestead. Daus Sarah E. Morris, Elizabeth Gooch and grandch Emma P. Moss, James Livingstone Moss, ch: of my dec dau Ann Moss. Sarah E. and Elizabeth 1/3 ea and grandch, 1/3. Exec to sell personalty and 1/2 proceeds to dau Fannie and balance div eq between Eliza Rutherford, Emily T. Moss. Having given to my son George Gordon a child's portion during his lifetime, I now give his 2 ch $l. Any money I have at my death to be div eq between daus Eliza Rutherford, Emily T. Moss
and Fannie Gordon. Son-in-law Willis Moore and James H. Moss execs. Wits J. T. Howard, J. A. Howard.


(Page 14)

pp 106-107
ELI JACKSON, March 21, 1868-October 1870
Wife Margaret Jackson, 1 yrs. provision from est and life interest in the home tract, 90 acs. In consideration of what I've given ch of my first wife and doubting if I'II be able to give as much to the ch of my present wife so that my first family not attempt to void this will, I leave ea of them, $l, i. e. Noel Roberts hrs, Elias, Lucretia (hrs), Elvira, Henry being dead ''as I learn," with no ch, otherwise $1. My "last" family, viz. Margaret Luticia Macafee and Sarah L. King (James Hill Jackson being dead as I suppose), on death of mother or her remarriage, they div eq between them 90 acs. Personalty to be sold and proceeds div eq between wife and her two ch. David H. James exec. Wits R. W. Mason, L. L. Cherry.

p 108
ANTHONY WILLIAMS (colored), September 11, 1870-October 1870
Wife Eliza Williams, for life, my town lot where I now live and at her death to my bro William Keylow. Personalty to wife. Want my wife to let Elijah and Harriet Sutton, her father and mother, to live with her for life. Signed with an "x." Wits Jordan Meriwether, James Clark. Guy Leeper, exec.

pp 108-109
RICHARD GOODWIN, Jan. 1, 1857-October 1870
Wife Emily M. A. Woodwin, entire est and she to be exec. Wits J. B. Whitehead, Rebecca Whitehead, William S. Gwaltney.

p 109
ANDREW DERRYBERRY, March 18, 1854-November 1870
Wife Cynthia Derryberry, entire est and she to be exec. Wits G. W. Day, T. J. Fuller.

pp 109-111
"being old now and decaying." Reserve to myself and beloved wife, the faithful partner of my past tolls, during our natural lives, my estate not transferred by deed of gift both personal and real." At our deaths, home land to be div eq between dau Margaret Pipkins and granddau Martha Herbert, Margaret to have the house where I now live. (Description of lands owned) Personalty to be sold and proceeds div between daus Mary Pipkins, Margaret Pipkins and granddau Martha Herbert. Appoint C. P. Pipkins as guardian for granddau Martha Herbert. C. P. Pipkins and John J. Jones execs. Signed with an "x." Wits W. P. Lacy, James A. Latham.

pp 111-112
WILLIAM GRANT, November 1, 1870-March 1871
The 2 $500 notes I hold on Wm. Linsey for land bought by him in McNairy Co., Tn. or proceeds be eq div between the four ch of my first wife, namely R. H. Grant, M. E. Neal, W. J. Neal and M. C. McCommac. Wife Jane Grant, all personalty, benefit of dwelling and land for life, then property/proceeds div eq between ch of my last wife, viz. William Grant, Jr., S. W. Grant, J. J. Grant, H. A. R. Grant, F. P. Grant, A. D. Grant, Charley Grant, A. W. Grant. William Grant, Jr. has received from me a horse, bridle and saddle worth $150; ea of my second wife's ch are to have an eq value of property. Son R. H. Grant exec. Wits R. D. Bryant, H. B. Reames.

p 113
REUBEN PEARCY, Dec. 8, 1870-March 1871
Sons John G., George C., Joseph W. Pearcy, ea $l. Daus Sylvia, wife of Anderson Rose, Lucinda, wife of John Good, Elizabeth, wife of Young Good, Julia Ann, wife of William Meals, Nancy wife of ___ Massey, ea $l. Hrs of son, Wm. G. Pearcy, dec, $l eq div. Hrs of dau Sarah Johnson; dec $1 eq div. Son James B. Pearcy exec. Signed with an "x." wits A. M. White, William Vautrace.


(Page 15)

pp 114-115
JAMES MITCHELL, March 2, 1870-June 1871
Wife Sarah W. Mitchell, household furniture, livestock, farming implements and "use, improvement and income" from my farm, 81 acs, for life or widowhood, then to be sold. Son Lemuel J. Mitchell, dau Sallie Ann Mitchell, $250 ea, after death of wife, money from sale of property. Remainder div eq between ch Frances Jane Coker, Paralee Baker, Lemuel J. Mitchell, Sallie Ann Mitchell. Son-in-law Thomas A. Baker and R. J. Williams. execs. Wits T. J. Hicks, Elisha Jackson.

pp 115-116
SAMUEL P. DUNNAWAY, July 30, 1870-June 1871
Wife Sarah Dunnaway, entire est. She and Thadeus Pope execs. Wits James H. French, John W. McKissack.

p 116
PATRICK SAULS, Jan. 10, 1871-June 1871 Wife (unnamed), entire est until my youngest son Robert Curtis becomes 21 yrs. old, then div of est. Wife "to settle all of my affairs." Wits J. C. Hudson, F. W. Watlington.

pp 116-117
JOHN READ, Feb. 2, 1865-June 1871
Niece Sally Ann Rennick, alias Sallie Ann Ewing, entire est, after death of my wife (who has left interest in est). If I survive my wife, then everything goes to this niece who lives in Missouri. No exec or wits.

pp 117-121
ELIAS LAWRENCE, November 12, 1870-July 1871
Son Swany B. Lawrence, farm on which I now reside, 158 acs in CD 11, Madison Co., Tn. Son Elias Lawrence, Jr., land in same CD, 141 acs, whereon he now resides. Dau Elvira E. Lawrence, land in CD 11 on which my son Swany B. Lawrence now resides, 131 acs. Son John B. Lawrence, land in CD 11, 139 acs. These tracts were accurately surveyed in March 1867 by R. T. McKnight, surveyor. Stepson George T. Yandall, land in CD 11, 24 acs. Above ch to take care of my wife Sarah and my 2 sisters now dwelling on home tract, supported from sale of personalty. Sons Swany B. Lawrence, Elias Lawrence execs. Wits James K. Stephens, Gabriel Chandler, M. Wooten.

p 121
WILLIAM H. BURKE, July 15, 1871-August 1871
Mother Ann Edwards and stepfather-in-law, William Edwards, "go on and finish paying for the land that I am now possest of," 75 acs and they to have it during life, then div eq between my bros and sisters, G. L. Burke, B. P. Burke, C. P. Burke, Martha S. Martin (my step-sister). Wits John H. Gregory, L. L. Cherry.

p 122
JOHN MASSEY, June 18, 1871-Sept. 1871
Wife Eliza A. Massey to have land on which I now life, 250 acs to raise and educate my children and at her death, div est eq among my living children. Wife exec. Wits Daniel M. Gaston, W. P. Gaston.

pp 122-124
JOHN W. LOVE, July 24, 1871-Sept. 1871
Wife Martha M. Love, entire est except my Dry Creek land, the Wharton place, being an undivided interest coming to me through my wife. Wife all my land in Prairie Co., Ark. House, lot known as the Murchison place on which James G. Reid resides, he to receive 100 acs in exchange for said house, lot and I give after my wife's death, to niece, Mary Jane Love and to her ch, the hrs of Walker Love. At wife's death, to niece Martha L. Reid lands including homestead. James G. Reid, her husb, 100 acs out of the lands I now own. Balance of land, at wife's death, to Mary Jane Love and her ch by W. Love, dec. wife exec. Wits John A. Tyson, William D. Wilson.


(Page 16)

pp 124-126
FREDERICK W. YANCY, Sept. 2, 1871-Oct. 1871
Wife Susan R. Yancy, my homeplace on Chester St. in Jackson, Tn. for her life, for herself and minor ch. To ch William F. Yancy, Thomas L. Yancy, Ann Elizabeth Yancy, Susan A. Yancy, Virginia L. Yancy, Robt. J. Yancy, the remaining interest in my homeplace, eq. Through sale of my other property proceeds to support wife and 3 youngest ch, Susan A., Virginia L. and Robt. J. Yancy. Thomas Beveridge, John Thomas Beveridge execs. Wits J. J. Anderson, Jesse H. Harper. Cod, Sept. 8, 1871. Excuses execs from posting bond for their duties. Wits J. J. Anderson, J. H. Harper.

pp 126-127
WILLIAM D. WINCHESTER, Dec. 15, 1871-Jan. 1872
Wife Mary Ann Winchester, entire est. If she remarries, this property to be div eq between her and the 2 ch, the ch to have a guardian. Wife exec. Wits B. R. Campbell, C. A. Manly. Cod, undated. 3 colored boys, Henry, Westley, Sam bound to me by U. S. authorities, to be conveyed to my wife and she is to treat them kindly. Wits B. R. Campbell, Jesse Currie.

pp 127-128
MARTIN WALSH, Jan. 5, 1872-Feb. 1872
Wife Kate C. Walsh, 1 lot in Jackson, Tn., personal est, notes and accounts. Wife exec. Wits John S. Fenner, John C. McGarland.

pp 128-129
MARIA O. BIGELOW, Feb. 25, 1867-March 1872
All property div in 2 eq shares. One vested in Joseph D. Mason for my dau Eliza Maria Mason and her ch. Other share vested in Rev. Amos W. Jones for use, benefit of his wife, my dau Amanda Childs Jones and her ch. William H. Stephens exec. Wits John Chester, D. C. Neal.

pp 129-130
NANCY F. WILLIAMS, Aug. 5, 1866-March 1872
land on which we now live, given me by my husb, Oct. 11, 1865, 200 acs to my sister Adaline Tyler and my nieces Gabriella Tyler, Granada Tyler, eq. Signed with an "x." Wits W. H. Jelks, Edna Mitchell.

pp 130-131
MARY A. SMITH, March 7, 1872-May 1872
T. H. Smith, $5. Samuel L. Smith, $5. Edward L. Smith, $5. Susan F. Woodson, $5. Personalty and land div eq between Wm. D. Smith, Nathaniel P. Smith, Mary V. Smith, Joseph Smith, Lorena Smith, when the youngest comes of age. David Lacy exec. Wits W. A. Glass, H. H. Woodson.

p 131
WILLIAM W. FREELING, April 10, 1872-June 1872
Nuncupative will witnessed by J. O. Ray and S. M. Johnson, abt 5 a. m., April 9, 1872. Wants bro Gus and ch of sister Nancy (Jim Hudson's wife) to have est after debts paid.

pp 131-132
JOHN W. ROBISON, May 4, 1872-June 1872
48 acs part of land known as Thos. Burrus land sold and personalty too, to pay debts and rest to wife Fanny A. Robison, during her life/widowhood, then div among my ch by her. She to have choice of livestock, certain furniture. Wits T. P. Jones, John Irvin. Cod, May 5, 1872. Daus Susan and Paralee to have a bed and furniture and wife to have my waggon. Wits W. W. Price, T. P. Jones.

pp 132-134
JAMES L. TALBOT, Jan. 27, 1871-July 1872
Desire "my body shall be buried on the lot of ground lying between the avenue and the garden." Dau Adah, my piano. Son Lawrence E., my library.


(Page 17)

Wife Ann P., rest of personalty and certain lands, including my land in Yell Co., Ark. the Barrow tract div between son and daus, held in trust by Joseph H. Talbot exec., one getting residence, paying difference in value to the other. No exec or wits.

pp 134-136
FORDHAM BLACKMON, May 10, 1872-Aug. 1872
Wife Margaret have "my old original tract of land,"125 acs, livestock, farming implements, household furniture, for her and son, Benjamin F. Blackmon. At her death or remarriage, same to be sold and div eq between my ch, William Blackmon, Elizabeth C. Rollins, Benj. F. Blackmon. Wife all property she had at our marriage; $100 in gold and a buggy. Son Benjamin F. Blackmon to have a good horse, bridle, saddle, a cow and calf, bed furniture and $100 and "chance" at good English education. At close of yr. (after my death) my tract known as A. T. Brown land sold and proceeds div between my children. Desire "is that peace and happiness shall exist and prevail between my beloved wife Margaret Blackmon and all of my children and that they look to her interest and happiness and at last they all meet me in Heaven." Son William Blackmon, grandson John J. Blackmon execs. Wits James W. Blackmon, James R. Blackmon.

pp 136-138
WILLIAM T. LYON, May 14, 1872-Sept. 1872
Wife Rebecca, all tract on which I now reside, 135 acs; also my entire livestock, farming implements. Bodily hrs of my dau Emily Watt (Wm. Thomas Watt, Alice Josephine Watt, Sarah Emeline Watt), ea $125 from notes I carry agt. W. P. Haley. Dau Nancy Emeline Watt, $25 from same notes. Dau Julia A., wife of John J. Cash, $500. Son Thomas Lyon, $300 from Haley notes, and if he dies, then div eq between my sons James H. A. Lyon, William M. Lyon and dau Elizabeth Rebecca Lyon. Bodily hrs of my son, Jefferson Turner Lyon, $600 out of Haley notes. At wife's death, real estate to sons James H. A. Lyon, William Marion Lyon and dau Elizabeth Rebecca Lyon. Dau Elizabeth R. Lyon my residence and outbuildings, 45 acs, she to pay Jefferson T. Lyon, $200. Son, William Marion Lyon, 45 acs. Son James H. A. Lyon, 45 acs, the remainder of my 135 acs. At wife's death, "all the proceeds in the hands" of my exec to be div eq between sons J. A. Lyon, W. M. Lyon and dau Elizabeth R. Lyon. wits B. R. Foster, W. J. Heath. Rebecca Lyon, exec.

pp 139-141
JOHN BAKER, Oct. 19, 1869-Oct. 1872
Dau Alsey Branner and husb M. T. Branner, all est, paying to their son, John B. C. Branner, $500. John and their dau Martha Branner Johnston. son D. C. Baker in Iowa, all notes on him, by his paying my dau Mary A. Newman, $1000 and John B. Newman, her son, $500. Son Charles B. Baker, balance of est and he to pay John B. Newman, $250 and to pay his daus Martha, Mary, Sallie, Maggie, Emma, when they marry, ea $100. He to pay to my granddau, Mary Newman, $100 and D. C. Baker to pay her $100. C. B. Baker exec. Wits D. C. Talley, Alexander Futrell. Cod, July 15, 1872. C. B. Baker give to Maggie Newman, crippled dau of Mary, $250 that was alloted to John B. Newman. I take from each one, M. T. Branner, D. C. Baker, C. B. Baker, $500, added to Mary A. Newman's $1000 and as John and Mary receive their portions in the will, I exclude them in their portions and give the benefit of said lands to hrs of Mary A. Newman at her death. C. B. Baker to give Mary Newman livestock. Maggie Baker, Sally Baker, Magie Newman, 3 beds. Magie Baker, a bed and furniture. Wits James Rooks, William Anderson.

pp 141-142
THOMAS THORN, Jan. 11, 1869-Oct. 1872
Son Littleberry Thorn, plantation where I now life, 100 acs. Personalty div between him and my dau Julia. Balance of land, 100 acs to dau Julia. Wits J. B. Neely, James R. Neely. Joseph Thorn, exec.


(Page 18)

p 142
HENRY DORR, Aug. 16, 1861-Oct. 1872
Wife Miriam entire est and she exec. Wits Timothy Mims, E. R. Bomer, Jesse Winslow.

p 143
B. M. McGETTRICK, no exec date-November 1872
Est div into 4 eq parts. One to sister Maggie McGettrick of Mobile, Ala. One to niece Maggie, dau of my bro Thomas McGettrick. One to my nephew Patrick J. McGettrick of Jackson, Tn. One to bro Martin McGettrick of New York City. My property consists of drygoods stock in the storehouse now occupied by myself. 1/2 of profits to Thomas Phibbs for "his services." Patrick J. McGettrick and Martin McGettrick execs. Wits J. B. Caruthers, H. W. McCorry, R. D. Smith.

p 144
CULLEN LANE, July 20, 1871-December 1872
Nephew Matthew Lane and at his death, all my lands in Madison Co., Tn. Matthew Lane exec. Wits John C. M. Garland, Micajah Bullock.

pp 145-146
TENNESSEE VIRGINIA TAYLOR, no exec date-January 1873
She being "about thirty two years old." Husb Wyatt A. Taylor the tract I bought from Alex. W. Campbell from est of Samuel Hays, April 1870. If I survive him, this est to our children. Wits J. J. Anderson, James Blackmon.

pp 146-148
WILLIAM F. STILL, March 7, 1872-January 1873
Bros Charles A. Still, Woodford A. Still execs. Wife Almira E. Still, a dower in homestead on which I now reside, known as the Newsom place, 438 acs, personalty; also dower rights in the lots in Jackson surveyed by R. T. Mcknight. After wife's dower set aside from 438 acs, bros Charles A. and Woodford A. Still have eq shares in other property. Nephew James A. Still now of Warren Co., Ky., $1000. At my bros' death, interest in est eq to the ch of my late bros James S. Still and Wyatt F. Still, sister Mary Ann Gott. Wits P. C. McCowat, Sion W. Boon.

pp 148-150
GABRIEL CHANDLER, April 16, 1867-Feb. 1873
Wife, land, 35-40 acs I now reside on. If she remarries, then land to dau Elizabeth M. Chandler and if wife remains unmarried, at her death, land still goes to this dau. to ea of my ch, $10. Grandson Martin L. Chandler, 1/2 of crop for his labor in cultivating it, other 1/2 to wife and youngest dau. Wits T. G. Lane, Martin L. Chandler. Cod, Oct. 14, 1869. Sell the land as before mentioned but divide proceeds "among my children by my first wife." wits Jos. D. Mason, James B. Piercy. Jesse H. Harper, exec.

p 151
THOMAS GILL, Jan. 9, 1873-Feb. 1873
J. F. Jones, all notes, claims "coming to me." Bettie W., wife of H. C. Glenn, all furniture, horse and buggy. Thomas, son of James Gill, dec, my watch. Bros Davy Gill, Robert Gill, I have already given to them. J. F. Jones exec. Wits Jas. R. Glenn, D. J. Montgomery.

pp 151-153
Deed recorded of Thomas Gill. All tract I own in Perry Co., Ark. to Jane Wallace, Elizabeth Vanhook and the hrs of James Gill, dec. for love and affection. 884 acs. Testators J. F. Jones, H. C. Glenn, D. J. Montgomery.

pp 153-155
JAMES M. ALEXANDER, Nov. 26, 1872-Feb. 1873
My land to remain unsold as long as Ibbe M. Alexander lives and that Bell


(Page 19)

Given shall live on same without paying rent as long as he takes care of her. My sister Mrs. Taylor to let her son, Monroe come and live with her. Bro Ross Alexander, exec and $1000. Sister Syntha C. Taylor, $500. Olivia and Parks Moore, nieces, $500 between them eq. Calvin Hart, $300. Broadax to John Mayo. Crowbar to Jonathan Terrell. Bro Ross a handax. Oldest bro's son, Abden Alexander, $500. Lucinda Rose and Emily Barton, $200 eq. Andrew Taylor's wife, $150. Bro Ross Alexander to see that these bequests are made. Wits Jonathan Terrell, M. Murchison.

p 155
SALLY HAWKINS, Jan. 25, 1873-Feb. 1873
Granddau Sallie Wilkerson and her dau Mary, wife and dau of Robert Wilkerson 1/4 of an ac off so. end of my lot on Smith St. in Jackson on which end is located my residence. No exec named. Wits Mattie Bond, B. F. Bond.

pp 155-156
GREEN UTLEY, May 17, 1871-March 1873
Wife Elizabeth all undivided interest of 1/3 in land on which I now live, owned by myself and sons T. B. and J. B. Utley and at her death, to these sons. Have given to sons James A. and W. E. Utley, ea $100 Sons T. B. Utley, J. B. Utley and daus Martha J. Denna, Nancy Ann Moore, ea $100. Sons J. B. and T. B. Utley execs. Signed with an "x." Wits Julian R. Woolfolk, L. Day.

p 157
ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY, Feb. 3, 1870-March 1873
Sons David T. Holloway, William Holloway, Henry Holloway, ea $5. Dau Mary A. Holloway and Paschal Holloway, my tract, 96 acs in CD 1. No exec. Wits Benj. A. Hicks, E. L. Sanford.

pp 157-158
SARAH W. SMITH, September 11, 1868-March 1873
Sons John Gillaspie Smith, Daniel Hugh Smith, ea $25. Rest of real and personal est to daus Mary Elizabeth Freeling, Sarah Catherine Robbins, eq. Son Daniel H. Smith and daus Mary E. and Sarah C. execs. Wits W. C. Robins, D. C. Ewing.

pp 159-160
JOSEPH C. SHARP, Nov. 23, 1861-March 1873
Wife and her son, Joseph Henry Sharp, my house, lot on which we live except 1/4 of an acre on so. side -I want it and my Rockaway to pay debts. Son Joseph Henry Sharp "sell out" my groceries and pay debts. Wife, Martha and son Joseph Henry, my negroe Betsy and her 3 ch and div between them when son reaches age 21. Dau Ann Caroline Sharp all my railroad stock which is $2769. Wish Robt. H. Cartmell to take possession and manage it for her. Wits James Hughes, John R. Norvell.

pp 160-162
ELIZABETH BEARD, March 14, 1872-March 1873
Husb T. L. Beard my 131 ac tract in Fayette Co., Tn., on the Memphis & Charleston RR; also my lot on so. side of Linden St. in Memphis, Tn. in trust for my dau Joe Ann Beard. To be hers absolutely at T. L. Beard's death. To husb my lot on Pontotoc St., Extd., Memphis in trust for this daughter. T. L. Beard exec. Wits A. B. Jones, A. W. Jones.

pp 162-163
JESSE MULLINS, Feb. 10, 1873-April 1873
Wife Sarah Mullins, all my land for life, household furniture, 2-horse wagon, my old buggy mule, a young horse, etc. Hary Mullins to have until Dec. 1, 1879 to make final settlement on his land. Thomas P. Gentry, $125 to purchase a horse at age 21. Joel Mullins, John W. Warmath execs. Wits S. G. Turner, J. R. Lewis.


(Page 20)

pp 163-164
ALICE TOTTEN, April 27, 1873-May 1873
My watch to Samuel M. Jackson. Betty Weir, my clothes and trunk. Mrs. Sarah F. Brown, portraits of my parents. Mrs. Eunice B. Jackson and Mrs. Caroline Sheppard, wife of Thomas Sheppard, 2/3 to Mrs. Jackson, 1/3 to Mrs. Sheppard, rest of est. The interest B. C. Springfield has in my father's est, at his death, I give to Mrs. Eunice B. Jackson. "I wish and direct a large family monument to be erected and a suitable fencing to be placed around it, also head and footstones with the initials of each member of the family inscribed upon it. " wits R. R. Dashiell, Jas. A. Heard. Howell E. Jackson, exec.

pp 164-165
WILLIAM STARKEY, Oct. 11, 1872-May 1873
Wife Matilda, entire est; at her death div among my children. Signed with an "x." wits C. H. Weathers, R. C. Rains. Wife to be "administratrix."

pp 165-166
JAMES EWELL HARRIS, nuncupative will proven in May 1873
Nuncupative will witnessed by Timothy P. Francis, Pleasant Pool, Catherine Francis, May 1, 1873. Wanted bro William Harris, take all his business in hand; he and and my wife to share expenses for two years and then divide est eq. Borrowed $251 from bro William; he is to be repaid from insurance.

pp 166-168
DANIEL W. SHELTON, May 26, 1855-July 1873
Bro James Shelton and his wife, all real and personal est and at their death to their children. My bro James and I "have lived and farmed together" James Shelton and wife Mary execs. Wits H. W. McCorry, Samuel C. Lancaster, G. Adamson.

pp 168-172
ADOLPHUS BRITTON, Feb. 11, 1869-Aug. 1873
Having already given to son Henry Britton and dau Louisa Moss, $1540, this is their share of my est. Having given to dau Ann Britton "the child of a former marriage", through her mother, the dau of Henry Berner, esq., $1000 and $500 in currency. Wife Ann E. Britton 1/3 part of store in Denmark, the other 2/3 owned by my son, Henry Britton and Louisa Moss, my dau, a portion of the returns on this business for use and support of my wife and 4 minor ch, Laura Virginia, Mary W., Ella C., Fanny J. Britton. Money at my death to my wife and these 4 daus, son Henry Britton and dau Louisa Moss, the latter two receiving $1540 less than the others. My storehouse and dwelling house in Denmark where Mr. W. Moss now resides to be sold for cash or on time. Wife, gold watch. Wife Ann E. Britton and son Henry Britton execs. Wits Thos. R. Newbern, H. Sweeny. Cod, Dec. 29, 1870. House, Lot in Denmark where W. W. Moss now lives to my wife for life, then div among all my ch, except Martha Ann Edwards, dau of my divorced wife. Storehouses in Denmark in trust to wife to use rents to educate my 4 younger ch Laura V., Mary W., Ella C. and W. C. Britton. As long as son, Henry, occupies either of my storehouses in Denmark, he's not to pay rent on same. My gold watch to W. C. Britton, my youngest child. Wits Thos. H. Newbern, W. A. Morgan.

pp 172-173
STEPHEN JOHNSON, May 13, 1872-Sept. 1873
Son E. S. Johnson is to take care of me during my natural life, furnish me with food and raiment for rents and use of lands I now live on, 306 acs. E. S. Johnson to pay into my est $3000 in 3 eq instalments. If he refuses on these terms, then land to be sold and proceeds div with other effects. Daus Eliza Susan and Sarah Ann, $200 ea. E. S. Johnson, my beds and furniture. Rest div between my 3 sons W. D., J. B., E. S. Johnson. E. S. Johnson exec. Wits W. J. Littlepage, Lemuel Day.


(Page 21)

pp 173-174
GEORGE H. LEONARD, Oct. 20, 1873-Nov. 1873
All my land to be sold and want Wm. J. Moore to act as trustee for my wife and ch. Bro J. W. Leonard, my watch. Bro and bro-in-law Willis Moore execs. Daus Ella and Caty to keep their colts. wits E. R. Craven, T. F. Amis, C. B. Baker.

pp 174-175
SAMUEL McADOO May 17, 1873-Dec. 1873
Wife Elizabeth McAdoo all land we live on, 310 acs and personalty. After her death, est to our 5 grandch, $500 ea, Sarah F. McAdoo, Theodoe E. McRee, Adolphus McRee, Ann Eliza McRee, David L. McRee. Want sons John A. and William A. McAdoo to have their choice in property, if there is any sold, the balance of my est, eq. J. W. Donnell exec. Wits Alexander Thompson, Jessie A. Darnell.

pp 175-176
MAULDEN REEVES, May 25, 1871-Dec. 1873
Son William M. Reeves a note I hold agt him for $1100. All land and other property to be sold and div as per: dau-in-law, Barbary Reeves and ch, 1/11 part; widow and ch of my son, John Reeves, 1/11 part. Ch of my dau Eleatha Moore, dec 1/11 part. Dau Ann Goodwin's ch 1/11 part. To ch of my son, Robt. S. Reeves, dec 1/11 part. Daus Elizabeth Moore, Winny Hardy, Mary Gladney, Emaline Wilson, Adeline Perkins, Francis J. Croom, Maria Parker, ea 1/11 part. Sons-in-law D. H. Parker, M. Croom execs. Wits David Lacy, Wm. C. Cason.

pp 176-180
WILLIAM H. HUNT, Nov. 22, 1873-January 1874
Wife O. T. Hunt, land in Jackson, Tn. upon which there are 4 houses and at her death these to my sons Jefferson Davis Hunt, Howell A. Hunt. Should they die before her, then to go eq among my ch I have had by my two former wives. All notes, accounts collected and proceeds div: son, Charles, $3500. Dau Martha, wife of Joseph D. Neilson of Rutherford Co., $2000. Son Robert Hunt, in trust for my dau Eugenia Lucy, wife of Gideon Lucy, $2000. Note of $2200 agt son, William, to be his share. Wits J. T. McCutchen, W. H. Brown. Cod, November 26, 1873. Exec may sell one or more of houses to support wife and ch. Wits J. T. McCutchen, W. H. Brown. Robert Hunt, exec.

pp 180-181
ISABELLA M. ALEXANDER, Jan. 21, 1874-Feb. 1874
Niece Dorcas Isabella Taylor, $500. Niece J. Ann Taylor, $250. Niece Olivia Moore, $250. Bro E. Ross Alexander and 2 sisters Susan C. Utley, Snythia C. Taylor, remainder of est. Calvin V. Hart exec. Wits James B. Neely, M. Murchison.

pp 181-183
ABEL WILLIS, Oct. 24, 1867-Nov. 1873/Feb. 1874
Dau Elizabeth Burton my original tract I live on, 270 acs and another tract, altogether 370 acs; also all my household furniture, farming implements. Balance of my land to be sold, Chamberlain tract and land below Mrs. Fogg's, and land I live on not given to dau Elizabeth, proceeds to be div eq between Nancy Hord, Sarah Blevins, Lucy J. Robinson, now Lucy J. Thomas and ch of my dau Jane Wood, dec. Walter T. Key, Elizabeth Burton execs. Wits Walter T. Key, T. F. Berry, Martin B. Key. Cod, Nov. 7, 1870. to ch of dau Nancy Hord, also to Sarah Blevins, Lucy J. Robinson and ch of my dau Jane Wood, dec, $3000 to be taken from amount bequeathed Elizabeth Burton.

pp 183-184
FRANCIS M. SHARP, Feb. 7, 1874-March 1874
Nuncupative will. He died Feb. 8, 1874, leaving all est to 2 sisters living with him except $5 ea to other bros and sisters. Wits J. M. Brown, John M. Smith, James A. Loyd, James R. Loyd.


(Page 22)

p 184
MARTHA BRADBERRY, April 12, 1873-July 1874
I have give to Solomon Jackson and Martha Ann Jackson, fore little girls Lula, Caksana, Lila, Salla my bed and bed clothing. to Master John Adley Bradberry, $20 in gold. Wits Martha Armstrong, J. B. Bradberry.

p 185
WILLIAM POPE, no exec date-August 1874
Son Leroy D. Pope 132 acs, $1500 and 1/2 of household furniture; the other 1/2 to son W. P. Pope. Dau Mary E. Givens, $250. Dau Arabella M. Moore, $250. To Ebenezer Church, $100. Remainder of est div eq among my ch Mary E. Givens, David T. Pope, Arabella M. Moore, Wm. P. Pope, Leroy D. Pope. No exec named. Wits Joseph Pope, George Pope.

p 186
MURDOC THOMPSON, Aug. 27, 1874-Oct. 1874
Ann McKenzie, 16 acs in CD 16, Madison Co. and at her death to Alex. Thompson. Ann McKenzie, all personalty; any of same left at her death to said Thompson. M. D. Day exec. Wits M. L. C. Deberry, R. A. Blankinship.

p 187
HARTWELL TEMPLE, Oct. 10, 1870-Nov. 1874
Having given 16 negroes to my ch Mary E., Susan M., John S. and Margaret W., ch of my first wife, I now give Mary E., $250; Susan, $5; ch of John S., dec, $250; Margaret W., $5. Wife Margaret 1/3 of all est for life and then div eq between her ch Joseph W., Sallie J., Thomas H. Bettie L. Temple and Nannie Pearson. Sons Joseph W., Thomas H. Temple execs. Wits A. S. Rogers, Hiram Johnson.

p 188
THOMAS McGILL, Nov. 19, 1874-Dec. 1874
Wife Caroline H. McGill, portion of tract I live on, east of the Jackson-Mt. Pinson road, abt 100 acs and at her death/remarriage to my 6 youngest ch Joseph, Lula, Ada, Sallie, James, Albert McGill. Dau Laura one horse, bed and bed clothing, bedstead. Nannie Croom, Harrison, Laura and Thomas McGill, ea $500. J. J. Johnson, J. M. McGill execs. Wits S. M. Ozier, C. E. Croom.

pp 189-190
PETER WORRELL,___ ___, 1872-Dec. 1874
Wife Nancy Worrell-entire est and at her death to my son Peter Ambrose Worrell, except as follows. Dau Eliza Lockard, $50. Son Henry Worrells' ch, $10. Dau Mary Jane Thompson, one note agt her husb James Thompson. Dau Elizabeth Ball's ch (James, Lizzie, Mag) ea $10. Son William Worrell, $5. Dau Missouri $25. Wits Benj. Tyson, Lemuel Hardee. Nancy Worrell, J. A. Tyson, execs.

pp 190-191
J. G. WOMACK, June 20, 1872-Jan. 1875
All est div eq between daus Mary Delusseline, Leger James Womack. Nephews James T. Jones, John A. Hays, my medical books, surgical instruments. Dau, Mary D. exec. Wits J. O. McGehee, N. S. White.

pp 191-192
DANIEL VERSER, Aug. 5, 1873-Jan. 1875
Son Calvin C. Verser, who has been kind to me, 1/2 of 302 acs on which I now reside. Ch John L. Verser, Wm. Verser, Calvin C. Verser, Fort P. Verser, Margaret Cleaves, Lucy Comer and hrs of dau Adaline Brown, rest of est, eq. Sons John L. Verser, Calvin C. Verser execs. Wits J. W. McKissack, F. A. Keelan.

pp 192-194
MARY P. KING, Feb. 1, 1875-March 1875
Dau Julia Ann Cock, entire est, in trust for her ch by husb, Thomas A. Cock: John D. Cock, Frank Cock, Martha A. Brown, Edward L. Cock, Sallie T. Cock, Lulla Cock, LaBella Cock, Rufus A. Cock. Wits Nat Perry, J. W. Harris. John T. Cock, exec.


(Page 23)

pp 194-196
MARY READ, Sept. 19, 1873-March 1875
Niece-in-law Sarah A. Ransom, wife of Col. H. C. Ransom, certain personalty and any of it she doesn't need, to my servants, George and Margaret Read. Marcellus McDavitt of Louisiana, my gold watch. Rosella, wife of Daniel Gober of Memphis, Tn., my silver spoons. Beloved friend Mary L, wife of James K. Stephens, $500. Mary Read, my namesake and dau of Docia Taylor, $200. Sell 70 ac farm, lot in Jackson and proceeds to nieces-in-law, Sarah A. Ransom, Mrs. Sallie A. Penick of Missouri. Remainder to Mary J. Ransom of Ft. Wayne, Ind. and Martha P. Meriwether of Jeffersonville, Ind., eq. My grave to be marked with tombstone. James K. Stephens exec. Wits James K. Stephens, Mary D. Taylor.

p 196
ELIZABETH BOYETT, Sept. 23, 1871-April 1875
John M. Thompson and wife Maranda B. Thompson, entire est. No exec named. Signed with an "ex." Wits W. A. P. Williams, L. . Day.

pp 197-198
J. M. PARKER, Feb. 22, 1875-April 1875
Wife Callie interest in Jackson land and full set of furniture, "oak set" in my chamber. Dau Jenny Parker, a house, lot in Jackson. Surplus to son- in-law, E. S. Mallory. Wits T. M. Gates, J. T. McCutchen, Madison Parker, E. S. Mallory, execs.

p 198
W. H. WOOLEY, Feb. 28, 1875-April 1875
Wife Nancy E. Wooley, his est. If she should marry another man, then est to go to my child (unnamed). Wits W. W. Hart, J. G. Hart. No exec named.

pp 199-200
PHILLIP G. HOPPER, Feb. 8, 1875-June 1875
Exec to sell personalty for support of my family; land div among wife and children. Daniel Hopper exec. Wits Alex M. Jones, Edmond Outland.

p 200
W. B. MANLY, May 20, 1875-June 1875
Wife Eliza Jane Manly, my est and at her death/remarriage, div est among children. Wife exec. Wits James Neely, R. H. French, Andrew Taylor, D. A. Johnson

pp 201-202
J. B. NEELY, June 24, 1870-July 1875
Wife Mary Jane Neely 1/2 of insurance policy, remainder of est and at her death div among my ch. Dau Mary J. P. Neely, a good horse, bridle, saddle, etc. James B. Neely exec. Wits W. A. Morgan, T. H. Newbern, Jr., I. N. Hart, C. V. Hart.

pp 202-203
SALLY DUNAWAY, July 5, 1871-Oct. 1875
Samuel Mulherin my Big Black Creek tract, my silver table and tea spoons. Elizabeth James Brooks, tract of land on which Susan Harston lives. Thadeus B. Pope, tract I am living on. Interest I have in church, I give to Camp Blake at Lebanon $25. Joseph H. and Charles Mulherin my interest in the Estanaula gin. Sarah A. Brooks and Joseph Pope, proceeds of my farm on Big Black Creek for this year. Thadeus and Joseph Pope execs. Wits R. J. Strayhorn, J. Y. Strayhorn.

pp 203-204
JOHN J. BROOKS, June 5, 1861-Oct. 1875
Wife entire est for benefit of her and her ch. Wits J. B. Caruthers, W. W. Lyon.


(Page 24)

pp 204-205
KADDIE HAWKINS YOUNG, Jan. 15, 1875-Oct. 1875
Dau Rosella my only ch, homestead where my husb Daniel A. Young and I now live, 60 acs in CD 10, Madison Co. and the rest in CD 2, Crockett County. Daniel A. Young, husb, exec. Wits W. F. Duffy, J. M. Todd.

pp 205-206
PATRICK McKINLAY, Sept. 12, 1875-October 1875
Father and mother, Duncan and Mary McKinlay, entire est and at their death, to Wm. Conway of Chicago, Ill. Charles Kunz exec. Wits Denis Donovan, William Burnell, James H. Hawks.

pp 206-207
ELIZABETH M. JACKSON, Aug. 13, 1859-Oct. 1875
Bros Matthew Goodrich Jackson, William Henry Jackson, sister Phoebe Jane Watson, div. eq tract I live on, abt 213 acs with slaves and personalty. Wits Julius Jackson, Burrel Blackmon. Wm. B. Watson, bro. Wm. H. Jackson, execs.

pp 207-208
JAMES M. MONTGOMERY, July 2, 1872-November 1875
Niece Sallie C. McCune, tract I now live on and portion of my old tract east of Mobile & Ohio RR. Tombstone to be placed at my grave. Remainder div eq between bros and sisters. Alex. M. Jones exec. Wits Alex. M. Jones, M. H. Outlaw. Cod, April 23, 1875. Niece, Sally C. McCune, certain personalty. Bro Charles, if living, my trunk and old family bibles and my clothing. If he's not living, these go to bro Hugh's children and sister, Frankey's children. Cod, June 29, 1875. Bro Charles is "gone before me" and John and Robert "is supplied with bibles. I want the old bibles left to one of my nieces, Sally C. McCune or Neally Shelton until Albert or Hugh Montgomery becomes head of the family, then they to have and keep the old bibles "as they have been in the family nearly three quarters of a sentury." No wits.

pp 208-210
J. T. GILMORE, July 7, 1875-November 1875
Wife Lizzie Jane Gilmore entire est, except medical library, bookcases, to be held in trust by wife for sons Milton Brown Gilmore, Harry Brown Gilmore. Milton Brown exec. Wits Sarah T. Brown, Ella C. Brown, Milton Brown, R. R. Dashiell, John Chester.

p 210
WILLIAM JOHNSON, Aug. 21, 1875-December 1875
Family to keep land and property together until becomes necessary for div of land. No exec. Wits John W. Butler, Charles N. Johnson, J. G. Butler, R. W. Daniel.

pp 210-211
WILLIAM C. HUTCHERSON, no exec date-December 1875
Wife Elizabeth P. Hutcherson my 300 ac tract, known as the Adam Huntsman place, with personalty. Daus Nancy W. Herron, Ann Elizabeth Edwards, Laura Virginia Reed, Tennessee H. Harbert, Adelaide J. Milligan, Ida Wood, Rebecca Hutcherson, my 1150 acs near Cotton Grove, my old homestead, eq. Son William M. Hutcherson, 120 acs, the Chamberlain tract. Sons-in-law H. N. Milligan, Thomas C. Harbert execs. Wits Alex W. Campbell, W. G. Wells.

pp 212-217
JAMES G. BREHON, Oct. 20, 1815-May 1819 in Warren Co., N. C.
All est except library to be sold. James Gloster Brehon Somerville, son of James and Catherine, my Orange plantation provided he takes the surname Brehon. He to have my books and Tn. lands. To Catherine Somerville, the plantation in Warren Co., Possum Quarter plantation and other lands. Her husb, James Somerville, to have control over same. Mrs. Mary Willis dividend for 10 shares in Bank of N. C. Dr. Gloster the lot I secured to him. My


(Page 25)

negro, Harry, to live free, give him a home on some of my land and $15 a year. Other lands div: John Brehon Somerville, son of James and Catherine, 2000 acs. Thomas Brehon Somerville, Robert Brehon Somerville, real property. Wits Peter R. Davis, John H. Green. Cod, March 15, 1819. Anyone to dispute conditions of my will to lose his/her interest in it. Wits H. Fitts, R. H. Jones. Copy of will sworn by Clerk of the Superior Court, Warren Co., No. Carolina, November 16, 1874.

pp 218-219
R. H. GIVENS, Feb. 12, 1872-Jan. 1876
Sons Charles R. Givens, George W. Givens, have certain personalty. Wife Rachael have what she brought to our marriage and a child's portion in my est, her dower. Certain personalty to be sold; notes agt my sons James C. Givens, he to pay into est without paying interest. Charles R. Givens, John J. Harrison, either of them, exec. Wits M. Murchison, Wm. H. Harrison.

pp 220-221
JESSIE CURRIE, Jan. 17, 1876-Feb. 1876
Son John S. Currie, 59 acs, bed and furniture. Remainder of landed estate in 6 eq parts to my wife Jane Currie and Mrs. Caroline Ewing, Mary A. Winchester, Rowena J. Dodds, Fannie Currie, Ida Lee Currie. Wife to have portion with house and improvements. Dau Fannie Currie, a horse, etc. Dau Ida Lee, $100. Rest of personalty div among 7 hrs listed above. Wits C. F. Benton, F. A. Dunaway. John R. Dodds, exec.

pp 221-222
JOHN BAIN, Sept. 7, 1875-Oct. 1875
Bro, R. P. Bain, all my real est, he to purchase a home out of same for my sister, Hannah Bain. Bro W. W. Bain, interest in certain notes. Sister Nancy Vestal, interest in notes and small table. Bro Robert Bain, certain notes. R. P. Bain exec. Wits B. H. Brown, E. S. Haltom.

p 223
WILLIAM STRIBLING, Feb. 7, 1876-Feb. 1876
Wife Nicie Stribling the homestead, 160 acs and personalty. At her death est sold and proceeds div eq among Randolph S. Stribling, John P. Stribling, Isaac O. Benton, William Pope, Julia J. Stribling, Alline A. Stribling, Mary A. Stribling. H. H. Woodson exec. Wits T. L. Carter, J. P. Dodds.

p 224
A. B. CROOK, Feb. 2, 1876-March 1876
Nuncupative will. J. A. Crook, P. B. Farrow witnessed A. B. Crooks nunc will, in which he wished his bro W. J. Crook to settled est and what was left div between his wife and children.

pp 224-225
NANCY TAYLOR, May 22, 1875-April 1876
All my ch share eq in est she had inherited from husb Mark Taylor dec and what I have "since made." If sons cannot agree to sell land div proceeds of real estate beteween themselves and my daus then I want what I have accummulated div eq between them and my daus and to pay for education of my son Richard. $200 taken from Rebecca's share and $200 from granddau Sarah Hicks' share and eq div among other children. Wits Alex. M. Jones, J. P. Johnson. No exec named.

p 225
JOHN WHITE, May 22, 1876-July 1876
House, lot in Holly Springs, Ms. to be sold and proceeds div as follows: pay debts, erect tombstone over my grave. Robert G. Campbell exec. Wits John L. Parham, J. W. Vanden.


(Page 26)

pp 226-227
MARY H. CURRIE, April 17, 1876-Aug. 7, 1876
John A. Rose, my silver tablespoons. Neely Rose, my silver teaspoons, sons of J. M. and Lucinda Rose. Household furniture to nieces Lucinda Rose, Emily Barton. Niece Emily Barton, $600. Rest to niece. Lucinda Rose. Friend and relative James R. Neely exec. Wits R. N. Neely, J. C. Penny.

pp 227-228
ISAAC WILLIAMSON, SR., March 22, 1876-Aug. 7, 1876
Grandch Emma and Isaac Utley, the judgment I have agt their father Job Utley; if unable to collect, then they to have ea $50. Wife Mary rest of est. After her death, eq div between my ch Peter, Samuel, Anthony, Fannie. Son Peter Williamson exec. Wits C. C. Verser, C. W. Weatherly. Signed will with an "X."

pp 228-229
MARY ANN BELL, May 11, 1876-Aug. 9, 1876
Grateful to Geo. M. Robinson "for the many kindnesses of himself and family during my widowhood," I having lived in his home. All her estate. Geo. M. Robinson exec. Wits T. A. Blair, John Dalton.

pp 229-230
HERBERT PERRY, Feb. 6, 1876-September 1876
Wife entire est and at her death/remarriage est to my children. If est distributed among hrs in wife's life-time, she to get a child's part. Wife Mary D. M. Perry and son William A. Perry execs. Wits J. H. Ballew, W. R. Small, John M. Hicks.

pp 230-231
ALLEN GOODWIN, June 21, 1876-Oct. 1876
Sister Patsy entire est. Bro Samuel Goodwin exec. Wits John Vantresse, A. B. Rogers.

p 231
GUY LEEPER, Aug. 4, 1876-Oct. 1876
Estate div eq to my wife Lizzie J. Leeper and my 3 children. Wife exec. No wits.

pp 232-233
T. D. CARTER, Sept. 30, 1876-November 1876
Wife Sarah Jane Carter, 135 acs, livestock and farming implements. Nephew W. T. A. Carter, a bed and furniture. Niece, Martha R. Carter, bed and furniture, mare colt. Sally Laccie, a "colored bound girl," $50. At death of wife lands to be sold and proceeds div eq among my children. George B. Black exec. Wits H. H. Woodson, Hugh Pipkin.

pp 233-234
THOMAS TAYLOR, Feb. 1, 1858-Dec. 1876
Of Fayette Co., Tn. Wife Rebecca F. Taylor entire est. Wits Calvin Jones Thomas M. Jones. Cod, Feb. 26, 1867, reasserting wife to receive entire est. Wits Calvin Jones, E. C. Ford.

pp 235-236
PAULING O. ANDERSON, Aug. 2l, 1873-Jan. 1877
Execs to sell all the land so. of the house in which I now live. Wife, Winnaford Anderson, a good horse, other livestock. Ch Saluda Jones, Sopronia Brock, America Daniel, Andrew A. Anderson, Virginia Croom, Bettie Marshall, Albert A. Anderson, Mary Watlington, remainder of est, eq, except Saluda Jones, Andrew A. Anderson, Albert A. Anderson, who already have been given a portion: Saluda, $100, Andrew and Albert, $500; those amounts to be deducted from their respective shares. America Daniel's portion to be hers without control of husb, R. W. Daniel. Personalty to be sold. Wife has left est in homestead, then eq div among my ch. W. C. Marshall, R. A. Mays, J. J. Johnson execs. Wits J. J. Johnson, W. T. Gardener.


(Page 27)

pp 236-237
MRS. MARTHA A. ASKEW, June 22, 1874-Feb. 1877
Granddau Harriet Ann Askew, dau of J. D. Askew, $1000. Remainder of est to son Joseph D. Askew, including interest in my father David Watford's est. Son Joseph D. Askew exec. Wits O. P. Oneal, W. M. Carter, Jr.

pp 237-239
AQUILLA McFARLEN, Feb. 21, 1877-March 1877
Hrs of J. V. McFarlen (Aquilla, Lucy, Laura and any others hereafter born) 200 acs in CD 12. To Aquilla McFarlen, son of J. V. McFarlen, livestock at age 21. Also to him, 1/4 of wheat thresher, my accounts, notes, other property including the clothing "of my departed wife, Martha." Hrs of John D. McFarlen (Mary Jane, Robert, Daniel, John) 1/3 of my land, other personalty. Granddau
Mary J. McFarlen my small sorrell mare and if it brings a colt it to be given to grandson Robt. D. McFarlen. Granddau Mary J. my bureau. My clock to son J. V. McFarlen. Hrs of my dau Mary Jane Gowans, Ema, J., Ella Haris, Burt, Ada Lee, Luther M. Gowan, 1/3 of my 200 acs. Grandson, Robt. D. McFarlen a yearling calf. Grandson J. D. McFarlen a white yearling calf. (Stipulates some other conditions of bequests to his heirs) J. V. McFarlen, B. A. Taylor execs. Wits B. R. Foster, W. S. Parrish, A. S. McFarland. He signed will with an "x."

pp 239-240
JOHN M. LESTER, Feb. 3, 1877-March 1877
Ea of my ch charged separately with what they have received from me already: Nancy E. wife of Thomas C. Edwards, a horse worth $100. Lavinia wife of Merrit Johnson, a bankruptcy receipt for $500, etc. Jasper Lester, 100 acs of land "lying on both sides of the river,"etc. William S. Lester, a mare worth $80. Felix D. Lester, a horse worth $80. Wife Elizabeth Lester, property for
her life-time. Thomas Lester "to take full charge and conduct all business transactions" about the est. Wits John M. Newsom, S. C. Hardin, J. M. Lester.

pp 240-241
J. F. WILLOUGHBY, March 21, 1877-April 1877
253 acs in Virginia to be sold and proceeds div eq between my children. E. A. Willoughby, J. W. Willoughby execs. Wits J. F. Willoughby, J. C. Harris, J. M. Whitenton.

pp 241-242
WILLIAM ALLISON, Dec. 21, 1875-April 1877
Execs layoff an acre for family graveyard on my place. Hrs of W. M. Allison $5; hrs of Elizabeth Stephenson $5. Rest of est eq div between Joseph Allison, D. R. Allison, James Allison, Ally Jane Mainord, Francis M. Allison, Delila Williams Sons D. R. Allison, Joseph Allison execs. Wits W. T. Parham, Reuben Johnson, S. E. Johnson. Signed his will with an "x."

PATIENCE NELSON, April 5, 1858-May 1877
I am a "free woman of color." Anna Davis, a free woman of color now living with me, all my real estate, a life-interest, then to her living children. Bed and bed clothing to Peter, son of Anna Davis. Personalty to be sold and proceeds, money on hand div between Anna Davis and her children. John L. H. Tomlin, T. P. Scurlock, execs. Signed will with an "x." Wits P. M. Hicks, Benj. R. Campbell.

pp 243-245
SARAH A. DAVIES, May 30, 1877-July 1877
Son William Anderson, 100 ac tract in CD 15, Madison Co., Tn. devised to me by my first husb William Anderson, land I now live on. Son William Anderson 101 acs that he conveyed to me Nov. 1871. If he dies without ch then est to be div among Fannie Tyson, Mary Willie Reid, James A. Meriwether, Thomas M. Meriwether, Willie B. Meriwether, ch of my sister, Elvira J. Meriwether, dec and to John A. Vincent, Mary Vincent, ch of Thomas S. Vincent, "share and share alike." Emma Anderson wife of son William Anderson 249 acs in CD 10, Madison


(Page 28)

Co. conveyed to me by son William Anderson November 1874. Son William all personalty and he to be exec. Wits N. A. Gilmore, Alex. M. Jones.

p 245
ALLEN DEBERRY, July 13, 1877-Aug. 1877
Wife Anne P. and dau Susan Allen entire est, eq div. Wife exec. Wits H. Ramsey, R. A. Dashiell.

pp 245-246
MRS. ELIZA EXUM, Aug. 12, 1877-Sept. 1877
Dau Louisa $400, household furniture, etc. Son John F. Exum $5 and his ch Robert, Mary, Charly, John ea $120. Son Washington Exum $500. Son James M. Exum $500. Son Martin V. B. Exum and dau Louisa Exum all real est which includes my 1/3 interest in 389 acs and other personalty. Son Martin V. B. Exum and dau Louisa execs. Wits L. B. Brown, C. L. Nelson. She signed her will with an "x."

p 247
J. COLEMAN ROSS, Aug. 25, 1877-Oct. 1877
Dau Helen Daniels all personalty. Dau Desino Ross, ch of Mrs. Fannie Adams, $5. Helen Daniels exec. Signed his will with an "x." Wits W. J. Dearmore, J. A. Rone, John F. Rone.

p 248
J. W. FOSTER, Sept. 2, 1877-Oct. 1877
Entire est to my children. John L. Fry, exec. Wits B. F. Bond, J. R. Wilkerson, C. T. Landis.

p 248
A. W. ASKEW, Oct. 9, 1877-November 1877
Sister Henrietta Greer entire est. J. A. Greer exec. Wits N. A. Gilmore, J. N. Reid.

p 249
MICHAEL J. McLEAN, July 25, 1877-December 1877
Wife entire est including benefit of insurance policy. Wits John M. Conway, B. F. Partridge. No exec named.

pp 249-251
SAMUEL McCLANAHAN, March 8, 1873-December 1877
Wife Laura Virginia entire est for life to raise and educate my "little" ch Charles Eugene, James Clyde, George Reid and Nettie M. McClanahan. Already given a sufficiency of property to my other ch. Wife exec. Wits D. M. Wisdom, P. D. H. Conger, H. C. McCutchen.

p 251
DAVID RICE, Sept. 21, 1874-Feb. 1878
My ch charged with they have already received, viz. Elizabeth F. Wilbon, $1412; Amanda A. Bell $1410; John J. Rice $565; David W. Rice $668; Mary C. Craven $151; William A. Rice $471; Richard B. Rice $450. Grandson James Witherspoon to have $500. Son Francis T. Rice nothing more from my est. Portion to dau Mary C. Craven to my son John J. Rice paying her the interest annually. Son John J. Rice exec. Wits Andrew H. Stigall, John Smith.

pp 252-255
GEORGE HICKS, Oct. 27, 1876-Feb. 1878
Eq div of property to my sons except Andrew whose ch I will 1/8 share after taking out the advancements made to him. Son Benj. M. Hicks I have advanced a slave Jane valued at $500, a slave, Solomon valued at $500, 290 acs valued at $5800 and $800 expense on his education at Knoxville, Tn., now leave him 1/8 share of my est, deducting the advancements. Son George B. Hicks I have advanced a slave Clay valued at $500, a slave Kittie and her ch valued at $700, a slave, Hannah valued at $300 and 200 acs valued at $4000, now a 1/8


(Page 29)

share of my est, after deducting advancements. Son John F. Hicks a slave Jordan valued at $1000, a slave Rose valued at $1000, $300 paid him in 1871 and for medical education, $700, now 1/8 part of my est, deducting advancements. Son Erasmus F. Hicks a slave Gilbert valued at $1000, a slave Drew valued at $1000, slave Millie and ch valued at $700, slave Ann valued at $500, 192 1/2 acs valued at $3850, now 1/8 of my est, deducting advancements. Son Kenneth G. Hicks a slave Jordan valued at $1000, slave Mary and ch valued at $1000, slave Alexander valued at $1000, slave Caroline valued at $600 and 200 acs valued at $5000, now 1/8 of my est, deducting advancements. Son Robert A. Hicks a slave Alfred valued at $1000, slave Louisa valued at $900 and for his medical education, $700, now 1/8 of my est, deducting advancements. Son Ransom R. Hicks 200 acs valued at $4000, now 1/8 of my est, deducting advancement. Son Andrew G. Hicks one house and 2 lots in Alamo, Tn. valued at $2000, cash advanced him, now 1/8 of my est, deducting advancements. Ch of Andrew T. Hicks -Tamer Hicks, Maud Hicks, Howe Hicks, Clark Hicks any portion of my est that he isn't eq to my other ch. Grandson Robt. O. Hicks my bureau, bedstead. Grandson George R. Hicks my gold watch. Execs to sell my house, lot in Trenton, Tn. and my Brooks tract, Madison Co., CD 10, 103 acs. Son Erasmus F. Hicks sole exec. Wits F. B. Snipes, J. B. Hicks, D. C. Talley, James W. Hicks.

p 256
WILLIAM A. GLASS, Dec. 17, 1877-Feb. 1878
Wife M. E. Glass entire est for life; if she remarries then all est to be sold and proceeds div eq between her and my ch Martha A. Glass, Cleopatra Glass, Maggie P. Glass, George W. Glass, Lula B. Glass and ch of my dec dau Mary Armstead. William M. Murchison exec. Wits J. M. Teague, Wm. H. Russell, C. A. Manly.

pp 257-258
W. T. KEY, Oct. 19, 1877-March 1878
Abt 275 acs to Mary P. Hartmus. Wife Elisa Key balance of my tract, over 400 acs, personalty, whole crops, gin. My over 900 acs in Brown Co., Texas in the hands of T. H. Hartmus of Memphis to be sold. I owe said Hartmus $100, so he's to have that out of said sale of Texas land and 1/2 of balance to my wife, 1/2 to him and his wife. Wife exec. Wits J. D. Pearson, Julius Kirby, William M. Pearson.

p 258
HENRY WILLIAMS, Feb. 4, 1878-April 1878
Daus Mary Jane Wallace, Margaret Williams my personalty after paying my son Thomas J. Williams $25; grandson Hugh A. son of Elijah Williams $25. Grandson Benjamin Wallace to have 35 acs on west side of my tract. Daus Mary Jane Wallace, Margaret Williams balance of my est after deducting the 35 acs for W. B. Wallace, which leaves 232 acs to be divided as they please. Pascal Holloway exec. Wits Hiram Johnson, T. H. Bagwell.

p 259
HUGH McKNIGHT, Nov. 5, 1877-May 1878
Wife Luvenah 320 acs for life, then 100 acs on no. side to daus Luvena Ann and Margaret Nancy, eq, etc. Rest of land eq div between all my ch except Martha's ch, will them ea $5. Dau Rhoda Tabitha Ewing $50. Dau Ann my family Bible and certain furniture. Dau Margaret certain furniture. Balance sold at wife's death and div eq between my sons Mathew, Cyrus and daus Letha Jane Parkins, Mary Elizabeth Garland, Emma Catherine Pearson, Luvena Ann, Margaret Nancy and ch of my son William. Mathew and Cyrus execs Wits Hirm Johnson, John F. Sherrill.

pp 260-261
DAWSON BOND, May 7, 1878-July 1878
Wife Elizabeth E. Bond use of 142 acs for life out of my father's 1131 acs which I live on and use of 75 acs adjoining, Polk land; 150 acs, Glover tract; personalty including buggy and mare. At her death all pro-


(Page 30)

perty to be div eq between the ch of my son, Theophilus Bond. Dau-in- law Eliza A. Bond, 220 acs being the tract my son William now lives on and then to Emma L. Bond. Also, 50 acs I bought from my son W. L. Bond. Another 50 acs to E. A. Bond and at her death to Emma L. Bond. Dau-in-law Laura Bond the tract on which my son Theo now lives, 320 acs, then to her and Theo's ch. Son Whitmel F. Bond notes held agt him, $3000. Grandch William Snipes, 45 acs, 159 acs and s sorrel mare. Granddau Lizzie L. Snipes 100 acs, 103 acs of Allen Jones tract. Certain conditions stipulated as to the interest of grandch W. Bond and L. S. Snipes. Everitt Bond family Bible and watch to Dawson Bond, both sons of Theo Bond. Sons William L. Bond and Theophilus Bond execs. Wits Thos. H. Newborn, B. F. Ciolin.

p 262
WILLIAM LACKIE, Feb. 24, 1877-July 1878
Niece Fanny Lackie dau of E. A. and Emily Lackie my 100 ac tract. Nephew Thomas Lackie a horse valued at $70 which I have given him. Friend H. H. Woodson exec. Wits Hughes Pipkins, J. O. Nichols. He signed will with an "x."

pp 262-264
JOHN R. NOWELL, Oct. 2, 1875-Aug. 1878
Dau Mary E wife of Porter B. King of Phillips Co., Ark. and Susan A wife of John E. Glass of Madison Co., Tn. Son Thomas H. Nowell of Haywood Co., Tn.; ea 1/3 of my entire est and my residence in so. part of Jackson, Tn. Son Thomas H. Nowell exec. Wits D. W. Hughes, John T. Beveridge, B. O. Snider.

p 264
MARY L. BUTLER, April 16, 1878-Aug. 1878
Son Henry Butler house, lot I live on now on Market St. in Jackson, Tn. Leaving out my dau Mary Jacobs and my grandch, the ch of McMillen. As my son Henry has and does support me "in my old age" I am leaving property to him. Son Henry Butler exec. Wits J. J. House, J. W. Leonard.

p 265
E. T. McREE, July 4, 1878-Aug. 1878
Husb David McRee entire est if he pays Fannie E. Lassiter $800 with interest on it until her marriage. Stepdau D. A. E. McRee $300. Stepdau T. E. McRee, $200. A. W. McRee, D. L. McRee, my stepson(s?), $100 ea. David McRee exec. Wits J. J. Birdsong, J. H. Bright.

p 268
SARAH H. GRAVES, March 30, 1877-Sept. 1878
Son John M. Graves unlocated land warrant for 120 acs for benefit of his sons Lynch and Peter. These grandsons to have two beds and other furniture. Balance of est to John M. Graves and Mary Gordon. My ch Hudson C. Graves, Peyton W. Graves, Mariah J. Speers, John M. Graves, S. H. Speers, James Graves, William Graves ea $l. Son John M. Graves exec. Wits Geo. S. Glenn, J. B. Glenn.

pp 266-267
CYNTHIA DERRYBERRY, April 1874-Oct. 7, 1878
Nephew H. H. Vinson entire est except to niece Martha Vinson "a room of the house" as long as she is single. Wits A. W. Fuller, T. J. Fuller.

p 267
WILLIAM PEARSON, April 23, 1875-November 1878
"My two boys," J. D. and John S. Pearson undivided interest in my Hall tract of land on which I now live. Dau Susan E. Woolfolk, 96 acs of John Butler survey and $700 "to make her equal with the boys." Dau Mary Berry $2500. Sons J. D. and J. S. Pearson execs. Wits I. W. Jones, J. J. Perdue.


(Page 31)

p 268
ABIGAIL NILES, November 10, 1870-December 1878
1/2 of est to Carrie Bell Grosvenor only dau of my dec dau Martha Grosvenor. If she dies, then est to her bros Charles Niles Grosvenor, Henry M. Grosvenor. Grandson Henry M. Grosvenor the other 1/2 of my est. If he dies without ch, then it goes to Charles N. and Carrie Bell Grosvenor. Charles N. Grosvenor exec. Wits Lizzie N. Elder, E. H. Elder.

p 269
O. D. BARTHOLOMEW, Aug. 3l, 1878-Dec. 4, 1878
Beloved friend, Rush Person, Sr. my old Elrod homestead in Jackson. He also to be exec. Wits A. A. Bright, Allan Coburn.

p 270
R. F. GOLDEN, Aug. 29, 1877-1878
R. M. May and D. R. Allison witnessed nuncupative will of R. F. Golden, August 29, 1877. Wanted sister Tennessee Golden and Isiac Golden to remain on his farm as long as they live, with things thereon to remain the same as when he died.

pp 270-271
JOHN J. ANDERSON, Sept. 2, 1870-no probate date
"being now in my fifty sixth year." Wife Matilda W. Anderson entire est; she to "manage" it. No wits. County minutes show will proven March 3, 1879.

pp 270-271
MARGARET CAROTHERS, April 9, 1877-March 1879
Sister Penelope Jarman my land in Rutherford Co., Tn. and a 11 1/2 ac tract west of the above tract. Bro-in-law George W. Jarman exec. Wits H. C. Irby, L. J. Deupree.

p 272
H. P. COTTON, March 12, 1879-April 1879
Wife V. E. Cotton entire est "to do as she thinks best." Wits John M. Smith, D. R. Grant.

p 272
JAMES DICKINSON, Aug. 19, 1876-April 1879
After death of my wife Rutha Dickinson all property to be sold and proceeds div eq between my ch John A. Dickinson, S. A. West, M. E. Weatherly, R. J. Withely, James E. Dickinson. John A. Dickinson exec. Wits C. C. Verser, J. L. Burton.

p 273
JAMES B. POWELL, Sept. 16, 1878-April 1879
Wife Lavenia Powell all furniture in my room. Tracts of land and personalty div eq between my wife and ch D. H. Powell, James A. Powell, W. A. Powell, Allice A. Epperson, Jos. B. Powell, Annie Best and grandson William Thomas Powell, only ch of my son Bevill (?), dec. Wits A. W. Roberts, J. H. Pearson.

pp 273-274
ALLEN THOMPSON, Aug. 28, 1871-Aug. 1879
Wife Sarah Thompson real est in CD 2, Madison Co., Tn., also all personalty. J. B. and Lee Thompson execs. Wits G. G. Thompson, J. W. Graves.

pp 274-276
NOEL HOPPER, July 11, 1870-Oct. 1879
Wife Nancy Hopper my residence and lot on no. side of Chester St. in Jackson, Tn. and furniture. Rents and profits I own jointly with my son, Ramsom E. Hopper, for her support. At her death, house and lot to dau Emeline wife of Daniel O. March; if she dies, then to my son Ransom E. Hopper and he to be exec. Wits Stoddert Caruthers, J. R. Chappell.

p 276
LAURA P. ANDREWS, July 9, 1879-1879
Husb Geo. P. Andrews to take charge of my dau Clara A. Reid my ch by former


(Page 32)

hush A. C. Reid. Wits J. W. Anderson, W. T. Anderson.

p 277
CHRISTOPHER L. JOHNSON, Aug. 18, 1856-Dec. 2, 1879
Wife Mary Ann Johnson have a support from my est; if she remarries, then est div eq among my children. Wife exec. Wits W. H. Stephens, Jas. K. Stephens.

pp 278-279
MARTHA M. LOVE, Oct. 15, 1879-Dec. 1879
Bro Samuel Wharton all my interest in lands in CD 5, Madison Co., Tn. Niece Sallie Bell Butler and her ch my land in CD 7, abt 140 acs. Nephews William and John Wharton an undivided interest in Cypress Creek tract, abt 120 acs. Bro Samuel Wharton and niece Mary Jane Love my 1/2 interest in tract of land. 1/5 shares other part of est to these heirs. Nephew L. R. Wharton my buggy, etc. Nephew William Wharton a featherbed. Niece Sallie B. Butler certain personalty. Bro Samuel Wharton lounge and other property and he to be exec. Wits A. R. Reid, M. Murchison.

p 279
J. J. RICE, Oct. 22, 1878-Jan. 1880
Wife Sarah A. Rice entire est for herself and our ch Martha E. Rice, Annie C. Rice, Eliza G. Rice, Sallie Rice. Wits J. W. Jones, S. H. Dameron. Wife exec.

pp 280-281
In Chancery Court, case: Rounds Williams and others v Budy Hobbs and others, December 30, 1879. Iredell Williams died (two dates given for death, April 24, 1879 and year 1869), leaving 195 acs where he lived in CD 13, Madison Co., Tn., leaving a will -all property to wife Gilley Williams and at her death to be div eq between sons Rounds and High Williams. These two sons execs. D. M. Wisdom, Clerk and Master, Madison Co. Chancery Court certifies that this is true copy of said will. January 5, 1880.

pp 281-282
PATSEY NUCKELS, Sept. 14, 1878-Jan. 1880
Son Isaac Nuckels my tract in CD 13, Madison Co., Tn., 75 acs. Personalty to be sold and proceeds div eq among all my ch. Son Isaac Nuckels exec. Wits R. A. Andrews, A. H. Jones.

pp 282-283
MARY ANN McILWAYNE, March 14, 1879-March 1880
Dau Elizabeth A. Blades a home for life, house, lot in Henderson, Tn. now occupied by us and at her death, div eq between daus Mary M. Stegall, Jane B. Beaver, Sallie B. Long, Jennie W. Beaver. She may sell the place but if she does 1/2 of proceeds go to these hrs. Dau Elizabeth A. Blades exec. Wits W. J. Crook, J. A. Crook.

pp 283-284
MRS. S. W. GILL, Jan. 20, 1880-June 1880
Sons Whit and Sam and my youngest dau Susan to have my farm west of spring Creek; to Lucy Annie White, Susan and Sam, the proceeds from my house, lot in Spring Creek. Personalty to daus Susan, Lucy and Annie. A. G. Haugton exec. Wits H. H. Askew, A. F. Love.

pp 284-285
WILLIAM WILSON, Jan. 23, 1880-July 1880
Dau Caroline Wilson and her hrs 61 acs and certain personalty. Dau Mary M. Jones 100 acs, my Hiram tract. Son R. A. Wilson, 106 acs, the Quarles tract and certain personalty. Son R. A. Wilson exec. He to pay to the following 2 yrs. after my death: $100 to Sarah King; $100 to Mariah L. Compton; $100 eq between James Barker's 3 daus; $5 to my son William Wilson; $l to ea ch of my son Thomas Wilson, dec. Wits Geo. F. Forrest, Thomas Ingram. R. A. Wilson, exec.


(Page 33)

p 286
DELILAH LAMBERT, Aug. 11, 1879-Aug. 1880
Dau Martha Jane Burn, $l. Son Roberson Franklin Lambert, $l. Balance to dau Emily Ann Lambert in her life-time, including 100 acs in CD 4, Madison Co., Tn. for life or widowhood and then to my grandson Joseph W. Campbell. William J. Campbell is to be educated out of crops or rents of lands. T. D. Cooper exec. Wits J. H. Mulherin, Jarred Harston.

pp 287-288
JOHN M. HART, Aug. 12, 1880-Sept. 1880
Wife Mary Hart sole exec and to take charge of my business relative to my firm, John M. Hart & Co; she to keep est together until my oldest ch comes of age, then est may be div among her and the ch. Hugh Ross, H. G. Franklin, W. J. Crook "advisors" to her. Wits E. B. Fuller, W. M. Bray, Charles M. Graham.

pp 288-289
THOMAS COPELAND, Dec. 19, 1879-Sept. 1880
Wife J. C. Copeland all real est and personalty. She to be exec. Wits R. A. Sneed, M. D. Merriwether.

pp 289-290
ALFRED BOYCE, Oct. 20, 1880-Nov. 1880
Wife Mary Jessie, house, lot in Jackson on which I now live; personalty and lot on Lea St. in Jackson. Sons F. C. and R. N. Boyce, my Miss. lands, eq. Wits John D. Fenner, F. B. Hamilton, E. L. Prewitt. No exec named.

p 290
MARGARET EMILY WILLIAMS, Aug. 27, 1879-Dec. 1880
Sister Mary Jane Wallace all personalty and interest in land from our father Henry Williams on which we now live. Signed her will with an "x." Wits Hiram Johnson, Paschal Holloway.

pp 291-292
MADISON PARKER, March 12, 1875-Dec. 1880
Wife Fannie C. Parker and 3 youngest ch interest in insurance policy ($5000) Personalty to wife and she to be exec. Youngest ch "commencing at Elvira" for the insurance policy money. Cod, June 4, 1880. Son Horace W. Parker now past 21 yrs. old, so I appoint him my exec along with my wife. No wits.

pp 292-293
NANCY C. SMITH, March 25, 1874-Jan. 1881
Niece Emma Rutherford dau of my dec bro S. C. Rutherford, $700. Nieces Mary Eliza, Victoria, El___ daus of S. C. Rutherford, dec ea $100. Sisters Annie H. Gorden, Cassandra Pickens, ea $10. Balance of est to Elizabeth Ellen Smith wife of Dr. T. A. Smith. Dr. T. A. Smith exec. Wits R. H. Wood, D. J. Wells.

pp 293-294
MARY E. HOGSETT, March 27, 1880-Jan. 188l
Est eq div between my 4 ch Charles H. Hogsett, William Hogsett, Ellen Hogsett, Susan Hogsett. Charles H. and William Hogsett execs. Wits W. A. Hogsett, C. T. Hogsett, Jr.

pp 294-295
DR. W. J. CROOK, Jan. 8, 188l-Feb. 8, 188l
J. A. Crook, P. B. Farrow, E. B. Fuller witnessed nuncupative will of Dr. Crrook, Jan. 8, 1881. He wanted wife Hattie E. Crook to pay off his debts. Bro J. A. Crook to settle-up business of Crook & Bro. Wife to have all estate and she to be exec.

pp 295-296
JOHN D. SMITH, June 4, 1879-Feb. 8, 188l
Wife Nancy C. Smith all household personalty and child's part in real est.


(Page 34)

Sons T. A. Smith, James C. Smith, J. D. Smith, Thomas H. Smith, Joseph H. Smith, Robert W. Smith, George W. Smith; daus Sophia J. Vann, Mary V. Crook, Margaret E. Newsom, Martha C. Wood, eq portions of my est after my wife's death/remarriage. Real est in Henderson, Tn. to be "lotted off" and sold. Rest of land, 600 acs to be divided up and sold in lots of 50, 60 acs. Sisters Mary H. Hamilton, Lucy Smith, 5 acs on which they now reside for life and then to my ch. W. J. Crook exec. Wits J. A. Crook, J. J. Galbraith.

pp 297-298
JAMES M. HART, Nov. 29, 1880-July 15, 1881
Son Calvin V. Hart several tracts of land. Son James N. Hart, tract of land. Son Joseph T. Hart land west of the creek. Daus Mrs. E. J. Campbell, Mrs. Reena Bunten my land east of the creek. Son Joseph Hart certain personalty. Ea of my daus, son Calvin and granddau Mrs. Outland, a bed and bed clothing. Son Calvin my horse. Grandson James Hart my watch. Books div eq between all my ch. Other small bequests to some of his children. R. L. Neely exec. Wits J. R. Campbell, J. K. Williamson.

p 299
MRS. A. A. CHESTER, Nov. 17, 1880-July 1881
Dau Apphia T. Chester all real est and personalty, except: sister Eliza J. Dashiell, $1000. "Because of the high esteem and affection which my nephew Chester G. Bond entertained for his uncle Dr. John Chester. . . and because of my great love for him, " $1000. Nephew James M. Trotter, $500. Chester G. Bond exec. Wits M. A. Cobb, Emma E. Dashiell.

pp 299-300
HARRISON BEVIL, May 26, 1880-Aug. 1881
Daus Susan Malvina and Camile Ella ea bedstead and furniture thereto. Wife Cathrine all property not heretofore mentioned, then at her death to my ch Susan Malvina and Camile Ella, Elisha Bevil. No exec named. Wits A. S. Rogers, E. H. Simmons.

pp 300-301
JAMES R. GLENN, Nov. 2, 1878-Sept. 1881
Already given to my son Henry C. Glenn. Wife Elizabeth M. Glenn entire undivided 1/8 of my est, so as to include my dwelling house. Ch Fannie E., Lucy O., James G., Geo. S., Elizabeth W. and Lula E. Glenn, ea 1/8 of my est and to 4 ch of my dec dau Mary Davie (Lizzie G., Fannie M., Mary E., Lucy G. Davie) a 1/8 share. Tract in Franklin Co., N. C. to be rented and later distributed among my legatees, devisees. Reserve "my family burial square in the garden." Son Geo. S. Glenn exec. Wits R. B. Hicks, E. S. Mathew, Robt. W. Haynes.

p 302
SUSAN GRANT, Dec. 13, 1880-Sept. 1881
Everything "on the place" to be div eq between Geo., Fannie and William except Fannie's horse. $75 in D. H. Grant's hands div eq between these three children (last name not given; presumably, Grant). Geo. Grant exec. Wits N. M. Williams, S. E. Johnson. She signed will with an "x."

p 302
THURMAN ANDERSON, May 11, 1876-Oct. 1881
Niece Adaline Rosser and husb W. M. Rosser, if they care for me in my old age, entire est. No exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits T. J. Fuller, John A. Jones, M. Hollomon.

p 303
JASPER JONES, Sept. 22, 1877-Dec. 29, 1881
Wife Jane Jones entire est and she to be exec. Wits W. W. Searcy, W. G. Malone.


(Page 35)

pp 303-304
WILLIAM E. BUTLER, Feb. 15, 1879-Jan. 1882
Granddau Mrs. Martha A. Chandler lots 5, 6, 7, block 15 in Jackson, Tn. and part of lots 9, 10, all of lot 11, block 15 in same. Mrs. Narcisa Gentry lots 7, 8, block 3 with double tenement on same and lot 17, block 3. Mrs. Sue P. Butler the Atwater house lot, 14, lot 12, N. B. Smith house. Miss Delia Butler all lot 1, block 14, Caroline Crews house. Thomas Tobatt Butler west 1/2 of lot 6, block 14. Johnnie Butler, house, lot now occupied by Willis Johnson and house, lot abt 1 mile from the depot on no. side of Mobile and Ohio RR. Mrs. Norah Butler Collins the no. part of lot 1, block 16. Son William O. Butler the east 1/2 of lot 4, block 18 and no. 1/2 of lot 3, block 19. Great-grandch Willie Henderson 2 lots no. of lot given to Delia Butler now occupied as a schoolhouse. Great-grandch Tommie Henderson a brick tenement house and lots 17, 18 (no block stated). Grandch Mrs. Mary Henderson lot 8, block 5. My good servant Pleasant Lancaster (colored) the west 1/2 of lot 4, block 18. Remainder of est to be div eq to son Col. W. O. Butler, Mrs. Mary Henderson, Mrs. Martha Chandler, Mrs. Sue P. Butler. B. Richmond exec. Wits A. W. Jones, James O'Conner, Mary O. Henderson, B. Richmond.

pp 305-307
DAVID LACY, Nov. 29, 1881-Jan. 1882
Wife S. P. Lacy 109 acs with improvements thereon, livestock, farming implements, household furniture. Ch George Lacy, Stephen Lacy, E. J. McDaniel, S. E. Mayo, M. K. Lacy, H. T. Lacy. Son George already advanced $1000 so other ch to have equal to that amt. Sell 2 other tracts, proceeds to legatees. Son Stephen Lacy to have $300 over the $1000 to him. At death of my wife the 109 acs to be div/sold and personalty also. Sons George Lacy, Stephen Lacy execs. Wits Charles D. Moore, B. R. Campbell.

p 307
W. H. WILLIAMS, June 17, 1880-Feb. 1882
Wife Amanda A. Williams entire est including tract in CD 8, Madison Co., Tn., being part of land my dec father, John H. Williams left. She to be exec. Wits W. P. Howard, Asa Bunton.

pp 308-309
JAMES HICKS, Oct. 9, 1877-March 27, 1882
Sons Joseph B. and Charles Franklin Hicks ea a good horse, saddle, etc. Daus Mary Ella and Tennessee Hicks a bedstead, etc. Martha Hicks for her and my 3 youngest ch Mary Ella, Tennessee and Charles Franklin Hicks a two-horse wagon, etc. A year's support from est to them also. Execs to sell all my real est in Jackson, collect sums arising from insurance policies, notes, accounts to be div as follows: 1/12 to wife Martha Hicks. Dau Martha wife of James B. Piercy. Son John R. Hicks. Son J. W. Hicks. Dau. Ann wife of D. Cherry. Dau Jane Mariah wife of Silas Deloach. Son Gideon B. Hicks. Dau Susan T. wife of John T. Clanton. Son Joseph B. Hicks. Dau Mary Ella Hicks. Dau Tennessee Hicks. Son Charles Franklin Hicks eq portions. Wife's dower to include the residence. At wife's death property to be sold and proceeds div eq among his legatees. Portion to Jane Mariah Deloach to be placed in hands of trustee, not in control of her husb. Sons James W. Hicks, Gideon B. Hicks execs. Wits T. W. Murrell, H. W. Tomlin.

p 310
ELISHA O'NEAL, Sept. 2, 1880-April 1882
Wife Hannah W. O'Neal entire est and at her death to my legitimate hrs Martha J. Moore, Susan W. Jones, Tabitha C. Ballard, Tennessee H. Sellers, Harvey D. O'Neal, William T. O'Neal. Wits I. W. Jones, P. J. Kelsey. No exec named.

p 310
JULIA HUNT, May 26, 1882-June 1882
William N. Collins, land I live on, abt 17 acs but my husb G. I. Hunt to have a life interest in it. Husb exec. Wits R. D. Thompson, J. R. Teague.


(Page 36)

p 311
FRANCES E. BRYAN, July 3, 1882-Aug. 1882
Husb F. E. Bryan house, lot I live on in Denmark, adjoining Methodist Church lot. He to pay my mother Harriett E. Jett $400 annual instalments for her support. John A. Bryan, 2 business houses on so. side of main street in Denmark. Husb personalty. Husb F. E. Bryan exec. Wits T. W. Bryan, W. A. Strayhorn.

p 312
JOSEPH R. SYKES, Oct. 13, 1880-Aug. 22, 1882
Wife Martha A. Sykes entire est for life, held in trust for John W. Sykes, for him at her death. Also to granddau Lizzie Sykes, at wife's death a bed and furniture. Balance of est to son John W. Sykes but direct that he give my grandson George Sykes a horse, bridle, saddle when he comes of age. Son John W. Sykes exec. Wits M. L. Vesey, D. M. Wisdom.

pp 312-313
WILLIS BELL (colored), Sept. 23, 1881-Aug. 22, 1882
Wife Mary Bell all my land, 116 acs, CD 7, Madison Co., Tn. if she does not remarry; after her death/remarriage est to be div eq between my 2 youngest ch Dorkas Ann, Mary Elizabeth Bell. To wife and these daus beds and furniture. Ch Laura Brantley, Nancy Jane Bond, Emma Day Bell, Hestine Gowans a shoat. Son Allen Bell my saddle. If Parker Bell remains on the farm to age 21 and helps in support of family, I leave him horse, bridle, saddle. Wife Mary the old cow. Dorkas Ann and Mary E. Bell ea to have a heifer calf. W. G. Cole exec. Wits F. W. Hemming, Gus Cole. He signed will with an "x."

pp 313-315
ELIZA A. MILLER, Nov. 23, 1878-Oct. 3, 1882
Dau Mary L. Stephens house, lot in Jackson, Tn. on which I now reside, and part of garden. Granddau Eliza Blount Stephens rest of real est in Jackson. Rest of est, including interest in my father's est, excepting some furniture to dau Mary L. Stephens and granddau Eliza Blount Stephens, eq. Dau Mary L. Stephens exec. Wits E. S. Mallory, Stoddert Caruthers.

pp 315-316
JOHN DONNELL, April 12, 1870-Oct. 1882
Grandson William Justice $500. My ch "I give my graveyard for a burial place and two acres around it." Son John Donnell 200 acs. Son Washington Donnell all my 500 acs that I live on. Sons and daus now living beds, books. Rest to be sold and div eq to my 5 sons and 2 daus. Sons John and Washington Donnell execs. Wits R. M. Mason, L. Day.

pp 317-318
ADDISON PYLES, Aug. 13, 1882-Dec. 5, 1882
Est div eq between my 3 ch and 2 grandch James and Walter Holmes. As son Newton C. Pyles "is in much better circumstances than my other children" I give him 1/2 share of 1/4 of my est. I have made a deed of gift to my dau Laura C. Pyles, July 1, 1882, for house, lot on Cumberland St. in Jackson; she is not to be charged with it in her portion of my est. Furniture to her and what she doesn't want to go to other ch. Son Willis C. Pyles exec. No wits.

p 318
FANNIE McCORRY FREEMAN, Dec. 25, 1882-March 1883
Aunt Susan Medora Caruthers, house, lot in Jackson and entire est. She to be exec also. Wits H. C. Stoddert, Jo Caruthers, Stoddert Caruthers.

p 319
SARAH A. BROOKS, March 20, 1883-March 1883
Husb Joseph Brooks $600. Son Jos. E. Stanley rest of est. Husb and son execs. Wits J. R. Bobbitt, J. T. Moore.


(Page 37)

pp 320-323
Judge MILTON BROWN, Jan. 8, 1878-May 22, 1883
Son Milton J. Brown money advanced to him already for purchase of plantation, not to be charged agt him in final settlement of my est. Rest of est div eq between my 2 sons and 3 daus. Son Milton J. Brown charged with $16, 000 for lands in Miss., conveyed to him and my son R. Bailey Brown, jointly, the cash value of which is $32, 000. Son R. Bailey Brown to be charged $16, 000 for the Miss. lands heretofore mentioned. Dau Lizzie Jane Gilmore charged $7000 advanced to her for house, lot in Mobile. Dau Sarah T. Dancy charged $7000 advanced to her for lands in Madison Co., Tn. Son Milton J. Brown, son-in- law, Clifton Dancy and friend W. A. Caldwell execs. Wits Amos W. Jones, A. B. Jones, R. H. Anderson, W. B. Dashiell. Cod, Dec. 29, 1879. Son-in-law Clifton Dancy to be sole exec. Son Milton J. Brown have a 1/2 undivided interest in my farms in Miss., "Sterling Place," "Clark Place," "Lipscomb Place." Daus Sarah T. Dancy, Ella C. Brown, the other half of same. Dau Lizzie Jane Gilmore 30 acs east of Jackson. 3 daus in eq portions remainder of my est that I have not previously disposed. Wits S. D. Hays, A. B. Jones, J. T. Jones. Cod 2, April 2, 1883. The lands in Clark Co., Ms. mentioned in Dec. 29, 1879 cod, ch to have these eq. Wits R. H. Anderson, W. J. Anderson, S. D. Hays.

p 324
MRS. REBECCA A. CATHEY, April 2, 1883-June 12, 1883
Ch Walter T., Adaline L., Mary M., Alice E. a horse valued at $125 the same already given to son John. Living ch to have beds, bedsteads, a cow and calf ea. Desire ch to continue "to keep house at the old homestead" until youngest ch, Alice E. comes of age or marries, then div est eq. Son Walter $100 for services rendered. Son John A. Cathey exec. Wits M. V. B. Exum, G. W. T. Exum.

pp 325-326
JOHN H. FREEMAN, Jan. 2, 1878-June 26, 1883
Wife Mary McCorry Freeman and dau Ada Livingstone Freeman tenants in common of my property until dau comes of age or wife remarries, then div eq. Wife exec. Life support from est to Anna M. Schneider. Wits Wm. H. Bingham, John Gaston.

p 327
JAMES T. GLADNEY, Sept. 26, 1881-July 1883
Nephew Thomas J. McMaster homestead tract. Wife Mary Gladney to retain south room in the dwelling until death then it goes to T. J. McMaster. Mary Gladney to have another tract. Money, notes div eq between wife and T. J. McMaster. D. H. Barker exec. wits Elijah Rowland, E. Hamilton. Signed will with an "x."

pp 327-329
PARMENIA P. TRANSOU, Jan. 11, 1883-Aug. 1883
Grandch the ch of David J. Transou my original land, 325 acs deeded to me in 1847, with appurtenances except gin and cotton press. Also part of a 100 ac tract. Son David J. Transou 50 acs, so. end of the Burrow land which has my water mill and ponds on it; also balance of my Burrow tract and another tract personal notes, claims. Son David J. Transou exec. Wits George Chapman, W. D. Chapman. Cod, Feb. 15, 1883. The 50 acs with mill, ponds to son David J. Transou and at his death to his living ch eq. Wits W. D. Chapman, Geo. J. Chapman.

p 330
BEN HARRIS, June 11, 1879-Oct. 1883
Son Fletcher Harris' children Westly Harris, Mollie Bet and to Stonewall Harris, 25 acs. Charlotte Ann Britton and 2 ch John and Loty remaining 25 acs. William E. Harris $200. Son Cornelius Harris $200. Wife Elizabeth Harris and to Absolum Harris, Mary Jane (or Nancy) Harris, Maggie Harris, Mary Harris, Michael Harris, Hardy Harris, 162 1/2 acs I live on. Year's provision for wife and family, certain furniture, farming tools. Son W. Harris exec. Wits John C. Harris, G. W. Day, J. H. Day.


(Page 38)

p 331
L. B. THORN, Feb. 26, 1881-April 22, 1884
Wife Nannie Thorn entire est both in Tn. and Ark. J. R. Campbell. exec. Wits B. W. Perry, C. N. Hart.

pp 331-334
HARRIET E. McCLELLAN, Oct. 17, 1882-May 5, 1884
Nieces Martha A. Wood, Adaline Cunliffe silverware and plates. Nephews Wm. G. and John T. Cole, nieces Martha A. Good, Adaline Cunliffe one bed and bedstead. Niece, Adaline F. Cunliffe 2 tracts, 236 acs known as the Randolph farm, a
part of Lot 1 in division of land of my sister, Mary Randolph dec; 101 acs bought by me in Feb. 1870. Niece Martha A. Wood for life 1/2 of tract, abt 82 1/2 acs known as the Posey tract and another 100 acs in CD 9, Madison Co., Tn.
William Haley, James Haley, Martha F. Withers, Isabella Withers, Emma Withers, Samuella Withers, Martha wife of Giles White, Ben Haley, Lula Haley, 355 ac Samuel McClellan tract, eq, and also the Davis tract abt 50 acs. Niece Ann A. Cunliffe dau of niece Adaline F. Cunliffe 312 acs reserving one acre for family graveyard and my parlor furniture. Nephews Wm. G. Cole, John T. Cole remainder of Posey tract and another 150 acs. Money div eq between Adaline F. Cunliffe, Martha A. Wood, Wm. G. Cole, John T. Cole. Nephew John T. Cole and son- in-law W. W. Williams execs. Wits A. C. White, B. J. Gregory, Hawkins Richards.

p 334-335
SOLOMON COOPER, June 26, 1876-Aug. 4, 1884
Wife her dower, 1/3 of money on hand. Bro Joseph N. Cooper a debt due me from him abt $30. For love I have for Methodist Episcopal Church, So. I release notes that I hold agt said church at Pinson, Tn. Sister Jane Womack 1/3; sister Sarah Graham 1/3; ch of my bro Benj. Cooper 1/3 after the bequests met and 1/2 to bros and sisters of my dec wife Sarah H. Cooper: William, Peter, Moses Honnell 9th; ch of Mary Rogers 9th; ch of Lucinda Jackson 9th; Louisa Wilson 9th; Parmellia Regan 9th; Martha Wilson 9th; Martha Casey 9th. J. J. Johnson, Rufus W. Mays execs. Wits J. C. Wright, Caleb McKnight, W. C. Marshall, W. W. Houston. Cod, Oct. 1, 1883. My bro Joseph H. Cooper share eq in div of my property. Wits W. W. Houston, W. C. Marshall.

p 336
JACOB FORD, July 24, 1866-Aug. 3, 1884
Wife Nancy Ford entire est and at her death, div eq among my ch except Mary Ann Sturdivant and she to have $5. Ivy Wilkins exec. Wits H. Barrier, H. E. Roach, James S. Edwards, W. H. Edwards.

THOMAS S. VINCENT, July 29, 1884-Sept. 30, 1884
Wife L. E. Vincent exec and guardian of my children. Wits E. S. Mallory, Stoddert Caruthers.

p 338
ELIZABETH CARRINGTON, Sept. 20, 1884-Nov. 1884
Mary Elizabeth Newton to have livestock and other personalty; if she dies childless, proceeds of same to Charity Ingram in Texas. J. L. Harton exec. Wits John C. Harris, Brad Harris. She signed her will with an "x."

p 339
T. T. CARDWELL, April 11, 1882-Dec. 1884
Wife Cynthia L. Cardwell entire est and at death/remarriage est to 4 youngest ch John Thomas Cardwell, Ella Cardwell, Egbert Osborn Cardwell, Mary Eliza Cardwell; if one or more of them should die, then to my daus Francis E. Cardwell, Rhoda E. Oaks, as they have received from their grandfather's est in Virginia more than I can give my other ch, I give them $1 ea. Wife exec. Wits T. E. Overton, G. A. Brown.


(Page 39)

p 340
MRS. C. LANIER, April 17, 1884-June 2, 1885
Est div between my 3 daus and son John Lanier, Katie May, Howard Parish, Charlie Waynick. I want Katie to have full share in div of my money. Tombstone and iron fence around my grave and my husb's. Ada my little negro to have a bedtick, quilts. Wits Alice Sneed, Catie Williams.

pp 340-341
THOMAS WILLIAMS, April 24, 1882-Oct. 5, 1885
Wife Margaret Williams entire est for life. The NE end of the tract I live on, 142 acs, to be sold to pay debts and div eq among my hrs. Son S. D. Williams after death of my wife, 1/2 of 142 acs. Daus L. C. and M. L. Willliams, ea bed and furniture. Sam Vantreese, $l. Martha Johnson, $l. Mary Vantreese's hrs $1. F. B. Williams $l. J. L. Williams and H. H. Williams, ea $l. No wits. No exec named.

pp 342-343
REBECCA F. TAYLOR, Jan. 24, 1877-Oct. 20, 1885
Graves of my husb Thomas Taylor and mine to be kept in repair/order. Remainder of est to Methodist Episcopal Church, So. to provide for education of itinerant ministers' ch in Memphis Annual Conference and towards the building of churches in "poor localities" in the same conference. Joseph H. Evans, G. T. Christian, Sr. execs. Wits John W. Buford, Thomas C. Muse. Cod, July 15, 1881. Replacing execs, requesting county court to name exec of my est. Wits John W. Buford, Emma Sidney Buford.

pp 343-344
SARAH TURNER, Jan. 13, 1885-Nov. 10, 1885
Lot in Jackson, Tn. div into 4 lots and distributed among my dau Emily Person; son Daniel Turner; dau Ella Watson; dau Calle Turner, including the mansion house. Personalty eq div among my ch. County Court to appoint adm. of my est. Wits B. S. McLemore, E. A. Brooks, L. A. Moore.

pp 345-346
ELIZABETH HARRIS, Sept. 17, 1885-Nov. 17, 1885
Son Mike personalty. Dau Nannie J. personalty. Dau Margaret Powell personalty. Son A. B. Harris guardian for my 2 youngest ch Mary and Hardy Harris. He to take charge of farm and everything pertaining to it. Signed with an "x." Wits A. D. Hurt, Nathan Johnson.

pp 346-347
C. C. RUDDLE, Feb. 20, 1885-Jan. 1886
Wife Sarah my land and stock, farming implements. Son-in-law W. S. Marsh and son John S. Ruddle execs. Ch living with us John, Jennie, James, Emma to be eq with those "that have left us." Execs, W. S. Marsh, J. S. Ruddle.

p 347
W. W. NICHOLS, Feb. 15, 1886-March 1886
Real est div eq between wife Susan and my daus Harriet Westbrook, Louetta and Toda Rebecca, ea 1/4 share. Wife to have part with house and improvements John R. Dodds exec. Wits D. H. Parker, J. W. Lassiter.

pp 348-349
JOSEPH H. COOPER, March 3, 1882-April 1886
Wife M. C. Cooper in addition to homestead all my furniture. She choose to live on place where I now live or near her bro Wm. R. Stephens. Aside from bequest to her land to be eq div among my ch, deducting amounts already paid them: W. L. Cooper, $204.88; F. B. Cooper, $9.60; D. B. Cooper, $230.94; E. R. Cooper balance due on horse, $50. Among hrs also are the hrs of Mrs. Isabella Bishop and Mrs. M. F. Bishop. Son Geo. C. Cooper exec. Wits J. J. Johnson, W. C. Marshall.


(Page 40)

pp 349-350
Y. A. McLEMORE, Jan. 2, 1884-May 1886
Sons S. E. McLemore, Y. A. McLemore, Jr., W. H. McLemore, portions already advanced them, ea $1000. Son J. J. McLemore advanced $600 and he to receive $400 more. Son A. M. McLemore advanced him $479.35 and $520.65 more. If as much as $300 left after these bequests that to dau Mary N. Blaydes. Son S. E. McLemore exec. Wits W. P. Lacy, C. W. Cunliffe.

pp 350-351
LUCINDA THOMPSON, Feb. 10, 1886-July 1886
Son E. H. Ligon, John Ligon, ea $5. Granddau S. E. Ligon dau of my son Joe Ligon $5 and personalty. Son David Ligon personalty and son T. W. Ligon personalty. Sons David and T. W. Ligon land on which I live in CD 18 of Henderson Co., Tn. and CD 12, Madison Co., Tn. Personalty not otherwise given to granddau S. E. Ligon. Sons David and T. W. Ligon execs. Wits Dr. John H. Lanier, W. H. Caudle.

p 352
W. H. McLEMORE, May 11, 1886-Aug. 1886
Bro L. E. McLemore tract I live on in CD 6, Gibson Co., Tn., 42 1/2 acs for benefit of his dau Eliza McLemore. Bro L. E. McLemore all personalty including note I hold agt my bro Y. A. McLemore for $25. L. E. McLemore exec. Wits R. H. Epperson, B. J. Gregory.

p 353
J. G. BELL, Oct. 18, 1881-Aug. 1886
Wife Mahaly, "my bosom friend," entire est. J. W. McFarlin exec. Wits A. J. Lewis, W. A. Lewis.

p 353
JOHN TAYLOR, Jan. 11, 1886-Sept. 1886
Wife Katie Taylor entire est with request that my mother Frankie S. Taylor have a home with her for life. Signed with an "x." Wits R. H. Anderson, M. D. Meriwether, E. Colvill. No exec named.

p 354
G. I. CHRISTIAN, Jan. 9, 1885-Nov. 1886
Wife Emily G. Christian entire est and she to be exec. Wits S. E. Laurence, Mrs. Sallie H. Hughes, Jas. H. Price.

p 355
JERRY TROY, Oct. 25, 1886-Dec. 1886
Rev. T. C. Abbott for "masses" said for me. Sister Margaret Troy Hickey $150. 1/6 of est ea to my sisters, 2 nieces, 1 nephew: Margaret Troy Hickey, Bridget Troy, Winnie Troy, Cornelius Troy, Mary Troy, Kate Troy. Rev. T. C. Abbott exec. Wits F. E. Smith, Dr. A. E. Durocher. Cod A, same day, to sister Margaret Troy Hickey a house, lot on Mobile Ave. in Jackson, Tn. because "of her extreme kindness during my illness." Wits F. E. Smith, Dr. A. E. Durocher. Mrs. Margaret Troy Hickey relinquished the benefit to her in Cod A, Dec. 8, 1886, taking portion of est otherwise. Same witnesses.

p 356
ALMIRA E. STILL, July 7, 1885-Feb. 1887
Sister Ella T. Haughton and John T. Harris entire est, including tract in CD 8 that I live on. John T. Harris exec. Wits John L. Wisdom, Wm. M. Wharton.

p 357
W. M. MURCHISON, Aug. 23, 1886-July 1887
Mrs. M. A. Johnson, William and James Givens ea $5. Susie E. Murchison a black pony. Mrs. Sue Murchison land and personalty. Remaining 314 of est div eq between Miss R. M. Murchison, Susie M. Murchison, Lula May Givens. T. J. McMaster exec. Wits J. A. McDaniel, C. R. Givens.

pp 358-359
H. M. REID, Aug. 12, 1887-Aug. 1887


(Page 41)

Bro Ambrose T. Reid est for himself and my father and at death to the ch of this bro and he to be exec. Wits S. H. Newell, J. N. Hart.

pp 359-360
C. W. DAVIS, Dec. 1886-Sept. 1887
Wife Sopha Davis furniture. Mill in Carroll Co., Tn. to be run until fire wood burns out, then sold. Lot that Laura McHaney (colored) lives on to her son, Cleveland. At wife's death $300 to Nat Davis, John Brandon $100; balance div among my bros and sisters. Robert B. Davis, my silver watch. Bro D. Davis exec. Wits A. W. M. Ferguson, R. T. Shelton, J. D. Hopper.

pp 360-361
T. F. LEWIS, Oct. 6, 1887-Oct. 1887
Wife and ch the tract we live on and other land. Exec may sell lot in Jackson, to be sold to pay debt to building/loan association. Wfe Etta Lewis and bro-in-law F. B. Fisher execs. Wits C. G. Bond, J. T. Rushing.

p 361
MRS. S. E. COLE, Sept. 12, 1887-Nov. 1887
Nephew W. S. Byers and wife Fannie entire est, including small farm in CD 17, a lot in suburbs of Jackson. W. S. Byers exec. Wits Robt. W. Haynes, James L. Williams.

pp 362-363
GEORGE R. SCOTT, Oct. 24, 1887-Nov. 1887
Wife Eugenia J. Scott for life in lieu of homestead and dower, tracts of 74 acs and 26 acs; including gin. Son Alfred E. Scott interest in 2 tracts after Eugenia's death. Rest of est to be sold and proceeds div among my ch Calvin B. Scott, John T. Scott, J. T. Mallard (dau), Sarah F. Lovelace, Laura A. Gillikin, Joseph W. Hudson, Stephen W. Hudson. Hrs of my dau Mary F. Scott, Lola E. Scott, Horace C. Scott ea $5. Son John T. Scott exec. Wits C. W. Hudson, T. J. McKnight.

pp 363-364
MOODY PASSMORE, Jan. 22, 1887-Dec. 1887
Entire est to wife Ann for educating and raising my minor ch Luther, Katy, Stella. When youngest ch comes of age, entire est to be div eq among my ch. If wife living then, dower and homestead to be created from est for her. Wife exec. Wits B. Harris, W. P. Noell.

pp 364-365
ELIZABETH KUNZ, April 7, 1882-Jan. 1888
2 ch by former marriage, Lizzie Rosenberg, Annie Rosenberg. I have intermarried with Charles Kunz and he relinquished all rights in my est when we married, but as he has helped in est, I wish my est to be div eq between my husb and my two daus. M. Touchfeld exec. Wits Sol Tuchfeld, Samuel Loser.

p 365
MRS. MARY O. HENDERSON, Dec. 13, 1887-Feb. 1888
Sons William E. Henderson, Thomas Henderson entire est, eq. No exec named. Wits E. S. Mallory, C. K. Parker.

pp 366-367
W. A. CALDWELL, Feb. 28, 1888-March 1888
Wife Rachel D. Caldwell my household furniture, library, portraits, other personalty. to wife and 5 ch R. Sam Caldwell, Lizzy Ann Johnston, Mary E. Caldwell, Emma W. Elder, William A. Caldwell rest of my property including several tracts of land. Son W. A. Caldwell, John Johnston of Memphis and Albert S. Elder of Trenton, Tn. execs. Wits W. F. Henry, John A. Greer, S. M. White, C. G. Bond.

p 368
JOHN DEBERRY, Sept. 25, 1887-May 1888
Wife Rachel entire est. J. R. Campbell exec. Wits M. Murchison, C. V. Hart. He signed his will with an "x."


(Page 42)

pp 368-369
HOLLAND POPE LUCKEY, Oct. 19, 1887-June 1888
Nephew J. W. N. Burkett residence and lot I live on and business lot and brick storehouse. Niece Mary P. Dilliard $2000. Nephew J. W. Lee, $1000. Rest towards buying or building a parsonage for First Baptist Church in Jackson, Tn. ; $1000 to Southwestern Baptist University. Nephew J. W. N. Burkett exec. Wits Hugh Robbins, G. C. Wilkerson. Cod, Nov. 21, 1877. Revoke bequest to Southwestern University, having given a lot on Lafayette St. in Jackson to same. Wits G. C. Wilkerson, J. M. Woollard, Hugh Robbins.

pp 371-372
S. M. CARUTHERS, May 2, 1888-July 1888
Such debts paid by my bro Stoddert Caruthers for me and my niece Fanny McC. Freeman dec, be paid to him from my est. Rest est to be sold and pay for suitable monuments for my sister Virginia, bro-in-law Jos. B. Feeman and niece Fanny McC. Freeman and remainder div eq between my sisters Sallie P. Hays, Laura E. McClanahan. Home to be bought for Sallie Hays. Portion to Laura McClanahan and should she die then to her 2 ch, her dau Josie not of lawful age. Bro Stoddert Caruthers exec. Wits Corrinna Henderson, Ellen McCorry, M. McCorry.

pp 373-374
FANNIE M. HART, Aug. 18, 1888-Sept. 1888
Entire est to dau Fannie M. Hart including 2 farms west of Jackson, Tn. known as the Guthrie and DeBerry farms. Appt. bro-in-law Robert A. Hart and John A. Greer guardian for dau. R. A. Hart exec. Wits M. A. Cook, E. J. Dashiell.

p 374
WILLIAM HENRY, May 22, 1882-Sept. 1888
Wife Nancy Henry entire est including 100 acs in Denmark, Tn. William Wilie exec. Wits W. F. Blackard, T. A. Wilie.

p 375
NANCY J. FLEMING, Oct. 17, 1888-Nov. 1888
Eq div of my property between ch George F. and Wade Fleming. Desire for friend S. B. Rushing to be guardian of my ch and exec. Wits Nettie Rushing, G. W. Evans. She signed her will with an "x."

p 375
STEPHEN BOMER, March 9, 1888-Nov. 1888
Stephson Henry Bomer entire est. No exec named. Wits T. B. Ruff, L. D. Kinsey.

pp 376-377
SAMUEL WHARTON, July 20, 1885-Jan. 1889
Dau Martha Reid I have already given abt $7000. Son L. R. Wharton all personalty and land I now live on abt 310 acs, CD 5, Madison Co., Tn. If he dies without ch then to Martha Reid. Nephew William Wharton exec. Wits A. R. Reid, F. B. Snipes.

p 378
WILLIAM H. NELSON, Feb. 10, 1889-Feb. 1889
Eq div of est between wife Sarah Jane Nelson and my ch Agatha M. Nelson, Minnie Nelson, Agnes Nelson, Luther Nelson, Authur Nelson, Lacuges Nelson, Edgar Nelson, Emma Nelson. Bro J. H. Nelson exec. Wits W. O. Presley, S. G. Turner. He signed his will with an "x."

pp 378-379
HOWEL H. WOODSON, Nov. 12, 1888-March 1889
In addition to money already advanced to my eldest son Henry L. Woodson, now give him $5. Already advanced to dau Elizabeth F. Lowrance, now give her $5. Dau-in-Iaw S. F. Woodson wife of P. S. Woodson for kindness to me, 2 promi- sory notes and personalty but if she dies to her ch Howel and Mary. Grandson Howel S. Woodson watch and trunk. Granddau Mary L. Woodson, personalty Son P. S. Woodson residue of est. and serve as exec. Wits J. B. McKnight, Robt. McKnight, M. L. Day.


(Page 43)

p 380
SARAH BOLERJACK, Aug. 25, 1887-April 1889
Hrs of Sallie Giles dec my 108 ac tract where I now live near Liberty Church in CD 13, Madison Co., Tn. Mary E. Giles, oldest dau of Sallie Giles a press. Balance of personalty div between the girls of Sallie Giles. A. H. Jones exec. Wits R. H. Andrews, A. A. Jones.

pp 380-381
SAMUEL HOPPER, March 22, 1889-May 1889
Wife M. A. Hopper for life and at her death to W. M. Hopper and hrs my homestead where I now live abt 150 acs and personalty. Grandson Horice Weaks $2000 in money. Susan C. Edwards hrs a tract abt 115 acs in CD 12, Madison Co. Son W. M. Hopper $100 in money. Balance of est to be sold and proceeds div: 1/3 to W. M. Hopper; 1/3 to Susan C. Edwards hrs; 1/3 to my wife, Allice Hopper. Wm. M. Hopper exec. Wits Charles A. Doak, J. L. Phillips.

pp 382-383
ELIZA HENDERSON, Oct. 29, 1888-June 1889
Niece Addie G. Clark $1250. Niece Sue McC. Clark $1250. Niece Mrs. A. M. Pyles $500. Mrs. Sue P. Henderson wife of Nat Henderson of New Iberia, La. $400. Eliza P. Henderson dau of Sue P. Henderson $200 and silverware. Sue P. Butler wife of W. E. Butler $400. To St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Jackson, $100. Addie G. Clark exec. Wits J. W. Vanden, J. M. Drake.

p 383
MRS. DELIA W. BUTLER, April 29, 1888-July 1889
Son Thomas T. Butler entire est; pay off debt of my late husb W. O. Butler. Wits E. S. Mallory, I. N. Marks, Jr. No exec named.

p 384
GRAHAM SPRINGFIELD, Jan. 22, 1877-July 1889
Ch Gentry Springfield, Anderson Springfield, Ollie Shaw share eq $100. Son Milton Springfield, $l. No exec named. Signed with an "x." Wits Cas Cole, Ike Alexander, Stephen Wharton.

pp 385-386
ELIZA MURRELL, June 20, 1889-July 1889
Dau-in-law Lelia S. Murrell wife of D. L. Murrell my homestead in ward 4, Jackson, Tn.; she to permit her husb and my bro-in-law Lindsey Murrell to reside there for life; another lot in same ward and entire personalty. Dau-in-law Alice wife of Thomas W. Murrell a lot in ward 4, Jackson, Tn. Bro-in-law Lindsey Murrell exec. Wits C. G. Bond, T. M. Campbell.

pp 387-388
E. W. MATHEWS, Sept. 15, 1884-Aug. 1889
Wife Mary R. Mathews my watch, my old homestead abt 303 acs, personalty and at her death, distributed among legatees including Martha A. Stovall dec. Eliza Mathews widow of my son John Mathews 2/3 of tract near Gadsden, Tn., Crockett Co., abt 56 1/2 acs and if her dau Minnie dies without ch this property goes back to my est. Son E. S. Mathews and dau Margaret Hunt, jointly, lot in Gadsden, 2 acs and other property. Dau Mary E. Boykin remaining 1/3 of 56 1/2 acs. Son E. S. Mathews exec. Wits Wm. A. Wood, John M. Smith, H. H. King.

pp 388-390
JOHN IRVIN, Aug. 31, 1889-Sept. 1889
Recently deeded property to my dau Hannah Alexander's ch, no more for them. No ch or grandch of son James M. Irvin to have any share of my est. Balance of est to other hrs. Wits H. W. McCorry, F. B. Hamilton. Cod, Sept. 9, 1889, appt. son Daniel M. Irvin exec. Wits C. G. Bond, R. I. Chester, Jr. Cod, Sept. 11, 1889. Mrs. Sarah A. Alexander to have $2000. Exec pay Eldriah M. McDonugh my dau $2000. Balance of est div eq between sons Stephen B. Irvin and Daniel M. Irvin. Wits C. G. Bond, M. B. Gilmore. This will certified to county court


(Page 44)

of Madison Co., Tn. Feb. 2, 1890 in the case, J. W. Alexander and others v D. M. Irvin and certified as will of John Irvin.

pp 390-391
CHARLES PARLOW, Dec. 3, 1881-Oct. 1889
Wife Nancy entire est for life and at her death son N. W. Parlow to have 40 acs on NE corner of my home tract; son Charles A. Parlow have rest of land. James Parlow, Isaac Parlow, B. F. Parlow, Wm. H. Parlow, ea $5. At death of my wife daus Sarah A. C. Gray, Martha Jane Upton, div eq household, kitchen furniture. Son Charles A. Parlow exec. Wits C. A. Weathers, J. L. Justice, C. P. Malone.

pp 391-393
JAMES M. REAVIS, May 4, 1887-Nov. 1889
Dau Mary Alice Gaston $500. Son Frank F. Reavis entire "stock of goods" now in my storehouse in Jackson, Tn. When son James L. Reavis comes of age desire son Frank to make him a partner in business equal to 1/2 of value of the stock at my death. Wife to have support from est and she to have the personalty. Son Frank F. Reavis and my wife guardian of James L. Reavis. Frank F. Reavis exec. Wits C. N. Harris, W. F. Alexander.

p 394
JOHN CROSS, Oct. 25, 1889-Nov. 1889
Wife Rose the house, lot in Jackson. "I hereby appoint my owner when I was a slave" John L. Brown exec. Signed with an "x." Wits John Magevney, John L. Brown.

pp 394-396
REBECCA W. FRENCH, Nov. 11, 1889-Nov. 1889
Husb R. H. French tract in CD 6, Madison Co. abt 100 acs on which I now live and another small tract in same CD. Ch R. H. French, Jr., W. R. French, Jr., L. H. French tract in CD 6, 209 acs div eq, descended to me from est of my sister Olivia P. Swink. Husb R. H. French exec. Wits F. B. Snipes, J. A. Bryan.

pp 396-398
A. B. GOODWIN, July 27, 1889-July 1890
My dec wife and I had ch William J. Goodwin, Samuel R. Goodwin, Mary Thomas Ray, Loudora Marion Stone, Sarah Jane Goodwin. To ch of dec son Samuel R. Goodwin, $5 eq. Son William J. Goodwiin and 3 daus to have all my landed est. Daus Sarah Jane Goodwin, Loudora M. Stone household furniture and other personalty div eq among 4 living ch. James O. Ray, Wm. J. Goodwin exes. Wits W. W. Houston, J. F. Rhodes, W. A. Dismukes.

pp 398-399
JAMES R. VANN, Feb. 23, 1888-Aug. 1890
Granddaus ch of James Wright and my dau, Amelia C. Batchelor, Helen E. Midget, Mira Midget 200 of 350 acs tract including residence where I now live. Wife Elizabeth Vann my residence in Jackson and certain personalty. Remainder to be sold and proceeds used to enclose my father's graveyard on Henry Yarbrough's place. Son William V. Vann $100. Granddau Thomas Smith $100. $200 to Wm. V. Vann's third son James Randallson; John Lee (colored) an employee to have parcel of land. Son J. V. Vann and son-in-law Charles Batchelor execs. Wits A. J. Hall, J. J. Carpenter.

pp 399-400
SAMUEL LOVE, Oct. 9, 1890-Feb. 1891
Son John M. Love 150 acs of my tract including improvements. Dau Mary Whit- field remainder of land, 112 acs and at her death this to her sons Samuel Whitfield and Albert Whitfield. Dau-in-law Elizabeth Love all furniture. Granddau Willie Love my horse. Son John M. Love my interest in crops of 1890, notes, accounts, etc. H. H. Swink exec. wits Geo. W. Miller, C. H. Weathers, H. H. Swink.


(Page 45)

pp 400-402
B. S. ENLOE, March 14, 1884-April 1891
B. A. Enloe and W. F. Alexander to serve as trustees for my wife Fanny M. Enloe, in $3000 and interest in his partnership business with S. A. Robinson. At her death est "to the children of my children now living," eq. Dau Mollie E. Person $1000 in trust. Son James H. Enloe $1000 in trust. Son B. A. Enloe $1000 in trust. Son Thomas E. Enloe not a legatee because the others need it more. B. A. Enloe and T. E. Enloe execs. Wits S. A. Robinson, E. R. Johnson, W. H. Gallaway.

pp 403-406
HELEN M. CAPLENA. This will probated in Woodruff Co., Ark. July 1890. She left est entirely to husb J. T. Caplena and at his death to her dau Mary Elizabeth Alexander. To my husb any interest I may have involving the est of my sister H. P. Luckey, a case pending in Chancery Court, Madison Co., Tn. None of my est to Simon C. Welch, Wiley Wesley Winton Welch, John Welch, William Edwin Wallace, Harriet Hawkins Welch, my sister who married James Castles, Hollen Pope Lucy, Mary P. A. Threadgill, Isabella Deforster, Emily Caroline Burkett, Rose Ann Burks or their hrs have any part of my est. Husb J. T. Caplena exec. Wits R. D. Chunn, F. P. Hill. This will certified by Woodruff Co., Ark. Judge of Probate, Sept. 4, 1890 and Clerk of Circuit Clerk of same, May 7, 1891.

pp 407-412
MARTHA A. MERRIWETHER. This will proven in Allen Co., Ind., April 17, 1889. She executed her will, Jan. 30, 1886 as a resident of Jeffersonville, Ind. Provisions of same: Agnes Fairbank dau of niece Carrie Fairbank of Ft. Wayne, Ind. $1000. Rest of est to son James Merriwether and to Clark Fairbank a 1/3 interest. Cod, Jan. 23, 1889. She now lived in Ft. Wayne, Ind. Son James R. Merriwether to get jewelry, furniture except 2 bronzes in library of F. P. Randall which I give to Mary J. Randall my sister and to her also $500. Niece Carrie R. Fairbank $200. Niece Mary M. Fairbank $100. Niece Maria Agnes Read dau of my bro John F. Read $100. St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Jeffersonville, Ind. $100. Poor of Ft. Wayne, Ind. $100. Wits Eliza A. Read, F. P. Randall. Certified copy of this will provided by Judge, 38 Judicial Circuit of Indiana, Oct. 8, 1889. James R. Merriwether, Clark Fairbank, execs.

pp 412-413
RICHARD M. MARTIN, Aug. 5, 1891-Sept. 1891
Sallie Martin (colrd) entire est, she to see that Lucy Martin (colrd) have life support out of my property. H. H. Swink exec. Wits C. A. Manly, C. H. Weathers, Isaac Parlow.

p 413
W. E. HALL, June 3, 1886-Sept. 1891
Niece Katie Gorham entire est and her father (unnamed) serve as exec. Wits H. Hawkins, W. M. Collins.

p 414
MRS. HARRIET NOWELL, Feb. 12, 1887-Oct. 1891
Son Samuel pay funeral expenses out of $100 I gave him. Son James H. Nowell tract in CD 16, Madison Co., Tn., 54 acs No exec named. Wits M. P. Lewis, Edwin K. P. Tennery. She signed her will with an "x."

pp 414-415
CHARLES N. HAMMOND. He, of Hanover, Ill. Wife Edna entire est. Wits Amos H. Weir, M. K. Hammond. Clerk, Jo Daviess Co., Ill. certified Oct. 28, 1891 that this will was proven Oct. 26, 1891.

pp 415-419
B. R. HARRIS, Oct. 27, 1891-Nov. 1891
Wife Ellen Harris house, lot in Jackson, Tn. for her and 2 minor ch Hettie and Hugh Harris. Rest of homestead to 5 ch William T. Harris, Benjamin May Harris, Hettie Harris; Hugh Harris & Ophelia Theus. Wife all household furniture. At


(Page 46)

her death real est goes to my 5 ch eq. Wife capital stock in First National Bank of Jackson, ten shares and 50 shares to my wife for support of her and family. My 1/3 interest in abt 2573 acs in Clay Co., Ms. to be sold. Wife Ellen to be guardian of Hettie and Hugh Harris and she and my sons William T. Harris, Benjamin M. Harris execs. Wits J. W. N. Burkett, N. H. Whitlaw, Robt. W. Haynes.

p 419
MRS. LAURA BROOKS, July 27, 188l-Nov. 189l
Husb Louis J. Brooks my interest in house, lot in Jackson, Tn.; he to serve as exec. Wits J. C. Cunningham, Patrick Carr.

pp 420-422, M. CROOM, April 29, 1889-Dec. 189l
Grand niece Irene Graves who is my ward goes my house, lot in Jackson, Tn. Mrs. Susie Pope wife of W. T. Pope dau of Dr. D. H. Parker the place on which I now live, the old Mauldin Reeves residence and farm in CD 2, Madison Co., Tn., 3l0 1/2 acs. Mrs. S. E. Lacy wife of Dr. George Lacy and dau of Dr. D. H. Parker, undivided 1/2 interest in a brickstore, lot in Jackson on Liberty St. Remainder of est to my bro Isaac Croom and 2 daus Clarkey and Elizabeth Croom; my bro W. H. Croom's 2 daus Maggie Croom and Mattie Arrenolds; my bro John Croom's 2 daus Fanny White, Annie Hudson; my bro Joseph Croom's dau Wilma Croom; my bro B. F. Croom's daus Lillia Noones, Jesse Croom; my bro Jesse Croom's 5 daus, Florence, Cordelia, Lallia, Emma Croom, Mrs. Alice Neely and Miss Fannie Reeves dau of late W. M. Reeves. Dr. D. H. Parker exec. Wits James Gladney, M. G. McMaster. Cod, Dec. 15, 189l. Bequests to Mrs. Pope and Mrs. Lacy "to be thrown back with the estate" and ea given $500. Wits H. H. Swink, James Gladney.

pp 422-424
JEMIMA A. CARTMELL, Jan. 9, 1885-Dec. 1891
H. C. Anderson for use of my gr-grandson Bond Anderson $500. Entire est to be div into 3 eq parts. 1/3 to Jane present wife of my son James M. Cartmell for use, support of ch of my son James Martin Cartmell. Son Robt. H. Cartmell to assist her. To Jane Cartmell and at her death, before James M. Cartmell, then to son, R. H. Cartmell as trustee, a tract 153 acs being the same this day conveyed to me by my son James M. Cartmell. Dau Mary E. Bond 1/3 of est. Son Robert H. Cartmell 1/3 est and he to serve as exec. Wits W. P. Robertson, E. S. Mallory, Stoddert Caruthers.

p 425
JAMES AMIS, March 2, 1891-Jan. 1892
Wife Emily, household furniture and other personalty and land in CD 8, Madison Co., Tn. an inheritance of my wife from her father. Wits M. G. Montgomery, T. B. Carter, George Brown.

pp 426-429
ROBERT I. CRESTER, Nov. 12, 1891-Feb. 1892
Now over 98 yrs. old. I have helped and given property to my ch and no charge agt them in my est for same. Dau-in-law Laura Ann wife of Wm. B. Chester a life interest in part of my homeplace in Jackson, Tn. and at her death eq to my grandch, ch of W. B. Chester, viz. Anna O'Connor Chester, John Chester, J. O'Connor Chester, Wm. B. and Neme Chester. Dau-in-law Laura Ann Chester furniture except special articles that belonged to my wife and which my wife's granddau Mrs. Linnie D. White may select for herself. Have agreed to sell my land in Medon, Tn., the Dunaway place, 250 acs and want sale completed. Remainder of est div in 6 eq shares: grandson Chester G. Bond; son Robert H. Chester; granddau Apphia T. wife of Richard H. Bostick; son Dr. Samuel W. Chester; to 5 ch of my dec son Wm. B. Chester; to 5 ch of my dec dau Martha Battle. Son Robert H. Chester and 2 grandch Chester G. Bond, Robert I. Chester, Jr. execs. Wits M. B. Gilmore, H. W. McCorry.


(Page 47)

pp 429-431
ROBERT BROWN, SR., Jan. 1, 1889-Feb. 1892
"my aged and beloved wife" to have use, support from my est. At her death est to be div among legatees. Dec son Robert F. Brown's ch, the notes I hold agt him. Dau Sarah M. V. Brown in addition to her eq share in residue of est, a lot in Jackson, Tn. "as a slight testimonial to her love and care for her mother and myself in our old age and declining years." Son John P. Brown in excess of his eq portion of my est $400. Friend J. T. Beveridge exec. Wits W. A. Myers, Robert W. Haynes.

pp 423-433
JOHN VANTREESE, March 12, 1891-Feb. 1892
Son George R. Vantreese lot 1, 67 acs in my tract of land if he will pay his bro B. F. Vantreese $240; if not then sell it and proceeds go to B. F. Vantreese and the balance to George Vantreese. Son John W. Vantreese lot 2 of same tract on which he lives except 10 acs which he sold to his bro Joseph Vantreese with my consent, if he pays hrs of his bro W. A. Vantreese $300; if not to be sold, hrs of W. A. Vantreese to receive $300, balance to John W. Vantreese. Son Joseph A. Vantreese lot 3 of my tract where he lives, 90 acs. Dau Mary Frances lot 4 of my tract, 43 acs which her husb John L. Johnson improved. Personalty div eq among all my ch. J. F. Rhodes exec. Wits J. J. Johnson, J. F. Rhodes, J. O. Ray, W. W. Houston, M. M. Robins, F. E. Robins.

pp 433-434
MARY GLADNEY, Sept. 30, 1885-Feb. 1892
Entire est div eq between my sister Maria Parker and her dau Sarah E. Lacy. D. H. Parker exec. Wits W. L. McDaniel, C. F. Parker.

pp 434-435
MRS. MARY L. STEPHENS, Sept. 2, 1887-Feb. 1892
Daus Annie L. Stephens, Sally Stephens Clark eq all my property in Jackson, Tn. Dau Annie L. Stephens the house garden. Dau Sally Stephens Clark 2 houses on Market St. and one lot on Shannon St. My young friend Charles F. Morgan a lot on Shannon St. Transfer guardianship of my niece Eliza B. Stephens to dau Annie L. Stephens. No wits. Cod, undated. Present to Hellen White to be selected by my daus. Cod, undated. Dau Annie L. Stephens to have the house where I now live. Reaffirms bequest to dau Mary L. Stephens. No execs or wits.

pp 435-437
CAROLINE BARNHILL, July 15, 1890-March 1892
Pay debts out of insurance policy money and pay for suitable monument over my grave. Balance of personal property to dau Jane Hafeli. Real est to this dau except for support for life of my husb (unnamed). Dr. M. S. Neely exec. Wits W. M. Wharton, W. W. Gates, Jr., C. M. Reeves.

pp 437-438
MARGARET E. MARSHALL, Nov. 25, 1891-March 1892
Dau Emma $25. Son Robert $20. Son Hulon $6 and remainder of life insurance policy benefit and remainder of est between my 5 ch Emma, Melly, Robert, Hulon, Margaret Marshall. R. A. Mays exec. Wits J. J. Johnson, F. E. Robins.

p 438
J. C. BRITT, Feb. 22, 1892-April 1892
Wife S. J. Britt entire est and at her death vested in my 2 grandch C. W. H. Britt, J. H. Britt. No exec named. Wits J. W. Wallace, D. W. Nevill.

p 439
ELIZABETH LESTER, June 7, 1884-May 1892
Son William S. Lester and dau Susan S. Lester entire est, eq. Son William S. Lester exec. Wits R. H. Cartmell, Stoddert Caruthers, E. S. Mallory.


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p 439
DAVID G. RUSSELL, Dec. 23, 1891-May 1892
Wife Callie entire est. No exec named. Wits W. F. Henry, John M. Smith

p 440
ELIZA ANN WILSON, April 10, 1889-June 1892
Have already given to sons Lewis T., Robert Williamson. Dau Callie M. Tomlin the house, lot I reside on in Denmark, Tn. The same deeded to me in Oct. 1839. No exec named. Wits W. J. Robinson, Jennie Robinson.

p 441
JOHN H. FREELING, Sept. 9, 1890-June 1892
Grandch Maggy V. Freeling, S. P. Freeling ea $l, having given their father J. W. Freeling $1000. Son J. S. Freeling $5 in addition to what I've given him already. Wife J. A. Freeling the balance of my est; at her death or discretion real est to son C. H. Freeling. Wife exec. Wits J. F. Scott, P. S. Woodson.

pp 441-442
EDMUND GRISWOLD, Dec. 1, 1888-Aug. 1892
Wife Jane Griswo1d entire est. No exec named. Wits F. W. Adamson, S. P. Anderson

pp 442-443
MRS. LOUISA A. CAMPBELL, Oct. 25, 1886-Sept. 1892
Grandch Annie Allen McIntosh wife of Wylie R. McIntosh, John W. Campbell, Kate Fenner Campbell, Alex W. Campbell, Jr., eq the Campbell farm, 1000 acs or more west of Jackson. Remainder of est to dau Annie D. Campbell. Joseph W. Allison exec. Wits D. D. Bell, M. Bell. Cod, June 6, 1889. Dau. Annie D. Campbell to be sole exec because Joseph Allison has moved away from Jackson. Wits John Bell, Maney Bell.

pp 444-447
AMOS W. JONES, June 23, 1890-Sept. 1892
Wife Mary B. Jones lot in NE corner of the Institute grounds in Jackson and at close of her life it goes to my 5 ch Amos B. Jones, Marianna Dashiell, James T. Jones, George C. Jones, Amatelle Sherrod. Wife and 5 ch, rest of my Institute property except private family furniture and my private library. Want the Institute to remain open and to be operated by my family. Insurance policy proceeds to wife and 5 ch. Wife Mary B. Jones and son James T. Jones execs. Wits Robert W. Haynes, M. S. Neely. Cod, Feb. 10, 1891. Execs: my lot in ward 3, Jackson and a benefit certificate to be used to finance building a residence, fence, outhouses for my wife. Wits Robt. W. Haynes, R. J. Hays.

pp 449-450
MRS. L. W. BROOKS, Aug. 22, 1891-Nov. 1892
Grandch Fountain S. Brooks, Leone F. Brooks eq the house, lot I live on in Jackson, Tn. Fountain S. Brooks share eq with my beloved children in any other property I leave. No exec named. Wits F. A. Williams, John J. Carpenter, J. F. Still.

p 450
MARTHA A. MALLORY, Jan. 29, 1892-Jan. 1893
Dau Fanny Stevenson Mallory entire est and she to serve as exec. Wits W. W. Gates, C. K. Parker, E. S. Mallory.

pp 450-451
WILLIAM A. WOOD, July 21, 1891-April 1893
Est eq between my daus Mary Johnson, Elizabeth Chapman. Daus Sarah C. and Delia Wood household furniture, homestead and other property. W. A. Ballew exec. Wits Giles S. White, F. A. Word.


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pp 451-452
SUSAN T. SPRAGUE, Feb. 27, 1893-April 1893
Sons William S., John R. Sprague $500 ea. Personalty eq to daus Eliza M. Sprague, Jennie H. Henry. Remainder to said two daus. Dau Eliza M. Sprague exec. Wits A. McCoy, B. J. Howard.

pp 452-453
JOHN W. THEUS, Sept. 19, 1891-May 1893
Wife Ophelia H. Theus, house, lot 5 in Jackson, Tn. Sister Annie Baugh lot 6 in subdivision of Theus lots. Bro W. R. Theus, 1/2 interest in my insurance business (Wilkerson & Theus). I have given to my mother L. A. Theus my interest in several insurance policies. Other stocks to be used for building my house. Balance to my mother L. A. Theus. Uncle Frank M. Campbell exec. Wits Fay Perkins, C. G. Bond.

pp 453-454
ALEX W. CAMPBELL, April 30, 1861-Aug. 1893
Wife Anne D. Campbell entire est and she to be exec. She to consult with my father John W. Campbell and friend Charles N. Gibbs. Wits James Murrell, John W. Campbell.

p 454
MARY E. WILLIFORD, March 8, 1893-Aug. 1893
Husb W. R. Williford my homeplace for life with furniture except a bed to Margaret wife of A. L. Jones and my bureau to her dau Lillie. At death of my husb I leave homeplace to Margaret Jones, then to her hrs. Husb to have Bourland tract in CD 16, Madison Co., Tn. No exec named. Wits J. G. Futrell, Mattie Futrell.

p 455
C. R. GIVENS, Aug. 25, 1893-Aug. 1893
Niece Mary Hearn $100. Omission of other hrs of sister Callie Eddins intentional. Personalty to be sold and proceeds div eq to Sarah Jane Smith, John A. Givens, James E. Givens, Geo. W. Givens, Nannie Harrison. H. H. Swink exec. Wits Robert C. Mays, J. R. Dodds.

pp 456-458
W. P. LACY, June 5, 1893-Sept. 1893
Wife M. E. Lacy entire est for life; if she remarries 200 acs from west end of my farm in CD 9, Madison Co., Tn. At her death if she does not remarry, est to be div among my bodily hrs except my dau Dora Taylor whom I've given $179 which is to be deducted from her part. Son John Skelton Lacy has been advanced $197 to be deducted from his part. Son William R. Lacy has been advanced $177.60 to be deducted from his part. Dau Selissa McCrary has been advanced $172 to be deducted from her part. Dau Sallie Miller McCrary has been advanced $62 to be deducted from her part. Dau Sallie M. McCrary to have a home free with my wife as long as she lives single. Sons Parker and Elvus certain personalty. No exec named. Wits L. E. McLemore, W. A. Pearcy. Cod, Aug. 19, 1893. Son J. P. Lacy to have a mare. Don E. W. Lacy a mare colt. Dau Sally McCrary sorrel mare colt. Wits W. A. Perry, L. E. McLemore.

pp 458-459
W. R. HOWLETT, exec date not given-Sept. 1893
Wife Annie Howlett life interest/widowhood interest in my est, a tract, 85 acs in CD 10, Madison Co., Tn. and my Jackson property and personalty. At her death est to my ch eq Annie L. Hicks, F. B. Howlett, hrs of late S. G. Howlett. Wits J. J. Prewett, F. W. Wadley. No exec named.

p 460
MRS. L. A. THEUS, June 21, 1893-Oct. 1893
Son James E. Theus my tract in CD 15, Madison Co., Tn., 60 acs. My ch to let Lucy Coggin occupy for life the house she now lives in. Balance of


(Page 50)

property div between my ch William R., Frank D., James E. Theus and Annie Baugh, Marianna Deupree. Wits Geo. C. Wilkerson, J. B. Hudson.

pp 460-461
SAMUEL C. LESTER, Dec. 12, 1892-Oct. 1893
Sister Susan S. Lester entire est; if she dies before me then est to my bro William S. Lester. The graves of my mother and myself to be marked by tombstones. William S. Lester exec. Wits A. McCoy, S. P. Anderson.

pp 461-462
DAVID YARBROUGH, June 18, 1891-Nov. 1893
Son Wilmer D. Yarbrough all my personalty. Wife Emma T. Yarbrough what the law provides for her from my est. Mrs. Elisabeth McClellan and Miss Lena Yarbrough already have their part. Son Wilmer D. Yarbrough exec. Wits R. H. Epperson, A. O. Epperson.

pp 462-464
JOHN D. BOND, Dec. 6, 1892-March 1894
Wife Mary E. Bond the house, lot in Jackson, Tn. where we now reside, household furniture. Advances made already: son S. S. Bond, $2450; son Martin D. Bond $2350; dau Anna Bond Snider wife of John F. Snider $2350; dau Mary E. wife of A. H. Plant $1000; to be charged agt their part of my est. Est eq div between said ch and my grandson Bond Anderson. Dau Mary Plant to have house, lot on Chester St., Jackson, Tn. valued at $1000, part of her 1/5 of my est. Grandson Bond Anderson to receive his share at age 25. Debts, funeral expenses to be paid arising from sale of my 3 story brick building on main street in Jackson. A suitable monument to be erected over my grave. Sons S. S. Bond, M. C. Bond execs. Wits John H. Duke, H. C. Irby.


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