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267    1 Dec 1829  Act of Relief by the General Assembly for Nancy Allison, widow of Uriah Allison dec’d late of Roane Co. and for benefit of his heirs, three small female children.  (302)  11 Jan 1836  The heirs are Mariah S., Catherine I. And Mary Allison.


288    10 Nov 1820  Abraham Heard enters land;  1824, James Kennedy, Sr. pays the interest; 21 July 1835  Nancy Kennedy, late Nancy Heard, Abram A. Heard, John Joseph Heard, Pryor Lea and wife late Minerva Ann Heard, George Felix Hears, and Joshua T. Heard, legatees of Col. Abraham Heard dec’d, pay the balance.


294  8 Nov 1820  Henry Bradford of Jefferson Co. makes Entry and assigns it


302    Copy of Will of Samuel Tillery dec’d of Rhea Co., executed Feb. 1827, and registered May 1827; to wife Anna; my daughters as they come of age; my four sons, Coffel, Thomas, Hugh and Samuel as they come of age; brother John and brother-in-law Thomas Bell, both of Knox Co., to be Execs.


305    John Brown of Roane Co. enters land.


306    7 Sep 1822  Charles White assigns Entry to Welcome Howel; 28 Dec 1827, Benjamin Longacre, Adm. Of Welcome Howel, dec’d, pays balance.


351    19 Dec 1830  John Walker, Esq., Gdn. Of Elizabeth H. Murphy, heir of James Murphy dec’d, pays balance on Entry made by James Murphy 18 Nov 1820.


411    18 Feb 1827  John Richardson assigns his entry in McMinn Co. to James Fry at request of his mother Susannah Fry.


421    15 Nov 1828  William Grant assigns his entry in Monroe Co. to Nathaniel H. Canseler; 9 Nov 1831  William, Mary and John Cansler assign same.


435    28 Jul 1824  Lewis Ball enters as occupant enterer; 28 Mar 1826  Ball assigns to Howel Houston, proven at Green Co. Court Jan 1833 by witness John Gladin; 13 May 1826 Howel Houston assigns to William Houston, acknowledged Mar 1833 at Green Co. Court before V. Sevier, Clk. By M. Payne Deputy Clk.; 2 Aug 1830 William Houston assigns to John Dickson, acknowledged mar 1833 at Greene Co. Court before Andrew Patterson by V. Sevier, D.C.;  2 Feb 1833 assigned by Dickson to Thomas Crowder and acknowledged Mar 1833 at Greene Co. Court; Grant issued to Crowder 13 Sep 1837.  Land in Monroe Co.


503      17 Dec 1826  John Marshall assigns to John Flannegan land in McMinn Co.;30 Jun 1835  Washington Co., Ill., the lawful heirs of John Flanagin dec’d assign to James B. Falnagin; signed by Arthur Foster, William McMillian, Azy J. Flannigan, Thomas A. Flennigan, Allen Lawson, Marget Craseale, Osburn Roberson Flenigan, John B. Flennigen.


509    10 Nov 1820  Elijah Hurst assigns entry in McMinn Co. to Isaac Lane of Claiborne Co.; 28 Oct 1822  Isaac Lane assigns to Tidence C. Lane of McMinn Co.


516    Johnnah, wife of Peter Bond, Rachel, Rosannah and Elizabeth Bond, Heirs of Peter Bond dec’d.


521    16 Dec 1828  Rhea Co., Thomas Lucas swears that he had a certificate assigned to him by Miles Vernon and it was burnt when house burnt.


524    21 Feb 1921  Miller Francis assigns to John A. Smith;  7 Sept 1829  John A Smith assigns to Robert Locke; 8 September 1830 Robert Locke assigns to John Smith, Jr.; 28 Jul 1832 John W. Smith assigns to the heirs of John A. Smith dec’d.


529    24 Nov 1820  William Smith Enters Land; 12 Oct 1847  John, Israel C., Joseph, and Nancy Smith assign to Elisha Brient, with James T. and Robert E. Smith as witnesses.


530    21 Nov 1820  Nathaniel H. Cansler makes entry;  1 Jan 1830, widow and heirs make payment;  7 Sept 1843 Martha S.  (Patsy) Chapman formerly Cansler and her husband Lemuel Chapman, heirs, transfer their right to William Cansler; 7 Sept 1843  William Cansler as heir and as assignee transfers his right.


531    25 Nov 1820  Henry Bond makes entry;  16 Feb 1824 Henry assigns to Peter Bond;  29 Oct 1830 and 16 Oct 1832 Joanah Bond makes payment; 4 Oct 1844, Grant issued to heirs of Peter Bond dec’d.




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537    18 Nov 1820  Charles McClung makes entry; 17 Apr 1823 assigned to John Lea who pay balance in 1830;  1831 William T. Gillenwaters and Pleasant M. Lean adms. Of John Lea dec’d assign, by virtue of a bond given and by said John Lea and registered in Rhea Co.


547    27 Nov 1820  David Vaughn makes entry; 5 Feb 1824  legatees of David Vaughn, Roane Co., Assign to David R. Brazeale and Hugh Woody and signing are Mary Carnut, William Vaughn, Nancy Farmer and Jesse, Archelaus, William and James Vaughn.


555    15 June 1838  James F. Bradford makes oath that George Wear handed over to him a Grant for land in McMinn Co. which is lost; 1 Nov 1838 George Wear in Cherokee Co., Ala. assigns land.


556    14 Aug 1821  William McGill is assigned entry;  29 Oct 1830  Daniel Heiskell for Patsey McGill, assignee on this certificate, makes payment.


561    3 June 1828 Thomas Wilson assigns to George Wilson Sr.; 30 Oct 1830 Samuel Wilson, adm. Of George Wilson dec’d, makes payment.


562    16 Nov 1820  Malcolm Gilchrist makes entry; 1824 acknowledges transfer in Bedford Co.


572    26 Nov 1820  Samuel Grigsby of Roane Co. makes entry


572    30 Nov 1820  Sampson David makes entr;  12 Feb 1823 at Jacksborough assigns to David P. Walker.


573    6 Nov 1820  Thomas Brown of Roane Co. makes entry and assigns.


574    14 Nov 1820  Asa Wilson makes entry; 28 Oct 1820  Betsy S. Wilson and Gideon Ragland, Execs., pay balance.


578    18 Sept 1821  Joseph Karr is assigned entry, witnessed by Elender Karr: 1 May 1826 William Karr, Adm. Of Jospeh Karr dec’d assigns.






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112    13 Feb 1828  Miller Francis, Treas. Of East Tenn., to pay John Miller of the Cherokee Nation of Indians for his reservation; land in Rhea Co.


133    7 Nov 1820  John Bunch of Grainger Co. purchases land in McMinn Co.;  5 May 1821 he assigns entry


       184  30 July 1824  John and William Goddard enter land n McMinn Co. as occupant                                                                                                                           enterer   6 Nov 1830 William Goddard and John Campbell, Adms. Of John      Goddard  dec’d assign the entry.


193    3 May 1831  Cause heard in Chancery Court.  James, Benjamin, William, John, Joseph, Rolla, and Polly Hawkins, David Newman and wife, Sally, formerly Hawkins, john Campbell and wife Blanche late Hawkins, Greenville, William, Nancy and Polly Templeton, children of John Templeton and wife Nancy, late, Hawkins are complainants and heirs of Benjamin Hawkins for land in McMinn Co.


388    24 Aug 1825  24 Aug 1825  James Kennedy Sr. and Seaborn J. Saffold enter land in McMinn Co.;  13 June 1836 S.J. Saffold relinquishes his interest to Mrs. Nancy Kennedy;  10 August 1836  Pryor Lea, Exec. Of  James Kennedy Sr. dec’d, according to provisions of the Will, assigns entry to Mrs. Nancy Kennedy.






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3        28 Apr 1824  Charles Matlock assigns his entry to Jessee and John Davidson; John assigns; 2 June 1828  Jessee assigns to Catharine Davidson and Sarah Beal.


94    “William Casey, John Casey, james Casey, Nancy wife of Benjamin Casey, George Watson, Eliza Casey, Lariat Casey wife of Ruse Sterling Casey, Sam Casey and Elizabeth Casey, widow of James Casey, deceased, her dower.  William John James, Nancy wife of Benjamin McKinsey, Elizabeth wife of George Watson, Sarah wife of Ruse Sterling, Samuel and Elizabeth Casey.  Lewis, widow of james Casey, Dec. her dower.”  Grant issued 3 Feb 1839 on Act of General Assembly of 25 Oct 1831, Chapter 27, to heirs of James Casey dec’d.


381    21 Sept 1847  Mary Fulks now Mary Ivins has lost her Certificate.


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