Genealogical Abstracts from Will Book C and Miscellanea

1914 – 1927

Madison County, Tennessee


By Jonathan K. T. Smith

Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1998


(Transcribed for TNGenWeb by Betty Finley)


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440. Mrs. EDNA WHEELER PARISH, Jackson, July 23, 1925-September 2, 1925

To sons Robert H. Parish and William Wheeler Parish her personalty, including a car and bank stock. To stepson, Moss Parish a ring with two diamonds and opals and other personalty that had belonged to his mother.  To sister Lacye Wheeler McCalla, personalty; to sister, Mamie Henry a vase.

Robert H. Parish, exec. No wits.

CM 34-312


441-442. L. L. WEBB, October l3, 1924-October 22, 1925

To granddaus. Mary Louise Webb $450; Ora Lee Webb $575. Rest of estate to her 8 children: Mrs. Altona Perry $2500; Mrs. Ora Bell Hamlett $2500; Dr. Charles F. Webb $2500; Mrs. Beulah L. Leonard $3000; Earl W. Webb $500;  A. B. Webb, Sr. $1250; Fred Exum Webb $250; D. R. Webb $600; Fred N. Webb $3250.  A. B. Webb, her son, was to serve as guardian of granddau. Mary Louise Webb and granddau. Ora Lee Webb. Dr. Charles F. Webb, exec. wits A. W. M. Ferguson,  Sr. and Jr. Codicil dated November 19, 1924. Bequests made to sons Earl W. Webb, Fred Webb, D. R. Webb provided they remained free of debt. Same wits.

CM 34-327


443. Mrs. SALLIE A. DUROCHER, Jackson, March 12, 1925-November 14, 1925

Written at request of testatrix by Laura A. Moffat, her dau., to whom her entire estate went except for $1 to "all" her grandchildren.  Signed with an "'X" Wits R. W. Phillips, Miss Powell, R. S. Brown.

CM 34-334 (This will negated; replaced by one, page 485.)


444. Mrs. SUSAN CARADINE, widow, September 17, 1919-November 17, 1925

To W. M. Lester 33 acres in CD 8 and 10 acres in CD 8. Signed with an "x" Wits R. I. Chester, T. J. Murray, Jr.

CM 34-335


445. F. O. LAKE, November 19, 1925-November 23, 1925

To wife, Mollie Lake, homeplace, 178 Deaderick Ave., Jackson and $2000 cash; business-house on College St. to be sold and proceeds to his bro. Joe W. Lake. To sisters, Miss Lizzie Lake and Mrs. Mary Black each $1000.  To bro. Justice Lake $l0. To nephew, Tamlin Lake his ½  interest in farm in Hardeman Co., Tenn. Rest of estate to wife. Nephew Richard Lake and G. C. Wilkerson, execs. Wits L. McCoy, Susie L. Pannell.

CM 34-337


446. H. P. CURLIN, March 12, 1925-November 25, 1925

To wife, Hanna Curlin and children Robert Taylor, Earnestine, Edith, H. P. Curlin went his insurance money; wanted a "monument" at his grave. No exec named. Wits Austin Thomas, E. E. Dickinson.

CM 34-338


447. L. J. STARKEY, Medon, Tenn. , September 1, 1925-December 8, 1925

Entire estate to wife Belia Starkey and she to be exec. Wits Mrs. Hattie Stewart, Miss Anna Harrison.

CM 34-345


448. GUS HAUSER, March 15, 1921-December 18, 1925

Entire estate to wife, Susie Hauser and children Henry, Allen, Gus, Louise Flack and Susie Weble. To them, "You dont know it but I have priad for you all every night for a long time & am ready to go any time. Treat Mama well." No wits.

CM 34-349


449. O. J. STOVALL, Jackson, June 28, 1923-January 18, 1926

To wife, Haggie R. Stovall and dau. Nell Stovall the use of his property until Nell married and then at wife's demise Nell was to get all estate. After Nell's demise estate went to his other children, Paul C. Stovall,  Mary Pigott, Ruth Grimes. He was in mercantile business with son, Paul C. Stovall who would be exec. Wits B. B. Rosser, W. L. Richards.

CM 34-359

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450. J. I. BLAND, December 14, 1923-January 25, 1926

To "beloved step daughter" Ada May Wagster $300; to "beloved children" W. C. Bland and Lula Bell Bland rest of his estate. Bro. R. A. Bland and son, W. C. Bland, execs. Wits N. T. Matthews, M. M. Jennings.

CM 34-361


451. MARY E. SEVIER, Jackson, April 28, 1920-February 4, 1926

To dau. Minnie A. Luck $5; to Henry D. White, Jr. son of dau. Bettie White $5; to son, J. W. Sevier $1200; son Charles Sevier $1500; son Robert Sevier rest of estate and he to be exec. Wits Mrs. J. F. Turner, Mrs. J. L. McLeary.

CM 34-368


452. MARY ANN CHATMAN TEAGUE, spinster, November 7, 1902-March 3, 1926

To niece, Martha Ann Russell dau. of sister Sarah Teague Russell entire estate and Martha Ann to be exec. Wits Mrs. E. D. Kirby, Perry B. Lusk.

CM 34-377


453. EMMA BURFORD RANSON, December l3, 1913-March 6, 1926

To "beloved daughter" Emma May Ranson house and lot, 252 W. Baltimore, Jackson, with all furnishings except that she wanted to give dau-in-law Opal and a small jewelry case and contents to son Walter and his wife, Opal and children. Wits Mary E. Wagner, Mary A. Hervey, Bettie Smith.

CM 34-382


454. EMMA WOOTEN, March 6, 1926-March 12, 1926

To granddau. Lucy May Evans $l; to grandson James Otis Harris $1; to son Ben Harris and wife, Sarah, rest of estate.  Ingram James, exec. Wits Kate I. James, E. L. James.

CM 34-385


455. WILLIAM V. MARTIN, May 19, 1925-March 20, 1926

Entire estate to wife, Annie Rose Martin and she to be exec.  Wits W. A. Caldwell, J. W. Vanden, L. J. Dennings.

CM 34-389


456. ROBERT K. TERRY, February 18, 1924-March 31, 1926

Entire estate to wife, Fannie M. Terry, including insurance policy for $1100 life on his mother, Julia Ann Terry; she to be exec. wits T. A. Mason, O. C. Forester.

CM 34-394


457. Mrs. S. E. VAUGHT, Jackson, December 30, 1914-April 5, 1926

Entire estate to T. C. Kelley and wife Italia and he to be exec. Wits L. O.  Sweatman, E. C. Anderson.

CM 34-396


458-459. Mrs. MARY A. McMILLAN, October 31, 19l9-April 10, 1926

Wanted tombstone at her grave similar in design to that of her dec. sister (unnamed). Property to be sold and proceeds to: ½ March McMillan Littrell; ½ John H. McMillan. Any remaining estate to Lora May Ennis and Gertrude Diffee. J. T. McCutchen to be trustee for Mary M. Littrell's por­tion. M. H. Tyler, exec. Wits Earl Winson, W. A. Caldwell.

CM 34-399


460. DAVID L. KEY, March 14, 1911-Apri1 9, 1926

To wife, Ida M. Key, 160 acres for life then to his nephews, W. Neely Key and J. D. Key sons of bro. John P. Key; she to have rest of estate and to be exec. Wits D. T. Turner, I. H. Nelson.

CM 34-398


461. A. T. FRANKLIN, Jackson, May l, 1914-Apri1 13, 1926

To ½  bro., J. G. Neudorfer in trust for grandson Arthur Guy Norwood; bro. F. E. Franklin; ½ bro. Phillip Neudorfer and ½ sister Mrs. Lizzie Ivey.  J. G. Neudorfer, exec. Wits L. O. Sweatman, W. Alva Taylor.

CM 34-404



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462. A. H. ASKEW, Jackson, March 9, 1918-April 17, 1926

Entire estate to "beloved wife" Mattie H. Askew. Nephew T. E. Askew, exec. Wits Charles Key, M. G. Moore.

CM 34-409


463. Mrs. BESSIE F. MOORE, March 17, 1926-June 2, 1926

Personalty divided equally among children Hal Moore, Jr., Bessie Ruth Moore, Watt Moore, Maurice Moore; real estate would be managed by her husband, Hal R. Moore, for the benefit of her children; after husband's demise estate would be completely the children's. Husband, exec. Wits Ferol A. Wilkinson, Mrs. Rosa L. Murray.

CM 34-427


464. EDGAR PARIS WILLIAMSON, June 30, 1925-June 4, 1926

To sister, Miss Susie Williamson his undivided interest in real estate formerly owned by his parents; rest of estate to wife Jessie Thompson Williamson and she to be exec. Wits J. L. Pearson, Miss Melba Mainord.

CM 34-431


465. Mrs. MARY E. HOLT, May 16, 1926-June 7, 1926

She wanted to be buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Ky. Where her husband and son, Warren Holt, were buried; tombstone to be placed at her grave and at that of her son, Warren. To grandsons Bethel Murray and Charles W. Murray each $1; rest of estate to daus. Mrs. J. F. Lafferty and Mrs. Charles H. King. "They having been very affectionate and loving

to me and having cared for me in the last years of my life." Mrs. Charles H. King, exec. Wits John Blackert, Jack R. Harris.

CM 34- 433


466. Mrs. CORNELIA CHRISTIANA RAYMOND CURTISS, wife of Lewis L. Curtiss, Jackson, September 11, 1922-June 10, 1926

To "dear husband" a diamond ring and real property; to "dear son", Lyle Raymond Curtiss personalty and money to him and his wife, Jennie. Niece, Florence R. Davidson personalty. Granddau. Betty Raymond Curtiss personalty; "dear grand niece" Helen D. Davidson personalty; to Orlando Davidson, Jr. personalty; bros. Charles, Henry and Thomas Raymond each $100. Sister-in-law, Mary Curtiss Jackson $100. Husband, exec. Wits Morris H. Brown, Emily Stevens.

CM 34-433


467. R. C. MOORE, Denmark, Tenn., February 27, 1925-June 16, 1926

To "beloved wife" Mrs. Cornelia Moore all personalty and life interest in real estate and after her demise to his bro., J. M. Moore; Mrs. Opal Witty, niece; heirs of Mrs. Maude Hudson Moore; Maggie Hazlewood; J. A.  Hudson; C. P. Hudson; W. C. Hudson; E. R. Hudson; each a 1/8 interest in real estate. Wife, exec. Wits J. D. Day, A. P. Chalker.

CM 34-435


468. WILLIAM EDWARD RHEGNESS, Jackson, December 28, 1911-July 9, 1926

To "beloved daughter" Julia Josephine Rhegness entire estate and she to be exec. Wits Claire B. Newman, John M. Arnold.

CM 34-444


469. Miss CORA THOMPSON, March 23, 1926-Ju1y 21, 1926

Entire estate to "dear mother" Mary E. Thompson. Wits Thomas Polk, R. M.  Wisdom.

CM 34-447


470. EMMA C. COFFEY, Jackson, September 7, 1923-July 26, 1926

To son, Thomas Dickson Coffey entire estate and he to be exec. Wits A. V.  Patton, Florence P. Patton.

CM 34-449


471. OSMAN P. STOVALL, July 20, 1926-August 6, 1926

Entire estate to "beloved wife" Avie B. Stovall and she to be exec. Wits Charles F. Webb, Southall Dickson.

CM 34-451


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472. M. F. HAYNES, March 17, 1923-August 26, 1926

Mrs. Nealy Pearcy to have life-time support from his estate; afterwards estate would go to Luke Pearcy and he to be exec.  wits T. H. Bell, M. C. Bow­man.

CM 34-458


473. MARY E. THOMPSON, July 22, 1926-September 9, 1926

Great-nephew, W. L. Lockman to have $500; nieces, Ora and Annie daus. of J. M. Armfield each $250; children of Rosetta Armfield Siler $100; children of Leona Lockman Stewart $100; Brent Durham dau. of Cora Armfield Durham $500; children of John Thompson $200; First Methodist Church, Jackson, $500;  remainder of estate to nephew, A. L. Lockman; nephew Jimmie Armfield; niece Cora Lockman wife of G. B. Milstead; niece, Mattie Lockman wife of Dr. H. M.  Milstead; nieces of dec. husband, Dr. William Thompson, Minnie Thompson Powell and Helen Thompson Chase. A. L. Lockman, nephew, exec. Wits W. E.  McClamrock, H. L. Bradley.


474. Mrs. J. F. MORENAS, October 12, 1925-September 27, 1926

To St. Mary's Catholic Church, Jackson, $100; to dau. Mrs. Mary Camille Moore her diamond ring and watch and other personalty; to dau. Mrs. Dora Harding certain real properties in Jackson and Oklahoma; to dau. Mary C. Moore her homeplace, 529 Madison St., Jackson and place at 412 Madison St., Jackson. Two daughters, execs. Wits W. E. McClamrock, J. H. Gulledge.

CM 34-481


475. M. G. MONTGOMERY, February 2, 1924-September 27, 1926

½  money to bros. J. G. and T. A. Montgomery; his 123 acres, the north part to J. G. Montgomery; south part to T. A. Montgomery. D. J. Montgomery, exec. Wits G. R. Hicks, J. S. Matthews.

CM 34-482


476. W. F. PEARCE, near Medina, Tenn., September 4, 1926-October 4, 1926

Entire estate to Eliza Pearce and at her death or remarriage, then 20 acres on west side of land to dau. Linnie Replogle; 20 acres of his land to dau. Tennie Pearce and remainder to Luster Pearce and personalty and he to be exec. He signed with an "x".  Wits T. J. Graves, Harry L. Graves.

CM 34-488


477. EDWIN F. ALEXANDER, February 2l, 1917-October 12, 1926

To "beloved wife" Julia A. Alexander entire estate and she to be exec.  Wits J. W. Stova1l, A. J. McGehee.


478. Mrs. ORA WILLIAMSON, Jackson, March 23, 1925-June 17, 1926

To friend, Mrs. Tom Jones, Jackson, $500, ring and victrola; rest of estate, including 319 Burkett Ave. place to bro. Grady W. Smith who was to be exec. Wits J. W. Boon, B. T. McKinnie.

CM 34-436


479. C. C. BETTY, December 4, 1925-0ctober 29, 1926

Entire estate to "beloved wife" Addie Betty and she to be exec. Wits E. L. White, P. W. Maloney.

CM 34-498


480. Miss MABEL M. EDENTON, Jackson, August 4, 1924-November 9, 1926

To niece Nell Edenton Love real property in Kelly, Louisiana; remainder of estate to bro. J. E. Edenton and sister, Mrs. Livie C. Lowe and J. E. Edenton to be exec. Wits C. W. Hewgley, W. P. Moss, Pearl Bergel. Codicil dated March 4, 1926, New Orleans, La. Any present she had received from her siblings and from her mother, Mrs. K. A. Edenton, they were to receive back from estate; to niece, Elinor Edenton $500; nephew Bruce Edenton $500; car to Ernest Edenton, Jr.; personalty to nieces Mary Elizabeth Lowe, Nell Edenton Love.  No wits.

CM 34-506

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481. W. A. DANIEL, September 30, 1925-November 18, 1926

Entire estate to wife, Anne Daniel and she to be exec. Wits Roger G. Murray, David P. Murray.

CM 34-515


482. Mrs. KATE PERSON, November 5, 1921-November 22, 1926

To bro., W. R. Ripley $50 cash; to sister Mrs. Lu1a Watkins $500 cash; to nephew Herman Ripley son of Harry Ripley, with him providing for her mother and he to be exec, he would receive all real property. Wits M. H. Taylor, W. F. Neill.

CM 34-516


483. FANNIE SPRINGFIELD, widow, August 19, 1920-November 24, 1926

Entire estate to dau. Ruth Springfield Theus and if she died leaving no children the estate remaining went to testator's son Jimmie Snipes. W. A. Caldwe1l, exec. in whom she trusted to manage the estate for her dau. Wits W. D. Barker, J. G. Hicks.

CM 34-517


484. ROXIE MURCHISON SNIDER, October 25, 1921-December 1, 1926

To husband, B. O. Snider personalty; to him and dau. Roxie Snider, the residence on South Royal St., to become completely Roxie's after her father's demise. Wits A. J. Johnson, J. M. Johnson.

CM 34-520


485. SALLIE A. DUROCHER, October 31, 1912-December 6, 1926

To Mrs. Laura Crawford ½  interest in house and lot, 146 Stoddert St.,  Jackson To David Brown the other ½  interest in this property; persona1ty to Mrs. Laura Ann Moffat, Mrs. Laura Crawford, David Brown; she wanted a tombstone placed at her grave. No exec named. Wits R. I. Chester, R. H. Bond, D. W. Herring.

CM 34-522


486. A. S. KERR, Ju1y 7, 1926-December 22, 1926

Entire estate to wife, Minnie Poag Kerr and she to be exec. Wits L. W. Whitaker, T. W. Pope.  

CM 34-528


487. JESSE CROOM, Piggott, Ark., October 26, 1925-January 4, 1927

He had children, Mrs. Corde1ia Cobb, Mrs. Emma A. Robbins, Mrs. A1ice Neely, W. H. Croom, L. T. Croom, Mrs. Lalla Robbins; only Lalla was to inherit from her father as the first five children were in "a fairly good financial condition." Mrs. Lalla Robbins, exec. Wits J. H. Keller, R. E. Spence.

CM 34-531


488. Z. K. GRIFFIN, November 21, 1914-January 14, 1927

Entire estate to "beloved wife" Dora Newland Griffin and she to be exec. Wits John A. Jester, A. E. Estes.

CM 34-537


489. B. A. ENLOE, May 8, 1917-Apri1 15, 1927

To dau. Mrs. Fanline Enloe McC1ain $1500; had already given dau. Mrs. J. H.  Corbitt a like amount. This met approval of his other children, B. A. Enloe, Jr., Mrs. George L. Wi1kinson, Mrs. J. H. Corbitt. Rest of estate to "beloved wife" Fannie A. Enloe. "Our Heavenly Father has been very merciful to me and has blessed us and our family all of our lives and my final injunction to all is to love God and keep his commandments." Wife, exec. No wits. Codicil dated January 9, 1920, Nashville, Tenn. On January 9, 1920 he gave Fantine Enloe McClain the $1500 so that provision was dropped. Codicil dated February 5, 1921. As his dau. Mrs. J. H. Corbitt had died leaving 2 dependent chi1dren, Marie Enloe Murray and Frances Enloe Murray, if he died before his wife each of these girls would receive 1/5 of the estate "as though they were my own children." No wits.

CM 34-405



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490. Mrs. MARTHA E. TYSON, June 28, 1917-February 21, 1927

½  of his about 66 acres of land to dau. Mrs. Lizzie J. Reid and ½ to son, R.  F.  Tyson. Personalty to Mrs.L. L. Reid and B. F. Tyson, son, and her husband, George Tyson. Under marriage contract dated December 6, 1880 she was authorized to make disposition of her property as she saw fit. Wits C.G.Rono, R.H.Bond.

CM 34-550


491. W. R. STEADMAN, December 15, 1925-March 8, 1927

All property was to be sold and proceeds as follows: $500 in trust to W. A. Gunter for use of his minor son, Nathan Steadman; the rest divided equally among other children, Mrs.Grace Steadman Gunter, William R. Steadman, Jr. Francis Steadman, Nathan Steadman. A. S. Steadman, son-in-law, exec.Wits E. P. Boswel1, L. G. Smith, W. G. Neill.

CM 34-491












































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Madison County Court Minute Book 29, pages 59-64:

September 9, 1912

Division of Mrs. S. J. Caldwell's lands. In Will Book B, page 399, her last will and testament confirms the 100 acres, designated on the plat map on page 47 as Homestead Tract to the son, Polk Caldwell. John L. Williams, civil engineer platted the tracts for the heirs as shown on the map reproduced on page 47. Tract I. Andrew Lee Caldwell's share, 137 acres. Tract 2. Mrs.  Lazinka Bond, wife of S. S. Bond, her share, 142 acres. Tract 3. Miss Mary Celeste Lee's share, 83 acres, plus Tract 5., 67.05 acres. Tract 4. Dr. J. K. P. Caldwell's share, 140 acres. Tract 6. was designated for Sam P. Caldwell but he was "now" deceased so that it was awarded to J. K. P. Caldwe1l, 120 acres. Tract 7. Mrs.  Mrs. Mary Olivia Wharton, 114 acres. Tract 8. Mrs. Anna Celeste Jones, 137 acres. The Taylor Cemetery noted on this plat map has in recent years been part of the Billy Hopper farm on the Denmark-Jackson Road. This was the burial ground of the family of Abner Taylor (Feb. 14, 1790-July 13, 1869) as well as of Caldwells and others, including that of Sarah J. Caldwell (1839-1909) whose lands were being divided among her heirs above.



(from January 1914)

When the records of probate on wills were entered in the minute book, the death dates of the testators (will-makers) were usually cited, in full or partially. Sometimes it was simply noted that a certain testator died "lately." Wills were admitted to probate for persons who were legal residents of Madison County. Some such persons died when visiting or journeying away from this county, a fact sometimes noted in the records of probate. The place of death of a testator may be assumed to have been Madison County unless otherwise stated in the record, although as in the case of J. H. Hirsch, no place of death is given - he died in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The official death certificates for these years, 1914-l927 will furnish more information about decedents who left wills. In the listing to follow the death dates of persons who died intestate (without wills) are given as well as those for whom there are wills.  In the minute book records the date of probate is given, the qualification of the executor is given as well as other informa­tion and these are important, especia1ly if the testator failed to designate an executor in his or her will. In the case of persons who died without wills their estates were settled by administrators appointed by the court.


The number preceding each abstract below refers to the page number in the minute book(s).


407. Gertrude Langford died in Jackson, December 30, 1913

409. William Sanders died December 23, 1913

411. E. B. Curtiss died January 4, 1914

428-431. Peter Theus, colored, died in Madison County, latter part of 1898 or early in 1889 owning 158 ¼  acres in Civil District 3. (On page 263, of Minute Book 30, he is given as having died about 1899.) He left a wife, Kate Theus a life interest in this tract. He was twice married; the first wife, Emmaline Theus had chi1dren: Carolina Theus wife of John Brown; Harry Theus who died without issue; E1ijah Theus; Mary Theus who died without issue; Celia Theus wife of Green Johnson who had died leaving two children who had also died without issue; Lizzie Theus wife of Anthony Williamson; Cinda Theus, the widow Strayhorn; Emma Theus wife of George Bell; John Wesley Theus. After Emmaline's death Peter Theus married Katie Reid and had further chi1dren: Eliza Theus wife of Arthur Como; Flora Theus wife of Ed Love; Nellie Theus wife of Turner Reid; Minnie Theus wife of Oscar Hunt; Lena Theus wife of Will Gillaspie; Freeman Theus; Voice Theus, minor; Katie Lee Theus, minor. As there were so many heirs it was to their advantage to sell this land. Katie Lee Theus, widow, had remarried to Mr. Weddle and she had sold her portion to I. H. Nelson.


(Page 49)


441. M. S. Nee1y died February 13, 1914

451. Mrs. Mary Wilde died February 11, 1914

454. Willie Alexander died January 1914 (re-stated on page 544)

458. J. F. Outlan died February 19, 1914

458. John Lacy died December 21, 1913

464. W. E. Ward died February 9, 1911

465. Ju1ius A. Jones died March 23, 1914

466. E. M. Moffitt died February 28, 1914

467. Frank P. Long died March 27, 1914

482. Mrs. Sarah E. Derryberry died Gibson Co., Tenn., April 5, 1914

492. Mrs. Bethe Tuchfeld died April 19, 1914

497. Mrs. P. J. Thompson died May 6, 1914

497. Mrs. Lou Robinson died May 3, 1914

499. H. F. Smith died May 11, 1914

505. Mattie Norton died February 1914

512. F1ora C. Anderson died near Spring Creek in 1913

517. Musa Celeste Curlin died June 8, 1914

530. Mrs. Mattie E. Day died July 12, 1914

533. Sarah Bingham died July 8, 1914

538. Mrs. Mary D. Long died June 23, 1914

568. James Lapsley died August 22, 1914

580. J. R. Webb died November 17, 1913

581. Sarah Lee died April 10, 1914

593. Fannie G. Moore died July 31, 1914

600. Mariah Thomas died June 10, 1914

601. L. W. Simmons died November 2, 1914

602. John W. Howard died November 2, 1914

603. Johnie Johnson killed in railroad accident, July 22, 1914

609. Mrs. Lizzie Tatum died November 18, 1914

610. Mrs. Tennessee Mills died November 19, 1914

621. John B. Lawrence died December 19, 1914

624. Stella Bryant was killed in railroad accident, May 30, 1914

625. Mattie Hopper died November 16, 1914

627. William Thompson died January 15, 1915

628. Martha C. Atkins died January 12, 1915

630. J. R. Glenn died January 17, 1915

634. J. J. Tharp died January 15, 1915




1. Bryant Gill died December 15, 1914

2. H. A. Brumley died November 6, 1914

3. Roy Burton Neely died January 30, 1915

10. Char1es F. Hopper died February 4, 1915

11. Dossie Voss died February 13, 1915

26. D. C. Dickie died February 11, 1915

28. Stella Bryant died June 1, 1914

41. Mrs. E1izabeth Gooch died Ft. Worth, Texas, February 6, 1915

51. Mary L. Futrell died January 8, 1915


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