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April 21, 1831

Captain HENRY HARE, "a young man," died of injuries from a horse-kick, April 8, 1831 in the residence of O. T. WATWINS [OWEN T. WATKINS], Franklin, Tennessee.

SAMUEL WORD died in Franklin, Tenn., April 16, 1831; "an old and respectable citizen."

ISAAC IVEY, administrator of JOHN B. BEECH's estate, complainant versus JANE B. BEECH, WILLIAM B. BEECH, ADELINE B. BEECH and LODWICK B. BEECH, the last four mentioned minors (their guardian, THOMAS HOGE, JR. ), defendants. Advertised by order of the Williamson County Chancery Court, March 3, 183l, four tracts of land in this county would be sold, a sufficiency thereof to pay the debt in JOHN B. BEECH's estate; to be sold on 9 months credit, June 4, 1831. (1) 15 acres on Brush Fork of Big Harpeth River; (2) another 15 acres on Bush Creek; (3) 10 acres on east boundary of ROBERT McMILLAN's 15 acre survey; (4) 15 acres 680 poles east of the one-mile tree.

Among the perishable effects of the late WILLIAM McGILVRAY to be sold May 14, 1831 in Williamson County, Tenn. were silver table and teaspoons, a silver watch, china press and saddlebags. E. G. CLOUSTON and JAMES PARK were appointed executors of this estate in April 1831.


April 29, 1831

JOHN B. CARSON married ELIZABETH C. WALKER, Franklin, Tenn. vicinity, April 21, 1831.


May 6, 1831

WILLIAM BOND, executor of JOHN DABNEY's will advertised for persons with claims against this estate to file them promptly.


May 13, 1831

JAMES D. JEFFERS, alias CHARLES GIBBS and THOMAS J. WANSLEY, pirates, were executed on April 22, 1831 for the murder of the captain and mate of the ship Vineyard, New York City.

WILLIAM SMITH son of William Smith, Franklin, Tenn., died May 6, 1831; "an amiable and honorable young man."

JOHN E. GODSEY married Mrs. SARAH HAMILTON daughter of ANDREW JOHNSON, all of Franklin, Tenn., May 12, 1831.


May 20, 1831

RHEA's "Map of Tennessee" just published and available for sale; places in situ given from "actual surveys."


June 10, 1831

ALEXANDER PEEBLES died June 2, 1831, Franklin, Tenn., aged 28 years; relatives survived him.

JAMES B. HILL and NARCISSA HUGHES, Williamson Co., Tenn., married May 19, 1831.


June 17, 1831

JOHN TUMBULL, Detroit, Michigan, died June 10, 1831 aged 81 years; a tribute to his memory and praise of him as a lawyer and judge.


June 24, 1831

JAMES C. HILL, formerly a merchant, died Franklin, Tenn., June 21, 1831; buried in town cemetery.


July 1, 1831

MARGARET B. TAPPAN wife of Colonel B. S. TAPPAN, died near Franklin, Tenn., June 28, 1831.


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July 8, 1831

A woman was found dead in HOWARDS woods [no details furnished].

Obituary of Mrs. MARGARET BELL TAPPAN, who died in her 25th year of age, near Franklin, Tenn., June 28, 183l; married Colonel BENJAMIN S. TAPPAN at the age of 17 years, on May 1, 1823, who survived her, along with several children. Episcopalian. With two sisters and a brother, she and they had been wards of ROBERT C. FOSTER, Davidson Co., Tennessee.


October 14, 1831

Colonel JOHN TIPTON, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives from Washington Co., Tenn., died October 8, 1831, in Nashville; as announced in the Nashville BANNER dated October 10, 1831. Editors called him "a faithful guardian" of the interests of the citizens of the state; had also served in Tennessee Senate.

From the December 9, 1831 issue of the REVIEW:

MONUMENT TO COL. TIPTON.--- The Legislature of this State have, very properly, resolved to erect a suitable monument over the grave of their late fellow-member, Col. JOHN TIPTON, who died near the commencement of the present session. A neat and plain, but substantial and well-wrought stone slab has been accordingly prepared, and the following singularly happy and highly appropriate epitaph, which, we understand, is from the pen of our, fellow citizen, Ephraim H. Foster, Esq. Speaker of the last House of Representatives, is to be inscribed upon it. Such a tribute to the memory of a departed patriot evinces at once the gratitude and sense of justice of the legislature, the taste and judgment of the writer, and the distinguished merits and public services of the deceased.

Sacred to the remains of the late
Of Washington County in the State of Tennessee,
Was placed here
By the members and officers of the 19th General Assembly
Of that State,
As a token of their regard for the talents and exalted worth of
the deceased:
An early adventurer in this country,
Was distinguished for his daring intrepidity
In the sanguinary Indian wars of the day.
He gave promises of the future by the deeds
Of his Youth,
And verified public expectations by the lofty stand
He afterwards assumed and always sustained,
In the councils of his State:
He was an incorruptible Patriot,
Bold in conception and fearless in execution,
Covered with honors and with years,
He descended to the grave
On the 8th day of October, 1831,
In the 64th year of his age.


"How sleep the brave who sink to rest
By all their Country's wishes blest;
When Spring, with dewy fingers cold,
Returns to deck their hallowed [??]
She there shall dress a sweeter sod
Than fancy's feet have ever trod."



Captain [ANDREW] GOFF born in Virginia, 1748; fought the Shawnee Indians "at the mouth of the Kanawha [River] in 1774 for eight long hours did he mingle valiantly in the deadly strife of arms;" fought the Indians at Long Island on the Holston [River], 1776; a "dutiful" father; member of the Baptist Church for thirty years. [Died recently; his date of death not given. The U.S. census, 1830, Williamson Co., Tenn., page 191, categorizes his age as between 80-90 years of age.]

DANIEL McPHAIL, Franklin, Tenn., married SARAH WILKINS WHITFIELD, Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 11, 1831.


October 21, 1831

Advertisement by S. CROCKET that the personal property of JAMES C. HILL, dec., would be auctioned off on November 16, 183l, which effects included a piano-forte, "elegant" furniture, two brood mares, cattle and a parcel of wool and fur hats made by JAMES PARK of Franklin.


October 28, 1831

FREDERICK DAVIS died October 17, 1831 in residence of OWEN T. WATKINS, Franklin, Tenn., in the 84th year of his age; veteran of Revolutionary War.


November 11, 1831

Advertisement by PETER N. SMITH, administrator of JAMES SCOTT's estate for all persons with claims against this estate file them promptly.


November 18, 1831

An article about JULIA daughter of JOHN and RACHEL BRACE, Hartford, Conn.; she was born there, June 13, 1807; during an attack of typhus fever she became permanently "deaf and dumb" on November 29, 1811; raised at home, she was now an inmate in the American Asylum in Hartford.

WILLIAM BROWN, aged 86 years, Williamson Co., Tenn. married Miss MARY CURRY, Wilson Co., Tenn., November 18, 1831.


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December 9, 1831

LUCY ANN daughter of Dr. E. BREATHITT, Franklin, Tenn., died Dec. 2, 1831 in the 12th year of her age; suffered greatly in last illness.


December 16, 1831

In a pistol duel between Dr. WOODSON, Macon, Georgia, and JOHN F. LAMAR, president of Macon, Ga. bank, the former was killed at Fort Mitchel, recently; cause of contention, a "domestic" matter.

THOMAS BOOTH, Franklin Co., Alabama married FRANCES COX, Florence, Alabama, Dec. 1, 1831; she was found dead in bed by her husband the next morning at Lagrange, Franklin Co., Georgia.

H. L. WHITE, administrator of ANDERSON HAYNES' estate advertised for persons with claims against this estate file same promptly.


December 23, 1831

GEORGE W. BELL, "a young man of talents and much promise," died near Nashville "a few days since."


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