Genealogical Abstracts from Will Book C and Miscellanea

1914 – 1927

Madison County, Tennessee


By Jonathan K. T. Smith

Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1998


(Transcribed for TNGenWeb by Betty Finley)


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211-212. MICHAEL TOUGHEY, Jackson, March 3, 1911-November 28, 1919

To sister-in-1aw, Mrs. Margaret Toughey living in Iowa, widow of his bro., Hugh Toughey, $l; to nephews, nieces, chi1dren of Hugh Toughey, Edward, Hugh, Kate, Susan, Margaret Toughey $1. $100 for masses to be held for his parents, brothers and himself. To friend, John Magevney, Jackson, $500; rest of estate to St. Mary's Catholic Church, Jackson. John Magevney, exec. Signed with an "x." Codicil dated July 23, 1918. Nephew Hugh Toughey, Rock Island, Ill. to have $1000; to 2 sons of niece Mrs. Kate Toughey Walters each $1000; $100 towards maintenance of burial plot in Calvary Cemetery, Jackson "where I will be buried." Same wits for main will and codicil. L. O. Sweatman, A. V. Patton.

CN 31-516


213. Mrs. MARY JANE DIFFEY, widow, April 29, 19l6-November 28, 1919

To her sister, Mrs. Jennie S. Pool wife of E. P. Pool a sewing machine, a wardrobe; to J. B. Rooks personalty; a tombstone was to be erected at her grave. C. P. Pool, exec. Wits L. McCoy, J. M. Stovall, William D. May.

CM 31-516


214. I. W. PERKINS, April 19, 1916-December 28, 1919

To dau. Mrs. A. V. Cunningham $1000; to dau. Mrs. Bettie P. Ganiway house and lot,  127 Elizabeth St., Jackson; to son Robert O. Perkins ¼ interest in homeplace, 333 Preston St., Jackson; to son George N. Perkins $1000 to be paid by son I. E. Perkins, who was given ¾ interest in place at 333 Preston St., and 10 ½ acres on Spring. Creek Road. To dau. Mrs. Bettie P. Ganiway the Snow lots in Jackson. Wits A. B. Bobbett, W. T. Cooksey.

CM 31-535


215. PEARL MAYS SMITH, May l6, 1906-December 27, 1919

To husband, Will Smith, all personalty and a life interest in real estate, and at his demise it would be divided among her bro. and sisters, Mrs.  Delia Harris, Mrs. Wilma Peters, Miss Ava Mays, Johnie Mays. No exec named.  Wits J. T. Claiborn, R. H. Baird.

CM 31-535


216-217. JOHN D. BURTON, November 4, 1919-January 6, 1920

To oldest dau. Mattie Neely 400 acres in old CD 6, the Warmoth place and livestock and farming tools, also 100 acres in old CD 2.  To second dau. Alma Marsh 340 acres in old CD 3, 265 acres in old SD 2, livestock and farm­ing tools. To wife Ada Burton 369 acres in old CD 3, livestock, farming tools, furniture; also 50 acres in old CD 3. To son, John Harvey Burton his watch and shotgun; money in bank to be divided among Mattie Neely, Ada Burton, Alma Marsh. U. S. bonds to John H. Burton and dau. Rebecca Burton. Three daus., execs. Wits T. B. Carroll, Carl Williams.

CM 31-538


218-219. DELIA WEEKS, December l8, 1919-February 3, 1920

To sister, Addie Harvey, $1000, kitchen furniture, and other personalty; rest of money to other siblings equally. To sister Ida Blackmon personalty; to sister Emma Parr personalty; to sister, Minnie Oliver personalty; to bro., Cleveland Blackmon personalty; to bro. Elmer Blackmon, the watch left her by her husband, Williams Weeks; to sister, Mrs. Viola Pomeroy personalty; to sister-in-law,  Kate Blackmon personalty; to nephew, Lenzie Blackmon "Mama's picture"; to nephew, Odell Blackmon "the family group" picture; to sister-in-law, Nora Thomas personalty; to Mary Thomas personalty; to niece Eula May Harvey a big trunk; to nephew, Frank Parr tool chest; to nephew, Mayo Parr personalty; to nephew, Harold Oliver her Bible; to nephew, William Blackmon,  her new Bible; to niece, Margaret Pomeroy personalty; to Charles Pomeroy, Jr. her little testament. Bro. Cleveland Blackmon, exec. Wits Mrs. Ruth Thompson, Mrs. Minnie Falder.

CM 31-552


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220. MICHAEL MADDEN, Jackson, February 25, 1920-March 1, 1920

To Rev. P. O'Han1in, pastor, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Jackson, $100; to Miss Lou Gordon, colored, $30; rest of estate to St. Mary's Catholic Church. Dennis McGrath, exec. Signed with an “x.” Wits L. P. McHugh, John A. Hudson.

CM 31-568


221. J. P. MALEY, October 2l, 1914-March 16, 1920

To sister, Bettie E. Manly, entire estate and she to be exec. Wits E. W. Webb, A. S. Johnson.

CH 31-576


222-223. Mrs. MARY E. CHANDLER, May 7, 1907-March 18, 1920

To children, Mrs. Mollie J. Hunt, Robert Lee Chand1er, Mrs. Lillie L. Person, Colly Chandler, C. P. Chandler all his money and personalty equally, left her by her husband, C. A. Chandler. The homeplace, 211 Johnston St., Jackson, to her children and the children of her dec. brother, Edgar Chandler, who were Mrs. Jewell Ryan, Mrs. Edna Drewery, Miss Clara Chandler. Insurance policy for $2000 to children of C. P. Chandler. To children of Col1ey equally an insurance policy for $l500. No exec named. Wits J. T. Hinton, T. J. Newsome, L. McCoy.

CM 31-579


224-225. T. A. NEISLER, September 30, 1919-March 20, 1920

Mrs. M. J. Reed and O. E. Neis1er joint will; willed to one another entire estate, survivor receiving same; no exec named. Wits H. C. Johnson, W. W. Lutrell, N. F. Johnson. (CM 31-582, will probated; 31-583, T. A. Neisler was the first to die, March 12, 1920.)


226. SAMUEL GUTHRIE CROOM, Pinson, Tenn., December 15, 1919-March 27, 1920.

To wife, Annie May Croom entire estate and she to be exec.Wits R. E. Price, A. Lacy Price.   .

CM 31-585


227. EMILY AMIS, September 29, 1917-March 20, 1920

To nephew Demetrius Benthall and his wife, Mary Lou, all personalty and ½ interest in 106 acre farm in DC 8. To Helen Betha1l wife of Jasper Trussell, other ½ interest in farm and house and lot, 166 Union St., Jackson, and other Jackson real estate. Demetrius Benthall, exec. Wits W. H. Hinton, C. S. Robinson, Sam J. Creevy.

CM 31-586


228. S. H. WALLACE, March 24, 1919-Apri1 6, 1920

To wife, M. J. Wa11ace, entire estate and she to be exec. Wits J. T. Rushing, W. W. Boon.

CM 31-591


229. Mrs. MARTHA McNEAL, Apri1 5, 1920-Apri1 12, 1920

Debts to be paid and "suitable monument" to be placed at her grave. To friend, Miss Mattie Tate, $4000 and persona1ty; to faithful servant, Calvin Fu1ler, $500; to stepsons, Dr. Eaton McNeal and Dr. Irvin McNeal,  Walter McNea1, Harry McNeal each $1000. To bros. Mark and Madison Vincent each $500. To Henry, Homer and Ira Dew sons of Josie Dew each $500. To Mrs. Josie Dew her automobile. To bro. Madison, children of sister, Mrs.  Susan Weldens and sister, Mrs.  Lizzie Vincent and Mrs. Josie Dew her furniture. W. J. Dew, husband of Josie Dew, exec. Wits R. H. Bond, C. G. Bond.

CM 31-597


230. C. A. PARLOW, March 20, 1920-Apri1 19, 1920

All estate to kind and faithful friend, E. O. G1enn, Uptonvil1e, Tenn. and he to be exec. Wits Eugene Derryberry, J. D. Lillard.

CM 31-600


231. HENRY J. SANDERS, Jackson, April 20, 1920-May 17, 1920.

To wife, Maria J. Sanders, entire estate and she to be exec. Signed with an "x." Wits W. H. Tay1or, T. P. Haralson.

CM 31-613


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232. JOHN LEE, Apri1 13, 1920-May 29, 1920

To wife, Lottie Lee, entire estate with request that should she die the homeplace in CD 1 be given "to my children." Wife, exec. wits C. S. Robinson, W. J. Boon, Jesse J. Boon.

CM 31-622


233-234. W. L. UTLEY, February 13, 1919-July 9, 1920

To wife, Mattie O. Utley all personalty and life interest in homeplace in Jackson and at her demise it would go to Mary D. Collins wife of C. R. Collins, dec.; Susie B. Chalker wife of Amos Chalk; Gertrude O. Ryan wife of Joseph Ryan; son William Baker Utley; grandsons Wiley Wade Blackard, Raymond Blackard. Wife, exec. Wits W. A. Ingram, E. P. Wi1liams.

CM 33-6


235-236. JASON C. HARRIS, March 13, 1912-Ju1y 13, 1920

To wife, Ida Harris 105 acres, the Exum land and their homeplace, south ½ of Talley farm. To son, Robert Harris 85 acres, 105 acres, livestock and buggy. To dau. Blanche Harris Webb north ½ of Talley farm, a black colt. To son J. C. Harris, Jr., 80 acres and McClannahan land and 30 acres and the Word 1and, a roan horse. Son, Charlie Harris a bay colt and homeplace after his wife's demise. Wife and son, Robert Harris, execs. wits John F. Snider, B. O. Snider.

CM 33-7


237. F. R. BRAY, June 14, 1920-August 21, 1920

Entire estate to wife, T. C. Bray; deeds from dau. Mildred J. Bray filed in his desk. Dau. Mildred J. Bray, exec. Wits A. W. Ellington, J. H. Price.

CM 33-20


238-239. ORRIN MOTT, May 16, 1917-August 27, 1920

To "beloved wife" T. J. West, all estate for life and then ½ would go to son, A. H. Mott and ½ to other son, M. E. Mott. W. A. lngram, exec. Wits E. P. Williamson, W. D. Nelson.

CM 33-22


240. W. H. BIGGS, April 11, 1914-September 1, 1920

To wife, Katie A. Biggs, entire estate and she to be exec. Wits W. H. Scott, W. A. lngram.

CM 33-25


241. A. D. CARTMELL JONES, July 3, 1920-September 2, 1920

Bro., R. B. Cartmell house on Baltimore St., Jackson; $1000 to Mrs. Dan C.  Caldwell. "Want" Martin Cartmell to have "some" of Mamie Lion's silver. Jenny Lion to have umbrella. Mrs. D. E. Caldwell to have old card table; Lennie Duckworth to have mahogany chairs and sideboard that "Mama gave to me"; rest of estate to Aut Lell to divide between sister Lucile Griz­zard and Cousin Jennie except something for Josephine Aydlott; money to Annie Duckworth and William C. Duckworth, Jr.; to Dr. Duckworth her diamond ring; to J. T. McCutchen the 2 lots of Day St. and he to be exec. Wits Elizabeth C. Symonds, Lucile C. Freear.

CM 33-28


242. DAVIDSON A. LYERLA, Jackson, August 24, 1920-September 21, 1920

To "beloved wife" Mary A. Lyerla and son, D. A. Lyerla, Jr., all personalty and all real estate and they to be execs. Wits W. T. Rogers, J. L. Crook.

CM 33-46


243-244. Mrs. LEONORA CARTER, widow, October 25, 1916-September 22, 1920

Graves of her husband, T. J. Carter; dau. lona C. Carter and herself to be curbed and marked in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson. All property to be sold and proceeds equally to nieces Mrs. lnez Emison, Mrs. Viola Rust, Mrs. Mamie Dungan of Bells, Tenn. and Mrs. Lonnie Joy, Fremont, Neb., Cleveland Rust, Bells, Tenn., exec. as he was "near deaths door" appointed Ed Terry exec. (Jan. 18, 1918). No wits.

CM 33-47


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245. DAVID WEAKLEY NEVILL, June 24, 1916-September 28, 1920

To niece, Armilda Walker and her oldest child, David Wayne Walker her entire estate and Chriss J. Walker exec. Wits W. J. Boone, Dr. William M. Wilson.

CM 33-50


246. NANNIE TALIAFERRO HUNT, November 8, 1918-October 12, 1920

To husband, W. J. Hunt ½ interest in homeplace, 300 E. Chester St., Jackson which at his demise would go to dau. Adelaide Hunt Weis. Wits Mary Jones Ingram, Josephine Bond.

CM 33-56


247. M. E. HENDERSON, April 29, ___(not given); probated October 29, 1920

To Eunie Hicks $1000 including $200 for her dau. Elizabeth and $100 for her son (unnamed); wanted tombstone at grave; rest to be divided among Willie Garrett, Dr. Henderson, each $200; Robert Henderson $100; Laura Corwell, Etta Parish each $25; Jim Hudson, Kate McClintock each $l0; everything else left to Eunie Hicks. No exec. No wits.

CM 33-66


248. Mrs. SARAH McCABE, Jackson, August 27, 1917-October 20, 1920

To grand nephew, Alfred Newton Sutton, all personalty and house on Walsh St. (He was son of Perry Sutton). If he died some of the property would go to his older brother, Richard Sutton. No exec named. Wits G. L. Mays, Mrs. G. L. Mays.

CM 33-59


249. JOHN H. REED, Beech Bluff, Tenn., October. 14, 1907-November 3, 1920

Exec to use two tracts of land for benefit of his wife, Martha Jane Reed, for life and at her demise equally to his children Mrs. Orpah A. Jones, Mrs. Alice G. Ramer, Mrs. M. Olive Stokes, Albert R. Reed, John F. Reed, G. Walter Reed. G. W. Reed, exec. Wits S. G. Reed, Jr., Dora F. Reed.

CM 33-68


250. J. P. HARSTON, December 17, 1912-November 9, 1920

To wife, Nancy Elizabeth Harston entire estate; no exec named. Wits L. W. McGee, J. F. McGee.

CM 33-70


251-253. Mrs. ELIZABETH E. IRBY, July 24, 1920-November 17, 1920

To nephew, F. L. Grady, homeplace, 577 E. Main St., Jackson; other property in Jackson to be sold and proceeds to nieces Miss Bird Eubank of Ft. Worth, Texas; Miss Mayrian Grady of Miami, Mo.; Miss Margaret Brady of Miami, Mo.; Miss Lossie Grady of Miami, Mo.; Miss Eugenia Eubank Rogers of Louisville, KY.; Miss Katherine Collier of Marshall, Mo.; Miss Bell Eubank Stewart of Ellinsburg, Washington. Lot on Lafayette St. to be sold and the proceeds to go to the State Mission Board of Nashville /Baptist/ and another lot to be sold and proceeds to go to the Baptist Home Mission Board, Atlanta, Ga., with J. C. Edenton as trustee for both boards. To T. L. Grady $2000 as trustee for benefit of Richard Pearson, colored, her faithful servant. Bank stock to be sold for benefit of First Baptist Church, Jackson. J. A. Thompson, exec. Wits W. H. Biggs, Willie K. Biggs.  Appended, written by Judge Biggs at request of Mrs. Irby. To niece, Eugenia Rogers personalty; to nephew Irby L. Frady books and those he didn't want to go to Union University. To niece, Marian Grady dau. of J. R. Grady salad forks; to niece, Mary Eubanks oyster forks; to friend, Mrs. G. M. Savage, 6 hand painted dinner plates; to friend, Mrs. W. H. Biggs, hand painted vase; to niece, Margaret dau. of H. D. Grady a dozen silver teaspoons and 1 tablespoon "that was my mothers." To niece, Ola Siddens spoons given to her by Dr.  Irby /her husband/ at silver wedding anniversary 1887. To nephew, Irby L. Grady Knight Templar brooch made of Mr. Irby's ring.

CM 33-76


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254-255. EUGENIA J. YOUNG, widow, Jackson, February 11, 1919-November 23, 1920

To dau., Nancy J. wife of J. R. Phillips house and lot on Preston St., Jackson and furniture in it. If after paying debts anything left $25 each to grandchildren Jo. Simmons son of dau. Etta Simmons, dec.; William Powell son of dau.Daisy Powell; Martha Louise Watson dau. of Bell Warson; Eugenia Phillips dau. of Mrs. Nancy J. Phillips.  Mrs. Nancy J. and J. R. Phillips, execs. Wits W. T. Rogers, John F. Snider.

CM 33-79


256. SAMANTHA GILMORE CLORA, September 20, 1920-December 7, 1920

To Blanton Whitman her entire estate including house and lot left her by her father, Seals Gilmore. Blanton Whitman, exec. Signed with an "x." Wits Charles W. R. Curtiss, Mrs. Fred Estes.

CM 33-87


257. Mrs. MARK LAWRENCE, December 7, 1920-December 13, 1920

All money equally to her children Lottie, Mark, Mary and Pau1. Dau. Mary to have her large diamond ring. Son Paul to have small diamond ring.  Daus. Lottie and Mary were to have si1verware. Each child given a house and lot on Wells St., Jackson. Bro., Fenner Sewe11, exec. Wits Mrs. H. H. Winter, Mrs. W. H. Nourse.

CM 33-89


258. GEORGIE HALLIE SHELTON, January 18, 1910-January 5, 1921

To "beloved husband" Jefferson Davis Shelton entire estate and he to be exec. Wits A. H. Askew, Mattie Askew.

CM 33-107


259. J. H. TATUM, December 21, 1917-January 18, 1921

To wife, Sarah Francis Tatum all personalty and life interest in real estate and at her demise to children and step-dau., Mrs. Bu1ah Jones (step-dau.); Mrs. Mary Binkley (dau.); J. R. Tatum (son) equa11y. Wife, exec.

Wits W. H. Biggs, S. R. Wooda11.

CM 33-107


260. CORRINA A. McCORRY, Jackson, May 16, 1904-January 20, 1921

To aunt, Musidora C. McCorry and cousin, Corrinna Henderson all her real estate for life and then to go to nephew Thomas McCorry and he was to be exec. Wits T. I. Tay1or, J. W. Vanden.

CM      33-109


261-264. MOSES TUCHFELD, June 30, 1916-January 25, 1921

To Mrs. Lena Blatt dau. of Moses Zimmerman and his wife's niece, the homeplace on Institute St., Jackson with its furnishings. To nephew, Jake Hoffman, Brook1yn, N.Y., 2 town lots in Jackson. To Henry Gasterfield a town lot with his sister, Rosa, a ½ interest. To Aaron Tuchfeld lots to be sold and proceeds divided among children of Rebecca Zimmerman; Sadie Zimmerman 35%; Max Zimmerman 15%; Fannie Broh 15%; Dora Burger 15%; Dave Zimmerman 10%;  Samie Zimmerman 5%; Char1ie Zimmerman 5%. Mrs. Blatt was

to pay exec $2000 for lot on Institute St. with $500 of it to maintain the Jewish Cemetery in Jackson, called B'nai Israel; $500 to Bertha wife of Alex Sharf; $200 to Civil League Hospita1; $200 to Independent Order of B'nai Israel of New Or1eans. Sol, Jannie and Emily Eugenia children of Joseph Tuchfe1d each $200. To Mrs. Lena Godshaw wife of S. A. Godshaw of St.  Louis his deceased wife's niece, a town lot. Aaron Tuchfe1d, exec. Wits Thomas Polk, John L. Wisdom, W. A. Ingram, W. H. Biggs.  Codicil dated June 30, 1916. Lots left to Henry and Rosa Gasterfie1d were canceled with east lot to Henry Gasterfie1d and west lot to Sol son of Joe Tuchfeld. A lot left to Mrs. Lena Godshaw was now left to Mrs. Lena B1att. Wits W. H. Biggs, Willie K. Biggs.

CM 33-112


265. WILLIAM J. JOHNSON, Henderson, Tenn., January 25, 1919-February 4, 1921

To wife, Alice Johnson, all personalty and life interest in real estate


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and then to son Oscar Johnson and wife's son, C1ifford Mitchell. O.B. Johnson, exec. Signed with an "x." Wits J.W.Ballard, E.A.Hamlett (signed with an "x").

CM 33-120


266.  C. G.  MONTGOMERY, Oakfield, Tenn., will not dated; probated February 26, 1921

All his lands divided equally among W. F.  Shelton, nephew; Mattie Shelton, niece; Mrs. Neely Shelton, sister.  To bro., Albert Montgomery an account of $250.  To bro., J. G.  Montgomery note for $260 and one for $600.  W. A. Caldwell, exec. wits W. S. Wooten, G. C. Outlan, L. D. Johnson. 

CM 33-130


267-268. THOMAS BOND, March 31, 1910-March 10, 1921

To "beloved wife" Rosa Bond life interest in his entire estate and at her demise to son Thomas W. Bond, 125 acres in CD 19 (and if he didn't marry or leave children acreage left to daus. Mrs. J. M. Johnson, Mrs. John F. Nuckols, Mrs. H. L. Rice, Miss Rosa Bond). His dau. Rosa Bond to have house and lot in Jackson, but if she died unmarried or without chi1dren, these would go to his other daughters.  Wife, Rosa Bond, exec. Wits L. M. Wilson, A. M. Curlin. Codicil dated August 9, 1919. Dau. Rosa Bond had married L. S. Edwards. Wits W. A. Caldwell, Frank Daniel.

CM 33-136


269-270. Mrs. ALBERT SHEPHERD BARNHILL, June 1, 1920-March 9, 1921

She was the wife of Martin Eugene Barnhill. If John H. Darby paid off debt he was to have ½ life interest in house and lot on Church St., Jackson; her husband to have other ½. Son Charles Shepherd Barnhill to have all personalty and her real estate near Memphis, Tenn. John H. Darby and Charles S. Barnhi11, co-execs. Wits W. T. Rogers, Mrs. Harry Haugh.

CM 33-134


271. Mrs. EMELINE AMELIA WISE, January 11, 1919-March 19, 1921

She was formerly of Se1ma, A1abama; "now" living in Jackson, Tenn. A marble slab was to be placed over her grave like that at her husband's grave. Sons George and John to have her house and lot, 413 Lauderdale St., Selma, A1a. Grandchildren Ernest LaVelle Wise and Pearl Wise Day children of dec. son, Charley $25 each. Sister, Mary, persona1ty. Son, George, the family Bible and persona1ty. To John her watch and chain; to Evelyn, John's wife, furniture. Two sons, execs. Wits A. D. Muse, J. T. Muse.

CM 33-141


272. ALBERT ANTHONY, colored, January 28, 1916-March 24, 1921

Entire estate to nephew, A1bert Anthony, Jr.  of Lowndes Co., Miss. Signed with an "x". Wits W. F. Arno1d, T. W. Pope.

CM 33-138


273. LUDWIG HESS, Jackson, February 25, 1921-March 26, 1921

Entire estate to "darling daughter" Burnice Hess. Brother-in-1aw, J. C. Felsentha1 and dau. to be "administrators." Wits J. C. Felsenthal, Susie Lee Halley.

CM 33-145


274-275. Mrs. MARTHA A. WOOD, widow, Crockett Co., Tenn., March 18, 1906-Apri1 1, 1921

To son, W. A.  Wood personalty and portion of her 1and. To son, E. R. Wood personalty and portion of land. To son, J. B. Word personalty and portion of land. To son, J. P. Wood personalty and portion of land. To son, A. C. Wood, personalty and portion of land. Granddaughter, Lizzie May Wood, her jewelry and trunk. E. R. Wood, exec. Wits Mrs. Annie A. Perry, Randolph G. Cole

CM 33-150


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276-277. SARAH WILKERSON, Jackson, October __, 1919-April 4, 1921

To dau. Rachel Naomi Wilkerson all her personalty. To children, F. B. Wilkerson, Henrietta Wilkes, Hugh R. Wilkerson, Rachel Naomi Wilkerson, her homeplace in Jackson. Grandson Wilkie Hurt to have $300 if he lived an "honest, upright, Christian life." F. B. Wilkerson, exec. Wits J. D. Shelton, A. H. Askew.

CM 33-152


278. S. H. NEFF, Jackson, February 2, 192l-April 15, 1921

To J. A. Neff and Mary Neff Tomlin wife of John T. Tomlin each $5000; remainder of estate to Mary Neff Tomlin. Thomas Polk, exec. Wits R. S. Fletcher, W. A. Caldwell.

CM 33-152


279. G. L. LANDERS, August 22, 1919-April 22, 1921

Written when he was feeling "bad," sitting in car on court square. Samantha Landers to have house and then it went to Mark ___. $1 to each sibling. Wits J. L. Collins, J. A. Elders (signed with an "x"), G. L. Landers.

CM 33-163


280-281. Mrs. LIZZIE HENDRICK DAMERON, February 28, 1919-April 26, 1921

Wanted to be buried beside her husband, W. F. Dameron in Hendrick family graveyard near Mifflin, Tenn., about l ½ mile from the old middle fork church; wanted tombstone at her grave similar to her husband's stone. Money to be divided equally between grandsons Willie Joe and John McClaran, sons of H. E. McClaran of Bemis, Tenn. and they to have her jewelry and their mother's (Eleanora Dameron McClaran) scrapbooks. Willie Joe to have Eleanora's Bible. Niece, Alice Brown to keep several family pictures including one of their grandfather, W. F. Dameron, for her grandson and 2 spoons in her trunk. Wits Jennie E. Hendrick, Erlen Betts. Codicil dated November 27, 1920. Wanted funeral expenses paid from money she got from W. B. Dameron's estate; rest to grandsons. Money in Bemis bank to "dear niece" Jennie E. Hendrick. Wits Mrs. Mary Hopper, Mrs. Nannie Hopper, Mrs. Jennie Mann.

CM 33-164


282-283. R. R. BOON, May 24, 19l7-May 13, 1921

To "beloved wife" Hauttie Boon a life interest in tract they lived on in CD l6; to wife and sons, E. N. Boon and S. B. Boon his brick storehouse in Medina, Tenn. and other lots to them in Medina. Wife to have 1/3 of his 1/5 interest in his father, R. H. Boon's estate. Wife and 2 sons, execs. Wits J. B. Rowlett, J. L. Mills.

CM 33-173


284. ALBERT PENDLETON, August 22, 1917-May 23, 1921

His estate in Hays and Cameron counties, Texas to go to his sisters, Mrs. Louellie Pendleton Burchard of Harlingen, Texas; Mrs. Anna Byrd Clark of Gonzales, Texas; Mrs. Alberta Pendleton Hinson of San Diego, Calif. and bro., Miller V. Pendleton of San Antonio, Texas. J. W. Vanden, exec. Wits C. G. Bond, C. G. Bond, Jr.

CM 33-176


285-286. ROBERT EBER HART, Jackson, aged 58 years; will was not dated; probated May 28, 1921

Children Phillis Elizabeth Hart aged 9 years; Robert Mason Hart aged 16 years to share in his estate. Sister, Nicy McDonnall have life interest in house on Clark St., Jackson along with his children and if they died without children their interests would go to his sisters Nicy and Ella. Sons to have proceeds from his insurance policy. Nicey McDonnall, exec. Wits R. E. Hart, Mrs. Hattie Flake, Mrs. Hattie Moore.

CM 33-177


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287. ROBERT W. YOUNG, Medon, Tenn., January 12, 192l-June 20, 1921

Entire estate to be sold and proceeds to go to wife, Fannie and children. Horace D. Young, exec. Wits John T. Haynes, Ella Lee Haynes.

CM 33-187


288. Mrs. EDNA C. HAMMOND, widow, August 27, 1920-June 23, 1921

To dau. Ina B. Hammond all her furniture. To dau. Mrs. Dora D. Booth $1050. Rest of estate to children Ina B. Hammond and H. D. Hammond (son). Had already given son, Fred H. Hammond, what she wanted him to have from her estate. H. D. Hammond, exec. Wits C. E. Cransby, W. M. Bell.

CM 33-189


289. MAMIE RAYFORD, colored, June 15, 1921-June 24, 1921

To H. E. wife of J. H. Daniel, Jackson, entire estate including her insurance. J. H. Danie1, exec. Wits Jetta C. Comer, Lela Jones.



290-29l. MELVINA WEBB, widow, June 15, 1921-July 5, 1921

To Drew Collins a trunk and contents; to Lee Trunnel a trunk and its contents (their names on trunks designed to be theirs); to son, Isaac Johnson rest of personalty and the homeplace in Jackson. From insurance policy Balch Jones to have $5; El1a Dyson $5; Jim Dyson $5; Daisy White $5. John E. Crymes, exec. She signed with an "x." Wits F. J. Richee, Fred Coger.

CM 33-195


292. Mrs. S. J. SANFORD, Beech Bluff, Tenn., May 9, 1914-August 2, 1921

Estate equally to bros. G. W. Diffee, Clark Diffee, Louis Diffee and sisters Mrs. Vancy Cawthorn, Mrs. Emma Burrow. R. L. Diffee, exec. Also, wanted notes against R. L. Diffee, J. T. Diffee and Bettie Diffee to be divided equally among bro. Clark's children, R. L., J. T., Bettie, C. G. and Virginia Huntsman.


293. JULIA R. STOBOUGH, February 11, 1921-August 27, 1921

$2000 divided equally between daus. Mrs. Lizzie Thomas and Mrs. Sallie Haskins; rest of her money to her dau. Mrs. Lizzie Thomas "for taking care of me." Wits A. H. Stobough, Bernice Stobough, Julia R. Stobough.

CM 33-217


294-295. S. M. WATLINGTON, February 18, 1911-September 9, 1921

To wife Cathrine Watlington entire estate for life, and at her demise wanted personalty sold and proceeds to go to granddau. Minnie Noren Norwood $500. After wife's demise his dau. Susie Stewart to have the homeplace. To son, B. F. Watlington a portion of land but before he got title to the land he was to pay the testator's dau. NettieF. McGill $500; she also was to have 15 acres of land. Son, H. D. Watlington $5. B. F. Watlington, exec.

Wits W. W. Houston, W. F. Watlington.             .

CM 33-224


296. A. H. WATSON, September 18, 1915-September 12, 1921

Dau. Mrs. Lela Evans to have piano; to wife, Lula F. Watson the house and lot in Jackson and at her demise it went to his son Robert H. Watson (this lot being next to that given to his dau. Mrs. Ena Smith); rest of estate to wife. Daus. Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Tipton were to have nothing as they had already been provided for. Wits Robert A. Hurt, I. H. Ne1son.

CM 33-225


297. GEORGE W. JORDAN, June 24, 1921-October 25, 1921

Wanted a tombstone placed at his grave. To daus. Rosa Jordan Hightower and Josephine Trotter his estate. Rosa J. Hightower, exec. Signed with an "x." Wits W. E. Rhegness, W. F. Arnold.

CM 33-225


(Page 29)


298. ROBERT HAYS CHESTER, Jackson, December 30, 1913-November 26, 1921

Estate to be divided among children Robert I. Chester, Mrs. Vernon Chester Davis and grandson, Andrew J. Chester (son of William L. Chester). Court was to appoint administrator of estate. Wits Will Luckman, B. F. Lewis. Codicil dated December 14, 1920. To Maragaretta Chester Smith the furniture in her room and $1000 in First National Bank, Jackson. No wits.

CM 33-254


299. MARY SHAFFER, widow, November l8, 1918-December 6, 1921

Estate to be divided among her children, Mrs. Stella Connell, Mrs. Ida Ellis, Mrs. Cornelia Exum, Thomas Shaffer, Clarence Shaffer. Mrs. Stella Connell, exec. Wits J. R. Gaffney, Ray Brooks.

CM 33-260


300. Dr. S. A. HENDERSON, January 8, 1912-December 21, 1921

To wife, Fannie May Henderson entire estate and she to be exec. Wits Glenn May, R. E. L. Henderson.

CM 33-269


301. J. N. TULL, Obion Co., Tenn., April 22, 1920-December 28, 1921

Entire estate to children Mary Tull, Minnie Tull and Mrs. Nell (left blank). Mary Tull, exec. Wits C. O. Ramer, W. C. Stova11.

CM 33-272


302. N. P. FARRAR, Jackson, March 4, 1913-December 28, 1921

To "beloved wife" Agnes W. Farrar life interest in his estate then at her demise it would go to Willie Wilson,  known as Willie Farrar and the latter would serve as exec. Wits A. B. Dancy, T. G. Morris.


303. HARRY M. HODGSON, December 19, 1921-January 5, 1922

To wife, Bessie Hodgson, entire estate and she to be exec. He signed with an "x." Wits Mrs. Kate Michie, T. J. Murray, Jr.

CM 33-273


304-305. L. J. NICHOLS, December 3, 1921-January 11, 1922

Debts to be paid and tombstone placed at his grave. Exec to sell his property and proceeds go to sister Mrs. Isabella Yancy, proper compensation for her having cared for him. He and sister, Miss M. F. Nichols shared house on Stoddert St., Jackson and she had died without deeding her portion to him. His dead sisters' heirs were to sign over their interest in this place as part of his estate or else lose right to any portion of his estate. Charles R. Curtis, exec. Wits G. C. Wilkerson, R. C. Smith.

CM 33-279


306-307. J. F. WARMOTH, September 2, 1921-January 20, 1922

To wife, Beulah Benton Warmoth all personalty and life interest in estate and at her demise to his bro. T. Q. Warmoth, Humboldt, Tenn. If wife had sold any portion of land before her death, proceeds of her part went to bros. J. G. Warmoth, Clint Warmoth, S. A. Warmoth, Walter W. Warmoth, Aubry D. Warmoth. Wits C. W. Hewgley, A. J. Wi1liams.

CM 33-289


308. JOHN D. HICKEY, January 3, 1922-January 31, 1922

To sister, Mrs. Kate Hickey Willey $7000 cash and bonds in safety deposit box; to friend, Rev. P. O'Hanlin $500 cash; to friend, Thomas McGrath $600 cash; rest of estate to sister Mrs. Willey who was to be exec. Wits W. A. Caldwell, Leila Anderson.

CM 33-290


309-310. LULA BROOKS WISSLER, September 12, 1921-January 31, 1922

To bro. Warren W. Brooks $100 cash; to bro. Burrow Brooks $100 cash; to sister Mrs. Fannie Price $500 cash; rest of estate to children Juanita Smith, Alma Smith, Warren Smith. Husband, George Wissler was not living with her and she wanted him to receive no benefit from her estate. Wits T. B. Rosser, R. T. Sevier.

CM 33-291


(Page 30)


311. Mrs. NELLIE CREEVY, December 31, 1921-January 28, 1922

Debts to be paid and a tombstone placed at her grave. To William Harris,  son of Mrs. Sarah Harris, dec. $100; to Mrs. W. H. Hinton $100 and roan horse; to "beloved husband" Sam J. Creevy rest of estate including house in old CD 8 and houses and lots in Jackson and he to be exec. Wits F. J. Rowlett, J. B. Benthall, J. A. Payne.

CM 33-288 (again, CM 38-398)


312-313. A. N. DAUGHERTY, Jackson, August 27, 1919-Apri1 7, 1922

To "beloved wife" Mary A. Daugherty house and lot, 877 No. Royal St., Jackson, and all personalty. To son, Perry Ralph Daugherty the homeplace after his wife's demise. Signed with an "x." Wits W. F. Arnold, W. S. Rhegness.

CM 33-322


314-316. D. A. ALLEN, May 7, 19l3-May 3, 1922

To "beloved wife" Martha Elmira Allen life interest in his land and at her demise lands to go to children and grandson, Horace Davis: John Allen, Oscar A1len, Mrs. Maggie Robins, Charley Allen, Mary Allen, Jim Allen. Wanted son Jim Allen to live on the farm furnishing his wife with a good living. Oscar Allen, exec. Codicil dated August 2, 1915. To dau-in-law, Estella Allen, widow of Bob Allen, $5; to son Jim Allen the land and house where he lived, about 11 acres provided he stayed with and provided for him and his wife; one Ford car to Jim Allen. Wits W. F. May, M. G. Moore, L. McCoy.

CM 33-339


317. JAMES THOMAS, October 15, 1907-May 4, 1922

To "beloved wife" Frona Thomas and two "boys by her", Ed Martin Thomas and William Stonewall Thomas, entire estate; to his "first children", Flora wife of Fenner Thomas, Mattie Alexander, Dora Thomas, Birdie McKethen each $l. To James O. Thomas his burial expenses out of testator's property. Signed with an "x." W. G. Neill, exec. Wits A. S. Steadman, J. H. Cawthorn.

CM 33-340


318-319. ROBERT K. DEMPSTER, August 27, 1917-May 10, 1922

To nephew, Robert K. Dempster, Jackson, son of Gilbert Dempster $1500; to nephew, Gilbert Dempster, Columbus, Miss., son of Gilbert Dempster, $1500; to nephew,  John A. Dempster, Jackson, $1500. $1500 was to be divided equally among James Dempster Richards, Alice Adrienne Richards, Willie Huntington Richards at coming of age. Rest of estate to Mrs. Margaret Richards. Gilbert Dempster, exec. Wits Claire B. Newman, Fred F. Newman.

CM 33-341

(There were two men of this name who died in 1922; the one above's dates: 1844-1922, son of James Dempster.)


320-321. J. H. MATTHEWS, May 22, 1922-June 3, 1922

To dau. Mrs. Nannie E. Davis, formerly Matthews, an equal undivided ½ interest in his farm, about 165 acre in CD 2. To son, W. O. Matthews an equal undivided ½ interest in this same tract. Personalty to grandchildren Mary Elsie and Dorathy Davis having already given to other grandchildren Ernest Davis, Thelma Davis, Alvena Davis. Grandchildren Troy W. Matthews, Goldie Matthews, Johnie R. Matthews, Billy May Matthews each to have $l0. Wits C. H. Fox, Jr.,             J. W. Jones, N. H. Williams.

CM 33-373


322-323. ROLLEN FLOYD, Jackson, May 16, 1922-June 6, 1922

His farm was to be divided among his children Clarence Floyd, T. Mitchell Floyd, Hattie Bell Floyd (his youngest dau.); to other 9 children each $10. L. G. Murray, exec. Signed with an "x." Wits L. G. Murray, M. G. Moore.

CM 33-361


(Page 31)


324. J. H. HOOTEN, Jackson, June ___, 1922-June 12, 1922

Entire estate to "beloved wife" Eliza Hooten and she to be exec. Wits J. W. Ha11, W. E. Vickrey.

CM 33-364


325-326. Dr. JOSEPH A. CROOK, Jackson, November 10, 1921-June 14, 1922.

His son, Dr. Jere L. Crook, Jackson and son-in-1aw, R. W. Hale, Murfreesboro, Tenn., execs. A widower, his entire estate was to be sold and proceeds to son, Dr. Jere L. Crook; daus. Mrs. R. W. Hale, Murfreesboro; Mrs. Harry B. Anderson, Memphis; Mrs. Ben H. Blalock, Charlotte, N. C.; grandson, Edgar McHenry,  Jr., only child of dec. dau. Celeste. Wits Hugh Ross, H. C. Ross, O. O. Jones.  Codicil dated May 20, 1922. His real estate was to was to be sold and a 1/5 interest in same to go to dau. Mrs. Blalock. Same wits.

CM 33-366


327-328. ALICE J. TWIGG, wife of Albert J. Twigg, October 5, 1918-June 24, 1922

To "beloved daughter" Louana Reid clothing; to husband furniture and insurance money. To husband, son Eugene Ly1ies and dau. Louana Reid an old trunk with "old family relicks," jointly. House and lot to husband for life and then to dau. Louana Reid. Husband, exec. Wits Dr. F. D. Southern, Alexander Twigg.

CM 33-370


329. ROBERT K. DEMPSTER, Jackson, February 10, 1922-Ju1y 11, 1922

To bro., John Dempster, Jackson $300; to bro., Gilbert Dempster, Marshall, Texas $300; rest of estate to sister, Mrs. H. G. Richards and she to be exec. Wits Claire B. Newman, E1izabeth Menett. (There were two men of this name who died in 1922; the one above's dates: 1873-1922, son of Gilbert Dempster.)


330. Miss FANNIE FENNER, Jackson, September 20, 1920-July 17, 1922

To grand-nephew, George C. Cummings, Jr., all personalty, money and real estate except to Robert Fenner, nephew, her life interest in house in Jackson. The furniture in this house jointly owned by her and Mrs. Skene. $50 to grand-niece, Martha Cummins. C. B. Ijams, exec. Wits Mrs. Mattie S. Ramer, Mrs. Florence F. Harris.

CM 33-378


331. SARAH POPE, July 6, 1922-July 18, 1922

To Rena Adams and Louise Caruthers her ½ undivided interest in place, 130 Madison St., Jackson. Rena Adams and Louise Caruthers, execs. Wits T. W. Pope, Hattie Flake.

CM 33-380


332. J. C. CLEVENGER, December 5, 1921-July 24, 1922

To wife, Mary Ellen Clevenger entire estate, and at her demise it to be sold and proceeds to go to son E. L. Clevenger 1/6; dau. Lillie Mai 1/6; grandson Milton Walters 1/3; granddau. Genoa Clevenger 1/3. G. C. Outlan, exec. Wits W. S. Wooten, G. C. Outlan, L. D. Johnson.

CM 33-384


333. HUGH ROSS, October 12, 192l-October 13, 1921

To wife, Alice Cawthorn Ross entire estate, 420 acres in CD 2, Chester County; house and lot and other property, including insurance to her. She was to be exec. Wits Carl F. Ward, W. C. McGee.

CM 33-400


334. GENTRY R. McGEE, Jackson, August 3l, 1911-August 31, 1922

To only dau. Mrs. Ora McGee Brandon, Jackson entire estate and she to be exec. Wits R. I. Chester, R. H. Bond.

CM 33-406


335-336. H. I. OLIVE, December 1, 1913-December 25, 1922

To son, R. L. Olive $5 as he already had been provided for. To son, John Hendrix Olive and dau. Lillie Olive, the homeplace in CD 12 and this son


(Page 32)


J. H. O1ive also to have livestock and rest of estate to be divided between J. H. and Lillie Olive. John H. O1ive, exec. Wits D. L. Key, M. B. Key.

CM 33-420


337. JAMES MONROE MITCHELL, Jackson, August 9, 1922-September 25, 1922.

To wife, Dalphne Mitchell life interest in house and lot in Jackson, and at her demise to adopted dau. Miss Nancy Thornton provided she "looked after" his wife. Insurance money to wife. Nancy Thornton, exec. Wits J. F. Lane, Mrs. James F. Lane. 

CM 33-419


338. Mrs. ADA F. HAMMERLY, February 18, 1920-October 23, 1922.

To dau. Sue Anna Hammerly and dau. Mrs. Ruth Hammerly Hooser an equal share in money in banks, all notes due him. To children Sue Anna, Kate, Flack and Harry land parcel in Jackson. Harry Hammerly, exec. Wits Ruth D. Riley, H. C. Pearson.

CM 33-436


339. Mrs. MATTIE JARED, Medon, Tenn., October 21, 1922-October 28, 1922

To son James Jared entire estate. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hall were to raise his son. G. C. Hall, exec. Wits J. C. Harrison, S. C. Whitfield.

CM 33-439


340. A. J. ALLEN, October 16, 1916-November 25, 1922

To wife, Mary A1len, entire estate and at her demise to Lee Allen and Loona Watlington (his only dau.), including 183 acres. Lee Allen, exec. Wits G. L. Burkhead, Mrs. Emma May Burkhead.  .

CM 33-461


341. Mrs. AMELIA CRAWFORD, Jackson, February l4, 1914-December 20, 1922

To dau. Mrs. Sallie Crawford $5 cash; to dau. Mrs. Carrie Crawford Lawler $5 cash; to dau. Mrs. Jimmie Crawford Curlin $5 cash; to dau. Mattie Crawford the house and lot, the homeplace at 323 E. Deaderick Ave., Jackson, to her. Mattie Crawford, exec. Wits M. H. Taylor, H. L. Pope.

CM 33-469


342. JOHN T. MURDOCH, June 2, 1922-January 2, 1923

To wife, Jennie Lyon Murdoch entire estate and she to be exec. Wit W. D. Nelson. 

CM 33-473


343. J. T. AMIS, January 27, 1917-January 4, 1923

His and wife's graves to be marked with tombstones; all estate to be sold and proceeds to go to Leonard Amis, Mrs. Geneva Amis Cason, Homer T. Amis, ¼  interest; to grandchildren W. N. Amis,J. B. Amis,Dorothy Amis, children of dec. son, Noel Amis, to each a 1/12 interest. Homer T. Amis,exec. Wits R. I.  Chester,T. J. Murray,Jr.

CM 33-474


344. D. W. HERRING, April 12, 1916-January 25, 1923

To wife, Arabanna Herring entire estate and what was left at her demise to go to their children. Wife, exec. Codicil dated December 16, 1922. Having converted real estate to cash the proceeds were to be divided among his children Harry, Julia, Ethel, Dan. No wits.

CM 33-481


345. J. A. VANDIVER, Jackson, May 3, 1919-February 1, 1923

His homeplace, 1284 Highland Avenue, to dau. Emma L. Vandiver; rest of estate to be divided equally among daus. Mrs. Lula Baker, Mrs. Albert Conner and to heirs of John Vandiver, dec. Wits H. C. Davidson, J. D. Shelton.

CM 33-485


346. MAGGIE HELTON, October 21, 1922-February 2,1923

To son Haynes Helton $25; house and lot divided among dau. Nannie Young and sons Gabe Helton, Crick Helton, Teague Helton. Gabe Helton, exec. Wits J. C.  Harrison,S. C. Whitfield.

CM 33-485


(Page 33)


347. ELIZABETH BLACKWELL McCASLIN, August 20, 1907-March 7, 1923

To Charles L. McCaslin the old homeplace in CD 8; to William S. and Elaine E. McCaslin the house and lot in Jackson and personalty; to Bessie McCaslin a walnut bureau which he grandfather, William McCaslin made; to Carroll McCaslin the bookcase; to Linnie Dalton and Marion children of William H. and Mabel McCaslin each $5; to Verna Davidson "whom I raised" personalty. Wanted O. E. Robinson and W. T. Hogsett to be guardians of William S. and Elaine E. McCaslin. O. E. Robinson, W. T. Hogsett, execs. Wits Mrs. L. E. Cobb, J. W. Shelton.

CM 33-500


348-349. Miss ENA WILLIAMS, Jackson, February 28, 1923-March 31, 1923

To the Woman's Missionary Society #l, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Jackson, as trustee for her sister, Miss Willa Minta Williams, who was incapable of managing property and caring for herself; she was then about 50 years old and their parents were deceased. At sister's demise, remaining estate went to this society. L. L. Fonvi1le, G. C. Wilkerson, execs. Wits Graper H. Russe1l, Jack F. White.

CM 33-511


350-351. Miss MARY CHRISTENER COCK, January 4, 1923-April 7, 1923

To nephew, J. E. Fussell entire estate if he "took care" of her for life. L. C. Cock, exec. Signed with an "x." Wits Mrs. D. T. Edwards, Mrs. Grace Matthews. Codicil dated Feb. 28, 1923. With same provisions, J. E. Fussell was to have 1/7 interest in 112 acres in CD 11, known as the Nancy Jones Cock land. Wit S. S. Foutch.

CM 33- 51 7


352. Mrs. MARTHA A. HARRIS, widow, Humboldt, Tenn., October 18, 1922-April 19, 1923

To step-son, Welton S. Harris $150 cash; to grandson Jule C. Harris $400 cash; to grandson Edward W. Smith 30 acres; rest of real estate to dau. Mary Sue Smith; all real estate in CD 10. Grandson, John M. Smith, exec. Wits W. H.  Keathley, J. W. McLeary.

CM 33-523


353-354. VIRGILIA LEONORA SMITH, unmarried, Jackson, January 14, 1922-April 20, 1922

She wished to be buried in her father's grave plot in Columbus, Miss.; rest of estate to sisters, Mrs. Alice Shaeffer, Mrs. Maude Johnson, Mrs. Ida Bradley and Cora Smith. Maude Johnson, exec. Wits W. E. Rhegness, H. G. Arnold.

CM 33-524


355. L. W. McGEE, Mercer, Tenn., September 15, 1915-April 23, 1923

To son, Conger McGee $600. To wife, Laura McGee house and lot where they lived in Jackson and at her demise it to go to their surviving children. Wife and son, Floyd McGee, execs. Wits W. A. Mercer, C. C. Malone.

CM 33-527


356. Mrs. FLORENCE FRAZER HARRIS, November l5, 1919-May 1, 1923

To sister, Mary Frazer Grammer furniture; to bro., George P. Frazer $5; to sister Fannie Ceylon Frazer $5; to sister Mary Frazer Grammer $250; after debts paid the remainder of estate to granddau. Pansey Edenton from which she was to give her son Edwin Frazer Harris $10 per month for his lifetime. Wits Louanna Vowell, Cecil R. Elliott.

CM 33-531


358-361. J. N. ROSSER, March 20, 1920-June 13, 1923

To "beloved daughter" Pearl S. Rosser life interest in $2000 which was to be loaned out at highest interest available and as she was afflicted this dau. was to have this benefit.  She was in the hospital for insane in

Bolivar, Tenn. His son, B. B. Rosser to be her guardian. To son, J. L. Rosser $2000 and land in old CD 5 next to Hollywood and Jewish cemeteries. T. B.  Rosser to be guardian and trustee for this son after whose death the


(Page 34)


other heirs, B. B. Rosser, T. B. Rosser, J. R. Rosser, J. L. Rosser, were to have what remained of estate. Tombstones to be placed at graves of Pearl S. and J. L. Rosser. Sons, B. B. and T. B. Rosser, execs.

Wits R. T. Sevier, E. L. Price.

CM 33-557


362. J. S. IVEY, June 22, 1921-June 21, 1923

To son, M. B. Ivey $25; to grandson, Henry Ivey Parham son of Minnie Ivey Parham, his watch and chain; to son, Everett Ivey the piano; to children, Everett and Mrs. Minnie Ivey Parham furniture; they two and M. B. Ivey were to have the house and lot he lived on, 602 E. Chester St., Jackson. D. B. Parham, exec. Wits W. A. Caldwell, W. L. Pipkin.

CM 33-563


363-364. Mrs. MARY B. JONES, June 28, 19l5-June 27, 1923

Widow of Dr. A. W. Jones. "It has been my practice through life to avoid making debts.” Had given to her bro. Owen B. Beach previously "now" to his daus. Mary Josaphine, Ruth, Helen each $2000 and their parents Owen and Louise S. Beach were to serve as trustees for them for their portions until reaching the age of 21. Having already given to sister, Sarah B. Whiteford "now" to her children Rhod Whiteford $2000 in trust for his afflicted bro. Burr Whiteford and at his demise his portion would go to Rhod Whiteford. To niece Mamie Whiteford $3000. To each of her "precious grandchildren" Mary Bell Jones, Alice Isabel Ingram and Mary Jones Ingram (“sweet Miss Mary”) $500. $100 was to be reserved for maintenance of the A. W. Jones burial lot in Riverside Cemetery in Jackson. W. A. Ingram, exec. Codicil dated Feb. 26, l919. Due to high expense of living her estate had been reduced and she canceled the $500 gift to Mary Bell Jones, now Mrs. Will Herron, transferring the benefit to nieces Helen Beach, Ruth Beach, Mary Josephine Beach. Wits C. W. Gayler, C. M. Wetherland. Codicil dated March 29, 1919. As she had helped her niece, Ruth Beach at Tallahassee, Fla. in her education

her $2000 bequest was reduced to $1500. She signed this at Grand Island, Fla. Wits J. F. White, J. P. Crumley.


365. H. L. CASEY, October 30, 1914-July 2, 1923

To "beloved wife" Willie May Casey the homeplace in Jackson for life and at her demise to his son, J. T. Casey and he to have other real estate as well. G. D. Casey, oldest bro. and nephew, Albert Casey, execs.  wits I. W. Perkins, A. E. Estes.

CM 33-569


366-367. A. W. STOVALL, July 10, 1923-August 8, 1923

To wife, Mary E. Stovall, homeplace at 170 Highland Ave., Jackson with its contents. To only granddau. Norma Sue Stovall $500 cash; to dau. Lena S. Blakeney and son, David A. Stovall and wife, Mary E. Stovall,

each 1/4 interest in rest of estate. The remaining 1/4 kept in trust by Lena S. Blakeney for his crippled son, Osman P. Stovall and wife. Mary E. Stovall, Osman P. Stovall, Lena S. Blakeney, David A. Stovall, execs.

Wits A. E. Estes, P. C. Stovall.

CM 33-595


368. JAMES L.SILER, January 18, 192l-August 11, 1923

He was 78 years, 8 months old on January 18, 1921; lived in Bemis, Tenn. To wife, Ruthie Siler, entire estate and from it $250 to granddau.Bessie Lowery. To his children equally Groves Siler, Frank Siler, Mrs.Lula Car­rington, Dolphus Si1er, Henry Siler each $250. Groves Siler, exec. Wits Sam Winston, Sam C.Williams, E.A.Williams.



369-370. R. F.SPRAGINS, Jackson, March 30, 1921-August 31, 1923

To "beloved wife" Sarah H. Spragins entire estate; left insurance to be used for benefit of his children Robert Hearn, Thomas Lamar and Rufus Wendell Spragins. Wife, exec. Wits C.W.Hewgley, Sarah R.Woodell.

CM 33-601


(Page 35)


371-373. J. C. EDENTON, May 2, 1919-September 10, 1923

Debts to be paid and he wanted a tombstone for his grave. To his wife, Katie A. Edenton, personalty and $3000 insurance money, house and lot in Jackson and house occupied by her bro., W. S. Ayers. A1so from insurance money $3000 equally to his children J. E. Edenton, Bruce C.  Edenton, Mrs. Livie Lowe and Miss Mabel Edenton. Grandchildren to have benefit from his estate much of which was to be held in trust for an extended period of time. J. E. Edenton, B. C. Edenton, W. C. Lowe, execs. Wits W. H. Biggs, Sarah R. Woodell. Codicil dated April 15, 1921. The house left to his wife in which W. S. Ayers had lived had been sold and he substituted a lot on which tenement houses were located. This property part of estate trust. Wits C. P. Elliott, A. D. Holder.

CM 33-607


374. JAMES L. WILLIAMS, August 27, 1923-September 27, 1923

Son H. V. Wil1iams $l; to wife Artie A. Wi1liams homestead for life and at her demise to go to son J. H. Williams who was to pay testator's dau. Laura Shane $500 and Mrs. Edna Rivers, Sidney L. Williams, Ruby Merle Williams, chi1dren of H. V. Williams $500, divided equally among them. Wits F. M. May, M. G. Moore, John Phillips.

CM 33-616


375. JOHN R. LYON, Jackson, January 26, 190l-September 28, 1923

To wife, L. A. Lyon, entire estate with the understanding that Mrs.  Rebecca Lyon and her two children were to have control of  ½ of his farm; at wife's demise the estate was left to his ½ siblings, Jeff and Nelie Lyon. No exec named. Wits W. D. Harrison, S. W. Frazier.

CM 33-616


376. MARY C. BENTHALL, September 29, 1917-October 1, 1923

To nephew, Demetrius Benthall and his wife, Mary Lou, all personalty and ½ interest in farm he lived on, 106 acres in CD 8. To Helen Benthall wife of Jasper Trussell a ½ interest in house and lot in Jackson and other real property in Jackson. Demetrius Benthall, exec. Wits W. H. Hinton C. S. Robinson, Sam J. Creevy.

CM 33-620


377. HENRY ASKEW, February 11, 1919-October 27, 1923

To wife, Mary Askew, entire estate and at her demise it was to be divided equally among his children then living except that at his death his wife was to pay Elwood and Kinnie (his two oldest sons) $1 each as their share of his estate. Mary Askew, exec. Wits L. D. Johnson, Ralph Darnell.

CM 33-631


378. Mrs. EMMA WADLEY, August 24, 1923-November 1, 1923

Her son, William Felix Wadley, was to keep the homeplace as long as he wanted to and when he vacates it and sells the proceeds to be used for him and her other sons equally. Wits Gertrude Diffee, J. F. Taylor.

Cm 33-632


379. Mrs. AGNES W. FARRAR, Jackson, March 4, 1913-November 6, 1923

To "beloved husband", H. P. Farrar entire estate for 1ife, at his demise it was to go to Willie Wilson (known as Willie Farrar). Wil1ie Wi1son, exec. Wits Mrs. J. R. Furgerson, Ju1ia Fonville.

CM 33-634


380. Miss KATE FEATHERLING, January 9, 1909-November 6, 1923

To "beloved sister" Mrs. Hattie Hickey entire estate and she to be exec.  Wits R. F. Spragins, W. H. Biggs.

CM 33-635


(Page 36)


381. WILLIAM LESTER, July 3, 1922-November 13, 1923

To bro. F. D. Lester house and lot, 562 Baltimore St., Jackson; to sister, Mrs. Susan Caradine an improved house and lot, 560 Baltimore St., Jackson and another lot in Jackson. To sister, Mrs. Susan Caradine his farm, 207 acres in CD 8 and all his personalty. Wits J. A. Thompson, T. J. Murray, Jr., L. McCoy, R. A. Mainord.

CM 33-638


382. W. P. GREER, December 29, 1919-January 19, 1924

To "beloved wife" Annie C. Greer entire estate and she to be exec. Wits W. H. Biggs, Sarah R. Woodall.

CM 34-37


383. W. F. COLLINS, November 26, 1923-January 26, 1924

Entire estate to wife, Elizabeth Collins and she to be exec. Wits Fred L. Buffalo, Andrew Cathey, A. B. Webb.

CM 34-43


384. FRANK H. RUST, September 9, 1922-February 8, 1923

To his mother, Mrs. Eunice Shane $500; to wife, Helen Tucker Rust the remainder of estate. Merchants State Bank in Humboldt to be exec. Wits J. R. Thweatt, L. S. Adams.

CM 34-49


385. CHARLES F. WILDE, August 15, 1914-February 26, 1924

Entire estate to wife, Hattie Wilde and she to be exec. Wits J. W. Vanden, W. A. Caldwell.

CM 34-55


386. MARY J. HINDS, November 3, 1923-March 4, 1924

To dau. Mrs. Jennie Hall $1000 cash; to son, Herbert L. Hinds $1000 cash; to son, Harry Vernon Hinds $100 cash; to daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mattie Hinds $100 cash; to old friend, Mrs. C. E. Ryder $50 cash; to daughter-in-law, Mrs. Gertrude Hinds her bureau; to son, Harry V. Hinds her Morris chair; to granddau. Mary Hinds personalty. Other children having received bene­fit from her estate she devised to son Matt Hinds rest of estate.

W. F.  Roark, G. C. Wilkerson, execs. Wits A. U. Taylor, Jr., KA. Hefley.

CM 34-60


387. G. E. GLOVER, December 31, 1921-May 3, 1924

To wife, Caldonia Glover life interest in 87 ½ acre farm in CD 11 and at her demise to his sons Norman, Gus, J. B. and Roy, equally. No exec named. Wits G. D. Buffalow, M. T. Baker, V. P. Weeks.

CM 34-82


388. T. J. MURRAY, April 25, 1924-May 17, 1924

To wife, Rosa L. Murray all personalty and life interest in real estate, and at her demise to children Tom, Alice, Roger and David Murray. Wife, exec. Wits Dr. Oliver E. Hampton, M. Gordon Moore.

CM 34-87


389. C. P. CLEAVER, February 14, 1924-May 26, 1924

To son Addison Cleaver $5; to dau. Mrs. Nettie Weishaar $5; to dau. Mrs.  Floy Palmer $5; to wife, Belle Cleaver rest of estate and she to be exec. Wits F. J. Dawson, M. H. Taylor.

CM 34-93


390. A. J. OVERTON, March 2l, 1924-June 26, 1924

To "beloved wife" Ellen Overton entire estate and she to be exec. Wits J. W. Hundley, W. J. Overton.

CM 34-108


(Page 37)


391. S. C. WHITFIELD, January 27, 1919-August 2, 1924

To wife, Mary Whitfield home and lot they occupied in Medon, Tenn. And at her demise it would go to children Marie, Marvin and Milred/ this name spelled the same way in the original will/ and his personalty

to be divided equally among them. Wanted Andrew Pepper to "have a home with my family as long as he conducts himself right." J. P. McDaniel, exec. Wits R. W. Young, J. C. Harrison.

CM 34-123


392. J. H. JONES, February 11, 1911-August 7, 1924

To "beloved wife" Alethia Jones entire estate and she to be exec. Wits W. L. Bumpus, W. T. B1ackard.

CM 34-126


393. LETH JONES, April 10, 1922-August 7, 1924

To nephew, Lance Hill $500 cash; to Bessie Blackmon her farm, 20 acres in CD 15 bounded on the north by Spring Creek Road and the rest of her estate as well. Wits T. I. Tay1or, W. F. Neill. (This is Alethia M. Jones.)

CM 34-127


394. Mrs. ELIZABETH P. YORK, Jackson, July 26, 1924-August 7, 1924

To her exec Dr. R. S. Brown, the house and lot where she lived and all her personalty; he was to pay her debts and to allow Mrs. Edna Honen who lived with her to take any furniture she wanted; to half-bro. Jim Robinson $1; to ½ bro. Chester Robinson $l; to children of dec. bro. Swaney Robinson $1; to Emma Barham and Mamie Mitchell daus. of her dec. sister, Susan Burrus each $l; also wanted tombstone at graves of James York, Sallie York, D. P. York and her own. Wits W. A. Poo1e, H. J. Berryhill, Edna E. Honen.

CM 34-125


395-396. AMELIA BLEW, August 23, 1923-August 9, 1924

To son Anderson Wiley Woodson lot, 138 Pine St., Jackson, her piano, a trunk and contents, which trunk bore his name. To son, Holly Mathew Woodson a lot, 207 Lane Ave., Jackson and a trunk marked with his name. To son, Rhea Perdle Blue lot, 114 Cumberland St., Jackson and a trunk marked with his name. Life insurance was to be divided equally among these three sons. Husband, Zach Blue, to have lot, 207 ½ Lane Ave. and a vacant lot in Gibson County and remainder of her estate. Wits Roger G. Murray, T. J. Murray.  (She signed her name Blew)

CM 34-129


397. M. I. BEST, Jackson, January 11, 1924-August 30, 1924

To wife, Ella Best entire estate and she to be exec; wanted her to leave $1000 to his niece's son, Robert Beink. No wits.

CM 34-140


398. A. P. KENZIE, Jackson, February 20, 1918-September 17, 1924

Entire estate to wife, Grace Kenzie and she to be exec. Wits E. E. Howel1, W. H. Williams.

CM 34-157


399. HARRY EZZELL, Jackson, June 15, 1917-September 22, 1924

Entire estate for the benefit of his wife, Annie Sharp Ezzell and "our two boys" Harry Ezzell, Jr. and Sharp Ezzell. Wife and Harry Ezzell, Jr., joint execs. wits John A. Bell, T. E. Brandon.

CM 34-159


400. Mrs. IDA SMITH BRADLEY, Jackson, August 29, 1923-September 26, 1924

To "beloved husband" J. Edward Bradley the homeplace, 426 E. Lafayette St. in Jackson as well as the Jones-Tuchfeld place, 226 Institute St.  To


(Page 38)


stepson William Lewis Bradley the Smith farm, 163 acres in Monroe County, Miss. about 10 miles from West Point, Miss. Husband, exec. Wits I. L. Grady, C. W. Davis.

CM 34-163


401. MATILDA DUBOSE, January 6, 1916-0ctober 27, 1924

To sons Raymond H. DuBose and Charles K. DuBose and dau. Catherine DuBose McCollum equally 50 acres in CD 8 and to have her furniture. Son, Charles K. DuBose, exec. Wits G. C. Wilkerson, R. C. Smith.

CM 34-172


402-403. J. W. BAKER, June 5, 1923-November 10, 1924

To "beloved wife" Kate Baker interest in land he owned with M. T. Baker in old CD 11 and 108 acres in old CD 10; at her demise estate would go to bro. M. T. Baker; sisters, Sallie E. Smith, Maggie Cox, Miss Emma Baker and niece Lena Longford; bro. C. T. Baker (who would be charged with $660 he had been given in land). Security National Bank of Jackson, exec. to assist his wife in attaining income from estate. Wits J. J. Hicks, L. O. Sweatman.

CM 34-178


404-405. Mrs. RACHEL BRANNER, March 29, 1924-November 11, 1924

To children Mrs. Annie R. Murphy, Mrs. Mai Hoffman, Frank M. Branner, Mrs. Edna Seibert each $l. To son, Frank M. Branner, Chicago, Ill. and her friend, George C. Wilkerson, Jackson, as trustees for her property for benefit of her dau. Estelle Branner except when property was sold $3000 to dau.  Mrs. A. R. Murphy and $1500 to Frank M. Branner who was to be exec. with G.  C. Wilkerson. Wits Mary C. Frost, Elizabeth S. Holtsinger, Christine L. Ho1t­singer. Will signed by her in Tampa, Fla. where was "temporarily" living.

CM 34-178


406. Mrs. M. J. WEEKS, September 24, 1924-December 6, 1924

To son, Hervey Weeks the homeplace, 41 acres and all personalty "for his kindness in caring for his sisters until their marriage and me until death." Children Hervey Weeks, Mattie Branch, Caskey Caldwell, Maggie Bell Sowell, Thelma Weeks equally 100 acres, the old Weeks farm. Wits L. A. Boren, W. L. Watson, G. W. Brasher

CM 34-186


407. Mrs. FANNIE M. VANDEN, Jackson, March 25, 1924-December 9, 1924

To son, Frank Vanden, $300 and personalty; dau. Nannie personalty; children Jule B. Vanden, James H. Vanden rest of estate; she wanted a "marker" at her grave. Two sons, execs. Wits B. B. Harrison, R. H. Harrison.

CM 34-188


408-409. LUCINDA ACKLEY, Jackson, October 20, 1924-December 15, 1924

Wanted to be buried beside her dec. husband, Albert Ackley and a double tombstone placed at their graves. To Mrs. W. M. Moss, Capitol Hotel, Jackson, $500 cash and proceeds of insurance policy. She had worked for Mrs. Moss for twenty years who had been kind to her. Other insurance money went to her cousin, Lucinda Reed and Ivy Brice. To step-son Charlie Ackley, to cousin Lucinda Reed and step-dau. Beulah May Hunt the house and lot, her residence on No. Roya1 St., Jackson. To cousin, Minnie Harrison and her niece Odessa Ackley Davis a smaller house and lot adjoining her residence lot. Rest of estate equally to all these persons and Lois Brice. Wits J. R.  Thompson, J. L. Houston.

CM 34-191


410. Miss FANNIE CHEATHAM; will not dated; probated December 13, 1924

To nieces, children of nephew, Charles T. Exum - Sarah, E1izabeth and Lillian Exum - all personalty. wits M. V. B. Exum, Gurvey Exum.

CM 34-190


(Page 39)


411. N. H. WILLIAMS, Jackson, April 9, 1920-January 15, 1925

To wife, Lena Herron Williams, entire estate and she to be exec. Wits A. G. Jones, A. P. Chalker.

CM 34-204


412. D. A. HUDSON, Malesus, Tenn., April 2, 1920-January 21, 1925

To wife Frone Hudson his estate but if she remarried then it "all goes to" children Paul, William Rogers and Bessie Alice Hudson. To Paul Hudson a Liberty bond; to William R. Hudson a Liberty bond. Wife, exec. Wits S. S. Glenn, Sam W. Hudson, G. W. Payton, Steve Hudson.

CM 34-207


413. T. M. TUBBS, August 13, 19l5-February 9, 1925

To wife Amandy Tubbs the house and lot in Spring Creek, Tenn. where he lived and 75 acres in CD 12 and at her demise same would go to step­children Hollye Gowan and Coy Gowan. Mrs. Roma Gowan, exec. Wits C. C.

Morris, S. S. Foutch.

CM 34-214


414. A. MULLINS, Humboldt, Tenn., April 9, 1924-February 10, 1925

Entire estate to wife Rebecca Mullins but if she predeceased him 34 acres went to his son,  Luther Mullins and other real estate to children Jodie Mullins, Beth Mullins, Mrs. Lora Stegall, Laura Walters, Mrs. Lena Chandler and $5 each to grandsons Homer and Hosea Walters. Wanted there to be no exec or administrator for his estate. Wits W. H. Keathley, Aubrey H. Williams. (R. T. Lewis was appointed administrator of estate by the court.)

CM 34-215


415. J. B. WILLIAMSON, Jackson, March 3, 1913-February 16, 1925

Entire estate to wife Ora L. Williamson and she to be exec. Wits H. C. Taylor, J. A. Perry.

CM 34-219


416. C. C. McCALL, Jackson, January 6, 1917-February 20, 1925

To his wife's nephew, David Hughes Gunn the entire estate and he is to be exec. Wits C. E. Pigford, Amos P. Chalker.

CM 34-223


417-418. ALICE M. GREER, Jackson, May 19, 1923-February 24, 1925

To "beloved daughter" Kate Ingram James the homeplace, 160 Poplar St., Jackson, formerly residence of her husband, John A. Greer with all furni­ture except furniture in guest room and that went to her son Paul. To "beloved son" Paul Ingram 2 tracts, 160 acres in CD 18 where he had lived 8 years. Her store building, 109 E. Main St., Jackson, to be sold and proceeds to: grandson, William Ingram James son of E. L. and Kate James $5000; grandson Keith S. Ingram $2500; grandson Allie S. Ingram $2500; granddau. Alice Isobel Ingram dau. of William Ashley Ingram $2500; granddau. Mary Jones Ingram dau. of William Ashley Ingram $2500; niece Katherine P. Stainback dau. of bro. W. E. Stainback $2000; to her faithful cook, Emma Wooten $400; to grandson William Merriwether Ingram, who had lived with her since his infancy "whom I love as a son," 50 shares stock in 2nd National bank, Jackson, to be used for his benefit until age 2l; rest of estate to children Kate Ingram and Paul Ingram. C. E. Pigford to be legal adviser to her exec Paul Ingram.  Wits O. J. Nance, J. W. Vanden.

CM 34-225


419-420. PHILIP MARKS, November 3, 1923-February 27, 1925

To "beloved wife" Mrs. Mary Marks all personalty including $1000 for her to use for charitable purposes. $500 each to Abe Harriss and Max Atfiled if they were still employees of Marks Bros. at his death. To dau. Mrs. Rachel Markes Rosenbloom wife of J. L. Rosenbloom, Jackson, house and lot, 137 Grand Avenue and 8 acres in CD 15; 87 acres in CD 11; 107


(Page 40)


acres in CD 11. To grandson, Alvin Rosenbloom real property in ward 4, Jackson. To grandsons Alvin Rosenbloom, Joseph Rosenbloom, Irvin L. Rosen­bloom real property in ward 2, Jackson; rest of property to wife. Son, Harry L. Marks and son-in-law J. L. Rosenbloom execs. Wits W. C. Nance, M. G.  Moore.

CM 34-227


421. EFFIE J. ESTES, May 2, 1910-March 2, 1925

To niece, Mrs. Sallie A. Tomlin wife of E. F. Tomlin entire estate and she to be exec. Wits W. N. Key, John P. Key.

CM 34-229


422-423. PATTIE L. BATES, unmarried, March 28, 1924-March 3, 1925

To niece Mary Lindsey Durrett entire estate including real property in Denver, Colorado excepting: Mrs. C. A. Lindsey, widow of nephew, C. A. Lindsey, lot 33 in block 99, Capitol Hill SD, Denver, Col.; to grandnephew,  Gordon Lindsey real property in Wayne Co., Tenn. She did not make a bequest to her nephew, Ben B. Lindsey of Denver, Col., at his suggestion, as he did not need it as he "has a home and good position" whereas her niece M. L. Durrett and grandniece and grandnephew, Chalma and Gordon Lindsey and their mother, Mrs. C. A. Lindsey "are very much in need of everything." Signed in Denver, Colorado. Wits Dr. C. D. Rilance, Dr. F. H. Carpenter, Alonzo Fry.

CM 34-229


424. A. C. BYRD, JR., February 11, 1925-March 10, 1925

To aunt Mrs. Mary E. Lane entire estate as trustee for his dau. Mary Lee Byrd, a minor, and at her demise, estate went to this child. Mary E. Lane, exec. Wits Dr. Henry Bullock, T. J. Douglass.

CM 34-233


425. THOMAS B. UTLEY, February 12, 1920-March 14, 1925

Property to be sold and proceeds to go to: Mrs. Lizzie B. Utley, widow of son Thomas B. Utley $5; Mrs. Lois Utley widow of son Newson B. Utley $300; rest of estate divided equally among 3 living children and 2 granddaus: Horace G. Utley, Mrs. J. D. Askew, Mrs. W. H. Lott, Celia and Cornelia Utley. Celia to have the piano. Mrs. J. D. Askew to have rocking chair and table in his room. Mrs. W. H. Lott to have large gilt mirror; Minnie Utley to have round table and rest of furniture to Celia and Cornelia. Mrs. J. D. Askew and D. W. Ward, execs. No wits.

CM 34-235


426. FLORENCE JOHNSON BROWN, Jackson, March 15, 1923-March 19, 1925

Debts to be paid and tombstone put at her grave. To sister, Mrs. Mary Jones entire estate. Mrs. Lizzie Roberson Davenport, exec. Wits Mrs. Lou E. Diggs, Mrs. Lizzie Robinson Davenport. Codicil dated September 6, 1924.  She was stricken by paralysis in October 1923 and as her sister, Mary Jones was also an invalid she revoked the bequest to her and made the estate to whoever cared for her in "my last years." Signed with an “x.” Wits Lizzie Robinson Davenport, Mrs. A. C. Cain.

CM 34-236


427-428. THOMAS BURK, CD 15, Madison County, August 11, 1917-March 21, 1925

To daus. Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Spear, Mrs. Jennette Sarah Clinger, Mrs. Ruth Isabel Humphreys and Miss Ellen Burk entire estate equally among them.  Mrs. Ruth Isobel Humphreys, exec. Wits W. E. Rhegness, Hu G. Arnold, W. W. Arnold.

CM 34-229


429-430. ANN PARKER, colored, widow of Green Parker, February 28, 1925-March 28, 1925

To friend Clayborn March, colored, her 150 acre farm where he lived; to friend, Minnie Reid, colored, the place where she lived; to friend, Ida


(Page 41)


Croom the house and lot where she lived; to friend Dempse Hart and wife, Neely, colored, house and lot on Dupree St.  To friend, Cherry Butler colored, rest of estate and she to be exec. Signed with an "x." Wits W. G.  Tiimberlake, Lizzie Robinson Davenport.

CM 34-242


431. FANNIE CLARK PERSON, Jackson, April 1, 1919-March 31, 1925

To sister, Mrs. Sue Marks her interest in the old Clark home at 138 Poplar St., Jackson; rest of estate to sisters Mrs. Addie Clark Moore, New York and Mrs. Sue Marks, Jackson. Mrs. Sue Marks, exec. Wits C. E. Pigford, A. P. Chalker.

CM 34-244


432. SOLL WILLIAMS, March 2, 1925-April 27, 1925

To daus. Lila Williams Brooks, Lucy Williams Walker, Minnie Williams, equally all real property and personal property and at all their demises estate remaining to go to sister Molly Barham but if this sister is then dec. it would go to Molly's children William Henry Barham and Mary Morgan.  E. R. Wood, exec. Signed with an "x." Wits Alonzo Pipkin, Charlie Stewart.

CM 34-258


433. Miss LUCY H. WILLIS, Jackson, May 9, 1923-May 22, 1925

To sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Stratchan McClain, for life, the house and lot, 434 Jackson St., Jackson, and at her demise to Elizabeth's children Belton E. McClain, Sordentia Waite McClain, Jr., Lucy Minor McClain and bro. John M. Mickle who was to have "a home in my said house" for life. Belton E. McClain, exec. Wits Mrs. G. J. Lohrig, Mrs. D. B. DuBose.

CM 34-267


434. S. B. LOVE, Jackson, November 1, 1923-April 10, 1925

To children personalty excepted "beloved daughter" Pauline Wasson who would receive $100 more than the others. Son, Marvin Love, gold watch. Sons Marvin and Benson Love his "theological works"; rest of estate to

be divided equally among heirs. Marvin Love, exec. Wits S. B. Love, A. M. Young,  J. W. Blackmon.

CM 34-274


435. J. W. ROSS, Jackson, June 9, 1925-Ju1y 14, 1925

To wife, Sara H. Ross, entire estate and she to be exec. No wits.

CM 34-294


436. JOSEPH EDWARD MOSELEY. March 24, 1909-Ju1y 3, 1925

To wife, Addie F. Mose1ey entire estate and she to be exec. Wits J. C. Smith, Jr., H. W. Louis.

CM 34-367


437. JOHN A. BLACKMON, May 2, 1908-July 28, 1925

Entire estate to "beloved wife" Lula May Blackmon and she to be exec. Wits W. A. Parish, W. C. Blackmon.  CFN


438. LOUIS RUBENSTEIN, Jackson, August 5, 1925-August 24, 1925

To adopted son, Henry Rubenstein $2 who had deserted him. To Roger Dudley Justice son of Holbert and Susan Justice $100; to Holbert Justice $100; to Louis Nord $100; to Susan Justice $100; to Yvette Nord $100. Rest of property to be sold and proceeds to persons above except adopted son. Claire B. Newman, exec. Wits Lawrence Lane, H. E. Butler.

CM 34-306


439. DAVID H. DAWSON. December 29, 1923-September 3, 1925

Entire estate to "beloved wife" El1a Dawson and she to be exec. Wits E. E. Goodrich, Emma V. Seaborn.

CM 34-313


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