WILL BOOK B, 1894-1914

Abstracted by Jonathan K. T. Smith

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These genealogical abstracts were taken from Will Book A on Roll 528 of the Madison County, Tennessee microfilm public records of the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee. However, in numerous instances I have checked will data in the original will book itself to clarify spellings and better to understand specific bequests.

The customary preambles of wills acknowledging of one's mortal state and providing for the payment of debts have been deleted unless there was something "original" in such prefatory remarks. As it is my intention to provide the researcher with genealogical data I have chosen to encapsulate lists of personal possessions bequeathed in these wills as "personalty" or "certain personalty." I have also abbreviated long will stipulations or paraphrased them.

If a testator (will-maker) did not write his or name in a will I have noted that he or she signed instead with an "X." Following the name of the testator are two dates; the first is the date that the will was executed (signed and witnessed) and the second is the date that the will was probated/proven in the county court.

The researcher is advised to obtain photocopies of the will(s) of interest to him or her from the bound will book or even the original wills themselves (ordered from the County Court Clerk, Madison County in Jackson, Tennessee).

Abbreviations I have used in this compilation are:

ac/acs = acre, acres
agt = against
bro = brother
CD = civil district
ch = child, children
dau/daus = daughter, daughters
div = divide
ea = each
eq = equal, equally
est = estate
exec/execs = executor(s), executrix
hrs = heirs
husb = husband
wits = witnesses

Jonathan K. T. Smith               
Jackson, Tenn.               


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WILL BOOK B, 1894-1914


p 1
MOSES J. HARDIN, Sept. 22, 1892-April 1894
Wife Emma Z. Hardin plantation we reside on, abt 128 acs, CD 8, Madison Co., Tn; livestock, notes, mortgages, furniture. She to make eq div among our 3 ch Roena C. Hardin, Lewis G. Hardin, George M. Hardin. 2 eldest ch William M. Hardin, M. R. Hardin have already had $500, now they are to receive $100 ea. Wits W. F. McKnight, O. W. Hammonds.

pp 2-3
SALLIE G. BROWN, May 5, 1894-May 1894
Dau Lucy Ellenor Brown my farm, 108 acs, CD 10, Madison Co., Tn, that I bought from Mrs. H. D. White; all money and personalty including $940 in the First National Bank, Jackson. Want exec to have the farm improved including the building of a "neat, plain residence." Father and mother, W. H. and Emily E. Brown to take charge of my dau Lucy Ellenor and raise her as their own. Bro G. G. Brown guardian for this dau. No formal exec. Wits G. Brown, J. M. Brown.

pp 3-4
HARRIET MOORE (colored), June 18, 1894-August 1894
G. H. Ramsey of Jackson, Tn my house, lot in so. part of Jackson where I now reside on So. Liberty St.; furniture and all other properties. After paying my funeral expenses, debts exec use discretion in "appropriating" any est left. G. H. Ramsey exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits E. A. Brooks, L. E. Mathis.

pp 4-5
JOHN S. MILLER, May 17, 1894-August 1894
Wife entire homestead where we now live "all the land I bought of Gen. Sam'l. J. Hays" except 2 lots I've sold off same; all personalty. Dau Louisa Drake a house, lot on Sycamore St. Son Phipps, daus Alice Kate and Birdie, eq my store building and lot corner of Market and Main strs. Jackson and 2 tenement houses facing the I. C. Railroad freight depot, also house, lot on Short St. and a house, lot on No. Royal St. Jannie Duncan and her dau Mary I. house, lot on Main St. N. M. Duncan exec. Wits W. Holland, A. W. Stovall, John A. Greer.

pp 5-6
HARRIET S. ATKINSON, June 15, 1887-October 1894
Dau Miss Mary E. Pipkin all monies "I have paid out for her board or other expenses up to the present time or may pay up to the time of my death", a bed and furniture and at her death these to go to Andrew P. Atkinson. 4 ch Mrs. Margaret M. M. A. Cameron, Miss Mary E. Pipkins, Tilman H. Atkinson, Andrew P. Atkinson all my monies eq. Tilman H. Atkinson exec. Wits James White Alfred Oliver.

pp 6-7
JESSE E. DAVIDSON, Sept. 29, 1877-October 1894
ac ''as a family grave yard at the original grave yard." Nancy N. Newell widow of James Newell have benefit of a building where she now lives with 6 acs attached for the purpose of raising her ch. as long as she stays on it or remains a widow. Son John F. Davidson my home tract 87 acs. Mary Elizabeth Thedford 20 ac tract east of the home tract. Eliza F. Cate wife of Atlas Cate a parcel of land. Dau Lucinda wife of William Barnes 50 ac tract on which they live. Cypress timber div between Elizabeth Thedford and Lucinda Barnes. Hrs receiving land make 2 payments $100 ea to Susan Jane McDade and Nancy Newell. Wife Polly Davidson all furniture and other small personalty. No exec named. Wits R. H. Boon, R. R. Boon.

pp 7-8
ALBERT SHERMAN, Dec. 22, 1894-January 1895
Love Sherman, cold., my entire interest in 80 ac tract CD 5, Madison Co., Tn; livestock, furniture. Dr. H. P. Hudson exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Benj. Tyson, G. M. Tyson.

p 8
CHARLES T. BATES, Dec. 18, 1882-February 1895
Wife Patsey L. Bates entire est and she to be exec. Wits Stoddert Caruthers, W. F. Rogers, H. Hawkins.


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pp 9-10
R. M. SHELTON, Nov. 20, 1894-March 1895
Bro S. L. Shelton 2 lots in Carroll Co., Tn. Bro B. F. Shelton 1/2 interest in the Nelson farm in CD 10, Madison Co. and 2 lots in Carroll Co., Tn. Bro F. M. Nelson lot with dwelling, furniture, livestock in Carroll Co. All my interest in land, CD 16, Madison Co. to bros S. L. Shelton, F. M. Shelton, B. F. Shelton, eq. Bro S. L. Shelton $500 in cash. Bro B. F. Shelton $200 in cash. Bro F. M. Shelton $200 in cash and my stock of merchandise. Nephew Neal Fullerton $500 in cash. All notes, accounts div eq between these bros and said nephew. Bro S. L. Shelton to be guardian of Neal Fullerton and give him his legacy at age 21. I have set aside enough gold "to place a good all iron fence around the family grave yard." Three bros execs. No wits.

pp 10-13
EMILY WILSON, March 6, 1895-March 1895
Husb Rev. A. R. Wilson my homestead and after his death it goes to my niece Mrs. A. A. Hornsey of Jackson except 1 lot on the west to my stepson Rev. John C. Wilson. To this niece also an undivided 1/2 interest in business house, lot on Main St., Jackson and if she dies without issue it goes to her bro James H. Price and her sister Mrs. Nannie V. Kidd of Virginia. Niece Mrs. Emily Goodrich of Smithfield, Va. my house, lot on nw corner of Baltimore and Cumberland strs in Jackson and if she dies without issue, it goes to her bro Ernest and her sister Sarah. Emily Goodwin Hughes dau of the late Mrs. Sallie Hughes of Jackson my house, lot on so. side of Main St. and if she dies without issue it goes to her sisters Mrs. Lizzie Howard, Mrs. Sue McDonald. Sue McDonald dau of the late Mrs. Sallie Hughes my lot on so. side of Main St. to be held in trust for her by her bro Thomas G. Hughes and if she dies without issue it goes to her sisters Mrs. Lizzie Howard, Emily Goodwin Hughes. Mrs. Sue McDonald house, lot on so. side of Chester St. in trust by her bro Thomas G. Hughes. Niece Mrs. Sarah Nelms of Smithfield, Va. lot on so. side of Chester St. on east line of property given to Mrs. Sue McDonald and if she dies without issue it goes to her bro Ernest and sister Emily. Mrs. Lizzie Howard dau of late Mrs. Sallie Hughes lot, house on so. side of Chester St. on west line of Mrs. Sue Mcdonald and if she dies without issue it goes to her sisters Mrs. Sue McDonald and Emily Goodwin Hughes. Husb Rev. A. R. Wilson that portion of my farm, 2 miles nw of Jackson lying west of the road dividing the farm and at death it goes to Richard Whitehead nephew of my first husband of the Co. of Isle of Wight, Va. Niece Mrs. A. A. Hornsey my household furniture, including pictures, silver platted ware. Silverware to be div eq between my nieces Mrs. Sarah Nelms and Mrs. Emily Guy both of Va. Husb to act as guardian for Emily G. Hughes and he to be exec. Wits Matilda Blackard, Lella Blackard.

pp 14-15
ALLEN BROWN, Feb. 15, 1895-March 1895
Vacant lot in Denmark, Tn on main street to be sold and proceeds to pay debts and applied to support of my family. Dau Fannie Brown house, lot I now reside on as a home for her and my wife Caroline her natural life. Personalty to be used by wife for maintenance of my minor ch. Sons Haywood Brown, Moses Brown, Tytus Brown, Alfred Brown all my tract no of my homestead, 20 acs to be held by my dau Frances in trust for them until they come of age, then title goes to the said "four boys." I make no provision for son William Brown as I have "heretofore done more for him than I can /do/ for any of the others." Dau Fannie Brown exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits David Tomlin, Ned Womack.

p 15
MAT LONG, March 28, 1895-April 1895
Wife Anne Long entire est and she to be exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Jordan A. Long, Silas C. Long, Sam Long.


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pp 15-16
JORN DONNELL, July 24, 1895-April 1895
Son Thomas C. Donnell tract I now live on, the Williams place, 120 acs. Dau Hester Ann Woods tract of 167 acs and to her my perishable property. Notes, monies: l/3 to son Thomas C. Donnell and dau Hester Ann Woods and ch 2/3. J. D. Askew exec. Wits Wm. A. McAdoo, J. A. McAdoo.

pp 16-17
ANN E. HUNTER, Jan. 25, 1889-April 1895
State of Tennessee, Fayette County. All property to be kept for benefit of my husb Geo. T. Hunter for his life-time; land may be sold and proceeds vested towards his support. My tract known as the Hardin farm and 20 acs, house, lot in which I now live in Macon, Tn, livestock, farming implements and all other property to be div: 1/4 to my living ch Alice L. wife of Samuel H. Wilson; R. E. Hunter; Blanch wife of Emmett Woodward; and 4 ch of my dec dau Florence Kimbrough, viz Annie Kimbrough, Berkley Kimbrough, Alma Kimbrough, Blanch Kimbrough "my grandchildren." R. E. Hunter trustee for these grandch. When my husb dies all my parlor and bedroom furniture to dau Blanche Woodward. Son R. E. Hunter $1000 as a special legacy before any div is made of my est. He and my son-in-law Samuel H. Wilson to be execs. Wits William Johnson, A. R. Murrell.

p 18
CHARLES KUNZ, May 5, 1892-April 1895
Bro Julius Kunz now living in Eisen, Germany, Rhine province, my 2-story brick building in which I now reside in Jackson, Tn and all the "fixtures" in my bedroom. Sister Mrs. Caroline Baker $1000 stock in the Peoples Savings Bank, Jackson, for benefit of my nephew Chris Baker "who has lost his leg." Sister my personalty. No exec named. Wits David H. Haynes, W. A. Ulrich.

p 19
GARLAND L. DAY, Nov. 14, 1889-May 1895
Daus Fanny M. Day, Amanda F. Day all my land and personalty; they to pay $1 ea to T. D. Day and Isaac Parlow. Give this property to my daus "because they have staid with me, helped to make it and have helped to take care of it." No exec named. Wits C. H. Weathers, M. Hollomon.

pp 19-20
KATE F. STARK, Sept. 3, 1890-June 1895
In letter form; written to "Dear Johnny. " Don't spend more than $35 for my coffin. "I have also left a few directions with Margaret as to other matters." "I wish however that all of my property I may have left go to you as my . . . only near relative." If Em's boys need assistance, know you'll share with them as your own children. Any clothes worth having to Aunt Lethe. You may select "some remembrances" to Emma M. C. and the children. Signed, Your affectionate sister, Kate F. Stark. Wits Iola K. Canada and Annie Ready. This will was written in Memphis, Tennessee.

p 20
E. H. KELLY, June 25, 1895-August 1895
I hold life policy for $5000; 1/5 interest in policy was made to my son Guy B. Kelly now dec. This interest came back to me. Exec to use policy to pay my creditors. Several notes shown due to others. No exec named. Wits W. B. Spencer, J. D. Wilson.

p 21
WILL M. GRANT, --- ---, 1874-September 1895
My friend Baxter Donnell all my personalty. Wits J. C. Pearson, M. B. Key.

p 21
IKE HINSON, Nov. 11, 1895-November 1895
My crop to be sold to pay "on my land debt" and if this isn't sufficient /to pay debt/ my stock and other property to be sold for this purpose and towards the support of my four little girls. Son Moody $5 only and my land div eq between "all of my children" except son Moody. James F. Edwards exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits J. D. Askew, J. A. McCasland.


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p 22
MRS. ELLEN SULLIVAN, March 3, 1894-December 1895
Nephew Thomas McGrath of Jackson, Tn entire est, chiefly my house, lot in said city. Thomas McGrath exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits E. S. Mallory, John Cunningham.

pp 22-23
NANCY ADAMS EASTWOOD, Nov. 12, 1895-December 1895
I desire to be buried at Pleasant Grove near Dyer, Gibson Co., Tn. Grandson Charles Leander Eastwood and his ch entire est in Gibson County as "Charley has cared for me in my old age and this is intended in some measure to compensate him for that service." Also for the love I have for them. Signed will with an "x." Wits Mattie Beard, Nannie A. Evans, M. V. B. Exum.

pp 23-24
ELIZABETH BLEDSOE, April 1, 1890-December 1895
I have "some money" in Second National Bank, Jackson; it to be used to pay debts. Husb 2 beds and bedding. Gib Christian "a boy I raised" and Mrs. Amanda Beveridge wife of Thomas Beveridge 3 beds and bedding, other personalty and 3 notes of $200 ea. Mrs. Callie Hardage wife of J. M. Hardage the house, lot I live on, Lafayette-Royal strs in Jackson but my husb to live there during his life. Niece Sarah Edwards wife of S. W. Edwards lot in Jackson on east side of Royal St. Thomas J. Beveridge exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits C. G. Bond, Sam B. Hill, Dr. S. H. Chester.

pp 25-26
LOUIS GREER, Feb. 9, 1889-April 1896
Grandson Bethel Smith and granddau Mary Moore wife of Henry Moore entire est but if they don't have issue the survivor receives the other share. Friend L. Ellison exec. Wits E. S. Mallory, Stoddert Caruthers.

p 26
LENA PEARL LEE, April 10, 1896-April 1896
All debts to be paid including what my grandson J. W. R. Burkett has advanced to me. Exec to have suitable monuments erected over my mother's grave and my grave in Riverside Cemetery in Jackson. Mrs. W. P. James of Jackson my wearing apparel and personal effects. Rest and residue of est to Mr. and Mrs. W. P. James of Jackson for their kindness and attention to me. J. W. R. Burkett exec. Wits W. F. Blackard, J. W. Sykes.

p 27
HARRIET LANCASTER, June 3, 1895-June 1896
Stepson David B. Lancaster son of my husb David Lancaster dec my house, lot I now live on in Jackson, Tn and rest of est to him and he to be exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Wm. Muse, W. C. Freeling, J. S. Smothers.

pp 28-29
CHARLES K. BENNETT, Feb. 5, 1896-March 23, 1896
Kendall Co., Texas; age 27 and unmarried. Aunt Maggie M. wife of R. F. Crawford Santa Rosa, Calif. and her hrs my farm abt 75 acs abt 3 miles so of Jackson in CD 8 and my insurance policies and rest of est. Aunt Maggie Crawford exec. Wits J. C. McFarland, Frank P. Deig, W. M. Sanders. Madison Co. Court minute book 20, pp 153-158 show that this will was probated in Sonoma Co., California, March 23, 1896.

pp 29-31
JAMES LYNCH, May 19, 1894-August 1896
Dau Kate O'Hanlon 2 lots in Jackson, one having a dwelling on it. Dau-in-law Mary Lynch wife of my son John Lynch for life and then to her ch by him 2 lots in Jackson, one of which has dwelling I live in. Dau Mary Lashley wife of B. H. Lashley a lot in Jackson. Sons James and Phillip Lynch ea $5. Rest, residue of est to dau Kate O'Hanlon and she to be exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Robert W. Haynes, J. E. Mercer.

pp 32-33
DENIS DONOVAN, Aug. 10, 1888-August 1896
To Roman Catholic Bishop, Mr. Radamacher, that part of my property in the su-

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burbs of Jackson, Tn for purpose of establishing a Roman Catholic Church "for the exclusive use of the African or Negro race" to be built in Jackson. Niece Margaret C. Kohl dau of Anthony and Ellen Kohl my house, lot in Philadelphia, Pa. Margaret C. Kohl piece of land in the suburbs of Jackson. Faithful servant Chinny Brooks' during her life-time a house, lot on sw corner of Short and Lake strs in Jackson. Faithful servant Uncle Joe Gaunden a house, lot he now occupies on se corner of Mobile Ave. and at his death to Bishop Radamacher. Wits Jesse H. Harper, Y. J. Ferguson.

p 33
EMMA T. YARBROUGH, Oct. 6, 1892-September 1896
Son David Wilmer Yarbrough for love and affection and for taking care of me and his father during our life-time, most of est including my interest in my father John Miles Barnett's est in CD 12, Madison County, including the farm in CD 10, Madison Co. where we now live. Dau Elizabeth McClellan wife of Robert McClellan $25 in cash. Dau Lenar Shaw wife of Thomas Shaw $25 in cash. Son D. W. Yarbrough exec. Wits E. H. Epperson, A. C. Epperson.

pp 34-38
ALEX DUCKWORTH, Dec. 27, 1886-September 1896
Dau Wilhelmina Francine Duckworth and her hrs a tract in CD 7, Madison Co. 1/2 of 100 ac tract bought by me Feb. 1873. Dau Laura Adalade Duckworth and hrs a tract in CD 7 and CD 4, Madison Co. the western 1/2 of 100 acs bought in Feb. 1873. To these daus a parcel of land in CD 7, Madison Co., eastern portion of tract I bought Dec. 1855. Son Alex C. Duckworth and hrs a tract of 100 acs in CD 7, portion of what I bought Dec. 1855 including my dwelling thereon. Dau Florence wife of J. D. Marbury $700. Dau Mary Cage Howell wife of E. E. Howell $700. Dau Ella M. Duckworth $700. Personalty to son Alex C. Duckworth and daus Wilhelmina and Laura A. Son Alex W. Duckworth exec. Wits J. R. Fletcher, Alex. Duckworth (of Haywood Co., Tn). Cod, June 15, 1892. 100 acs to son Alex W. Duckworth now to be div between him and my dau Ella May Duckworth; to them livestock. Wits W. M. Jones, Alex. Duckworth.

pp 38-39
FELIX G. GIBBS, Sept. 3, 1896-September 1896
Wife Martha Gibbs all my personal property and real est but at her death real est to be div into 4 parts; one including the dwelling I live in and outhouses to be worth $500 more than the 3 other parts. That part goes to son Joseph as he "has but one foot. " Son W. D. Gibbs; dau Susan Ann wife of W. G. Cole; dau Lou G wife of P. J. Phillips. County Court to appoint suitable persons to make these divisions. Son W. D. Gibbs exec. Wits Stoddert Caruthers, E. S. Mallory.

pp 39-40
JAMES PARLOW, July 7, 1876-November 1896
Wife Sarah Jane Parlow entire est including homestead of 185/190 acs and she to be exec. Wits D. H. Parker, H. H. Swink.

pp 40-49
In County Court of Marion Co., Fla. Margaret R. Thompson a resident of said county and state, stated that R. D. Thompson died Nov. 16, 1896 leaving a will with her as exec. He left property in Marion, Lake cos. in Florida and in Chester, Madison cos. in Tn. He left Helen R. Thompson age 18 yrs; Minnie E. Thompson age 20 yrs and widow Margaret R. Thompson. Sworn, Nov. 25, 1896. R. D. Thompson's will: to wife Margaret R. Thompson a 2 story brickstore on Lafayette St in Jackson, Tn; a 2 story brick residence fronting Royal St. and a frame residence fronting Royal St. and to my wife the place we live on known as the Needham place in Ocala, Fla. and at her death or remarriage these go to my daus Minnie and Helen. Other parcels to these daus in Ocala, Fla and Jackson, Tn. The house, lot and farm in Chester Co., Tn and 24 acs no. of Ocala to be sold and proceeds div eq between wife and 2 daus. Wife to be "administratrix." Wits G. F. McRae, W. M. Etheridge, Z. C. Chambliss, J. H. McClymonds. Cod, July 26, 1896. Noting that ground in Block 55, Ocala not to be blocked off. Wits J. C. Chambliss, J. N. McClymonds. Probated in Fla November 3, 1896. Copy furnished by Co. Judge, Marion Co., Fla December 14, 1896.


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p 50
E. A. NEAL, Dec. 21, 1896-January 1897
In form of a letter addressed to Home Folks at Marion. I have $7000 or $8000 invested in Oklahoma in bank stock, farm loans, $1000 belonging to my bro Webster McKibben "and yet not a thing to show for it." I am under pledge to my mother "to care for the principal," letting bro have the interest and principal never to be given to him. When you see fit to withdraw the money you can keep it "with" my children. Mother informed Kate this summer that they fully intend to give to "my girls, Kate and Amy" their father's share in the est. I leave all the money to Katie and Amy with understanding it is to be invested in Marion. E. Hully administrator and guardian. Wits Jennie C. Jarman, J. D. Hawkins.

pp 50-51
L. B. SHELTON, March 20, 1896-January 1897
Wife Sallie Shelton entire est. W. T. Blackard exec. Wits Will Bunton, R. E. Howard.

pp 51-52
GEORGE FLEW, Sept. 19, 1891-April 1897
Machinist, engineer "just recovered from a severe spell of illnes." Wife Mary Ann Flew 1/2 of the tenent on Poplar, Johnson strs and personalty and then at her death this goes to my sons Frank and William George Flew and to these 2 sons 1/2 of the double tenent house if they pay my funeral expenses; if not this is to be sold and with proceeds pay my debts and balance div eq between my wife and my sister Mary A. Lovell. Sister Mary A. the house, lot she now lives on in Jackson and certain personalty. No exec named. Wits L. D. Langley, James Donnell.

p 53
MRS. BETTIE FRIEDLOB, Jan. 13, 1894-April 1897
My husb Julius Friedlob to have comfortable support from my est and at his death proceeds of property to be div between my trustee Louise Friedlob and his bro Joseph Friedlob until ea "arrives at the age of twenty one years." Then all my remaining property to be sold and div eq between my 6 ch Sam Friedlob, Henry Friedlob, Sol H. Friedlob, Eli Friedlob, Joseph Friedlob, Louis Friedlob. I owe a note to J. Felsenthal and Co. for abt $550. My trustee is to sell my lot in ward 4, Jackson to pay off this note. Louis Friedlob trustee. Wits J. J. Cole, J. F. Eppinger.

p 54
ELIZABETH NELSON, July 7, 1896-April 1897
Personalty and land I now live on to be sold and distributed, 1/8 to the following: Samuel Nelson's chd; Jane Nelson's ch; H. C. Nelson for life-time then to his son William James Nelson; Martha Mullins for life-time then between my other children; Jack Nelson; James Nelson; Susan Barnett; Tenny Woods. Each 1/8 Son William Nelson nothing. Son Jack Nelson exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits J. D. Senter, O. C. Sharp.

pp 55-56
MRS. E. N. THOMSON, Dec. 7, 1896-April 1897
Entire est to my 3 ch Briggs Thomson, Richard Thomson, Hallie Thomson. Appoint Mrs. R. P. Briggs guardian of my said 3 ch. and she to be exec. Wits Mollie C. Teague, Patsy Russell.

pp 56-58
THEODRICK WEBB, July 24, 1872-July 1897
Dau Sarah Jane Webb and son Robert Samuel Webb my farm abt 447 acs known as the Woods place, Madison Co., Tn; also all personalty on this tract. Theodrick Webb, Jr. my plantation abt 705 acs on Blands Bayou near Robson's landing on Miss. River, Coahoma Co., Ms and all personalty on it. Sons Henry McCorry Webb, Lorenzo Lea Webb homestead tract near Carroll Station in Madison Co., Tn abt 445 acs where I now reside, with all personalty on it. Dau Sarah and 3 sons R. S., H. M., L. L. Webb I devise my abt 640 ac tract in CD 13, Madison Co. known as the Pigeons Roost. Want 2 youngest sons H. M. and L. L. Webb to receive a liberal education and to be graduates of a good college with no "intrenchment" upon what I have herein give them. May sell my 100 acs near the double bridges in


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Madison County, the Johnson place, to pay debts and educate the 2 sons. Dau Mary Elizabeth wife of N. H. Whitlow I give my capital stock in Miss. Central Railroad with a face value of abt $1650. This plus previous advancements are her share of my est. Sons Robert Samuel Webb, Lorenzo Lea Webb execs. Wits N. W. White, H. W. McCorry.

p 58
S. H. JOHNSON, July 20, 1897-August 1897
Appoint W. T. Mason to act as agent in "seeing after my children. " Crop and personalty to ch Charlie and Pearl. Wits G. T. Wood, J. H. Nowell.

p 58
JAMES ROLLINS, Sept. 14, 1893-October 1897
Wife Katie Rollins entire est including 175 acs in CD 14, Madison Co., Tn. No exec named. Wits S. B. Person, W. A. Watkins.

p 59
ED O. TOWNE, Sept. 11, 1897-November 1897
Wife Daisy Towne entire est and she to be exec. Wits A. J. McGehee, R. R. Russell, Willie N. Brown, T. C. McKinsey.

pp 59-60
JOHN W. BUFORD, Oct. 28, 1897-January 1898
$5000 life insurance policy, Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association is to be used to pay my debts including any owed by me as clerk or commissioner of the Supreme Court of Tn. Balance of est to wife Emma S. Buford and she to be exec. Wits E. S. Mallory, W. L. Chester, J. P. Mallory.

p 60
MARTHA ROSE, May 20, 1897-January 1898
All property to be sold and proceeds div eq between Cinthy Short, Charlie Rose, Commac Rose. Charlie and Commac Rose (col.) of Denmark execs. Signed will with an "x." Wits J. E. Dickinson, B. F. Curlin.

p 61
SARAH J. TENAIN, Sept. 6, 1896-February 1898
Sister Juliet LeGrand of Baltimore, Md entire est including cottage house in Jackson, #332 No. Church St. Wits M. A. Matthews, M. L. Matthews, Hattie Clemmons.

pp 61-62
SARAH FRANCIS DARGAN, alias McLANE, Oct. 9, 1897-February 1898
Dau Jennie B. Dargan alias McLane 2 lots on Gates Ave., Jackson, Tn and all personalty. Bro-in-law Charles Britt and wife (my sister) Jennie Britt execs. Wits J. H. McMillan, H. M. Seyer, M. A. Daugherty, Lora Spah.

pp 62-63
THOMAS B. HARRIS, Feb. 26, 1898-March 1898
Son S. P. Harris and his 2 sisters Matilda Moore and Frances Richardson 500 acs, $300 in money div eq. Dau Tommie L. Harris 81 acs and some livestock. Son Paul 90 acs and livestock. Sons Spencer and Paul 4 bldg. lots eq. Wife Lucy E. Harris my present homestead, 84 acs and $500 in money, livestock and household furniture. She is to give Tommie the eq amt. she has given the other older ch. and wife to be exec. Wits T. N. Epperson, John Hart.

pp 63-64
G. A. PIRTLE, Feb. 26, 1898-March 1898
Aunt Sarah Pirtle my business house, lot in Medon and eq share of my merchandise stock. Geo. B. Pirtle and his 3 daus one share in merchandise and accounts. John B. Pirtle and wife a share of same. Peter B. Pirtle dec ch a share of same. Mary Pirtle wife of M. H. Pirtle, her and her ch one share of same. Horace B. Manley exec. Wits H. H. Swink, C. A. Manley. Cod, Feb. 26, 1898. I want to be buried by my father and mother and exec have monument erected at our grave. Same wits.


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p 64
J. L. HARTON, Oct. 20, 1894-April 1898
My est consists of land; same to be div eq between my hrs, viz Mary A. Cooper the hrs of John J. Harton dec, A. J. Harton, Wm. L. Harton, Mattie L. Harton, Ellen R. Hardin, Luana P. Newsom. Ellen R. Hardin exec. to be assisted by A. J. Harton Wits P. S. Woodson, J. T. Scott.

pp 65-66
MARGARET L. FLEMING, March 25, 1884-April 1898
Beloved and adopted son Benjamin R. Vaughn who is known as Benj. R. Fleming lot in Jackson I bought in March 1881. Also lot in CD 15, 1 ac part of land deeded by me to my dau Martha J. Ewell Oct. 1867 which was sold and which 1 ac was bought by me July 1876. B. R. Fleming also to have all my personalty. Son Charles K. Fleming $1. Nancy wife of my son Wm. K. Fleming dec. $l; to my grandch by my dec dau Martha J. Ewell $1. Benj. R. Vaughn/Fleming exec. Wits Dr. S. R. Hubbard, James F. Still.

pp 66-68
CORNELIUS D. MURPHY, Dec. 20, 1895-no probate date given
This will was written/executed in Humphrey, Platte Co., Nebraska. Wife Lizzie Murphy in lieu of distributive share of my est my house and 2 lots in Humphrey, Nebraska and personalty within same and 1/3 undivided interest in all real, personal est in Platte Co. Nebraska. son Cyril Eugene Murphy an undivided 1/3 of real est in same not including the homestead in Humphrey. To unborn ch, $5000. Cousin Thomas K. Ottis of Humphrey undivided 1/3 interest in all real est I own in Custer Co., Nebraska. My father Daniel Murphy and mother Margaret Murphey; sisters Maggie and Nora Murphy all of Michigan my real est in Antelope Co., Nebraska, Sunflower Co., Tallahatchie Co. and Quitman cos., Ms. and Jackson, Tn. Friend W. M. Condon my diamond shirt stud. Uncle D. J. O'Sullivan, Michigan, my diamond ring. Rest, residue of est to my parents and sisters, son Cyril E. and to a child should it be born to me. Uncle Thomas Ottis exec. Wits L. C. Dettor, D. M. O'Sullivan.

pp 68-69
JAMES W. ALEXANDER , Aug. 11, 1898-August 1898
Sister Mrs. Mollie McGehee land in ward 3, Jackson, Tn and at her death to my 2 bros E. F. and Thomas H. Alexander, jointly and eq. Niece Aliene Alexander my rocking chair. Bro E. F. Alexander exec. Wits Mrs. M. J. Miller, C. Owen.

p 69
CHARLETON H. STRICKLAND, April 3, 1893-August 1898
Wife M. E. Strickland entire est and she to be exec. Wits Charles A. Cohenour L. Joy.

pp 70-71
MRS. SARAH A. CARPENTER, July 31, 1898-October 1898
My interest in crops, mules, yearlings on homeplace, CD 11, Madison Co., Tnto be sold and pay debts and balance to daus Mildred and Ray Carpenter. My interest in homeplace in CD 11 to my ch, viz Mildred, Ray, John Carpenter, Mrs. Bettie McClory, Mrs. Maggie Anson. Daus Mildred and Ray my interest in the William Hopper homestead CD 11, Madison Co. the homestead of my dec father William Hopper; these daus to have all my personalty except one bed and clothing to my son John Carpenter. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits B. J. Howard, R. J. Pearcy.

p 72
MRS. C. V. LONG, Nov. 11, 1897-November 1898
Husb J. H. Long entire est including land in Henderson Co., Tn 6 acs, also shares in home building assoc. in Jackson. In case I survive him the above lands and personalty to his 4 ch Addie Lewis, Dancy Brooks, Willie Long, John B. Long div eq. No exec named. Wits Lizzie Dixon Temple, H. B. Yates.


(Page 9)

pp 72-73
L. A. SHELTON, May 18, 1895-December 1898
Wife Louetta Shelton real est and personalty; should she die before I do then est goes to her mother Mrs. S. O. Nichols for life. The "remaining interest in real est" to my nephew Rip Harton. Wife exec. Wits J. D. Johnson Stoddert Caruthers.

pp 73-74
W. F. McCABE, August 13, 1898-December 1898
"I am one of the firm of J. G. McCabe & Co." owning 1/3 interest. (Disposition of this interest) Property to be div between all my ch eq but the share of Minnie Wilson my dau is free from control of her husb; wife to have an eq share with my ch of my est. Stoddert Caruthers exec. Wits J. H. Roberts, D. A. Jones.

p 74
JACK JOHNSTON (colored), April 9, 1896-December 1898
Wife Mary; sons Walter and Louis the farm, 68 acs we now live on in CD 5, Madison Co. and after wife's death sons to have full interest in farm. Wits John A. Greer, W. A. Caldwell.

pp 75-77
J. T. BEVERIDGE, July 29, 1898-January 1899
Wife Amanda M. Beveridge entire est; "on the falling in of my wife's life estate in the same," give remaining interest to my storehouse, lots on Market St. in Jackson To Board of Trustees of Hays Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church South to be used for repairing or building anew this church. At wife's death homestead on Deadrick Ave. where I now live to nephew Wm. F. Yancey and niece Susan A. Yancey and niece Virginia L. Yancey and grand niece, Susan Elizabeth Epperson, eq. Robert H. Yancey $5. Wife exec. Wits P. J. Murray, J. T. Holmes, W. W. Deupree.

pp 77-78
E. A. BROOKS, Dec. 14, 1897-March 1899
Dau Leone F. Brooks called Ruby Brooks $1000. Wife Mattie L. Brooks all my real est and at her death it goes to "all" my ch eq. Personalty to be used for support of wife and ch. Wife exec. Wits R. J. Chester, Hunter Wilson.

p 79
PETER THEUS, June 8, 1898-March 1899
Wife Katie Theus entire est; after her death or remarriage div eq among my bodily hrs. Signed will with an "x." Wits A. S. Johnson, H. B. Williamson.

pp 79-80
GEORGE W. BARNES, Oct. 7, 1898-April 1899
In letter form to Mrs. Jane Redmon Barnes, Mother. "I have been for some time thinking it best to make my will. I make it go you to do with as you think best. I no /sic/ you will take care of girls" but sell the store and slaughter house. . . if John wants the one where he stay let him have it at his figers /sic/. " Want you to build a house on the other place; don't let the family impose on you & Jannie." No exec or wits.

p 80
JOHN RICHARDSON, Sept. 20, 1876-July 1899
Dau Sarah Richardson and her son Edward get all my property. No exec. Wits B. T. Richardson, Sarah Cupples, Enoch Suggs.

pp 80-81
JOSIE WILLIAMS, Dec. 6, 1898-July 1899
Jeff Roberson my house, lot in ward 3, Jackson, Tn and personalty. Jeff Roberson exec. Wits J. B. Dickson, A. R. Merry.

pp 81-82
MARY WHALEN, Oct. 15, 1896-September 1899
Friend Mary McCorry Freeman $1 as a token of my gratitude to her for her kindness to me." $500 for tombstones for my mother Ellen Foley; sister Catherine O'Hare and her dau Mary and myself. John Magevney trustee for sister Ellen Foley rest of est. If I survive Ellen Foley this legacy is


(Page 10)

to be given to the Bishop of Nashville for use of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Jackson. Signed will with an "x." Bishop exec. Wits E. S. Mallory, John P. Mallory.

pp 83-84
MRS. ANN R. HICKS, July 7, 1899-September 1899
Son Lee Hicks as since the death of my husb Gideon Hicks has been attentive to me I give him a tract in CD 10, abt 120 acs in Madison Co. Tn which I bought in Dec. 1895. Daus Mattie and Ginie Hicks all personalty, provided my son J. L. Hicks may have one horse colt now at my home in CD 10. Dau Mrs. Sarah Hart $5. Son Lee Hicks exec. Wits W. C. Deloach, Silas Deloach.

p 84
JOHN NELSON, Oct. 16, 1897-September 1899
My farm in CD 16, Madison Co. on which I now live, farming implements, household goods, all my property "in fact" to my 6 single ch Joe, Ida, Ez, Lena, Whit, Pearl. They to payoff mortgage and give $50 to ea of my other ch John Nelson, Jr., Tennessee Woods, Froni Woods 2 ch, dau Martha Mathis ch. No exec named. Wits John L. Lewis, N. Thompson.

pp 85-86
JOSEPH BENTON DICKSON, Jan. 3, 1900-January 1900
Maharry Medical College in Nashville, Tn all my surgical instruments, medical books, diplomas, enlarged photograph of myself, etc. and $600 out of an insurance policy to be used in the erection of a hospital known as the Dr. J. B. Dickson Memorial Hospital. Mrs. H. E. Dickson and dau May Dickson of Savanah, Ga. $400. Jordan Dickson of Sparta, Ga and Charles Dickson of same ea $50. Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga $50. Chaplin University, Orangeburg, S. C. $25; Lane College, Jackson, Tn all my books not otherwise bequeathed and $100. Frank Gillespie my gold watch and chain. Sister Martha Dickson my trunk, gold eye-glasses and wearing apparel. Rest, residue of est to Bethel A. M. E. Church, Jackson, Tn for improvements/repairs on the church building. Friend A. R. Meng of Jackson exec. Wits E. S. Mallory, G. W. Caruthers.

p 86
JUDAH BOMAR, April 13, 1899-April 1900
Dau Lena Brown my est after all debts are paid. No exec named. Wits J. R. Teague, Phil Bomar.

p 87
E. M. TALLEY, July 18, 1889-April 1900
My 75 ac farm in Crockett Co., Tn to my bro S. C. Brooks. Husb D. F. Talley for life-time 40 acs given me by my father B. S. Brooks and the 40 acs adjoining same. After death of husb land goes to hrs of my dec mother Nancy Brooks. No exec or wits named.

p 87
MARTIN GAFFNEY, March 14, 1900-April 1900
Appoint James Thomas Gaffney my son exec but makes no bequests. Wits Stoddert Caruthers, H. D. Burnell.

pp 88-89
MATHEW MAGINNIS, Nov. 14, 1896-April 1900
Daus Sarah J. Maginnis, nr Philadelphia, Pa and Eliza Ann Maginnis, Bridgeport, Conn. eq my 10 shares in Jackson Building and Savings Assoc. Friend Peter Dolan, Memphis, Tn my tools, household effects now in my shop. John Magevney exec. Wits John T. Stark, John Magevney. Cod, April 14, 1900. Since the foregoing will was made the 10 shares in the Jackson Bldg. and Savings Assoc. have been paid to me and my dau Eliza Ann has married and received her portion of my est. Revoke provisions and give all my property to my dau Sarah Jane Maginnis. John Magevney exec. Wits E. S. Mallory, John Magevney.

pp 89-90
FRANCIS E. STATON, Dec. 3, 1884-April 28, 1900
Bro John D. Hall entire est and at his death div eq between Wm. W. Jennings, Mathew M. Jennings, Levi Jennings, Louvenia Johnson wife of Wm. N. Johnson; George W. Jennings. John D. Hall exec. Wits W. C. McCadin, J. H. King.


(Page 11)

pp 90-91
E. A. CLARK, Sept. 19, 1894-June 25, 1900
The residence where I now live is deeded to my wife and at her death to dau Anna Clark, if living; have deeded house, lot on Shannon St. and brick house and lot on corner of Church-Sycamore strs to dau Anna. The house, lot on the corner of Sycamore-West Alley is property of my son John Bell Clark. My house, lot east of my wife's residence on Baltimore St. is under mortgage for $1100. My wife to pay it off and she to become owner. Wife all personalty. I have given to son John B. and son E. B. Clark all I desire them to have. "I suppose I will be taken /for burial/ to Browns Church where many of my relatives and friends have found a final resting place. I especially desire that my departure from earth take place without any (so called) Christian services." Wife Mary M. Clark and C. P. Black execs. "I have called no one as witness to this writing, having written it myself. . . . "

pp 91-92
MRS. FANNIE K. HICKS, June 16, 1900-June 26, 1900
James Dyer grandson of my dec husb John R. Hicks 1/2 of my house, lot on Hale St., Jackson, Tn and to Elmer Dyer, grandson of my dec husb the other 1/2 of this property. Monuments to be placed at graves of my dec husb and "my own."Bro- in-law J. H. Hirsch exec. Wits Miss Daisy Cooper, Miss Florence Conger.

pp 92-93
WILLIAM WOOD POLK, May 3, 1900-June 30, 1900
Amount on my life insurance policy $1000 to be collected by my exec and given to Knox Polk if he will keep up payments on 3 life insurance policies; if not this bequests is to be void and proceeds go to my 5 ch. Two other policies to be collected and proceeds: youngest ch Nina Louisa Polk $1000; Alice Elizabeth Polk $1000; Carrol Ellen Polk $1000; Turner Polk $500; Edwin Fitzhugh Polk $500. J. D. Newton exec. Wits W. N. Trice, D. P. Barker.

pp 94-95
W. P. HARRIS, Dec. 11, 1897-July 7, 1900
Son W. P. Harris, Jr. 1/2 of personalty and land; several tracts of land owned including the Benj. Bar_ tract abt 270 acs. F. E. Robins my son-in-law and Fortis Robins and Vera Robins, his ch eq the other 1/2 of property. Life insurance policy div: W. P. Harris, Jr. $800; F. E. Robins, Fortis and Vera Robins $800; $400 to my wife Mrs. Tabitha Harris and to her the house, lot in Pinson on which I now live and at her death it goes eq to other hrs. F. E. Robins exec. Wits N. A. McCoy, L. McCoy, C. W. Bell.

p 96
MARY M. KERSHNER, Sept. 17, 1897-July 10, 1900
Whoever cares for me in my last days to have est except clothes to sister Lizzie Broadhead and niece Estella Hutchings. My cashmere shawl to sister Lizzie and other personalty to her and Estella. My mother's enlarged picture to Ben Broadhead. Mr. Kershner's picture to Anna Henderson. Other personalty to bro Charles, niece Estella; Bessie Hutchings, Lillie Budde; Thomas Kershner. Nephew Ed McCowick, Ben Broadhead and nieces Grace McCowick and Bessie Hutchings my books. The large Bible goes to Mary A. Kershner. No exec or wits named.

pp 97-99
MARTHA L. BROWN, May 31, 1898-July 17, 1898
Martha Leonora Bond dau of Mrs. M. F. Bond $1000. Milton I. Brown house, lot and another lot in ward 1, Jackson, Tn. Mrs. E. J. Gilmore my undivided 1/2 interest in house, lot in the first ward. Mrs. Sarah T. Dancy my undivided 1/2 interest in storehouse, lot in Jackson and a lot to her also in ward l; a lot in ward 2 and bank stock. Mrs. Ella B. Caruthers wife of Stoddert Caruthers lot in ward 2 "upon which she has erected her dwelling house"; another lot in same ward; also a storehouse, lot in ward l; also my undivided 1/2 interest in house, lot ward l; also the residue of my est. My late husb Hervey Brown est to me now to her also. Have given Mrs. M. F. Bond all I intend to. Stoddert Caruthers exec. Wits F. F. Fisher, Mrs. F. B. Fisher.


(Page 12)

p 100
J. R. SILER, June 15, 1899-Aug. 22, 1900
All est to my 9 ch. Oldest son Manly J. Siler exec. Wits G. A. Brown, W. A. Jones.

pp 101-102
D. B. UTLEY, March 23, 1900-September 4, 1900
Pay all debts including one of $800 to Mrs. Laura A. Williamson. Sister Mrs. Laura A. Williamson 1/2 undivided interest in house, lot ward 1, Jackson, known as the King livery stable, West Main St. and insurance policy proceeds. Sister Mrs. Sue A. Taylor $1000 and bank stock. Bro W. L. Utley house, lot in ward 1 Jackson and bank stock. Nephew Utley Williamson and nephew Chester Williams bank stock. Mrs. Laura Williamson $1000 for education of her son Leon Williamson. Mrs. Connie Lowe dau of Mrs. S. A. Taylor $500. Mrs. Lenie Collins wife of Chas. Collins $500. Lela Blackard wife of W. T. Blackard $500. To my sisters and bro cash on hand and collection of notes due me. B. U. Williamson of Jackson exec. Wits M. S. Neely, J. A. Williamson, A. J. McGehee.

p 103
MRS. E. J. PERSON, Feb. 21, 1900-October 1, 1900
My home farm to Ellen Tomlinson Love, Meals Ann Mason, Jenne Fogg, and my granddau Clery Barker; sons William R. Person, Samuel H. Person, the latter's distributive share received for my bro the Rev. James Blackmon, he having bought the same. Granddau Lyda Mason a featherbed. Want Benj. F. Blackmon appointed guardian for Clery Barker. No exec named. Wits John T. Rone, Annie Fussell.

p 104
JOHN A. GIVENS, May 15, 1900-October 6, 1900
Lula May Givens personalty. James M. Givens personalty. To James M. Givens, Will D. Givens, Lula May Givens my household furniture and tract of land I now live on, 162 acs. George W. Givens exec. Wits H. H. Swink, C. S. Johnson, G. H. Givens.

P 105
HENRY ROBINSON, Sept. 12, 1900-Oct. 6, 1900
Son Robert H. to select any beds, bedding on hand and ship by express to my dau Amanda J. Mathews, Nashville, Tn. Dau Ann Catherine Mathews; son P. B. Robinson; dau Amanda J. Mathews and ch of my dec son F. M. Robinson and ch of my dec dau Fanny Elizabeth Mathews the tract on which I formerly resided abt 170 acs in CD 8, Madison Co., eq. Son P. B. Robinson to manage the land and receive reasonable compensation for doing so. Wits J. A. Steadman, C. R. Hogsett.

pp 106-107
JOHN HARRISON McMILLAN, June 4, 1900-October 13, 1900
Wife Mary A. McMillan all personalty and land in Jackson including homestead with houses. She may sell some but not all of this land and at her death land to my grandch, the ch of W. A. McMillan 1/2 and ch of my dec dau Mary A. Diffee the other 1/2. To wife another house, lot on Preston St. in Jackson; lots in Bluff Park, Seattle, Washington. Wife exec but if she dies, then her sister Miss Lora Spah to be exec and she is to be trustee for Mary A. Diffee's three little girls, Lora May Diffee, Gertrude Alice Diffee, Mary McMillan Diffee. Son W. H. McMillan trustee for his ch. Wits Dr. S. R. Hubbard, R. A. Bland.

p 108
W. J. DERRYBERRY, Sept. 21, 1900-October 16, 1900
Wife Sarah Elizabeth Derryberry personalty including buggy, household furniture except one bed, bedding and 2 chairs which I give to my son J. C. Derryberry. Rest of personalty and my land to be sold and proceeds: 1/4 to my wife; 1/4 to my son Charles A. Derryberry; 1/4 to my son Walter D. Derryberry; 1/4 to my son J. C. Derryberry. Jesse A. Thompson exec. Wits H. H. Swink, R. H. Derryberry, J. H. Thompson.


(Page 13)

pp 109-111
J. D. PEARSON, April 4, 1899-October 30, 1900
Tracts in CD 13 (225 acs), CD 12 (114 acs) to be sold to pay my debts, funeral expenses. Wife Josephine my house, lot now occupied by me, 245 W. Baltimore St., Jackson with all furnishings; at her death to be sold and div eq among my living ch and to ch of my dec children. To daus of my dec son William M. Pearson (Estell, Eunice) real est valued at $1000. Son J. C. Pearson land valued at $1000. Son S. W. Pearson land valued at $1000. Dau Mrs. N. E. Blackmon dec, her ch $1000 (Sidney, Ethel and Cornelia Blackmon); son J. C. Pearson $1000 in money. Dau Mrs. Mary McCallum wife of J. R. McCallum $1000 in money. Sons W. L., N. B. Pearson 180 acs CD 12 valued at $2300; also 138 acs CD 13 valued at $300. J. C. and J. L. Pearson execs. Wits W. H. Hawkins, S. J. Everett.

P 111
JAMES R. MORENAS, Nov. 7, 1900-November 13, 1900
Mother to have all my property. Mrs. Perkins to have $200 in money and the lots in Tomlin addition. Want Henry Wade to have $6 per week and Frank Brinkey $5 a week until business is settled. Mrs. Perkins $10 a week ditto No exec named. Wits Louis W. Eppinger, R. E. Hopper.

pp 112-113
THOMAS CLARK, Feb. 1, 1889-January 17, 1901
On life insurance policy for $5000 my dau F. C. Kendrick to pay my dau Mrs. J. C. Pybas "the one half to be paid of amt to her." Sons able to make their own living. I have made provision for my daus. My house now occupied as a residence by myself and family, all personalty therein to my daus. At death of my daus the house, lot with furniture to be sold and proceeds div eq among my living ch and ch of dec ch. Interest in my father's est to these daus also. Dau Sue Mc. Clark my gold watch. My sister-in-law Mrs. Eliza Henderson may have a home with my daus for life. Stoddert Caruthers exec. Should daus marry and move away they may sell house, lot for their benefit. I owe son Tom $1000 and this is to be paid him before any div of est is made. No wits.

p 114
JOHN TOUGHY, Jan. 11, 1901-January 22, 1901
If I die before my bro Michael Toughy I give him 1/2 of what cash will be left, held in trust for him by First National Bank of Jackson, Tn. Son John M. Toughy is to receive principal of this trust when my bro dies and if he is dec then to my nieces and nephews Ed, Pat, Hugh, Kate, Susan, Mary, Magy Toughy eq. Bro to have rents from my house on W. Lafayette St. and at his death goes to my son John. No exec named. Wits John Magevney, P. Carr.

pp 115-116
W. A. MULLINS, Jan. 7, 1901-January 29, 1901
Proceeds of whatever property I possess to become property of First Baptist Church, Jackson, Tn. J. L. Nelson exec. Wits J. N. Johnson, Oscar Haywood.

pp 116-117
MRS. J. W. BIRDSONG, March 31, 1896-February 5, 1901
Citizen of CD 16, Madison Co. The tract of land I bought this day from my son R. T. Birdsong, 50 acs in CD 16, to be div eq between my son R. T. Birdsong daus Mrs. Mary Howard, Mrs. Lanora McKee, Mrs. Campbell Denny. Personalty to R. T. and S. W. Birdsong. 95 acs in CD 16 "my old home place" eq to S. W. Birdsong, Mrs. Sallie Jackson. The said S. W. Birdsong "is the man known as Stonewall Birdsong a man I have raised from his infancy and who was born in 1864 or 1865 and has been in my family from his infancy." Signed will with an "x." Wits W. A. Thompson, John S. Lewis.

p 118
THOMAS B. MERCER, Jan. 5, 1901-February 5, 1901
Son Wm. A. Mercer of Memphis, Tn. $100. Grandson Ernest B. Mercer son of Wm. A. Mercer 1/4 of my real, personal est. Son Thos. E. Mercer 1/5 share of est; son-in- law Frank M. McGlatheny 1/5 est; son Joseph A. Mercer 1/5 share; dau Mary E.


(Page 14)

McGee dec legal hrs 1/5 share. Son Thomas E. Mercer and son-in-law Frank M McGlatheny execs. Wits W. S. Nuckolls, W. G. Snipes.

p 119
MRS. S. J. GARRETT, March 7, 1900-February 8, 1901
Pay off a note due J. W. McDonald for $337.50 and whatever remains "to my heirs." J. H. McDonald exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Thomas McCorry, Mrs. A. T. Garrett.

p 120
JAMES S. EDWARDS, Sept. 13, 1889-February 9, 1901
Wife Mary E. Edwards entire est for life and then to living ch and hrs of those ch who have died. My 4 ch L. M. Edwards, L. F. Edwards, Emma A. Barrier and Mary Martha Perry shall have in the div $400, the advantage of my son Wm. H. Edwards, he having already had that much or more. Grandson James William Edwards have 1/4 as much as any of my ch as he is not of age. Personalty to be sold and proceeds go to support my wife. Sons Wm. H. and Luther M. Edwards execs. Wits W. S. Marsh, S. D. Ford, F. M. McGlatheny.

p 121
GEORGE REID (colored), March 28, 1896-March 2, 1901
Wife Malinda Reid personalty. Real est in CD 2, CD 15 Madison Co. to be hers for life then to my son George Reid and he to be exec. Wits Robert W. Haynes, M. B. Gilmore.

pp 122-123
ADELINE SUSAN GRAVES, Sept. 2, 1897-March 12, 1901
William Alexander Graves 83 acs that I bought from my son James Madison Graves and a $100 note. Sarah Ann Baker, nee Graves, one house on her land built myself, $5.84 and a note. Elbert Franklin King only ch of Naoma Jane King, nee Graves, 3 notes amtg to $234.32; also 1/2 of 78 ac tract and 3 notes ($302.58). A. R. Turner exec. Signed her will with an "x." Wits J. D. Richardson, E. L. McCully.

p 124
MRS. MINA GLEASON, April 11, 1901-April 23, 1901
Dau Mamie Gleason all notes, money and entire est. Bro-in-law L. G. Moyer exec Wits S. J. Everett, Elsie Allen.

p 125
DANFORD A. ISBELL, April 24, 1901-May 18, 1901
Dau Mrs. Lina Gary of Wheaton, Ill. $200. Son George L. Isbell of Jackson, Tn livestock. Wife Mrs. A. Isbell balance of est Mrs. Mary A. Isbell exec. Wits Eli Friedlob, B. B. Rosser.

pp 126-127
BENJAMIN WILLIAM PERRY, Oct. 6, 1900-July 2, 1901
George Perry $250. Joseph Valentine $200. Jack Perry (colored) tract in CD 6 abt 140 acs if he looks after and cares for me and works my land. If he doesn't, he is to receive no benefit from my est. Residue to South Western Baptist University, Jackson, Tn. Friend J. P. Lanier exec. Wits Joel Burton, Frank Lanier.

pp 128-129
G. W. PIERCEY, May 18, 1901-July 27, 1901
W. E. Piercey $5. T. H. Piercey $5. Mrs. M. M. Rhodes $5. G. F. Piercey $5. These being my ch by my first wife Rebecca Jane Piercey. to my /present/wife Martha C. Piercey and three ch A. C. Piercey, R. A. Piercey, J. M. Piercey all real est I die owning. I heretofore deeded 2 tracts to my wife Martha Piercey and she is to be exec. Wits F. W. Blankenship, W. A. Rhoes /Rhodes?/, J. M. Troutt.

pp 130-133
M. A. HOLLY, Jan. 23, 1900-August 1, 1901
Of Cooter, Peniscot Co., Missouri. Son Pinkney Harrison Holly 63 acs, personalty and money he owes me. Son John A. Holly dec hrs, Emanuel Javan Holly a parcel of land. To Pinkney Holly parcel of land; same to Lula and Louis. Son Walter Newton Holly 8 acs. Son David Bennett Holly parcel of land. Son Marion Holly $25. Old and faithful servant Squire Hayle (colored) a parcel of land and at his death to my son David B. Holly. Remainder of land to be sold including


(Page 15)

land in Madison Co., Tn, 80 acs in Anderson Co. Kansas and proceeds to pay my debts and support and educate my 2 youngest ch Walter Newton Holly and David Bennett Holly until they are of age and remainder of est to be div eq between Pinkney Harrison Holly, Walter Newton Holly and David Bennett Holly. George W. Curtner, W. A. Green and Joseph C. Mall_?_ execs. Wits Joseph C. Mall_?_, A. L. Watson, W. A. Minis. Cod, April 24, 1900. Wife to have parcel of land, farming implements, livestock. Wits A. L. Watson, T. A. McNail.

p 134
NORA ROY, July 30, 1901-September 17, 1901
I have conveyed all title, interest I have in insurance policy to Anna Reid who has borne the expense of my last illness. Wit H. D. Harris.

pp 135-136
W. T. HARRIS, March 5, 1901-October 29, 1901
Wife Georgia L. Harris entire est except a watch and books at at her death est div eq between my then living ch except E. S. Harris; and my then living grandch. Son E. S. Harris my gold watch and all my books. Wife exec. Wits G. H. Ramsey, Geo. C. Wilkerson. Cod, April 11, 1901. $200 to son E. S. Harris.

p 137
AUGUST WILDE, May 28, 1897-November 30, 1901
5 sisters Caroline Stemke, Wilhelmina Hochbardt, Federreka Ziegler, Ulrica Hays, Elvira Landock $300 in bank stock eq. Remainder to sister-in-law Mrs. Mary Wilde. Nephew Charles F. Wilde exec. Wits John Magevney, F. W. Alexander

pp 138-139
ELIZABETH DAVIDSON, Sept. 28, 1897-Jan. 21, 1902
Joint monument to be placed over my grave and my husb's grave in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tn. To ch of my 4 dec sisters Mrs. Nancy Hoard, Mrs. Jane Wood, Mrs. Martha Robertson, Mrs. Sallie Blevins $1000 in gross, that is $150 ea. Residue of est to nephew B. R. Thomas, Waverly, Tn and he to be exec. Wits G. M. Savage, H. C. Irby, W. S. Moore, W. T. Nelson.

p 139
MRS. JULIA GRIMES, Nov. 18, 1901-May 10, 1902
Personalty eq to Monte, Annette, Tinkie, Ada. "The old place is to be divided equally except Bud /he/ is to have $100 more than the others." No exec or wits named.

pp 140-141
ANGIE H. HARRIS, Aug. 21, 1901-February 8, 1902
I own tract of land in CD 8, Madison Co., Tn I bought from my grandfather D. L. Henry, 82 acs, to my husb John T. Harris and he to pay remaining amt I owe on it. No exec named. Wits W. P. McKnight, M. B. Harris.

p 141
J. D. BLEDSOE, Oct. 29, 1901-February 8, 1902
Wife Minerva Leanora Bledsoe entire est and she to be exec. Wits C. G. Bond, Mrs. A. D. Collins.

p 142
MRS. M. A. COBB, April 12, 1902-April 26, 1902
Granddau Fannie May Hurt entire est. No exec named. Wits Emilie Barnard, Robert A. Hurt, Georgia Woods.

pp 143-144
WILLIAM A. BARNHILL, March 7, 1899-June 17, 1902
I have life insurance policy for $5000, made payable to Caroline Barnhill my wife and my 3 daus Mary E. Parker, Josephine Britt, Frances P. Parker eq. My wife has died leaving as her only ch Mrs. Jane Wiggins wife of N. D. Wiggins with whom I am now living; my dau Josephine Britt has died leaving her only ch Lemmie aged abt 13 yrs, John Britt aged abt 11 yrs; Bassil Britt aged abt 9 yrs and Evie Britt aged abt 7 yrs. Out of this policy my debts are to be paid, then 1/4 ea to Mrs. Mary E. Parker, Mrs. Frances P. Parker, ch of Josephine Britt, Mrs. Jane Wiggins. N. D. Wiggins exec. Wits M. I. Best, W. E. Ward.

pp 145-146
WILLIAM POPE, Sept. 27; 1899-June 24, 1902
Personalty to be sold. A note $400 I owe to my wife Sallie A. Pope and her 2 ch to be paid. My homeplace on which my residence is located to my wife. The Reeves land and "Bottom" tract to my oldest set of ch by my first wife. Son F. H. Pope my saddle and he to be exec. Wit John W. Buford. Cod, Dec. 16, 1899. Want the Reeves place to go to my wife instead of my 7 oldest ch and an interest in life insurance policy on the life of my half bro Dr F. B. Hamilton. Wit John W. Buford.

(Page 16)

p 147
D. D. GOODWIN, June 17, 1902-July 10, 1902
My father Tom Goodwin, Pinson, Tn, my gold watch. Oldest bro Calvin Goodwin, Memphis, Tn my gold watch chain. Bro Willie Goodwin, Indianapolis, Ind house, lot where I am now living -he already owns 1/2 of same; and another lot. Relative Rosa Goodwin, Memphis, Tn my piano. Prof. J. R. Rogers 1/2 of the lot east of my present house lot on Berry St. and my bank deposit. No exec named. Wits G. Bingham, S. W. Broome.

p 148
JOE ANDERSON, no exec date-November 10, 1902
Grandch Hardy Anderson, Eugene Anderson, Wilmer Street and Alberta Anderson all my real est 68 acs. Columbus Anderson $5. Tools, household furniture to be sold to pay my debts. J. D. Askew exec. Wits A. J. Anderson, J. P. Rone.

p 149
SARAH J. GRAVES, Oct. 4, 1902-November 11, 1902
$5 ea to son M. N. Graves; son Edward S. Graves; son C. G. Graves; son W. J. Graves; dau. Nellie B. Lyon; dau Nora Morrison; dau Pearl B. Derryberry. Rest of est to Elba A. Graves and Aleph Elnora Graves eq. Daus Ella A. Graves and Aleph Elnora Graves execs. Wits A. D. Muse, W. G. Towne, Sallie Towne.

p 150
SAMUEL S. NEELY, Nov. 17, 1893-November 25, 1902
Heretofore have given sons Robert B. and J. R. what I consider equitable, I now make no provision for them in this will. Daus Jennie wife of Frank Williamson; Lula wife of A. H. Ellington; Molly Neely, Lessie Neely my entire est eq. Robert B. Neely exec. Wits M. S. Neely, C. C. Weaver.

pp 151-152
ROSE EPPINGER, Nov. 1, 1902-December 2, 1902
To Louis and George Eppinger of Germany $1000 ea. Nephews John Eppinger, Charles Eppinger and niece Louisa Eppinger $2000. Execs to place $1000 in a local bank to pay annual interest to Mrs. Henrietta Bartholomew of Stuttgart, Germany. To L. W., J. F. Eppinger and my bro Charles Eppinger the residue of my personal est. Nephew Louis W. Eppinger my house, lot on Orleans St. in Jackson and my business house on No. Market St. in Jackson provided he pays J. F. Eppinger and Charles Eppinger $2500 ea. Bro Joseph Eppinger my orchard which is situated near Notzingen, Wurtenberg, Germany. Nephew L. W. Eppinger exec. Wits G. T. Fortune, C. C. Foster.

pp 153-154
JOHN S. PEARSON, Sept. 18, 1902-December 6, 1902
Having given to my older ch "all that I feel is proper" give to sons Clinton and Neely Pearson all real est on which I reside in CD 12 with provision that my wife Martha J. Pearson has a life support from it. Clinton, Neely Pearson execs. Wits J. A. Tyson, S. J. Everett.

p 154
LUCINDA E. VOSS, Dec. 11, 1902-January 13, 1903
Son Joseph E. Voss entire est having given this day a deed to Joseph E. Voss and my son Dossie Voss my lot on So. Royal St. in Jackson. No exec named. Wits J. N. Roark, John P. Mallory.

p 155
ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Feb. 26, 1895-January 26, 1903
Son John A. Taylor entire est and he to be exec. Wits R. F. Newsom, Wm. Newsom.

pp 156-158
DAVID A. JANES, Jan. 10, 1903-January 28, 1903
Wife Charlotte B. household furniture and a part of the house, lot where we now live, East Deadrick St.; part of it to be rented out. Remainder of land including 2 brickhouses and lots on Main St., Jackson to be rented to pay my wife $30 a month. I have advanced to my ch: dau Mrs. R. S. Clayton, $1250; dau Mrs. George S. Neville, $350; son Otto Janes $225. Have not made advancements to my other ch Mrs. Carey MacKay and Richard Janes. They are to be given amts of $350. then all ch made eq to the $1250 to Mrs. Clayton; then all div eq remainder of est. W. T. Rogers, M. H. Taylor execs. Wits E. E. Howell, H. M. Clayton.

p 159
BESSIE WARE WITHERSPOON, Nov. 14, 1894-February 14, 1903


(Page 17)

Entire est to hush James H. Witherspoon. No exec named. Wits J. H. Rowan, J. M. Davis.

pp 160-161
JOHN A. GREER, Feb. 20, 1901-February 18, 1903
Wife Alice Macklin Greer house, lot I live on, 4 acs and all property on the place; $12,000 in U.S. 4% bonds; $12,000 in U.S. 3% bonds; $6000 other U.S. 4% bonds; $8000 bank stock, First National Bank of Jackson. Also the storehouse lot on Main Street; another house, lot now occupied by the Peoples Bank; $1000 money out of my est and lot in Riverside Cemetery where Dr. John J. Taylor is buried. To Lula Harris my first wife's niece $21,000 in 4% Water Works bonds, Jackson, Tn. $3000 of old Water Works bonds, $2000 in U.S. 5% bonds. To Louisa Moore dau of Lula Moore $6000 U.S. 4% bonds and $10,000 in school bonds, Jackson, Tn. To Ann I. DeBerry my sister-in-law $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. Louella Meriwether who now lives with me $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. Eva Louise Taylor dau of Dr. John J. Taylor dec $10,000 U.S. 4% bonds and house, lot on Baltimore St. in which her mother now lives. Ingram Taylor son of John J. Taylor $2000 in U.S. 4% bonds. Kate wife of E. L. James $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. Willie Ingram $500 in money. W. D. Nelson $500 in money. John G. Nelson son of W. T. Nelson $250 in money. Thomas Crawford Long, Jr. son of my friend Thomas C. Long $500 in money. Presbyterian Church in Jackson $1000 in money. Sara Davis my family cook "who has lived with me for many years" the small house, lot in Jackson. $1000 to be set aside for a monument for my grave similar to the one over first wife's grave. B. A. Persons my nephew $1000 in money, tracts of land (abt 145 acs, 90 acs, 11 acs, 200-acs). Emma Person dau of B. A. Person $2000 in U.S. 4% bonds. Lizzie Person dau of B. A. Person $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. Elenora Person dau of B. A. Person $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. . Walter Person $4000 U.S. 4% bonds. Ben Person $1000 U.S. 4% bonds. Niece Hibernia Neal my storehouse, lot on Market St., Jackson and $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. Emma Gates my grand niece $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. Falls Neill my grand nephew $2000 U.S. 4% bonds. Lula Tyson wife of Jo. W. Tyson storehouse, lot on sw corner of Main-Market strs in Jackson and $4000 US. 4% bonds. Anna Noel my niece house, lot now occupied by E. V. Bond as a grocery store and $4000 U.S. 4% bonds. Sallie Persons wife of Rush Person my nephew house, lot on Liberty St., Jackson and a small house, lot on Central Alley and 100 acs of land in CD 14, Madison Co. and $4000 U.S. 4% bonds. Leila Hicks wife of Jo B. Hicks storehouse, lot now occupied by Hays Brown as a storehouse and my dwelling house on Baltimore St. now occupied by Mrs. Harris; a small brick house now occupied by Mrs. Blanchard; a small brick house on W. Chester St. and $4000 U.S. 4% bonds. Sister Emily Person $5000 U.S. 4% bonds. Residue of est div among my sister Emily's children. Julius W. Vanden, Will A. Caldwell execs. Wits John L. Wisdom, C. P. Black. Cod, Oct. 14, 1901. Mrs. DeBerry has died so her share goes into est residue. Cod, March 8, 1902. I have given a small brick house on W. Chester St. to Mrs. Sally Person wife of Rush Person, revoke giving it to Lula Hicks. Cod, Nov. 25, 1901. I gave my farm to Mrs. Sallie Person but now revoke that and give it to J. A. Vandeford, this 100 acs being in CD 14, Madison Co. B. A. Person to have 126 acs in CD 18, Madison Co. Cod, Nov. 26, 1901. This enclosed package of U.S. bonds to Sallie Person, Jr. dau of Rush Person. To Master Greer Hicks these bonds (in an envelope). No wits.

p 167
BERRY L. SPRING, Feb. 24, 1898-March 21, 1903
Wife M. J. Spring my farm, 90 acs, in CD 7, Madison Co., Tn and at her death to my son J. W. Spring. Personalty at my death and wife's death to be div eq between my daus Ella Leet and Annie Spring. The farm to son J. W. Spring "for his devotion in taking caare of me and my wife in our old age." He is to be exec. Signed will with an "x." wits A. T. Pegues, H. H. Pegues.


(Page 18)

p 168
J. C. ESTES, April 1, 1903-April 11, 1903
Wife Nellie house, lot on Extension St., Jackson just no. of the lot I am living on. Son Thomas and daus Martha and Louise one bed, bedding ea. Personalty otherwise to wife. The homeplace I now live on was made to my former wife and her ch. J. A. Thompson exec. Wits C. G. Bond, J. G. Clarke.

pp 169-170
MILES PRIVITT, no exec date-probated by decree of Madison Co. Chancery Court. Certified copy dated May 26, 1903.
Wife Penine Previtt homeplace CD 9, Madison Co. and at her death 40 acs of land being 10 acs north of the house and 30 acs begins at the nw corner of the orchard, to get 30 acs including 3 acs of timber to dau Nancy Culliver and at her death to Annie Bell Culliver Thomason, Martha Jane Culliver, Rose Culliver, Johnnie Culliver, ch of said Nancy Culliver. Remainder of 110 acs, some 70 acs on death of Penine Privitt to be div eq between daus Malissa Jane Pipkin, Mary Ellen Stamps. Wife certain personalty. $5 to son Sam Privitt; $5 to son Bennett Privitt; $5 to son Henry Privitt; $5 to son John Privitt; $5 to grandson Walter Pipkin; $300 to ch of John Privitt; balance of est div between daus Mary Ellen Stamps and Malissa Jane Pipkin. T. A. Thompson exec. No wits.

p 171
HUGH PARKS MOORE, May 2, 1903-June 20, 1903
Sister Olivia D. Moore my undivided 1/2 interest in tract of land we reside on in CD 6, Madison Co. and ditto of personalty. No exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits F. B. Snipes, George H. Askew.

pp 172-174
B. L. ROZELL, Feb. 10, 1897-August 15, 1903
To be buried on so. side of my wife E. C. Rozell and a "marble enclosure" put "over me" as I have done for her. Nephew A. B. Rozell of Friar Point, Miss. (son of my bro R. A. Rozell dec) all notes I hold agt him, my gold watch presented to me by my father April 1, 1840 and my ebony goldhead cane. Mary Rozell granddau of my niece Mrs. Mary E. Brand $500. My old colored friend and servant Major Lyon $100 ea yr and appoint Mrs. M. J. Lyon of Memphis as his guardian. B. R. Patterson (son of niece Mrs. Mary E. Brand of Memphis, Tn) $1000. Magnus Lawrence (son of niece Margaret Lawrence dec) $1000. Minnie Holman (dau of niece Virginia T. C. Holman) $500. Madge Rozeel (dau of my nephew A. B. Rozell) $500. Rozell Conner (son of niece Ara Conner of Ripley, Tn $500. Mrs. Mary E. Brand my niece $500 and pictures of my parents, myself and wife. James C. McGlatheny, Rozell McGlatheny, Samuel L. McGlatheny (sons of James M. McGlatheny of Wilson, La) my bookcase, books and $100 ea. Niece Mrs. Mary E. Brand my lot in Elmwood Cemetery. Lot I live on to be sold to pay for bequests and if anything left to be div among my "other" nephews and nieces. Mrs. Mary E. Brand other personalty. Robert S. Fletcher, Jackson, Tn exec. Wits Aaron Walker, John Fletcher, George R. Gooch. Additionally Nov. 7, 1901. $1000 instead of $500 to Mrs. Mary E. Brand. Cod 1, April 7, 1903. Want $1000 to go to Fanny Bass my faithful cook and obliging servant. Wits Aaron Walker, D. P. Walker. Cod 2, April 22, 1903. $500 out of est to Henry Gill faithful to me during my confinement. Wits G. H. Ramsey, R. S. Fletcher.

pp 175-176
ELIZA A. HALL, Dec. 31, 1900-September 18, 1903
Son William T. Hall "because of the tender kindness shown to me in my old age" since the death of my husb Levi Hall all personalty and tract I live on, 82 acs CD 8, Madison Co. which I bought with money from my grandmother Mrs. Jane Arnold's est and used by my husb to buy this acreage. Son William T. Hall exec. Wits P. B. Robinson, S. J. Everett.

pp 177-178
LUCY GREER, Nov. 18, 1902-September 19, 1903
Horace White (colored) who is living with and waiting on me the house, lot


(Page 19)

I live on, Liberty St., Jackson, Tn. Also money I have on deposit in 1st National Bank, Jackson and other personalty. Vina Jackson (colored) a house lot on Liberty St. Will Person (colored) house, lot on Totten St. Square Greer (colored) a house, lot also on Totten St. Sidney Beatrice Person a house, lot on Tanyard St. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits T. B. Duncan, C. T. Wyatt, L. McCoy.

pp 179-180
BRYANT RANDOLPH (colored), Oct. 1, 1901-September 24, 1901
My farm in CD 9, Madison Co. I live on to be div eq between my stepson Caezar McClelland (west side of farm) and my dau Silvia Ann Vann (east side of farm). Wife Jane Randolph have a home with Caezar McClelland for life; personalty also to her. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits Henry Hunt, Grant Collins, Bryant Randolph.

p 181
DAVID McALPIN McCUTCHEN, Oct. 22, 1900-October 5, 1903
Wife Linnie V. McCutchen entire est. No exec named. Wits Wm. A. Crane, J. C. Smith

p 182
M. P. COLLINS, March 18, 1903-October 24, 1903
Sons J. Floyd Collins, W. Bruce Collins; daus Jodie Collins, Sadie Collins tract I live on abt 220 acs CD 11, Madison Co. with personalty div eq. W. J. Collins, M. P. Collins and my dau Mrs. R. D. Jones life insurance policy. J. Floyd Collins, W. Bruce Collins execs. Wits R. S. Fletcher, W. Falls Neill.

p 183
P. J. MURRAY, Oct. 2, 1903-November 2, 1903
Wife Eloise Macpherson Murray entire est including interest in my father's est in Chicago, Ill. and she to be exec. Wits F. B. Fisher, O. J. Nance, R. S. Fletcher.

p 184
EDWARD WALTERS, Jan. 27, 1904-February 8, 1904
Wife Minnie Walters personalty. Father D. M. Walters other personalty and he to be exec. Wits A. J. Gilley, J. W. Lemons.

pp 185-186
RADFORD ANDREW WILSON, May 22, 1903-April 2, 1904
Nephew W. M. Jones entire interest I have in est of my sister Carolina Wilson. Radford Boyd Jones, Robert Sammons Jones sons of my nephew W. M. Jones tract in CD 5, 106 acs, Madison Co. They are to pay $100 ea to Milton Enloe Jones, Thomas Ingram Jones, Joseph Hudson Jones, Wiley B. Jones sons of W. M. Jones. Nephew W. M. Jones exec. Wits Dr. H. P. Hudson, J. R. Fletcher.

p 187
DAN C. CALDWELL, Oct. 23, 1901-April 6, 1904
Wife Lella Caldwell entire est and she to be exec. Wits J. L. Nelson, E. L. James.

pp 188-190
CHRISTIAN KUNZ, April 13, 1898-May 6, 9, 1904
$500 for suitable monument at my grave. Sister Caroline Baker the house she lives in, Jackson, Tn and at her death to her son Christian Baker. Sisters Mrs. Julia B. Blackart and Caroline Baker my undivided 1/2 interest in real est on College St., Jackson. Sister Mrs. Charles Hanebuth $5. Bro Louis Kunz $5. Bro Julius Kunz $5. Personalty, stock in storehouse to my two sisters Carolina Baker, Julia A. Blackart. No exec named. Signed Chris Kunz. Wits D. H. Haynes, W. F. Rogers. Cod, April 23, 1904. Sister Mrs. Charles Hanebuth 1/2 interest in house, lot on Main St. and bequeath to nephew Christian Baker my gold watch and chain. Nephew Charles Hanebuth, Jr. my interest in a note due me, my building/loan stock and any bank stock I own. Sisters Caroline Baker, Julia Blackart any real est not mentioned in my will. Charles Hanebuth Sr. exec. Wits T. R. Montgomery, C. J. Brodus.

pp 191-192
JOHN CUNNINGHAM, Nov. 19, 1897-May 12, 1904
Sister Ellen Cunningham life insurance policy and entire est. lf she doesn't survive me, then my bro Patrick Cunningham of St. Louis, Mo. gets her share. John Magevney, Henry Burnell execs. Wits P. Carr, William Walch.


(Page 20)

p 193
JOHN B. NEWMAN, May 18, 1904-May 28, 1904
Wife Olivia Newman all my money and personalty except my life insurance for $2000; also all real est. Insurance goes to my daus Mrs. Lenora Dennison, Mrs. Lola Neff. Wife exec. Wits J. M. Barham, W. T. Griffin.

pp 194-196
ROBERT JACKSON McFARLAND, May 14, 1904-June 1, 1904
Granddau Estelline Fox, Toronto, Canada $200 cash. Grandson Leonard Frankland, Jackson, Tn, my entire carpenter tools. Walter Frankland, grandson my architectural tools. Son Frank M. Frankland my gold watch and chain. Dau Viola Frankland gold watch that was her mother's and the piano. I am joint owner with my son Frank M. Frankland of the Frankland Carriage Co., Jackson, Tn and hold my son's note for $1000 in said company. He and dau Viola to have this business and life insurance policy in the name of my dec wife Harriett Ella Frankland. Son to be guardian, trustee for Viola until she is 21 yrs old; she is now not quite 12 yrs old. Son to be exec. Wits J. H. Crenshaw, C. F. Howard.

pp 197-198
MRS. J. A. SWAYNE, Dec. 2, 1903-June 6, 1904
I own 1/2 interest in house on College St. valued at $3000 and a dwelling on Chester St. for which I paid $2050. I wish $300 spent on my parents' graves on my bro J. S. Johnson's lot in Riverside Cemetery. "I would like a nice monument." I wish to be buried beside my husb and a headstone similar to one he has, inscribed, "Maggie Johnson, Beloved Wife of J. S. Swayne. Married June 5th 1888 and date of death. She was a faithful and devoted wife." Niece Mary Ollie Heavner $1000, my best set of furniture and other personalty. Niece Bessie Mai Johnson $300 and personalty. Nephew Melville Johnson $300. Great niece Mary Elizabeth Mack $300 and personalty. Nephew Fenner Johnson $200. Mrs. Angie Witherspoon $500. James Swayne Wilson, Mr. Swayne's namesake $200. China and silverware div between Ollie Heavner and Sallie Mack. Bessie Mai Johnson old silver spoons. Ollie my cut glass and a picture. Anna and Lady to have my table linens. Bros Julius, Eugene, Ras, Calvin and Joe $1 ea. Ross Witherspoon "to attend to this for me." Wits Mrs. V. M. Evans, Corinna A. McCorry, Mrs. J. Ernest Edenton.

p 199
J. D. SMITH, April 7, 1904-June 28, 1904
Eq div of est to ea of my children James D. Smith, Mrs. Mary Lake, Miss Bettie Olivia Smith, Miss Louanna Smith, W. L. Smith, Minnie Smith wife of A. M. Burns. Son James Smith, F. O. Lake and (blank) Burns "to administer on my estate. " Wits J. G. Jester, John G. Gates.

p 200
ALBERT P. BUSH, July 7, 1890-Madison Co. Court minutes show this will was probated in Mobile Co., Ala March 17, 1896.
Wife Sarah Ann Bush entire est and she to be exec. Wits J. S. Knight, R. F. Neville, T. D. Nettles.

pp 201-203
SARAH A. BUSH, June 1903-Madison Co. Court minutes show this will was probated in Mobile Co., Ala June 6, 1901.
Son John Curtis Bush and wife personalty including my family Bible. Grandson T. G. Bush personalty. Granddau Sarah Albert Bush personalty. Grandson John Curtis Bush, Jr. personalty. Granddau Ruth Bush personalty. Granddau Marie M. Bush personalty. Granddau Annie Bush Nesbett personalty and picture given to me by her father in 1900. Grandson Albert Peyton Bush personalty including my diamond ring. Grandson Morris Bush personalty. Thomas Greene Bush personalty. Albert Peyton Bush, Jr. considerable personalty (furniture, linens). Granddau Willie Deupree Mohr my house on no. side of St. Anthony St. and considerable personalty including carriage. Grandson Albert Bush Deupree $300 and personalty. Sister-in-law Julia Williams $200. Niece Mary Williams personalty. Son J. Curtis Bush exec. Wits Charles D. Mohr, Theodore A. Walter.


(Page 21)

p 204
S. H. THEUS, July 4, 1904-August 20, 1904
Father A. T. Theus my insurance policies with Knights of Pythias and my boy Horace to have $150 out of policies if he stays with my father until he is 21 yrs old. Pay debts. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits A. T Theus, Z. T. Askew, Dr. J. L. Light.

p 205
GUSTAV KLINGENSPOR, Oct. 29, 1898-October 6, 1904
Wife Anna Klingenspor 1/2 interest in my real est and personalty, including house, lot on Bolivar St. in Jackson, Tn. At her death goes to my dau Mrs. Mary Ecklemore of Illinois and this dau the other 1/2 of est. No exec named. Wits Thad W. Pope, James E. Pope.

p 206
MRS. MARY K. HENRY, Nov. 12, 1902-November 1, 1904
Granddau Mollie Hill $10. My 3 daus Mrs. Alice A. Pope, Mrs. Jennie Alexander, Miss Nannie Brown Newby balance of est, eq. Dau Nannie B. Newby exec. Wits Raida Taylor, Horace Taylor.

p 207
WILLIAM F. GARDNER, Oct. 27, 1904-December 1, 1904
Wife Jane E. Gardner entire est and she to be exec. Wits J. F. Rhodes, F. W. Watlington.

p 208
CAROLINE ROOKS, July 27, 1904-January 10, 1905
Aged 65 yrs. My bro (unnamed) $1.50. Lizzie Webb lot in Jackson. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits A. R. Henry, R. E. Hart.

p 209
J. A. McDANIEL, July 9, 1901-probated Obion Co., Tn May 1902
Est div eq between wife Hellen T. McDaniel and my dau Mary Kate McDaniel and son C. D. McDaniel. Wife exec. Wits O. T. Oliver, W. P. Nash.

p 210
STODDERT CARUTHERS, Nov. 25, 1903-February 6, 1905
Wife Ella Brown Caruthers entire est and she to be exec. No wits.

pp 211-212
JOHN QUINN, Jan. 16, 1904-February 6, 1905
Friend Patrick Carr $884 out of life insurance policy. Exec pay John C. Cunningham $10 out of life insurance policy. Son Thomas Quinn remainder of insurance money. Wits B. H. Blalock, John Magevney.

pp 213-214
JOHN DADO, Dec. 27, 1904-February 15, 1905
Wife Josephine Dado entire est including my residence and 2 business houses in Jackson. At her death to my dau Amelia Dado Reavis wife of. Frank Reavis. Send my gold watch to my nephew Agostino Dado of Lucerne Canton, Switzerland. Friends W. A. Caldwell, J. W. Vanden execs. Wits John Magevney, H. D. Burnell.

pp 215-216
MRS. ELENORA M. HUGHES, Oct. 21, 1895-March 9, 1905
C. C. McCall as trustee of $1000 for my grandson David H. Gunn son of my dec dau Luellen for his support and education. Residue to my dau Nettie McCall wife of C. C. McCall; he to be exec. Wits Belton Sullivan, Richard L. Balch.

p 217
JAMES BLACKMON, May 17, 1904-March 13, 1905

Wife Miriam L. Blackmon entire est and at her death to my son J. R. Blackmon; he to pay ch of my son John J. Blackmon (Lorena L. Exum, Charley B. Blackmon, Maggie B. Hicks, Mary L. Hopper, Ed T. Blackmon) ea $100 after the death of my wife Miriam. J. R. Blackmon to administer est. Wits J. W. Anderson, E. E. Anderson

pp 218-219
NATHAN H. WHITLOW, Dec. 31, 1904-March 29, 1905
Wife Lizzie Whitlow household furniture, farming implements, livestock and life interest in farmlands. Son Charles H. Whitlow residue of my farmlands at my wife's death; this land 110 acs in CD 18, Madison Co. My claim agt the U.S. government, the proceeds thereof, to wife for building a house in


(Page 22)

"appropriate locality" of Jackson, Tn. Dau Ida S. Dugan an interest in est. Have already given to my other children. Wife and son T. L. Whitlow execs. Wits J. W. Vanden, William A. Caldwell.

pp 220-221
W. P. COBB, Oct. 25, 1902-April 18, 1905
After paying debts and whatever results from my 1/3 interest in the Rainey & Cobb mill and gin, wife Bertha to have $100 and if any money left div between my bro R. N. Cobb and ch of my other bro and sister children. Wife the house, lot where we live and considerable personalty. Headstone to be placed at my grave. Wife exec. Wits T. E. Mercer, W. S. Nuckols.

p 222
SARAH E. YORK, Sept. 2, 1904-April 21, 1905
Son James R. York entire est. No exec named. Wits R. A. Hurt, J. E. Mercer, W. J. Littlepage.

pp 223-224
CHARITY M. POPE, Nov. 24, 1897-May 17, 1905
"Now of Madison County, Tenn." Nannie Reid my niece wife of A. E. Reid $100. Nannie Frank Cooper dau of my nephew T. D. Cooper $50. Jefferson Chapman son of my nephew Solomon Jefferson Chapman $50. Personalty to niece Rosa Lee wife of J. D. Bond and to her my real est and at her death to her ch John Hare Bond, Wm. Earnest Bond. My real est consists of 2 tracts in Hardeman Co. /Tn/, one came to me in div of my father DeBerry Chapman's est and the other tract deeded to me by my bro George J. Chapman. Wm. H. Edwards of Mercer Tn exec. Wits E. S. Mallory, Stoddert Caruthers, John P. Mallory.

pp 224-225
A. M. JONES, June 24, 1899-May 23, 1905
Wife Sallie J. Jones entire est during life unless she wants to "give off" to Ada or Lizzie lands as follows. Dau Ada L. Jones 220 acs; dau M. E. Jones . abt 200 acs. If they have no bodily hrs their parts back to my dau Fannie Hicks ch and my son R. A. Jones or his ch. Have given sons J. C. and R. A. Jones and dau Fannie Hicks "their respective parts of my estate. " R. A. Jones exec. Wits T. A. Doak, William Anderson. "Supplement to will" April 25, 1905. Son R. A. Jones to have $1200 in Southern Tile and Brick Works; change in some boundaries of land devised in will. Daus Ada and Elizabeth $1350. Wits T. A. Doak, William Anderson.

p 226
T. G. BLACK, March 10, 1900-June 3, 1905
Son Benjamin Black all personalty. Farm in CD 16, Madison Co. to wife (unnamed) for life then div eq between my 3 ch Fanny Holland, Jackie Futrell, Benjamin Black. No exec named. Wits W. W. Roe, William P. Cole.

p 227
MRS. MARY INGRAM, Jan. 30, 1905-June 12, 1905
$70 for tombstone over my grave. Mary Riggles dau of Julius Riggles $100. Mrs. Sarah Riggles $100. David Crighton $300. My niece Mattie Long $1. Niece Laura Rhodes $1. Ella Rasso $1. Tom Riggles $l. Julius Riggles $1. Rest of est to Annie Engles and Mary Barr. D. Crighton exec. Wits J. S. Paine, J. T. Cochran.

pp 228-229
JOB UMPHLETT, March 3, 1905-July 18, 1905
Niece Miss Margaret E. Benton $5000. Miriam Virginia Pope dau of Mrs. Annie Pope $500. Lawrence Umphlett Pope son of Mrs. Annie Pope $500. Miriam Griffin dau of my business partner C. E. Griffin $1000. Louis C. Sparkman son of W. R. Sparkman $1000. Residue to niece Margaret E. Benton. Friend William A. Caldwell exec. Wits W. T. Rogers, O. J. Nance.

p 230
MRS. JULIA R. WOOLARD, Jan. 27, 1902-Aug. 4, 1905
Niece Julia Lou Berkeley household personalty and what she doesn't want of it to my stepdau Sue Mathis. Niece Emma Callaway my clothes. One share in building and loan association of Jackson, Tn to great nephew Alfred Reaves Berkeley. Residue to grand nephews and grand niece Julia Blue, Green Berkeley, Mary Lou Berkeley. Amanda Perry my wardrobe. G. H. Ramsey exec. Wits E. P. Cantrell, Mrs. M. M. Griffith.


(Page 23)

p 231
THOMAS MARTIN, Nov. 24, 1904-August 18, 1905
Elbert Merewether entire est. T. E. Mercer exec. Wits C. B. Lewis, W. S. Marsh

pp 232-233
JOHN G. JESTER, March 10, 1905-September 1, 1905
Dau Mrs. Florence Cockrill $10. Son Roy Jester my gold watch and chain. Wife Ella Jester rest of personalty and house, lot on W. Orleans St., Jackson. Storehouse, lot on College St. in Jackson to her. Dau Minnie Jester house, lot on Morgan St. Dau Mrs. Sallie Hunt house, lot on Gas St. Dau Mrs. Nina WaIters house, lot on Prince Edwards St. Wife exec. Wits Monroe D. Anderson, F. W. Adamson. Cod, Aug. 25, 1905. I have sold storehouse, lot, now in lieu of that give to my wife the storehouse on no. side of College St. Wits Ambrose McCoy, W. T. Rogers.

pp 234-235
H. J. BOREN, Oct. 15, 1904-September 1, 1905
Wife Martha Jane Boren farm in CD 11, Madison Co. where I live and the Askew land I own and personalty. At death of wife property to be div among my 4 ch Lee A. Boren, Edgar F. Boren, L. V. Blackmon, wife of Charles Blackmon; Mattie I. Thompson wife of T. O. Thompson. Son Edgar T. Boren exec. Wits Sid S. Bond, J. B. Hicks.

pp 236-240
W. T. NELSON, July 24, 1905-October 11, 1905
Wife Rebecca Hurt Nelson real est including several brick business houses in Jackson; bank stock. Son William DeBerry Nelson real est and bank stock. Dau Martha Henderson George wife of James L. George real est and $1000 in money. Dau Susan Allen Richardson real est and bank stock. Son Robert Bailey Nelson real est and $500. Son Isham Henderson Nelson real est and $500. Son John G. Nelson real est and $500. Dau Lizzie Emery Nelson real est and $500. Dau Annie Hurt Nelson real est and $500. Balance of property to my wife for life. Wife and son W. D. Nelson execs. Wits Thomas Polk, M. S. Neely. Cod, Sept. 11, 1905. Rearranging certain bequests. Wits Thomas Polk, M. S. Neely.

p 241
MRS. P. C. BERKHEAD, Jan. 31, 1898-October 21, 1905
Of Chester Co., Tn. Sister Miss M. C. Alexander entire personalty. Will A. Rodgers exec. Wits G. W. Cain, W. A. Clement.

pp 242-251
M. A. TAYLOR, Dec. 19, 1904-November 29, 1905
$500 for erecting an iron fence around Taylor graveyard and $100 for a monument over my grave. $400 to paint Hays Ave. /Methodist/Church. Mrs. Mary Sheppard and at her death to my dau Minnie Lee Taylor a house, lot, the latter also a lot on Sycamore St. Dau Mrs. Mary Emma Barton and her ch several town lots. Dau Mrs. A. R. Pope and her ch several houses and lots in Jackson and 53 acs in CD 15. Dau Lula I. Thompson and her ch several houses, lots in Jackson. Son M. H. Taylor several Jackson lots. Son Will A. Taylor 560 acs CD 9, $2600 in money already advanced him, a sawmill and several houses, lots in Jackson. Son Thomas I. Taylor several houses, lots in Jackson. Son Laurence Taylor several houses, lots in Jackson. Son W. Alva Taylor several houses, lots in Jackson. Son Hollie Taylor several houses, lots in Jackson, 218 ac tract in CD 8. Wife Mary E. Taylor for life or widowhood to be vested later in dau Minnie Lee Taylor, several houses, lots in Jackson and to wife certain personalty. Wife and son W. H. Taylor execs. Wits Monroe D. Anderson, A. J. McGehee, J. H. Hirsch.

pp 252-253
H. C. SMITH, May 10, 1904-December 11, 1905
Wife Bettie J. entire est and she to be exec. Wits W. G. Timberlake, R. R. Sneed

pp 254-255
STOKELY D. HAYS, Dec. 6, 1904-Jan. 4, 1906
Have certain life insurance policies. Wife Gertrude Hays entire est. J. Ernest Edenton exec. Wits W. H. Biggs, Thomas Polk.


(Page 24)

pp 256-257
J. W. MOORE, March 25, 1903-January 18, 1906
Dau Molly Gilliam; son R. E. Moore; dau Emer Ward; sons James William Moore, Walter Moore, J. T. Moore $400 ea. Granddau Lillie Moore $10. Dau Dove Moore and Albert Moore 147 acs being homestead where I now live. Sell personalty. Mentions wife Sarah T. Moore. Walter Moore and John T. Moore execs. Wits J. F. Rhodes , F . W. Watlington.

p 258
B. F. CURLIN, Aug. 23, 1903-January 25, 1906
134 acs in CD 19, Madison Co., Tn to wife P. W. Curlin and at her death to my dau Rosa Valentine and her hrs. She to pay J. F. Curlin, J. C. Curlin and Pollie Ramsey $200 ea. J. F. Curlin, J. C. Curlin execs. Wits B. F. Curlin, B. E. Dickinson, A. D. Dickinson.

p 259
SARAH E. DAY, Oct. 28, 1905-February 19, 1906
Husb Mortimer L. Day my entire est including my farm, the Shelton place and a house, lot in Malesus, Tn. No exec named. Wits I. E. DuBois, Lillian DuBois.

pp 260-262
J. W. PENNINGTON, March 26, 1903-February 21, 1906
To be buried in family graveyard "on my own place" with plain marble slab over my grave. Dau Mary Potts $200. Granddau Ora O'Neal $600 and piano at my house. Wife Sarah C. Pennington for life the real est I own and at her death to sons B. F. and A. H. Pennington. J. J. Pennington, A. H. Pennington execs. Wits W. G. Timberlake, R. R. Sneed.

p 263
JOHN WILLIAMSON, March 13, 1896-January 13, 1906
Wife Louisa Williamson entire est. Son John $5. Sons Houston, Rofe 40 acs of land so. of my tract. To Emily, Lyde, Mattie, Felix, Andy and Tom my ch the rest of my land. G. W. McGlohn exec. (Lands to be div after wife's demise.) Wits Sam C. Whitfield, Henry Williamson.

p 264
W. A. P. WILLIAMS, July 29, 1901-March 26, 1906
Wife to have farm for life except I want my son John Wilson Williams to have 40 acs, a cow. Dau Ida Elisabeth Corbet a horse bridle, saddle or value of same. Wife livestock, farming tools. At wife's death land to be div off into strips for first and last wife's children. John W. Williams exec. No wits

p 265
S. E. BLEDSOE, April 18, 1906-April 23, 1906
My 1/2 interest in improved lot in Jackson, Tn on Gas St. div among: bros George Bledsoe, Alex Bledsoe; sisters Jennie Day, Julia Wright; niece Thelma Mulloy; ea a 1/5. Nephew Cameron E. Day exec. Wits Mrs. Stella Bray, Mrs. Lela Whitlow.

p 266
NONA MULLOY, Dec. 9, 1904-April 27, 1906
I was married to Thomas Mulloy abt 8 yrs ago but he deserted me. I have from this marriage a dau Thelma, 7 yrs old to whom I leave entire est but if she dies without issue est goes to my sister Mrs. S. E. Bledsoe and she to have custody of Thelma and she to be exec. Wits John F. Price, W. L. Utley.

pp 267-268
HARRIET M. GILBERT, May 22, 1902-May 7, 1906
Dau Maud C. Gilbert in trust for use and benefit of her and my husb (her father) H. Gilbert, entire est. If she dies before her father then property to be held in trust for him by two daus Mrs. Izema B. Major and Mrs. Elva M. Slaughter. At death of H. Gilbert first to be paid from est Maud C. Gilbert, Mrs. Izema B. Major ea $1000. My dau Mrs. Slaughter having already rec'd. an eq amt. Life insurance policy was made to my ch Park E. Root, Izema B. Root, Elva M. Root. Park has died and I want Maud C. Gilbert to have his interest in the insurance policy. Maud C. Gilbert exec. Wits Robert A. Hurt, W. T. Jones.

p 269
SEPTIMUS FOSTER, June 2, 1905-June 6, 1906
Homestead, ward 3, Jackson, Tn to dau Mrs. C. Fannie Kelsoe and all personalty. Son C. S. Foster all money I may have at death on deposit in Second National


(Page 25)

Bank, Jackson, Tn. Son-in-law O. C. Kelsoe my shotgun. Granddau Geneva Kelsoe my gold watch. Son-in-law O. C. Kelsoe exec. Wits C. T. Starkey, W. B. Cole.

p 270
WILLIS POPE, Aug. 6, 1895-July 2, 1906
Wife Hannah Pope entire est and she to be exec. Wits A. J. McGehee, Stoddert Caruthers.

p 271
A. K. JOBE, Dec. 7, 1895-July 17, 1906
Wife Annie Laura Jobe entire est for life or widowhood. She may sell any of it she thinks proper and she to be exec. If she remarries est to be div eq between her and my children. Wits C. P. Black, F. E. Bond.

p 272
T. H. ALEXANDER, Dec. 17, 1903-July 19, 1906
Wife Harriet Joanna Zellner Alexander house, lot on Lexington Ave., Jackson, Tn and my personalty. The house, lot was willed to me by my bro James W. Alexander at the death of my sister Mrs. A. C. McGehee. Wits Geo. C. Wilkerson D. P. Walker.

pp 273-274
JEFFERSON FRENCH, May 5, 1906-August 1, 1906
Tally Taylor, housekeeper for mar:. y yrs all my farm 50 acs in CD 6, Madison Co., also my buggy, livestock. Rest of my farm known as the Alexander place abt 130 acs to my ch Robert French, May Williamson, eq. Remainder of est between my ch by my first wife eq. W. T. Duncan exec. Wits J. J. Snipes, W. T. Duncan.

p 275
ROBERT B. SMALLEY, Feb. 5, 1904-September 13, 1906
Sons and daus I. E. Smalley, G. B. Smalley, Carrie E. Smalley, N. Maud Smalley, Grover Smalley my entire est except I. E. Smalley shall "account" for $185 I have furnished him and my son G. B. Smalley "account" for $300 I have furnished him. Son G. B. Smalley and Berry Futrell execs. Wits D. W. McAulty, D. M. McAulty.

p 276
MISS MATTIE J. PEGUES, Feb. 14, 1902-October 19, 1906
Entire est to sister Evelyn Pegues and she to be exec. Wits Allen Fail, Cozzie Chambers.

pp 277-278
ANGELIN KING, June 18, 1906-October 24, 1906
$200 for burial expenses and placing of tombstone at my grave. Pinkney Walker $150. Ed Parish, Jr. $50. Fenner Parish $50. Robert C. Smith $50. John L. Parish rest of my money. Lucy Parish personalty. Ethel Parish personalty. Emma Walker personalty. Ed Parish, Jr. personalty. Pinkney Walker personalty. John L. Parish exec. Wits J. W. Waters, Mrs. C. M. Smith.

p 279
MRS. FRUZA J. HARSTON, Oct. 1, 1906-October 29, 1906
The home my father gave me on Denmark-Estenaula road to be sold and debts paid, including one I owe my son Edgar S. Harston. Residue if 5 eq shares: Edgar S. Harston; Callie Donie Pentacost 3 ch a share; Ella H. Midgett; Celie Eudora Pentacost; Sarah Clemie Harston. My home in Mercer to daus Celie E. Pentacost and Sarah C. Harston eq. Son Edgar S. Harston exec. Wits M. J. Siler, W. H. Edwards.

pp 280-281
MRS. SOPHIA B. REID, June 13, 1903-November 28, 1906
"Sis" Mamie whom I love dearly the new houses. 1/2 of my B & L Ac. stock to be sold to put a "slab over Sis Janne's grave" and curbing around mine. Lell and bro Dan personalty. 1/2 of cottage corner of College-Royal Strs also Lillee personalty. A. D. I give you the third house from Royal St. facing Lane Ave. and personalty. Rob personalty. Lena personalty. May personalty. Jen personalty. Mrs. J. T. Jones and Dr. Jones personalty. Most of these legatees being sisters, nieces and nephew of testator. No exec named and no wits.


(Page 26)

p 282
MARTHA JANE PIGFORD, Jan. 31, 1906-December 12, 1906
Son Clarence E. Pigford house, lot occupied by me as a residence on Preston St., Jackson with everything "therein." Also the proceeds of an insurance Policy for $2500. Son to be exec. Wits John P. Mallory, Martin Ross.

p 283
PATRICK WELCH, Dec. 12, 1906-December 22, 1906
Money, notes, accounts to Mrs. F. E. Person wife of J. P. Person and she to be "administratrix." Signed will with an "x." Wits G. N. Fogg, Izora Person.

pp 284-285
ULRICH GARDNER, July 14, 1900-December 28, 1906
D. F. McClintock, W. W. Payne, R. H. Robinson entire est as trustees to maintain a school known at the location known as "Oak Grove" in newly-created CD 18, Madison Co. as long as this bequests "holds out." No students over age 16 to be admitted. Demetrius Lacy exec. Wits D. H. Haynes, J. W. Blackmon.

p 286
M. C. ALLEN, April 24, 1905-January 17, 1907
Pay debts, have a suitable monument placed at my grave. House, lot in east Jackson, Tn to daus Fannie Keathley, Jennie Bird and dau-in-law Arina Pope wife of my dec son Will Pope and to sons T. W. Pope, G. W. Pope, son-in-law Dan Russell husb of my dec dau Kate Russell, eq tenants. Son G. W. Pope exec. Wits M. H. Taylor, Will A. Taylor.

p 287
HOLMES DAWSON, Jan. 22, 1906-January 1907
Wife Milly Dawson all personalty and house, lot in ward 3, Jackson, Tn for her life-time then to my grandch Bertha Bearden, ch of Irene Bearden my dec dau. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits R. A. Hurt, Forrest Davis.

p 288
ED. C. HARRIS, Dec. 12, 1906-February 8, 1907
"At Home." Son Edward Lee Harris a horse; wife Ella Harris balance of my est. George Lacy exec. Wits W. H. Butler, R. W. Young.

pp 289-290
LAWRENCE ELLISON, Sept. 12, 1904-February 23, 1907
Adopted dau Mattie Cole lot in Jackson; her son Lawrence Cole a lot in Jackson. 2 other town lots to Mattie Cole and my sister Caroline Ellison eq. Mattie Cole exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits C. G. Bond, C. G. Bond, Jr.

pp 291-292
J. J. B. PARRISH, Sept. 10, 1904-March 11, 1907
Wife Mary Caroline Parrish and her ch Mamie, Nancy and Daniel my farm in CD 1, Gibson Co If she remarries then to these ch entirely. Also to wife live- stock. To my hrs, ch of my first wife R. F. Parrish (G. S. Parrish, J. A. Parrish, Drucy Parrish, Eva Walker, Fannie Parrish, Grover C. Parrish) the land I reside on in CD 12, Madison Co. and CD 1, Gibson Co. and CD 1, Carroll Co. abt 325 acs. G. S. Parrish $150. Fannie Parrish $150. Drucy A. Parrish $205. Eva Walker $50. J. A. Parrish $125. Remaining est div eq between my wife and my hrs. Signed will with an "x." Wits T. B. Tooms, R. R. Boon, T. S. Parrish.

p 293
EMILY CASH, March 13, 1907-March 25, 1907
All personalty to be sold and proceeds div between my bro G. E. Pierce $290 in cash, a note for $21.18. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits S. S. Foutch, Fayette Graves.

p 294
B. F. BLACKMON, March 22, 1907-March 28, 1907
Wife Mattie Thomas Blackmon house, lot in Milan, Tn, stock in Jackson Bldg. and Loan Assoc., undivided 1/5 interest in parents' est, life insurance, personalty. "My beloved wife has been a helpmeet in the truest and best sense." She to be exec. Wits R. A. Bland, W. C. Blackmon.

p 295
MARTHA D. GREEN, Jan. 12, 1907-probated Dist. of Columbia, no date
Husb G. C. Green entire est and he to be exec. Wits Oscar M. Bryant, Elizabeth M. Bryant, Minerva A. McMillan.


(Page 27)

p 296
A. R. TURNER, Feb. 3, 1902-May 13, 1907
Wife Lilly W. Turner and my dau Lilly A. Turner entire est eq. no exec named Wits T. J. Graves, D. B. Rowlett.

p 297
MRS. ALICE DE COURCEY, Nov. 22, 1906-May 23, 1907
"Whiteville, Tenn." Daus Estelle and Lurline to have my insurance money "turned into the hands" of my bro Roger Smith as he is to act as guardian for my 4 ch. Rents from property in Jackson, Tn and other stock for their support. No exec named. Wits J. L. Moore, J. C. Perry.

p 298
S. B. GANNAWAY, June 21, 1907-July 31, 1907
Wife Betty Gannaway entire est for use, benefit of her and my children. Wife and Dr. I. W. Perkins execs. Wits A. A. Anderson, J. T. Harwell.

pp 299-300
PETER WEIS, April 30, 1907-August 1, 1907
$200 to pastor of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Jackson, Tn for masses for me. Dau Flora Elizabeth Anderson wife of W. J. Anderson, Jr. $1000. Son Joseph William Weis $1000. Son Jacob Louis Weis $1000. Son Charles Edward Weis $1000. Son Walter Henry Weis $1000. Grandson Peter Weis Anderson $1000. Residue of est to my wife Emma Alice and she to be exec. Wits W. F. Rochelle, C. E. Pigford.

pp 300-301
MRS. ROY J. HARRIS, Nov. 15, 1905-August 12, 1907
Eq to 4 nieces Mrs. Mattie Kinney, Miss L. Roy Dougherty of San Antonio, TX, Mrs. Henry Earl of Clinton, Ky and Mrs. Susan Stephens of TX and to my friends Mrs. Maggie McCoy, Jackson, Tn all real est including 2 story house I live in on Poplar St.; also eq her personalty. Wits D. W. Hening, W. T. Wilson, D. A. Stovall.

p 302
DORA L. WILLIAMS, March 7, 1905-September 7, 1907
Suitable headstone at my husb and my graves. Est to niece Miss Clara Jackel. Mrs. John Eppinger exec. No wits.

p 303
W. B. SPENCER, March 16, 1898-September 11, 1907
My home in nw Jackson to wife Jennie Spencer and my 2 daus Carrie Bell and Willie but if I die before my youngest son Frank Kelly is educated he is to have a home with daus until he is able "to take care of himself. " Life insurance to wife and 2 daus. Sons George and John "are able to take care of themselves." No exec named. Wits Monroe D. Anderson, F. W. Adamson.

p 304
C. R. SYMONS, August 8, 1898-September 12, 1907
Of Columbus, Ms temporarily living in Cairo, Ill. Elizabeth Campbell Symonds my entire est for caring for my ch Annie N. Symons, Francis Campbell Symonds. $10 to W. C. Williams. $25 to est of B. G. Hendrick. No exec named and no wits.

p 305
MRS. JULIA K. FARKAS, Aug. 23, 1907-September 17, 1907
Entire est to husb Frank Farkas and he to be exec. Wits Elizabeth M. Spotswood Mary E. Alexander.

p 306
HENRY REAVES, Jan. 15, 1907-Oct. 2, 1907
Wife Loueaser Reaves entire est but if she remarries property to be sold and money div eq among my ch. Jonas Womack exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits J. Womack, J. N. Meriwether.

p 307
A. J. GILLEY, Aug. 15, 1907-October 5, 1907
Wife Josifine entire est and at her death div eq between my ch and my wife's "first" ch, J. W. Lemmons, Miss Sallie Lemmons Osbern, Lula (Gilly) Cole, Samuel Gilley, Betty Lockey's hrs. No exec named. Wits W. A. Blankenship, J. F. Outlaw.

pp 308-309
R. D. McCALLUM, Oct. 11, 1901-October 11, 1907
Nephew J. R. McCallum 1/2 of whatever amt my nephew F. P. McCallum may be owing me and to F. P. McCallum the other 1/2 he may be indebted to me and to F. P. McCallum undivided 1/2 interest in 97 ac farm on which he now lives. Niece


(Page 28)

Annie McCallum Everett wife of S. J. Everett all the money I have and lands other than that to F. P. McCallum. S. J. Everett exec. Wits C. G. Bond, Hunter Wilson. Cod, Sept. 27, 1904. Nephew F. P. McCallum having died, indebted to me for several thousand dollars I now give to J. R. McCallum $1500, livestock. Niece Annie Everett livestock. Wits Ambrose McCoy, J. H. Olive.

p 310
DUDLEY ELLINGTON, Sept. 11, 1907-November 27, 1907
Granddau Ora Ellington dau of Si Ellington, Nettie Walker dau of Henry Walker eq my house, lot in Jackson. John F. Snider exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits W. T. Blackard, Will Anderson.

p 311
LAURA C. PYLES, March 24, 1902-December 4, 1907
Personalty to bro Willis C. Pyles and to him and nephew James A. Holmes my house, lot in Jackson being a gift to me from my father Addison Pyles. I've not mentioned my nephews Walter Holmes and William Pyles as they are young and able to provide for themselves. Rest of est to bro Willis C. Pyles. No exec named. Wits R. S. Fletcher, Richard L. Balch, Mary Wilbon Balch.

pp 312-313
MRS. MARGARET HICKEY, May 26, 1904-December 12, 1907
House, lot, ward 2, Jackson, Tn to be sold, proceeds used to pay debts; place a suitable family monument in the burying ground of the Catholic Cemetery, Jackson, Tn. $25 to Father Abbott of Nashville, Tn, $25 to Father Murphy of Jackson, Tn, $25 to Father Graham of Nashville, Tn for masses to be said for myself and dec dau Annis Hickey. $50 to grandson Vanden Willey. Balance of est to sons Thomas Hickey, John Hickey and dau Katie Willey. Given son John Hickey house, lot ward 2 Jackson and he to be exec. Wits John Magevney, C. G. Bond, Jr.

p 314
S. M. POWELL, Dec. 21, 1907-January 23, 1908
Youngest son Searcy Powell a tract of land. Son J. R. Powell tract of land. Son A. N. Powell tract of land. Dau Viola Powell tract of land. Dau Addie Conner and husb $700 in money. Dau Leila Hill and husb $500 in money. Ea ch a bed. Personlty to be sold and daus be paid and remainder div eq among my 6 ch. Sons A. N. and Searcy Powell execs. Wits E. G. Piercey, E. L. Lowe.

pp 315-316
ELIZA ELLISON (colored), Aug. 18, 1876-January 20, 1908
Wife of Lawrence Ellison. My adopted ch Martha Jane Ellison town lots and improvements in so. part of Jackson, Tn. Husb for life and then to Mary Harvey of Bertie Co., N. C. and Caroline Ellison of Denmark, Tn eq town lots in Jackson. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits Jas. K. Stephens, C. G. Bond.

p 317
RUSH A. JONES, Dec. 30, 1907-February 10, 1908
Wife Fannie Elizabeth (Bessie)Jones entire est and she to be exec. Wits Thomas H. Scruggs, H. C. Pinkston.

p 318
KATHERINE CORBETT, Jan. 13, 1908-February 24, 1908
Sister Annie D. Coughlin entire est and she to be exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits H. P. Tomlin, H. H. Lesh.

pp 319-320
S. D. McDONALD, April 28, 1905-March 25, 1908
Wife Emma C. McDonald house, lot on Deadrick Ave., Jackson, Tn and at her death div eq between my son Samuel McDonald and my dau Carrie E. McDonald. Household furniture to dau Carrie after wife's death. Son Samuel McDonald exec. Wits J. W. Vanden, T. I. Taylor, W. R. Theus. cod, May 2, 1905. Dau Carrie E. McDonald "to be paid" $1200. Same wits. Cod, Sept. 7, 1905. As my son Samuel McDonald is now a resident of Louisville, Ky I name my wife exec. Wits T. I. Taylor, W. A. Caldwell, J. W. Vanden.

pp 321-322
J. R. SMITH, April 7, 1908-April 14, 1908
Dau Maggie Smith insurance money. Sisters Mrs. Mary Jane McRae, Ann Hassell, Tyne Smith insurance money eq and 2 lots in Felsenthal, Ark. Want court to appoint person to "carry out this will." Wits Henry Bowen, Jr., C. H. Whitlow.


(Page 29)

pp 323-324
EDWARD A. LINDSEY, June __, 1906-May 29, 1908
Daus Ida, Rachel, Mamie, jointly, land with residence as well as personalty. Remainder of real est to my 2 sons Edward and Albert eq, including the "Glover place" where my sister and husb L. A. Glover are to be allowed to live. Sons Edward M. Lindsey, Albert S. Lindsey execs. No wits.

pp 325-327
F. J. SNOW, SR. Sept. 10, 1906-July 11, 1908
$250 to pay debts and placing of a monument to my grave. Son F. J. Snow Jr. bank stock and my piano. Son Shelton R. Snow bank stock, desk and bookcase. Dau Mrs. Ethel N. Corey bank stock, diamong ring. Wife Mrs. S. F. Snow bank stock, rest of personalty. Grandson Valentine Corey (son of dau Mrs. Ethel Corey) bank stock. Sister Mrs. Fannie Carlton, Winchester, Ohio $100 in cash. Sons the money they have borrowed from me. Sons the burial lot in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tn. Wife all real est on so. side of Jackson St. ward 3 and at her death to be div eq among my ch. F. J. Snow, Jr. and Shelton R. Snow execs. Wits L. McCoy, R. S. Fletcher.

p 328
MISS NANNIE B. NEWBY, July 8, 1908-July 19, 1908
Sister Mrs. Alice A. Pope 2 houses, lots in ward 1, Jackson, Tn. Sister Mrs. Jennie Alexander my undivided 2/3 interest in house, lot on Chester St. and Shannon St. Nephew Newby H. Pope 5 shares in Jackson bldg. and loan assoc Mrs. Jennie Alexander exec. Wits Charles E. Griffin, W. W. Payne.

p 329
WILLIAM D. MARTIN, SR. Feb. 3, 1902-July 23, 1908
Wife Sarah Jane Martin entire est and $1 ea to my ch William D. Martin, Jr., Samuel B. Martin, Isaac W. Martin, Thomas D. Martin, Trevellick O. Martin, Ann D. Martin, Baptiste M. Martin, Mary Jane Martin, Harrison Adamson Martin. Wits F. W. Adamson, John Magevney.

p 330
SUE P. BUTLER, Aug. 1, 1906-July 25, 1908
Ch Mary Ormond Butler, Thomas Henderson Butler homeplace on Institute St. in Jackson and its contents eq. My dau Susie Butler Anderson is married and provided for. Husb W. E. Butler to have a home with Mary O. and Thos. H. Butler. No exec named. Wits F. B. Fisher, G. R. Gooch.

p 331
MISS MAY ROGERS, Feb. 25, 1907-August 24, 1908
Mother Mrs. C. A. Rogers all real est and at her death to my sister Miss Ella Rogers. Sisters Mrs. Mattie Hilliard, Mrs. Lucy Anderson; bros James, Thomas and Robert Rogers ea $1. Sister Ella Rogers exec. Wits B. H. Blalock, W. Alva Taylor.

pp 332-333
EATON DAWSON BOND, July 4, 1908-September 7, 1908
Dau Sallie Bond Ragland my personalty. Granddau Fannie Bell Bond $25. My farm in CD 4, Madison Co and house, lot in Mercer, Tn and rents to pay debts Sallie Bond Ragland proceeds of all real est for life and then to my grandch eq. At death of grandch 10% of real est proceeds to missionary efforts of the Baptist Church in Mercer. Balance of proceeds to go to upkeep of Bond burial ground. My bros Thomas, T. H. Bond, Ben Tyson and Sallie Bond Ragland execs. Wits W. A. Mercer, W. S. Nuckolls.

pp 334-337
MRS. E. J. GILMORE, Aug. 31, 1908-September 18, 1908
Monument to be placed at my grave. Sister Mrs. Ella B. Caruthers all my lands east of Jackson in CD 15 (48 acs, 31 acs, 375 acs). Sister Mrs. Sarah T. Dancy all my lands east of Jackson so. of Cotton Grove Rd. CD 15 (212 acs, 91 acs). Bros Milton Brown, Bailey Brown land in Clark Co., Ms inherited from my father Milton Brown. Nephew Dr. A. B. Dancy house, lot in ward 1, Jackson. Nephew Clifton Dancy house, lot in ward 2, Jackson. Nieces Medora Caruthers, Sarah Caruthers, Ella B. Caruthers eq a house, lot in ward 2; house, lot in ward 1; 100 ac tract sw of Jackson and other real est; bank stock and ea niece individual personalty. God-child Annie Turley Hinton 2 set diamong ring. Nephew Dr. Dancy my largest diamond ring. Mrs. Sarah T. Dancy, Mrs. Ella B. Caruthers execs. Wits Percy B. Luck, W. B. Hays.


(Page 30)

p 337
R. VAN DEUSEN, Sept. 23, 1908-October 12, 1908
Wife Sarah Belle Van Deusen entire est and she to be exec. Wits Thomas H. Drake, Charles M. McFarland.

p 338
D. G. WINSETT, Aug. 11, 1890-October 29, 1908
Wife Lucy Ann Winsett entire est and at her death to my hrs, viz R. A. Winsett, Catherine Tennesee Winsett, G. W. Winsett. Lucy Ann Winsett exec. Wits J. H. Freeling, G. W. Cooper, R. J. Morrow.

p 339
G. H. HENLEY, Oct. 9, 1908-November 2, 1908
Wife (unnamed) entire est and she to be exec. Wits L. D. Hamilton, John A. Blackmon.

pp 340-341
F. B. SNIPES, Oct. 29, 1901-January 22, 1909
Wife Tempe J. Snipes entire est for support of our ch. At her death to my 4 sons eq W. B. Snipes, E. P. Snipes, Jos. J. Snipes, J. A. Snipes; they ea to pay $125 to Florence Taylor; F. B. Taylor $5; W. L. Taylor, Jr. $5; Floyd Taylor $5. E. P. Snipes exec. Wits W. T. Duncan, R. C. Moore. Cod, March 20, 1902. I have advanced to son E. P. Snipes 70 acs and this to be deducted from his share of est. No wits.

pp 342-343
ISHAM HURT, Nov. 19, 1908-February 17, 1909
Wife Liza house, lot in Jackson and personalty. Grandson Jerome Hurt son of Robert Hurt $30. Grandson Ed Person son of my dau Hettie my young mule Pate. Balance of est eq to my 6 ch Curtiss Hurt, Isham Hurt, Hettie Hurt, Puckett, Hostie Brown, Emma Hays, Fannie Persons. If wife dies before I do personalty to Eliza's dau Mary Jane Hays. Robert H. Leeper exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Robert A. Hurt, Ed Person.

pp 344-345
EMMA C. McDONALD, Oct. 24, 1900-March 5, 1909
An insurance policy to me by my husb S. D. McDonald at his death and I have bequeathed proceeds of same to my grandsons William C. McDonald, John W. McDonald, Terrell McDonald, ch of my son John J. McDonald ea $5; balance of $5000 insurance policy div between my ch Samuel McDonald and Carrie M. McDonald. My grandsons are step grandch of my husb; that is why I didn't give them an equal share of this money. No exec named. Wits J. W. Vanden, W. A. Caldwell. Cod, June 3, 1904. I appoint son Samuel McDonald exec. Wits T. I. Taylor, W. A. Caldwell, J. W. Vanden.

pp 346-348
MRS. VIRGINIA FENNER, May 27, 1907-April 16, 1909
All personalty div eq between my ch Robert Fenner, Martha Fenner Skene, Mabel Cummings. Sister Mrs. W. A. Hayley and Miss Fannie Fenner ea $250. Devise to grandch and namesake Virginia Fenner Cummings tract of land abt 6 acs. Other real est eq among my 3 ch. W. A. Caldwell exec. Wits C. G. Bond, Jr., John W. Holland.

p 349
ELLA PEYTON DAVIS, Dec. 9, 1890-June 1, 1909
All my interest in tract in CD 7 to husb J. M. Davis. Residue of est to sister Bettie G. Bell. Husb exec. Wits John Witherspoon, Annie May Bell.

p 350
ANN McMILLAN THOMPSON, July 31, 1902-June 15, 1909
Entire est to Atwell Thompson. No exec named. Wits Dee Harrison, W. S. Keller J. R. Duncan.

p 351
J. A. JONES, May 29, 1909-June 29, 1909
Annie Jones eq with my ch lands in Tenn., Ark. R. J. Jones my buggy. Dau Ida and Annie Jones legatees. J. D. Burton, C. T. Jones execs. Wits T. Sanford, J. E. Miller.

p 352
H. M. BLEDSOE, July 14, 1909-July 21, 1909
Sister Laura Elizabeth wife of W. J. Wilde pay all my debts out of money that will be paid to her on my insurance policy and balance to be div between my sisters Ophelia and Rebecca. House, lot to my father and at his death to Ophelia and Rebecca. Bro L. V. Bledsoe $5. Bro-in-law W. J. Wilde exec. Wits L. Marks, P. C. Stovall.


(Page 31)

p 353
MICHAEL LAWLER, Jan. 23, 1909-August 2, 1909
Monument to be placed over my grave. Dau Mrs. Mary E. Bailey wife of Eugene Bailey my 6 houes, lots in Jackson, Tn and all other property except to son John F. Lawler a house, lot on Stoddert St. and my house, lot on Gates Ave. Dau Mary E. Bailey exec. Wits I. B. Tigrett, B. H. Blalock.

p 354
DOWAN BALLARD, SR. Dec. 28, 1907-August 10, 1909
All property eq to sons William H. Ballard, Dowan D. Ballard. Son D. D. Ballard to be "administrator." Signed will with an "x." Wits J. H. Trimble, L. G. Murray

p 355
LAURA ADELAIDE DUCKWORTH, July 30, 1901-September 7, 1909
Sisters Wilhelmina Francine Duckworth, Ella May Duckworth entire est and Wilhelmina to be exec. Wits J. R. Fletcher, J. J. Howell, J. E. Albrecht.

pp 356-357
JACK B. ROBINSON, May 11, 1907-September 10, 1909
Wife Lou Robinson, Mrs. Mary Diffee, Miss B. Allison all my real and personal est and at their deaths to my cousin Mr. Clem Robinson. Wife exec. Wits J. H. Cawthon, W. G. Neill.

pp 358-359
J. E. PEARSON, June 27, 1909-September 13, 1909
Wife R. G. Pearson entire est for life and at her death the Bray place to dau Vivian Petigrew; son John West Pearson real est; son George L. Pearson real est; dau Mary have the 55 acs left me by my mother; son Everett Pearson real est. R. G. Pearson exec. Wits W. D. Yarbrough, H. L. Jones. Cod, June 28, 1909. Personalty to wife and then div eq to my ch. Wits C. E. Pigford, R. G. Howard.

pp 360-361
THOMAS CORREN, July 31, 1909-September 13, 1909
Mrs. Ellen E. Jennings wife of Levi A. Jennings all money after debts paid and lot in ward 2, Jackson and all personalty "because of the kindness and attention she has shown me." She to be exec. Wits R. F. Sprague, L. A. Jennings, J. A. Williamson.

p 362
JOE WILLIAMSON, Sept. 6, 1909-November 6, 1909
Stella Williamson personalty. Mai Williamson personalty. Jennie Williamson personalty. No exec named. Wits T. P. Williamson, Tom Shaw.

p 363
JASPER BALLARD, __ ___ 1909-November 20, 1909
Wife Lizzie Ballard and her hrs 25 acs including house where I now live. E. E. Milum exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits R. H. Dashiell, W. G. Neill.

pp 364-365
F. W. ADAMSON, Nov. 5, 1909-December 18, 1909
4 insurance policies; proceeds to wife Margaret E. and son B. G. Adamson. Wife house, lot on Highland Ave., Jackson and personalty. B. G. Adamson my diamond stud. Friend B. J. Howard my Elk's emblem diamond ring. Wife exec. Wits W. W. Tucker, T. B. Carroll.

pp 366-368
MRS. GEORGIA L. HARRIS, May 26, 1908-January 13, 1910
Suitable monument to be placed "at my grave. " Stepson Rev. E. S. Harris $500. Georgia Elizabeth Harris his dau $100. Land my husb Rev. W. T. Harris bought in Feb. 1895 in Highland Park subdiv to be sold; proceeds to my grandson Will T. Glass and granddau Clint Glass and to her clothing, other personalty Geo. C. Wilkinson exec. Wits Mrs. Julia Preston, J. D. Senter.

pp 369-370
SAM REID, Jan. 20, 1910-February 1, 1910
Wife Mary Ellen Reid and dau Sara Ann Reid the house in which we now live and land around it abt 80 acs in CD 19; my personalty including livestock, farming implements, $500 eq. Sons Billie, Tom, Scott $100 eq. Son John $5. Bessie Grimes, Lillie May Love and Jim Love ch of my dec dau Ida Love $5 eq. F. E. Bryan exec. Wits J. B. Love, R. I. McKissack.

p 371
A. B. WILKINS, Jan. 14, 1910-February 1, 1910
Dau-in -law Mamie Wilkins and Hubert Wilkins my grandson jointly a colt; grandson John Wilkins a gray horse. Mare Daisy to grandson Donald Wilkins. Grandson Archie Wilkins colts. Son R. M. Wilkins livestock, farming implements, household furniture and he to be exec. Wits A. C. Cunningham, W. D. Yarbrough.


(Page 32)

p 372
E. A. G. LAWRENCE, Aug. 16, 1897-February 5, 1910
Husb John B. Lawrence entire est and he to be exec. Wits M. S. Neely, W. T. Alexander.

p 373
JAMES O. RAY, Jan. 14, 1908-March 14, 1910
Dau Nancy Burton Ray $l. Dau Alma Jane Gardner $25. Son Joe Turley Ray $1. Son Grover Cleveland Ray $500. Wife Frank Ray rest of est and she to be exec. Wits John R. Hudson, Rosa A. Hudson.

p 374
T. N. EPPERSON, Feb. 25, 1910-March 17, 1910
Dau Mrs. Mattie Wingo 15 shares bank stock. Dau Lizzie Epperson 15 shares bank stock. Wife Bettie $500 in money. Rest of est to wife and daus Cora, Sally, Lincy and son Elbert. No exec named. Wits T. G. Hughes, Elizabeth Howard.

p 375
J. R. ESTES, April 10, 1902-April 2, 1910
Wife Effie J. entire est and at her death to our niece Mrs. Sallie Tomlin. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits G. L. Yandell, S. B. Lawrence.

pp 376-377
LULA TRICE PAYNE, Nov. 8, 1909-May 3, 1910
Sister Mrs. S. A. Jones personalty and house, lot, Campbell St. in Jackson and at her death to bro John E. Trice.; niece Mrs. Martha Christian; nephew Harvey M. Trice, Edward H. Trice. Harvey E. Trice my $1000 insurance in trust for husb R. P. Payne $20 a month to him until funds exhausted. I want a modest monument /at my grave/. Niece Annie Christian my diamond ring. Money on hand at my death div eq between my nephews. Residue div between nephew and niece Miss Edna Trice. No exec named. Wits Mrs. C. M. Smith, Thomas Campbell, Mrs. A. A. Booth.

p 378
A. H. LEWIS, July 31, 1909-May 9, 1910
Bras W. G. Lewis, Ed E. Lewis, Em Lewis entire est. Bra W. G. Lewis exec. Wits C. E. Pigfard, A. P. Chalker.

p 379
MRS. J. A. MARSHALL, April 24, 1908-May 19, 1910
Watch and chain to Jodie and plain gold ring to Sadie. Lizzie Foster my interest in brick works "also my interest at the brick works with Bessie, the money Blanche has of mine." No exec named and no wits.

p 380
MOSE WALKER, SR., Oct. 19, 1905-May 27, 1910
Wife Tamer Walker personalty and 30 acs including house and at her death to my youngest ch Belle Walker to have house and improvements in the div among the ch. Mose Walker, Jr. to get his part in west end of 123 ac tract CD 5, Madison Co. from the creek east. Jim Nickols $50. My legal hrs are Mary Etta Henning, Mose Walker, Jr., Frank Walker, Clara Charleton, Edna Bond, Belle Walker. Have already given son Frank 12 acs and sold him 12. Ch of my son George Alva Walker and Kate Reed to be included in div. Mose Walker, Jr. exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Gaston Reid, Willie Johnson.

p 381
EDWARD VERNON EXUM, Feb. 1, 1910-May 30, 1910
Nuncupative will. W. J. Cathey, Margaret B. Cathey heard his will. He died Feb. 5, 1910. Wife Lizzie "to take charge" of property, invest money I have in bank in real est for her and children.

p 382
J. J. SHOE, Dec. 3, 1902-June 18, 1910
My wife is dec; we had 5 ch Willie Shoe who died without issue; Annie Elizabeth Shoe dec who married Frank Buffaloe and had ch Egar and Lorane; Laura Bell Shoe who married Frank Buffaloe; John Thomas Shoe; James Edwin Shoe who died without issue. Egar Buffaloe $5; Lorane Buffaloe $5; Laura Bell Buffaloe $5; John Thomas Shoe all my real est 92 acs in CD 5, Madison Co. and personalty. John Thomas Shoe exec. Wits W. T. Duncan, T. E. Pain.

pp 383-384
P. S. WOODSON, July 24, 1905-July 6, 1910
Want a "plain slab of marble" at head, foot of my grave with headstone to read, "P. S. Woodson, born October 17th 1838, Died ___ " To be buried in the Mt. Tabor Cemetery, CD 2, Madison Co. Wife Susan F. Woodson lot, residence I reside


(Page 33)

on in Malesus, Tn; stock of goods, 1/3 of cash. I paid $800 cash for farm Howel S. Woodson now owns, now I give him 1/3 of cash. Furniture that Mary L. Woodson "may have bought with her individual means shall be hers exclusively" and to her 1/3 cash, the residence, lot I reside on, 2 1/10 acs at wife's death. If she leaves no issue then it goes to Methodist Episcopal Church South for parsonage for circuit Ebenezer Church is in. I will a lot to the Methodist Episcopal Church South for circuit that Ebenezer Church is in at Malesus for parsonage. Howel S. and Mary L. Woodson to give $1 ea yr to Ebenezer Church. Howel S. Woodson exec. Wits J. G. Douglass, S. B. Douglass J. R. Sweeny.

p 385
W. J. DEARMORE, Sept. 18, 1907-July 1, 1910
Wife entire lands except 106 acs in CD 12, Madison Co. and personalty and then at her death to my only dau Margaret Annie Frazier and she to have the 106 acs free from her husb Harrison Frazier. To dau one mule. Wife exec Wits R. G. Howard, J. G. Carter.

p 386
MAY WILBON BALCH, May 28, 1907-July 9, 1910
Husb Richard L. Balch and dau Mary L. Elizabeth Balch house, lot where I now live in ward 3, Jackson with all personalty. Husb exec. Wits Mary B. Bond, John W. Holland.

pp 387-389
MRS. EMMA MARCH, July 17, 1907-July 9, 1910
Personalty eq to daus Marianna March, Mrs. Lizzie March Crego. Homeplace, lot on E. Chester St., Jackson and other houses, lots in Jackson to these daus. Daus execs. Wits R. I. Chester, C. G. Bond.

p 390
PHIL MERIWETHER, Oct. 16, 1900-August 8, 1910
Wife Maggie entire est and at her death to George Love. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits L. W. Bond, George Neely.

pp 391-392
LUCIUS BURTON BRAY, no exec date-August 12, 1910
Wife Harriett Amanda Bray household furniture, buggy, money in cash or in bank, income from my dwelling in Jackson; another house, lot in Jackson; my other real est that I may leave. to my ch by a former wife and those of my wife by her former husb property left at wife's death. Wife to be exec. Wits A. B. Jones, L. E. Mathis.

pp 393-396
CAROLINE BAKER, Oct. 16, 1905-September 23, 1910
Son Chris Baker house, lot, Baltimore St., Jackson on which is a house and store; all the furniture in my house on Lafayette St. and my house thereon. Son Louis Baker house, lot College St., Jackson. Conveyed to me in 1904 by which certain properties were div between me and my sister Mrs. Julia Blackert and Charles Hanebuth; also other 1/2 of the larger lot on College St.; at his death to his dau Maude Baker, my granddau. Son Chris Baker undivided 1/4 interest in brick storehouse on Liberty St. owned in common with my sister Mrs. Blackert and Charles Hanebuth. Granddau Carrie Bentz $5. Grandson Edward Bentz $5. Louis Baker, Chris Baker execs. Wits W. A. Caldwell, W. R. Theus. Cod, Dec. 13, 1907. I've changed my residence from 601 E. Lafayette to 547 E. Baltimore St. and have moved my furniture accordingly. Son Chris Baker to have this furniture. Wits J. W. Vanden, J. M. Drake.

pp 397-398
MARY SMITH, June 25, 1907-September 28, 1910
Cousin D. E. Elston has provided a home for me in my declining yrs. I give him my entire est including tract 32 3/4 acs in CD 4, Madison Co. A. Percifull exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits J. N. Craig, C. C. Malone.

p 399
S. J. CALDWELL, May 14, 1908-November 1910
"I give Polk" 100 acs for him "to exchange with the other children for my homeplace and his share of home place." Signed "Your Mother, S. J. Caldwell." No exec named or wits.


(Page 34)

pp 400-401
SUSAN ALLEN HURT, Jan. 15, 1904-November 23, 1910
Simple monuments at mine and husb's graves, similar to that of Mrs. Ann DeBerry. Granddau Frances May Hurt ch of "my beloved first born Absolom D. Hurt" $100. Son Milton B. Hurt $300. Dau Elizabeth J. Leeper notes I hold agt her. Dau Rebecca F. Nelson $300. Son Robert A. Hurt my homeplace 4 miles east of Jackson, Tn. Grandson Robert H. Leeper note I hold agt him. Grandson Milton D. Leeper $300. Mississippi land and personalty other than household sold and proceeds div eq between my 4 ch. "I give my children to God who gave them to me & it is my sincere desire that they serve Him faithfully & be received in His Mansion on High." Sons Milton B. Hurt, Robert A. Hurt execs. Additionally, give granddau Fannie May Hurt 2 cut glass pitchers and goblets belonging to same instead of $100. No wits.

pp 402-403
H. E. KINCAID, Oct. 3, 1910-November 26, 1910
Mother Mrs. Annie Kincaid, if she survives me, as much as $25 monthly for her support, altho she has sufficient means for a comfortable support. Wife Ella Theresa Kincaid all my est allowing for bequest to my mother. Wife exec. Wits John L. Wisdom, William A. Caldwell.

p 404
W. A. PENROSE, Dec. 8, 1910-December 13, 1910
Wife Ethel Penrose entire est and she to be exec. Wits S. A. Henderson, Cornelia Blackmon.

p 405
C. P. DEJOURNETT, Jan. 7, 1911-January 21, 1911
Wife (unnamed) entire est and at her death real est to my dau A. O. Willey if the latter dau will pay my dau E. R. McCharon $500 after my wife's death. J. M. Willey exec. Wits J. W. Anderson, G. W. Anderson.

pp 406-407
FANNIE BASS, Dec. 19, 1910-January 21, 1911
Nieces Mary Johnson Jones, Minnie Johnson Hurt eq my personalty, house, lot I reside on. T. P. Haralson exec. Wits T. P. Haralson, A. Dismukes, Lillie N. Ellington.

pp 408-409
MRS. ELISE LOEB, June 20, 1910-February 7, 1911
Dau Emma Kettner $50. Son Sol Loeb $50. Dau Sadie Lipsky $50. Grandsons Floyd Kettner, Eugene and Sol Lipsky $25 ea. Sons Benjamin L. Loeb, Phil Loeb and dau Rena have supported me since my husb's death; these sons my bank stock; dau Rena $600 in cash, piano, family portraits, household furniture. Residue to Benj., Phil and Rena. Benj. L. Loeb exec. Wits W. E. Crawford, C. W. Crawford.

pp 410-412
W. H. BEARE, Nov. 9, 1910-February 9, 1911
Out of insurance money: sister Mary K. Beare $2000; sister Mrs. Sallie B. Cory $1000; sister Mrs. Sue Walker $1000; sister Mrs. Carrie B. Mount $1000. Life insurance policy already made to Miss Perl Cory for $2000, now Mrs. W. F. McCanless. Sister Mary K. Beare 1/2 undivided interest in lot on Highland Ave. in Jackson and for 75 acs; bank stock; 2/3 interest owned by me in O'Malley Co. and O'Malley-Beare Co. and certificates of stock in O'Malley-Beare Valve Co. and at her death div eq between R. L. Beare, Mrs. Luie B. Walker, Mrs. Perl Cory McCanless. Mary K. Beare 1/3 interest in partnership of Beare Bros and to R. L. Beare the other 1/3 interest in O'Malley Co., O'Malley-Beare Co. and O'Malley-Beare Valve Co. Residue to Mary K. Beare. R. L. Beare and Mary K. Beare execs. Wits Hugh Magavney, J. G. Gaugh.

p 413
R. N. SULLIVAN, July 20, 1910-June 2, 1911
Dau Grace Nunnery personalty. Son Sam H. Sullivan $5 ''as he is a very unworthy son." Balance of drygoods, grocery, insurance policy to wife and George N. Sullivan. J. W. Vanden exec. No wits.

p 414
W. A. HICKS, Feb. 2, 1911-February 27, 1911
Wife May Hicks and ch Wilma, Lucile, Ora Catharine, Marguerite my entire est Wife exec. Wits R. B. Hicks, J. E. Hicks, S. B. Lawrence, Jr.


(Page 35)

pp 415-416
J. T. ROBINSON, Dec. 24, 1905-June 5, 1911
Wife Lizzie Ewing Robinson entire est and she to be exec. Wits W. G. Tirnberlake, James Brown.

p 417
MISS BUNA A. ALLISON, Feb. 11, 1907-July 17, 1911
$5 to hrs of my dec bros John W. and J. M. Allison. $5 to ea of my sisters Mrs. Mary J. Diffee, Mrs. Jennie Pool, Mrs. Fannie B. Deloach. Remainder of est to sister Mrs. Lou Robinson and husb J. R. Robinson. J. B. Robinson exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Mrs. Annie Dean, J. J. Williams.

p 418
MATTIE L. SULLIVAN, Nov. 18, 1885-July 13, 1911
Wife of R. N. Sullivan and to him entire est and he to be exec. Wits G. W. Bailey, M. H. Brown.

p 419
REBECCA C. WILLIAMSON, Jan. 15, 1904-July 22, 1911
Sisters Martha E. Williamson, Margaret S. Williamson; bro John F. Williamson interest in abt 550 acs in CD 3, Madison Co., Tn; personalty to these sisters. J. F. Williamson exec. Wits F. B. Snipes, J. R. Neely.

pp 420-421
JAMES T. MEEK, May __ , 1911-July 29, 1911
Wife Elyda Meek entire est; she to sell enough real est to give proceeds: dau Mattie $10; dau Rebecca $350; son James $500; son Joe $500; son Frank $500. Wife exec. Wits Mrs. W. C. Chambless, F. M. Meek.

p 422
MARTHA McGEHEE, Feb. l0, 1909-August 29, 1911
Bro Edward F. Alexander, Jackson, Tn. has been very kind; to him entire est especially the house, lot in ward 3, Jackson. He to be exec. Wits C. G. Bond, C. G. Bond, Jr.

p 423
MILLIE DAWSON, Dec. 28, 1910-September 2, 1911
Mrs. E. J. Leeper $45 which my former husb Dave Brooks owed her. Nellie Brooks Williams personalty; she is the dau of my friend Annie Taylor. Walter Bearden grandson of my late husb personalty. Signed will with an "x." No exec. Wits R. A. Hurt, Guy Allen Leeper.

p 424
MRS. TENNESSEE A. WOODS, June 11, 1911-1911
Dau Addie Lee Woods a lot in CD 15, Madison Co., Tn. Son Irby Woods a lot in same on which my residence is situated, a 6-room house. Son Willie Woods $1. Son Robert Woods $l. Residue eq to Addie Lee Woods and Irby Woods. Irby Woods exec. Wits H. H. Brown, G. M. Rusk.

p 425
HESPER A. HUDSON, May 9, 1908-November 18, 1911
Sherline Roach $5. Burner Hudson $5. Son Thomas L. Hudson 1/2 of all the remainder of my personal and real est. Grandch Jennie Veola Roach, Levi Roach, Flossie Roach the remaining 1/2 of personalty and real est. No exec named. Wits L. W. Whitaker, J. T. Rushing.

p 426
JAMES J. LARKIN, Oct. 26, 1911-November 29, 1911
Son M. H. Larkin undivided interest in property on nw corner of Sycamore- Freeman strs in Jackson including business houses and tenement house. 3 sons M. H. Larkin, J. F. Larkin, J. J. Larkin all my other property. M. H. Larkin exec. Wits J. M. Drake, J. T. McCutchen, Albert H. Cerley.

p 427
MRS. JULIA FRANCES COLE, Dec. 23, 1909-December 6, 1911
Husb W. B. Cole all real est including house, lot in ward 3, Jackson. No exec named. Wits L. McCoy, J. T. Rushing, L. W. Whitaker.

pp 428-429
WILLIAM I. BROWN, Feb. 12, 1906-certified copy from Chancery Clerk, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi August 26, 1911
Copy of will of Milton I. Brown, Chickasaw Co. Ms. Sisters Lizzie J. Gilmore, Sarah T. Dancy, Ella C. Caruthers and R. Bailey Brown entire est eq. Bro R. Bailey Brown exec. Wits G. W. Bean, Z. T. Hooper, L. J. Murphee.


(Page 36)

pp 430-433
TROMAS TATE, Jan. 31, 1911-December 18, 1911
$500 for funeral expenses and placing of a monument at my grave similar to that of my wife with emblem of the cross on top of same in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tn. Son W. R. Tate house, lot in Jackson and $5000. Son Wallis Tate house, lot I live in with household furnishings. Dau Effie A. Tate house, lot in Jackson and 125 acs "the old homestead tract" in Orange Co., N. C. and $6000. Grandson William R. Tate and Thomas C. Tate $5000 ea. Trust of $20,000 out of my est to First National Bank, Jackson for son Wallis Tate, the interest and income and if he dies without issue this to be div among my 4 grandch Frances, Virginia, William R. and Thomas C. Tate. W. A. Caldwell exec. Wits T. A. Ingram, W. D. Nelson.

p 434
MRS. NANNIE D. COLE, Sept. 8, 1906-January 10, 1912
Dau Dora Hunt my wearing apparel, household goods. Remainder of est to this dau and the ch of my dec dau Mrs. Lillie Perry (Clyde A. Perry, William T. Perry). W. H. Biggs exec. Wits R. F. Spraggins, W. H. Biggs.

pp 435-437
THOMAS HARDY GODWIN, Oct. 2, 1911-January 30, 1912
Wife Lorena Godwin lots and household furniture. Ch Thomas Washington Burton Godwin; Mary Lorena Godwin; Ruth Godwin; Alice Godwin ea $500. Reside to wife and ch. No exec named. Wits W. G. Hines, P. O. Addins, A. F. Hollenbeck. Additionally, a change: $1000 to wife instead of lots and furniture. Instead of $500 to ch $700. Cod, June 20, 1903. W. G. Hines trustee for my 4 ch Thomas Washington Burton Godwin, Mary Lorena Godwin, Ruth Godwin, Alice Godwin. Wits C. W. Guy, J. H. Hines.

p 438
ATWELL THOMPSON, Jan. 7, 1910-February 20, 1912
On eve of my departure on trip to England and Ireland I make this will. Bro Thomas E. Thompson now living in Santa Rose, Calif. $5000. Wife Jennie Lyon Thompson rest of est. No exec named. Wits Charles E. Griffin, J. W. Vanden, W. A. Caldwell.

p 439
LIZZIE DIXON TEMPLE, Jan. 4, 1909-February 21, 1912
Entire est to nephew Charles Hunter Ranee and he to be exec. Wits W. V. Edenton, Mary B. Clark, Florence Cochran.

pp 440-441
ROBERT HOWLETT, Dec. 26, 1911-March 7, 1912
Jack Vaughn personalty. Dr. W. T. Porter $50 cash. F. B. Howlett $150 cash. Mrs. Annie Howlett Hicks $75 cash. M. H. Taylor rest of est and he to be exec. Signed will as "Bob" Howlett. Wits T. M. Fletcher, B. B. Rosser.

p 442
THOMAS SYKES, Sept. 22, 1905-March 13, 1912
Wife Harrit entire est and at her death to son Jessie 80 acs of land. Remaining land 73 acs div eq between Hattie Sykes, Georgia Beal, Mattie Hutch, Mag Nailer, Annie Lee Sykes, Thomas Sykes. Dock Sykes $5. Sam Sykes $5. Linnie Hester $5. Emma Dick Ross $5. Wyatt Ross $5. Ed Day $5. John M. Mason exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits J. D. Askew, F. M. Oneal, J. M. Mason.

p 443
MRS. R. A. JOHNSON, March 17, 1911-March 16, 1912
My own "full sister" Mrs. Pattie Moore of Long Rock my bonds in American Tobacco Co. and at her death to her living ch and Tommie and Broadie Duke my bro James A. Duke's ch. Bank accounts to husb Dr. A. A. Johnson. "I have given my half sisters & brother my best life's hard work in tending to and caring for them. Sewing, cooking, washing. I didn't take anything out of my father's estate for being a slave for them so they have gotten all I want them to have of my estate." No exec. Wits Miss Lockie Duke, Miss Minnie Lee Cory.

p 444
ELVIRA V. BEATY, Jan. 3, 1910-March 21, 1912
Nephew Thomas Dickson Coffey entire est and he to be exec. Wits J. W. Hundley, Earnest Elston.


(Page 37)

p 445
W. E. PIERCEY, Feb. 16, 1912-April 25, 1912
Wife Rebecca J. Piercey life interest and then to my legal hrs. She to be exec. Wits R. M. DeBerry, G. F. Piercey.

pp 446-447
J. H. EVANS, Feb. 19, 1907-June 6, 1912
Wife Valena M. Evans entire est for life excepting library (that between her and my ch) and dau Mary Walker Evans my piano. Life insurance to wife and ch but son Robert P. Evans has paid the premiums and he is to have 1/2 of policy proceeds. At death of wife the house, lot on Poplar St., Jackson to Mary Walker Evans. At death of wife to son Robert P. Evans 2 houses, lots on Hays Ave., Jackson. Wife exec. Wits R. S. Fletcher, D. P. Walker.

p 448
DAVIDBAUM, June 14, 1912-July 1, 1912
Sister Eva Baum $1000 in cash. Sister Mrs Rach. Friedlob wife of Sol Friedlob $500. Residue to wife Clara Gates Bann and she to be exec. Wits W. G. Timberlake, Miss A. M. Felton.

pp 449-452
H. HERRON, June 24, 1912-July 3, 1912
Wife Hattie E. Herron part of farm in CD 8, Madison Co. abt 60 acs and at her death to my ch H. H. Herron, J. H. Herron, A. B. Herron, E. H. Herron, Luna wife of N. H. Williams; Alma wife of James Yarbrough; Altemoore wife of J. J. Herron and Carlisle, James and Marvin ch of J. J. Herron. Sell my 60 acs in Fayette Co., Tn and out of proceeds pay debts and erect a dwelling on land given to wife. $100 to H. H. Herron, J. H. Herron, Alma Yarbrough. Balance of est into 7 parts among my ch and ch of my dec son J. J. Herron. Homeplace abt 30 acs in CD 8, other than wife's part, to be sold and proceeds div among ch. At wife's death real est to be sold and proceeds to ch. Wife Hattie all the personalty. H. H. Herron and my bro Dr. J. T. Herron trustees of my grandch Carlisle Herron abt 17 yrs old; James Herron abt 15 yrs old; Mamie Herron abt 4 mos old. Sons H. H. Herron, A. D. Herron, J. H. Herron and my bro Dr. J. T. Herron execs. Wits Allen Campbell, C. G. Bond.

pp 453-456
MRS. ELLA KATE VANHOOK, Dec. 1, 1911-August 5, 1912
Money owed me to my mother Mrs. Margaret Williams, she to have use of my farm in CD 5, Madison Co. abt 200 acs. Residue of est to my 4 ch Mrs. Wilma Walden, Marguerite Allen, Nora Vanhook, Nathan Vanhook and granddau Carrie Belle Newton Phillips. At death of mother real est given her to be sold and proceeds div among my ch and granddau. W. A. lngram exec. Wits W. J. Brooks, M. H. Taylor.

p 457
CHARLES MOORE, Feb. 2, 1911-August 6, 1912
Wife Lula Moore house, lot in Jackson and at her death to my dau Willie E. Johnson. Trunk, wearing apparel to bro Carroll Moore. Insurance policies to persons indicated in same. L. G. Murray exec. Wits J. L. Light, S. L. Randolph.

pp 458-459
JOHN T. CATE, March 19, 1910-August 22, 1912
Wife Mary Jane Cate entire est as long as she remains a widow. Dellie Cash wife of Rance Cash my homestead. Nettie Betty wife of Charles Betty my land west of public road. Jessie Cate 66 acs so. of 50 acs given to Nettie Betty. Mary E. Cash dau of Rance Cash my Medina house, lot. Personal effects to Lela James at death or remarriage of my wife. No exec named. Wits D. T. Andrews, J. B. Rowlett.

p 460
HOLLIE W. TAYLOR, Jan. 19, 1910-September 17, 1912
Mother Mrs. Mary Emma Taylor entire est and at her death div eq between bro W. Alva Taylor and sisters Mrs. Mary Emma Barton and Mrs. Minnie Lee Morris. Mother and bro W. Alva Taylor execs. Wits W. C. Blackmon, C. H. C_?__, A. H. Hill.

p 461
SUSAN ANN CAMPBELL, April 29, 1907-April 19, 1912
Sisters Cynthia R. Campbell, Mary M. Campbell entire est. Cynthia R. Campbell exec. Wits Alice B. Stockton, Louella McCov.

(Page 38)

p 462
ALEX R. BROGAN, Aug. 26, 1905-October 14, 1912
Daus Mary E. Brogan, Josephine L. Brogan all real est in Madison Co., Tn and at Enterprise, Mississippi. Union Bank and Trust Co., Jackson exec. Wits A. Patton, B. H. Bledsoe.

p 463
C. T. THOMPSON, Nov. 4, 1912-December 3, 1912
Dau Ora Thompson Klyce $5 cash. Wife Dora Thompson house, lot, Stoddert St., Jackson, the homeplace where I now reside. Wife exec. Wits M. H. Taylor, J. H. Edwards.

pp 469-465
ANNIE M. BELL, Nov. 18, 1911-December 14, 1912
Bro-in-law J. M. Davis personalty. Sister Bettie A. Bell personalty. Foreign Mission Board of So. Baptist Convention a plot of ground in Jackson. My interest in tract in CD 7, Madison Co., my third interest in hogs to be sold, interest in plot of ground in CD 15, Madison Co. to be sold. $10 to be placed in Union Bank to credit of Annie Powell infant dau of Raifas and Lillie Powell. $60 to place a "woven wire fence" around burying ground in Henderson Co., Tn known as the Rice burying ground. $150 to Laneview School. $50 to bro-in-law J. M. Davis. Faithful servant, Martin Bell, colored, $30. J. M. Davis exec. Wits J. L. Crook, Cora Atchison.

pp 466-468
JAMES WOMACK, Jan. 28, 1911-January 2, 1913
Wife Lucy Womack all personalty and life interest in farm where I now reside, abt 300 acs. Ch William Womack, Thomas Womack, Peter Womack, Isaac Womack, Percy Womack, Olivia Reaves, Sarah Marshall, Cornelia Eggingo and Joanna Love est after wife's death. Sons Thomas, Peter, Isaac and Percy Womack my farmlands known as the J. H. Johnson lands in CD 2, Madison Co abt 223 acs. I had been tenent in common with Anthony Johnson husb of my dau Nancy for this 223 acs but he failed to live up to agreement abt it; even so I give said Nancy Johnson my "equitable interest" in this land. Wife exec. Wits W. T. Rogers, M. H. Taylor.

p 469
L. D. POPE, Feb. 7, 1912-January 28, 1913
Wife Ida L. Pope all personalty and life interest in real est and after her death to ch Eunise, Gates, Ida B. Pope. Wife exec. Wits W. W. Tucker, Charles W. R. Curtiss.

pp 470-472
J. L. BURTON, March 23, 1912-February 12, 1913
Wife Dorcas I. Burton 108 acs with the residence, CD 4, Madison Co. Tn abt a mile and a half west of Denmark; house, lot in Denmark where I now live and at her death to my daus Mrs. L. E. Mulheron, Mrs. Eva Duncan, Mrs. Nyta Hunt. Wife all personalty. Grandch William Burton Duncan, Clifford Duncan, Charles Taylor Mulheron, James Albert Mulheron, Nyta Lill Mulheron and eq share in my business house in Denmark, Tn known as the Duncan storehouse including the lot it's own. Rest of est to my 3 daus. Mrs. L. E. Mulheron exec. Wits J. W. Higgason, C. J. Martin.

pp 473-474
HENRY GREER, Sept. 6, 1912-February 15, 1913
Wife Sallie Ann Greer 25 acs including house and most of household furnishings, livestock, farming implements. Mother Cynthia Greer 31 acs and at her death it goes to my 2 ch by my first wife. Same C. Greer 1/2 interest in my 127 ac tract, livestock. Dau Mary Elizer Greer 1/2 interest in my 127 ac tract and personalty. Son-in-law to be exec. Signed will with an "x." Wits Levi Chapman, Jack Bond.

p 475
J. E. MOORE, Jan. 22, 1913-February 18, 1913
Bro J. H. Moore entire est and he to be exec. Wits W. T. Stewart, C. E. Andres.

pp 476-477
ROBERT E. PREWETT, Nov. 2, 1908-March 31, 1913
Wife Dicie Ann Prewett entire personalty and life interest in homestead adjacent Jackson, Tn and at her death to be subdivided, sold and proceeds to my ch Mrs. Annie T. Cobb, Mrs. Emma Lou Cobb, John J. Prewett. Residue of est to


(Page 39)

my grandch Linnie Cobb Baird, Allen Cobb, John Cobb ch of my dau Annie T. Cobb; and R. E. Cobb, Ennis Cobb, Joe Cobb, Nellie Cobb Roach, Emma Grace Cobb ch of my dau Emma Lou Cobb eq. R. E. Cobb exec. Wits W. T. Peter, J. W. Shelton. (This is the first will recorded in the Madison Co. will books in typewritten form.)

p 478
JOEL HODGE, July 27, 1900-April 29, 1913
Ch Frank A. Hodge, Carrie J. Blakeley eq all my property. Joel S. Hodge to have $1000. Mark Hodge $1. Son and dau execs. Wits George H. Wales, J. M. Glotfalty.

p 478
MRS. M. J. RANDOLPH, Sept. 4, 1912-May 23, 1913
Daus Mrs. Mary D. Smith, Mrs. Carrie E. Hindman, Mrs. Mattie J. Brittain entire est eq. No exec named. Wits R. L. Dawson, F. M. Smith.

p 479
G. W. DULIN, Aug. 31, 1911-May 27, 1913
Wife Minnie W. Dulin my property and at her death to my son Scott M. Dulin or his hrs. No exec named. No wits.

p 481
RUFUS NEWSOME, May 13, 1913-July 11, 1913
Friend George W. Collins entire est and he to be exec. Wits Neely Mayo, J. J. Farrell, M. L. Farrell.

p 482
BETTIE HURT, Sept. 26, 1901-August 15, 1913
Dau Mary Ann Brown and dau-in-law Fannie Hurt and to dau of my dec son Bob Hurt eq portions of my est. No exec named. Signed will with an "x." Wits Robert A. Hurt, Guy Leeper.

p 483
JACK ESTES, Dec. 30, 1910-October 11, 1913
Wife Jane Estes all my farm 106 acs in CD 18, Madison Co, Tn on which is my farm dwelling and at her death 60 acs laid off to Hannah Long and Ann Estes two of my daus. 46 acs to daus Lou Stephens, Martha wife of James McKissack. Son James Estes $12, having given in "advantages" already. James Estes "administrator." Wits B. A. Person, T. C. Long.

pp 484-485
MRS. L. A. PEARCY, April 26, 1913-October 17, 1913
D. J. Pearcy my 1/2 undivided interest in house, lot in ward 3, Jackson. I own the Henderson Hotel in Henderson, Tn. I will $500 of the interest in this hotel to Mrs. Laura Johnson Day of Henderson, Tn and balance eq to Pearcy hrs, viz D. J. Pearcy, R. J. Pearcy, Nancy J. Pearcy Waddill, Evelin Pearcy and James F. Walker. 1/2 interest of hotel to McKnight hrs. Mrs. M. E. Garland $300 out of it; Mrs. Rhoda Ewing $200 out of it. Mrs. Dora Jetton $200 out of it. Mrs. Emma Pearson who was a McKnight $200. Mrs. Betty Purdy, formerly McKnight, Mrs. May Henry formerly Robins is to have balance after above bequests and after paying for curbstone around my parents' lot in the Henderson Cemetery. Mrs. Purdy and Mrs. Henry to payout of their part $200 to First Baptist Church in Henderson for purchasing an organ for the church. Dr. G. L. Williamson $200 out of personalty. S. D. Waddill exec. Wits J. R. Thompson, F. M. Blanks, L. McCoy.

p 486
J. M. SIMPSON, Nov. 11, 1887-November 19, 1913
Wife Marthy J. Simpson 1/3 of my land and after her death to my son R. H. Simpson. William H. Simpson $500 at age 21. Balance to son R. H. Simpson and he to be exec. Wits C. A. Hudson, I. M. Nelson.

pp 487-488
BETTIE J. SMITH, April 7, 1913-December 2, 1913
Son C. D. Smith personalty. Dau Mayme Smith personalty. Dau Naoma Smith personalty. 3 sons R. A. Smith, C. D. Smith, H. C. Smith ea $1 cash. 4 daus Vera Smith Whitlow, Mayme Smith, Flora Smith, Naoma Smith rest of est. Dau Vera S. Whitlow exec. Wits W. T. Rogers, M. H. Taylor.

p 489
C. W. HUDSON, Sept. 16, 1913-December 2, 1913
Wife Effie personalty and homeplace 70 acs in CD 8, Madison Co., Tn. Son


(Page 40)

David A. Hudson exec. Wits L. T. Hays, J. Lovelace. Cod, undated. In case my wife and my two "girls" Mary Susan and Lillie die then est to sons Sam W. Hudson, David A. Hudson. Wits L. T. Mays, J. H. Lovelace.

p 490
W. B. DUNN, Jan. 22, 1912-December 13, 1913
Wife Ida entire est and she to be exec. Wits Charles W. R. Curtiss, W. W. Tucker.

pp 491-492
ISABELLA HOWARD, Oct. 12, 1910-December 15, 1913 Son Jodie B. Howard my homeplace 165 acs if he pays my son Aubry J. Howard $1200 in cash. Son Aubry J. Howard $1200 from as heretofore mentioned from his bro. Dau Mrs. Jerome Pearson widow of Ed Pearson $l. Dau Mrs. Ida Stovall wife of John M. Stovall $l. Dau Bettie wife of Perry Lewis $l. Son Gooch Howard $l. Son Jodie B. Howard exec. Wits T. J. White, E. L. White, Jr.

p 493
ROBERT LEE KEELEN, May 25, 1911-December 17, 1913
Wife Eupha Turner Keelen entire est and she to be exec. Wits George B. Wadleigh, J. B. Young.

pp 494-495
GERTRUDE LANGFORD, Dec. 16, 1913-January 3, 1914
I am a "single woman." I want to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson, Tn and want bodies of my parents and two sisters now buried in Riverside Cemetery to be removed and reburied in Hollywood Cemetery and have placed there suitable family monument. Rest of est to W. B. Langford, Mrs. J. A. Doak his dau and A. C. Langford. W. B. Langford exec. Wits J. T. Rothrock, Jr., M. E. McCowat, W. G. Timberlake.

p 496
EVANDER M. BETTS, Aug. 18, 1908-January 26, 1914
Wife Mary Ellen Betts my homeplace and at her death to my only grandch Ramille Britt Reid wife of James R. Reid. My 1/2 of land in Henderson Co., Tn to Emily A. wife of W. R. Britt, known as Betts Springs abt 50 acs. W. R. Britt my watch and he is to be exec. Wits R. E. Fletcher, G. C. Wilkerson.

pp 497-498
HANNAH POPE, Dec. 12, 1913-February 3, 1914
My epitaph to be inscribed on double tombstone which stands at grave of my husb Willis Pope in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tn. Henry Moses, George Lackey, Willis Seals, Austin Seals ea $5. Annie Austin, Willis Davis ea $50. Lane College in Jackson $50. Liberty St. C. M. E. Church, Jackson $100. $100 for a window in front part of church to my be placed in my memory. Estella Lackey Morris personalty. J. H. Trimble my lot in Riverside Cemetery and my stock in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Jackson, Tn. Benj. Pope Trimble my homeplace in Jackson and personalty. Rev. E. W. Mosley the vacant lot to the east end of my house and personalty. Marteli Pool house, lot and personalty. Estella Lackey Morris house, lot, personalty. J. H. Trimble, Rev. E. W. Mosley execs. Wits L. G. Murray, John Spain.


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