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January 2, 1835

HARDY ROBERTSON was found dead near HIGHTOWER's store, Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 25, 1834; appeared to have died from exposure and intoxication.

ABRAHAM FITZ, veteran of Revolutionary War, aged 72 years, married LUCY DAWSON, aged 56 years, Albemarle Co., Va., recently.

HARVEY S. LEONARD, Franklin, Tenn. married JANE STORM, Elizabethtown, New Jersey, Dec. 23, 1834.

Wife of Colonel WILLIAM ALLISON, Williamson Co., Tenn. died December 23, 1834.

MARY wife of Colonel JONATHAN WEBSTER died Bedford Co., Tenn., recently.

HENRY CRITTENDEN died Shelby County, Kentucky, recently.

WHITMILL H. PUGH died LaThrace, Louisiana, Nov. 22, 1834 aged 53 years.


January 9, 1835

WILLIAMS W. WOODRUFF, Louisiana married MARY A. HAMILTON, Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 15, 1834.

W. S. WARNER married SARAH WOOD, Nashville, Tenn., December 1, 1835.


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January 16, 1835

TILMAN F. ATKEISON married Mrs. HARRIET S. PIPKIN, January 5, 1835.

MARCUS COOK married AMELIA ANN daughter of Colonel R. SWANN, January 14, 1835.

ISAAC YOUNG married MARTHA WALTON, January 12, 1835.

WILLIAM HARVEY, printer, married MARY A. H. daughter of JOSEPH BELL, Knoxville, Tenn., December 27, 1834.


January 23, 1835

MARTHA ANN wife of LINDSAY WATERS died January 13, 1835.

HARRIET J. PIPKIN, aged about 7 years, died January 19, 1835.


January 30, 1835

MARTHA ANN WATERS wife of LABAN L. WATERS, daughter of GILBERT MARSHALL, Williamson Co., Tenn., born November 29, 1812; her mother died when she was 14 years old; married January 12, 1834; died January 11, 1835, leaving her widower and an 11 day old child.

JOHN M. infant son of Major WILLIAM ANDERSON, Franklin, Tenn., died January 29, 1835.


February 6, 1835

ISAAC W. M. H. son of Dr. [ ] HOLT died Bedford Co., Tenn., January 16, 1835 aged 7 years and 11 months [born in February 1827].

RICHARD B. BRICKELL, editor of the ATHENIAN died Athens, Ala., January 24, 1835.

R. J. BURNS, printer, formerly of Fayette Co., Tenn. died in Memphis, Tenn., January 24, 1835.

WILLIAM R. BENSON died Murfreesboro, Tenn., January 15, 1835.

JAMES J. SAYERS married ANN daughter of B. TALIAFERRO, Williamson Co., Tenn., January 29, 1835.

ROBERT A. CARR married ELIZABETH ANN LOWE, Robertson Co., Tenn., January 22, 1835.

Major E. P. McNEAL married ANN daughter of J. J. WILLIAMS, Hardeman Co., Tenn., January 22, 1835.

NATHANIEL F. SMITH married MARY E. A. PILLOW, Maury Co., Tenn., January 14, 1835.

PETER C. MOORE married ELIZABETH ACUFF, January 15, 1835.

BRYAN THOMPSON, 6'3" married BETHENIA TORRENTINE, 3'6", Salisbury, N.C., January 11, 1835.


February 13, 1835

ABNER N. son of WILLIAM WHITE, Williamson Co., Tenn., died February 7, 1835.

WILLIAM FONTAINE son of PHILIP MAURY, Williamson Co., Tenn., died February 12, 1835.

JAMES CROUCH, Rutherford Co., Tenn. married LOUISA GARRETT, Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1835.


February 27, 1835

DEWITT CLINTON infant son of LEMUEL B. CONNICO died February 12, 1835.

HEZEKIAH CLARK, aged 21 years, married Mrs. ANN PERKINS, aged 42 years, Burlington, N. Y., February 3, 1835.


March 13, 1835

RICHARD RANSOM, esquire, died near Versailles, Williamson Co., Tenn., March 2, 1835 aged about 32 years.

JOHN STILL died "near the Cross Roads," March 6, 1835 of smallpox.

SALLY daughter of Mr. BISHOP OLDHAM, dec., died February 14, 1835.


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March 20, 1835

Senior bishop [WILLIAM] McKENDREE, Methodist Episcopal Church, died March 5, 1835. Born July 6, 1757. Buried in Sumner County, Tennessee.

JOHN WILSON married ANN WILLIAMS, Williamson Co., Tenn., March 11, 1835.

WILLIAM PRIEST, aged 64 years, married MARY ROSNINE, aged 17 years, Jefferson Co., Tenn., February 25, 1835.


March 27, 1835

GEORGE HULME, an "old man," died Williamson Co., Tenn., March 24, 1835.

"A FRIEND OF THE DECEASED" noted that JOHN STILL, whose death was noticed in the last issue, was born in South Carolina, 1804 and moved with family to Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1805; his mother soon died, followed when he was ten years old, his father; learned cabinet-making; started a rope and bagging factory; went to Kentucky to purchase hemp in January 1835 where he contracted smallpox and died [March 6, 1835].


April 3, 1835

GEORGE HULME who died in Williamson County [March 24, 1835] was a veteran of the Revolutionary War; served as a sometime sheriff of Williamson Co., Tenn.; member of the Baptist Church. Aged "nearly" 74 years. Freemason.

ELRITA E. wife of Major ALBERT H. LATIMER, formerly of Carroll Co., Tenn., died Miller Co., Ark. Territory, January 18, 1835; Cumberland Presbyterian.


April 10, 1835

ELI PRESLEY HATTON, aged 23 years, 4 months and 26 days [November 19, 1815] died Davidson Co., Tenn., April 5, 1835 in residence of his brother-in-law, NEWTON FORHAND.

WILLIAM PANNELL, SR., native of Virginia, died Graves Co., Ky., March 23, 1835; died from injuries received in a windstorm.


JOHN L. JOHNSTON, Williamson Co., Tenn. married CAROLINE J. HICKEY, Davidson Co., Tenn., Apr. 9, 1835.


April 17, 1835

JOHN GOWEN, SR. died near Nashville, Tenn., March 27, 1835 in the 61st year of his age.

L. E. FURTWEENGLER, native of Baden, Germany, died Nashville, Tenn., April 7, 1835, "nearly" 22 years old.

SARAH widow of NATHAN NYE; mother of Dr. S. NYE, one of the proprietors of the Nashville REPUBLICAN, died Sandwich, Mass., Feb. 23, 1835 aged 84 years.

MARTHA wife of JEROME B. PILLOW died Columbia, Tenn., April 9, 1835.

CHARLES PINKNEY, junior editor of the SUN died Washington City [D.C.], March 26, 1835 in the 39th year of his age; second son of WILLIAM PINKNEY.

SARAH ANGELICA wife of Major THOMAS JEFFERSON GREEN, Tallahassee, Fla., died there, April 11, 1835 aged 22 years; daughter of Hon. JESSE WHARTON, Tennessee.

CHARLES McCARTY married MATILDA I. TINES, Maury Co., Tenn., April 4, 1835.

JAMES McLEAN married ELIZABETH RICKETS, Williamson Co., Tenn., March 24, 1835.

BRITAIN WILLEFORD married JANE DUGGER, Williamson Co., Tenn., March 24, 1835.

JOHN WHITE married ELIZABETH OSBURN, March 26, 1835.

EVAN SHELBY married ELIZA RHODES, March 26, 1835.



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ISAAC B. WEBB married MARY HUGHES, April 8, 1835.

H. S. WALDEN married MALINDA McWHIRTER, Williamson Co., Tenn., April 6, 1835.

HUGH S. LOCKE married MARTHA JANE second daughter of the Rev. BOOTH MALONE, Lagrange, Tenn., March 19, 1835.


April 24, 1835

T. TERRELL married NANCY W. daughter of BIRD DOTSON, April 22, 1835.

WILLIAM N. PORTER married MARY ANN daughter of Hon. JOSHUA HASKELL, Jackson, Tenn., in Paris, Tenn., April 19, 1835.

The Reverend WILLIAM C. PAINE, Methodist, married W. W. daughter of JOHN GIBBS, in Paris, Tenn., April 19, 1835.


May 1, 1835


WILLIAM McCABE married MARY ANN LEEK, Nashville, Tenn., April 13, 1835.

GEORGE W. PENN married ALMORINE BROWN, Maury Co., Tenn., March 18, 1835.

EDWARD T. DOAK married REBECCA D. WORTHAM, March 21, 1835.

The Reverend WILLIAM DAVIS married SUSANNAH M. BLANTON, March 22, 1835.

DAVID H. GANTT married SARAH BARKER, Hickman Co., Tenn., March 23, 1835.


May 8, 1835

NICHOLAS P. EDMISTON, Davidson Co., Tenn., died recently, aged 26 years.

Dr. M. M. BLACK died Maury Co., Tenn., April 25, 1835 aged 27 years and 6 months [born Nov.]

General SAMUEL H. WILLIAMS died Maury Co., Tenn., April 24, 1835 aged 67 years.

A. W. CARTWRIGHT, Maury Co., Tenn. married PRISCILLA B. GIDDEN, Williamson Co., Tenn., May 5, 1835.

Dr. R. H. LEWIS, Somerville, Tenn. married SARAH ANN daughter of WILLIAM MINTER, Columbia, Tenn., near Somerville, April 22, 1835.

ELIJAH MORRIS married ELIZABETH WATKINS, Maury Co., Tenn., April 27, 1835.

PRESLEY T. CHAFFIN married EVANLINE COKE, April 30, 1835.


May 15, 1835

From the Columbus Geo. Sentinel.


        We have been informed by some gentlemen of the first respectability, direct from Texas, that Mr. Ellin of the state of Georgia, was murdered by his companion, a Mr. James Jenkins, on the Colorado river in Austin's Colony, on the 27th of March last under circumstances of the most shocking and aggravated nature.
        The deceased and his murderer Jenkins, had during the last winter left Georgia in company, with the view of visiting the Province of Texas. They had explored much of the country in company, had made some selections and purchases of land for their future residence. Ellin, the deceased, wishing to remain in Texas, gave to Jenkins a power of attorney to go on to Georgia and bring his negroes to Texas. A day or two before his (Jenkins) departure, while alone with Ellin in the woods, Jenkins murdered Ellin, took from his person between $1500 and $2000, and has in all probability forwarded forthwith to Georgia, to take possession of the said negroes under the form of the attorney, with the view of converting them into cash, and making his escape before any intelligence of his horrible crime shall reach the section or country in which the deceased resided. Said murderer, James Jenkins, is about six feet high, dark eyes and hair and between 25 and 30 years of age. The civil authorities of Texas have used every exertion for his arrest without any avail. Editors throughout the state friends of humanity, are requested to give publicity to the foregoing. Refer to James Barnett, James Collinsworth and W. H. Wharton, Texas.


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Dr. JOSEPH P. MINNICK died one mile from Nashville, Tenn., May 7, 1835 in 65th year of his age.

DAVID M. SAUNDERS, esq. son of JAMES SAUNDERS, Sumner Co., Tenn., died Gallatin, Tenn., recently.

Colonel HENRY H. BRYAN, formerly a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, died in Montgomery Co., Tenn., recently.

BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1974, Washington, D.C., 1974, page 657:

BRYAN. Henry H., a Representative from Tennessee; born in Martin County, N.C.; attended grammar and high schools; moved to Tennessee and held several local offices; elected to the Sixteenth Congress (March 4, 1819-March 3, 1821); had been reelected to the Seventeenth Congress but did not qualify; died in Montgomery County, Tenn., May 7, 1835.


Maj. E. [ERASTUS] T. COLLINS married Mrs. ELLEN A. MOWRY, May 13, 1835. [W'mson. Co.]


May 22, 1835

In the case, LOGAN HENDERSON and others versus WILLIAM VAULX and SARAH, his wife, in the Chancery Court at Franklin, it was remarked that JOHN HENDERSON, formerly of Rutherford Co., Tenn., executed his last will and testament, September 12, 1825; died in 1828. Henderson bequeathed his estate to his wife, SARAH, for life and at her death the remaining estate would pass to his siblings. SARAH HENDERSON subsequently remarried, to WILLIAM VAULX and moved to Davidson Co., Tenn., taking some of her slaves there. LOGAN HENDERSON and others of JOHN HENDERSON's siblings took the Vaulxes into court, opposing the latters' intention of moving with the slaves even further away, into Mississippi where the Vaulxes planned to raise cotton.

RICHARD CRAWFORD second son of the Rev. R. B. C. HOWEL, pastor of the Baptist Church, Nashville, Tenn., died May 15, 1835.

MARY M. H. wife of JAMES BELL, Franklin, Tenn.; daughter of DAVID DICKINSON, died at Matanzas, Cuba, recently.

The Rev. THOMAS WRIGHT, pastor of Episcopal Church, Memphis, Tenn., died April 28, 1835.

W. E. JONES, Nashville, Tenn. married LOUISA C. daughter of LOT HAZARD, Carthage, Tenn., April 30, 1835.

ORLANDA BEACH married JULIA HERRING, Onondago County, May 4, 1835.


May 29, 1835

Scalded to death when boilers blew up on the steamboat "Majestic", on the Mississippi River, going towards St. Louis, May 15, 1835 were WILLIAM WALLACE, Missouri; PHILIP EBERLY, New York; Mrs. SAVAGE, New Orleans; JOE MORRIS, boat worker; WILLIAM GATES, boat worker; SAMUEL PENNINGTON, boat worker.

HARTWELL H. HOBBS, Franklin, Tenn. married HARRIET BERSON, May 26, 1835.

ROBERT PEEBLES, Franklin, Tenn. married ELIZABETH FARRINGTON, in Brownsville, Tenn., May 13, 1835.

Dr. J. C. GUNN, recently of Knoxville, Tenn. married CLARISSA the divorced wife of SPENCER JARNAGAIN, state senator, April 20, 1835.


June 5, 1835

CALEB H. JONES, Winchester, Tenn. married ELIZA M. daughter of the Rev. WILLIAM HULME, dec.

ELISHA Q. VANCE married CYRISSA BROOKS, May 7, 1835; both of Nashville, Tenn.

ROBERT BUTLER married ELIZABETH BEAN, May 20, 1835; both of Nashville, Tenn. See, deaths, page 33.


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        At Richmond, Va. on the 11th inst, Elizabeth Marion, eldest daughter of Mr. John T Rawlins, formerly of Nashville.
        Died in Maury County, on the 27th instant, Miss Jane A Ferguson, of consumption.
        On the same day, Margaret, infant daughter of Mary and Gen G J Pillow.
        On the 28th, ___ infant of Nancy and Mr. John W. Lemaster.
        Died on Tuesday P. M. the 26th May, Don Ferdinand Bostick, aged about 18, a young man from Williamson county, who has been for nearly a year attached to the Western Methodist office as an apprentice.
        Died, on the 6th inst., in Lawrence county, Tennessee, after 10 months illness, Francis Elizabeth Miller, wife of the Rev Joseph Miller.
        Died, on the 26th of April 1835, after two years illness with the consumption, Maj John P. Crow, of Giles county Tenn., in the 32d year of his age.
        Died, on the 4th inst., in Giles county, Tenn., after 12 months illness, Mrs. Jane Perkins.


June 12, 1835

JAMES TURNER born in Culpeper Co., Va. October 9, 1756; when young moved to Caswell Co., N.C., thence in 1806 to middle Tennessee; joined Baptist Church, 1802; veteran of Revolutionary War. Died May 24, 1835.

P. D. FRANKLIN married Mrs. SARAH MARTIN, Columbia, Tenn., June 4, 1835.

Miss JANE A. FERGUSON died of consumption, Columbia, Tenn., May 17, 1835.

MARGARET infant daughter of General G. J. and MARY PEEBEES, died Maury Co., Tenn., May 17, 1835.

Infant of JOHN W. and MARY LEMASTER died May 28, 1835.

ROBERT McNEILL infant son of THOMAS MILLER, Columbia, Tenn., died May 31, 1835.


June 19, 1835

JAMES COVINGTON infant son of C. C. HARDY, Franklin, Tenn., died June 13, 1835.

Mrs. JOHN ATKINSON, JR. died June 14, 1835.

JAMES M. BANKS died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 15, 1835.

NANCY daughter of ANDREW JOHNSTON died June 15, 1835 aged 17 years and 6 months [born in June 1818].

WALTER B. WRIGHT married PAULINE SYNDER, Montgomery, Ala., June 3, 1835; she was born without arms.

Sgt. JOHN V. COWARDINE, member of the "State Guards, "a military company in Nashville, Tenn., and a printer, died of cholera [June 18, 1835].

WILLIAM M. McFERRIN married MINERVA OLDHAM, Williamson Co., Tenn., May 23, 1835.

E. L. CROCKER, Madison Co., Miss. married DICY A. daughter of ROBERT WHITE, Williamson Co., Tenn., May 25, 1835.

GEORGE W. KILLEBEW, Clarksville, Tenn. married MARY ANN daughter of HAY MORE, dec., near Gallatin, Tenn., June 10, 1835.


July 3, 1835

[The type on this article is very small and difficult to read—L. B.]

Franklin, Tuesday July 7th, 1835
          The cholera has at length made its appearance amongst us. The first cases occurred on Thursday, 2d instant, and the panic occasioned by its visitation, soon changed the cheerful and business-like appearance of our village, to a scene of solitude, sadness, and desolation. The prompt and efficient assistance and kind attention rendered by those of our citizens who remained with the sick, has done much towards relieving and ameliorating the fatality of this dreadful disease, & together with the skill, ability and attention of our physicians, and their unwearied exertions, both night and day, for the safety of those under their care, are deserving of the highest commendation. Full confidence may be reposed in their efficiency, whenever their assistance is obtained in time. The disease yields readily to the power of medicine, in its first stages; and we state, as a fact that may be relied on, that not one case has proved fatal, or is likely to prove fatal, where timely medical aid has been called in. We are truly gratified to say that it has now in a great measure abated; no deaths having occurred since Sunday, and all the cases in town being on the recovery.
        P. S. We shall not be able to publish a paper next Friday, all our hands, with one exception, being in the country. We shall, however, issue an extra, for the purpose of keeping our readers duly apprised of the whole truth in relation to the further progress and fatality of the disease. We confidently hope and believe though, that the worst is over. Thirty seven cases have occurred, out of which fourteen have died. The following is a list of the deaths, both in town and country. —We regret that we are unable at present to furnish an obituary to the virtues and merits of our departed friends.
        On Sunday, 28th June, J. A. Infant son of Mr. Joseph and Catherine Folwell.
        On Sunday, 28th June, Mary Amanda, infant daughter of Mr. Thos. W. Wilson.
        On Wednesday, 1st instant, a negro woman, Sukey, belonging to Henry Baldwin, Jr., Esq. of fever.
        On Thursday, 2d instant, Mr. Jacob Everly, aged about 37 years.
        Same day, Mr. John Graham, aged 45.
        Same day, Frank Harris, a free negro, and a negro girl, named Martha, belonging to Dr. L. O'Brien, aged about 70.
        On Friday, 3d instant, Mr. Wm P. Hayes, aged 40 years.
        On the same day, Mr. Augustus P. H. Watson, aged about 19 years.
        A negro boy Jack, belonging to Mr. Hughs.
        At Harpeth Lick, a son of Mr. Noah Scales, between 7 and 8 years.
        On Saturday, 4th instant, on Lepers Fork, Mr. Jas Hughs Sr., aged 60.
        In the same neighborhood, Richard Reynolds, esq., aged 35 years.
        At Harpeth Lick, Mr. Daniel Scales, aged 60.
        At the residence of Col. B. S. Tappan, Miss P. Parrish, aged 18 years.
        At the residence of her mother about 3 miles from town, of consumption, Mrs. Wilson, wife of Mr. Thos. Wilson.
        On Sunday, 5th instant, Mr. John W. F. Baxley, aged 43.
        Same day, about two miles from town, John Wilkins, a free negro.


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July 18, 1835

Infant Son of the Rev. M. MARSHALL died near Franklin, Tenn., July 7, 1835.

THOMAS W. TALBOT died Nashville, Tenn., of cholera, July 8, 1835 aged 23 years.

JACOB EVERLY, native of Hagerstown, Maryland, resident of Franklin, Tenn., died of cholera, July 2, 1835; surviving were his widow and two infant children.

JOHN W. F. BAXLEY, born Baltimore, Maryland, June 1792; died July 5, 1835.

JOHN CONLEY, veteran of Revolutionary War, died lower Bedford Co., Tenn., June 26, 1835 aged 78 years.

SQUIRE SHOTE died Maury Co., Tenn., July 6, 1835 in the 22nd year of his age.

JOHN SHELTON died of consumption, Columbia, Tenn., June 24, 1835 aged 75 years; native of King William Co., Va. who had moved to Knoxville, Tenn., 1796 and to Williamson Co., Tenn., 1809. Methodist.

Resolutions of respect in memory of AUGUSTUS P. H. WATSON who died recently; by the young men of Franklin, Tenn.

GRANVILLE SHERMAN married ANN M. WILLIAMS, June 14, 1835; both of Tallahatchie Co., Miss.

A. F. BERRY married ELVIRA B. COLEMAN, June 23, 1835; both of Williamson Co., Tenn.


July 24, 1835

DIED, in Natchez, Mississippi, on 11th inst., of cholera Mr. Elisha Davis aged about 56 years. He was a resident of Williamson county for more than forty years and was on his return to his family from a trip he had made to Texas, when suddenly the mandate came that called him to his everlasting rest. A mourning family and an extensive circle of sorrowing friends, are left to deplore his loss. He was a man of strict integrity and fulfilled the various duties of social and domestic life, in a faithful and exemplary manner. He was one of the few, of whom it may be truly said, "those who knew him best, loved him most."
        On Sunday morning 19th inst. Mr. David Moss, son of David Moss Sr.
        On Sunday night 19th inst Mr. Adam Berry aged about 40 years.
        On Saturday 18th inst, Samuel Colman, deaf and dumb aged 63 years.
        On Sunday 13th inst., in Town, infant son of Mr. Reuben Hayes.
        On Friday 7th inst. Mrs. Matilda Puryear aged __ years.
        On Saturday 18th inst. Town, Mr. William Clark
        On Sunday 19 inst. Infant Child of Mr. Wm D. Taylor
        On Sunday 19th inst. At the residence of Dr. F. Stith Miss Lucinda McLemore aged 19 years.

        At his residence in Williamson county of Cholera, on the 19th inst., Capt. Holland Davis. He was born in Lancaster county, State of Virginia in 1779, emigrated to the state of Tennessee in 1816. He was a Captain of a volunteer company in the late war, in which station he served faithfully. Captain Davis was truly a good and valuable citizen, a kind husband, indulgent father, and lenient master. The loss of him, will long be felt by his friends and acquaintances.

        On the 18th inst., in Davidson County, at the residence of her brother (James Rhodes) after a severe illness of three months of consumption, Mrs. Effa Forhand, aged 45 years. She had been a member of the Methodist Church for 20 years, and departed this life in full hope of a future happiness.

        In Maury county of cholera, in the 17th year of her age, Eliza M'Crady daughter of Alexander M'Crady. Although the deceased was cut off at an early age, she left many friends who knew and felt her worth, to deplore her loss. A disposition more amiable, heart more pure, and a mind more elevated, has seldom been the subject of the pale king of terrors. Indeed, if innocence and virtue ever rescued any from the grave, she had still lived, endeared to all her relations and friends. But she was cut down in a moment in the prime of youth. In the morning her heart beat high with youthful emotions, but in the evening a lifeless corpse proclaimed to all around it, the uncertainty of life, the certainty of death, and the necessity of the command "Be ye also ready."

        In Columbia, Ten., Ann Eliza, infant daughter of Dr. J. B. Mays. Mrs. Jane White.
        In Maury county, Ten., Thomas James Harris, infant son of Capt. Geo. M. Ridley.
        In Tipton County, Ten., Benj. C. Masson.
        In Clarksville, of cholera, Miss Ann McClure, Mrs. Ellen Achey, Mr. W. Grunfield, of the House of Grunfield & Co. Mr. Wooldridge, Mr. Madison King, Mr. Lawrence Kirk, of Nashville, Mary Eliza Evens, near Clarksville.


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        Departed this life on the 16th inst. Mr. THOMAS DRENNEN, of Wilson county, aged 66 years and 8 months, of cholera. ---Also his daughter, MARIA DRENNEN, by lightning, on the 9th of June. –And also his son, HIRAM DRENNEN, of fever on the 8th of May.
        At Philadelphia, Dr. THOMAS C. JAMES, late Professor in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, in the 70th year of his age.


From the Banner.

        In Franklin, Ten., Mr. JACOB LITTON, aged about 18 years, son of Mr. Joseph Litton merchant, Nashville. The remains of Mr. Litton wore brought to this city, and interred in the burying ground on Friday, 17th July inst. Modest and unassuming, though intelligent and promising, Mr. Jacob Litton possessed in an eminent degree the affection and esteem of those who knew him -- he had, as I believe, no enemies and many friends: --the latter mourn his loss, but find consolation in the conviction that he is an inheritor of endless happiness; and, while they feel actually the affliction which is cast upon them, they will not forget to consider that "the LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away," and with contentment and a conviction of justice, to add, "blessed be the name of the LORD."    B. R.


MOSES WHITE, Williamson Co., Tenn. married M. R. E. VOORHIES, Maury Co., Tenn., July 14, 1835.


August 8, 1835

NANCY daughter of ELIJAH HUNTER, Maury Co., Tenn. died July 25, 1835 aged 13 years.

SARAH ALDESON died of bilious fever, Columbia, Tenn., July 28, 1835.

CHARLES HARRIS son of Dr. I. J. THOMAS, Maury Co., Tenn., died July 27, 1835 aged 16 years.

J. MEADOW married REBECCA PARHAM, Williamson Co., Tenn., July 20, 1835.


MATTHEW C. GILL married ELIZABETH M. PADDING, July 30, 1835.


August 17, 1835

Dr. R. WILLIS, Pulaski, Tenn., died of cholera, Russellville, Ky., recently.

MARGARET wife of GEORGE C. CHILDRESS, editor of the NATIONAL BANNER, Nashville, Tenn., died in Nashville, July 27, 1835.


August 21, 1835

JAMES A. PALMER, Franklin, Tenn., died August 18, 1835 in the 24th year of his age.

ELIZA HARRIET wife of CHARLES W. GRAHAM, Franklin, Tenn., daughter of COLLIN McDANIEL; died Columbia, Tenn., August 15, 1835.

Mrs. ELIZABETH BURCH born Amelia Co., Va., April 14, 1766; moved with parents to North Carolina; married George Burch, 1789; died July 24, 1835; wife and mother.

Captain ANDREW READ died of cholera, August 13, 1835 aged about 40 years; surviving were his widow and five children.


August 28, 1835

FRANCIS JACKSON married Mrs. SARAH REVEL, Williamson Co., Tenn., June 10, 1835.


"The Cholera visited our village on Saturday night last, since which time we have had the following deaths, to wit: Randolph Rodgers, aged about 35, William Bingham, aged about 40, Benjamin Houston, aged 15, Silvy, a slave of Edward Williams, aged 30, James Reviere, aged 17, Francis W. Kilpatrick, aged about 23, Abel Hoover, aged about 40, Joseph M'Murry, aged 40, Laban Raines, aged 30, Col David Prowell, aged 46 or 50, John Lowder, aged 50, Mrs. Nancy Reviers, aged about 50, and there are several cases yet very dangerous. No case has been saved as yet and our village is entirely deserted.." – Republican.


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September 4, 1835

BENJAMIN BROWN, Williamson Co., Tenn., died July 19, 1835; "aged and respected."

CHARLES STEVENS died July 24, 1835 aged about 60 years.

ANDREW HALFACRE, "useful and respectable" citizen of Williamson Co., Tenn., died July 25, 1835.

SAMUEL WHITE, "a soldier of the Revolutionary War" died Williamson Co., Tenn., of cholera, [June]30, 1835. Born Iredale [Iredell] Co., N.C., 1751; moved to county where he died, 1800.

Mrs. MARY REEDER died August 10, 1835 in the 71st year of her age.

GEORGE A. INGRAM died August 21, 1835 aged about 45 years.

LUCY NEBLER THOMASON died August 23, 1835 aged 18 1/2 months.

Mrs. MATILDA PURYEAR daughter of JORDON REESE, Dinwiddie Co., Va., married HEZEKIAH PURYEAR who died in February 1816; had one son and two stepson. She died July 17, 1835. Her notice of death had appeared in the WESTERN METHODIST.

ELIZABETH STRATTEN daughter of JOHN FIELD, formerly of Maury Co., Tenn., died August 26, 1835 aged about 30 years of age, of bilious fever. Notice from WESTERN METHODIST.

Mrs. SUSAN C. PORTER wife of GEORGE C. PORTER died Williamson Co., Tenn., August 27, 1835.

Mrs. MARY E. NORTH wife of WILLIAM T. NORTH, daughter of EDWARD BUFORD, esq., dec., died August 28, 1835 in the 19th year of her age.

JOHN infant son of Dr. L. O'Bryan, Franklin, Tenn., died August 31, 1835.

Mrs. ELIZABETH CLAY wife of JOSEPH W. CLAY, daughter of JOHN HARDIN, Davidson Co., Tenn., died September 1, 1835.

Mrs. SUSAN widow of WILLIAM PERKINS died September 3, 1835 in Davidson Co., Tenn.

Mrs. THOMAS STUART died September 2, 1835.

N. W. BUTLER married ANN P. MARSHALL, both of Mississippi, in Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 19, 1835.

WILLIAM H. THOMPSON married ANN HEARN, Davidson Co., Tenn., July 23, 1835.

YOUNG J. PORTER, attorney, Columbia, Tenn. married ELLEN PORTER, Nashville, August 27, 1835.


September 11, 1835

JAMES EDWARD infant son of THOMAS A. PANKEY died August 21, 1835 aged 10 months and a few days old.

WILLIAM BLACK died August 17, 1835.

THOMAS infant son of RUSSELL DANCE died Murfreesboro, Tenn., September 5, 1835.

WILLIAM McKOY, oldest resident of Williamson Co., Tenn., died recently.

MARTHA JANE daughter of WILLIAM and MARTHA McALPIN died Williamson Co., Tenn., July 13, 1835 aged 15 years and 9 months old [born October 1819].

ALLEN JOHNSON died of cholera, Williamson Co., Tenn., August 13, 1835 aged 70 years.

JOSEPH A. MARTIN son of Colonel SAMUEL MARTIN, nephew of General WILLIAM MARTIN, a student at Hardeman Academy, died Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 1, 1835 in the 19th year of his age.

Mrs. SUSAN PORTER wife of W. B. WOOD, dec., Petersburg, Va., died Franklin, Tenn., recently, in 29th year; moved with parents to Franklin in 1833; surviving were her husband and four small children.

H. HENINGER, 104 years, married Mrs. E. A. PEAK, 83 years, Marion Co., Tenn., July 16, 1835.


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September 18, 1835


        The death of this distinguished and highly esteemed gentleman, the Secretary of the State of Tennessee, has created quite a sensation of gloom in this city. He died at Elisabethtown, Ky., Sept. 2nd, on his travels to the medical springs for the recovery of his health. His remains arrived at this city late on last Saturday night, and were committed to the grave, accompanied by military honors, and a numerous procession, on Sabbath morning. — Western Methodist.

SAMUEL GRANVILLE SMITH (September 18, 1794-September 1, 1835); native of Granville Co., N.C.; came with father, Colonel James Webb Smith, to Jackson Co., Tenn., 1811; he served in the Volunteer Mounted troops, commanded by General JOHN COFFEE; at the battle of New Orleans, War of 1812; a county official in Jackson County; postmaster at Gainesboro for several years; served in the state Senate, 1827-1830; as Secretary of State for Tennessee, 183l-1835.

THOMAS S. BERRY died September 10, 1835 in the 36th year of his age.

Infant Child of JOSEPH TENNISON died September 17, 1835.

MANSFIELD HOUSE, an "old" man, died in Williamson Co., Tenn., recently.

WILLIAM son of T. HOGE, dec. died September 15, 1835 aged about 2 years.

CHARLES F. WALKER, Talladega, Ala. married CAROLINE V. daughter of Hon. JAMES C. MITCHELL, Rutherford Co., Tenn., September 2, 1835.


September 25, 1835

WILLIAM son of JAMES WILKINS, esq., died Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1835 aged about 18 years.

ELIZABETH daughter of JACOB HALFACRE, Williamson Co., Tenn., died, August 3, 1835. [See p. 73]

WILLIE BLOUNT, former governor of Tennessee [1809-1815] died in Clarksville, Tenn., Sept. 10, 1835 in the 68th year of his age.

I. N. CALDWELL married SUSAN HAMILTON, Paris, Tenn., in Huntingdon, Tenn., Sept. 21, 1835.

N. A. EWING married ALABAMA HAMILTON, in Paris, Tenn., September 22, 1835.

I. BOYCE, Haywood Co., Tenn. married ELIZA A. daughter of Colonel WILLIAM A. THARPE, Henry Co., Tenn., near Paris, September 22, 1835.

THOMAS HARDEEMAN, Miss., married LUCRETIA N. daughter of JOHN HARDEMAN, dec., in Franklin, Tenn., September 15, 1835.


October 2, 1835

JOHN S. BUCHANAN, administrator of JOHN BUCHANAN's estate (appointed Oct. 1834 by the Williamson County Court) advertised for persons with claims against this estate to file same promptly.

JAMES son of ELISHA HUNTER, dec. died Sept. 19, 1835 aged about 14 years.

MARGARET wife of Capt. BENNETT T. FOSTER died of typhus fever, Sept. 22, 1835 aged 40 years and 4 months [born May 1795].

NAPOLEON infant son of NICHOLAS HUGHS died September 23, 1835.

Infant Child of HARVY D. PARISH died Franklin, Tenn., September 30, 1835.

FREDERICK HENRY OWEN died Tuscumbia, Ala., Sept. 22, 1835 in the 23rd year of his age.

WILLIAM W. COVY married MARY ANN SAPHRONA FULLER, September 21, 1835.

ANDREW McCORCLE married ELIZABETH GALLOWAY, September 24, 1835.


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THOMAS N. NOTGRASS married MARY W. DICKEY, Maury Co., Tenn., September 17, 1835.


October 9, 1835

JAMES D. PARRISH died in Madison Co., Miss., Sept. 23, 1835 aged about 23 years. Methodist.

MARTHA BARNET died of congestive fever, Sept. 17, 1835; surviving were widower and children.

Dr. HENRY Y. WEBB died October 6, 1835 of congestive fever.


October 30, 1835

MARY wife of THOMAS HARDIN PERKINS died October 28, 1835.

Dr. HENRY YANDELL, Murfreesboro, Tenn. died in Madison Co., Miss., September 23, 1835.


November 6, 1835

ELIZA wife of Colonel JAMES DOBBINS died Maury Co., Tenn., October 22, 1835.

HARRIET A. daughter of Colonel JAMES DOBBINS died October 26, 1835 aged 16 years.

SARAH wife of ALLEN BATTLE; daughter of Colonel WILLIAM SEARCY, Rutherford Co., died recently.

Infant child of Dr. GEORGE THOMPSON died near Jefferson, Tenn., October 4, 1835.

ARCHER JORDAN died Williamson Co., Tenn., recently, aged 64 years.

Mrs. MARGARET M. REED, aged about 60 years, died Bourbon Co., Ky., recently.

CHARLES K. GILLESPIE, attorney, Rhea Co., Tenn. married EVALINA E. daughter of Colonel JAMES P. TAYLOR, September 22, 1835.


November 13, 1835

Major RICHARD W. HYDE died Williamson Co., Tenn., November 5, 1835 aged 54 years; born in North Carolina; moved to 'Williamson Co., Tenn., 1802.

JAMES H. ABBOTT, instructor in chemistry in Jackson College died Oct. 28, 1835.

        Died at his residence in this county on Thursday 5th(??) inst. Major Richard W. Hyde aged 54 years. He was born in North Carolina, and emigrated to Williamson county in 1802; and during a long, honorable, and useful life, constantly maintained the character of a man of uprightness and strict integrity. He lived respected, and died regretted by a large circle of friends and relatives.
        Departed this life on the 28th October, Mr. James H. Abbot, instructor in Chemistry and the preparatory department in Jackson College, Maury county, Tennessee. Resolutions approbatory of his virtue and moral worth, and expressive of their deep regret for his untimely death, were passed by the students of that institution on the 29th ult.
        Died, near Fayetteville, Washington County Arkansas, on the morning of the 7th inst. after an illness of about two weeks Mrs. Nancy J. Yell, consort of Hon. A Yell, one of the Judges of the Superior Court of that Territory.
        At Trenton, Ky., Mr. William H. Vandervoort, formerly a merchant of Nashville, and more recently a resident of Columbia Tennessee.

From the Western Methodist.

        Died at the residence of W. Hunter, on Big Harpeth, Dickson County, on Friday 24th July in the 24th year of her age, Mrs. Martha L. Hightower. She professed religion at a camp meeting held at Woodard's camp ground in the fall of 1830; on her return home she joined the Methodist society of this neighborhood, where she lived a consistent christian, and enjoyed the confidence of her class.


SPENCER BUFORD married Mrs. MARY McCLELLAN daughter of WILLIAM ANTHONY, Williamson Co., Tenn., November 12, 1835.

NICHOLAS H. BOYD married EMALINE M. CAMPBELL, Davidson Co., Tenn., November 12, 1835.

FRANKLIN WHITE married MARTHA WRIGHT. THOMAS J. BLACK married JANE WRIGHT. Both couples married October 27, 1835; the brides were daughters of GREEN WRIGHT.


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November 20, 1835

JAMES LAWRENCE SMITHSON son of S. W. SMITHSON, SR. died Oct. 31, 1835 aged 10 years, 10 mos. and 16 days [October 15, 1825].


December 6, 1835

JAMES SIMPSON WALKER died December 1, 1835.

SARAH wife of HENRY EELBECK, Franklin, Tenn., died December 3, 1835.

CYRUS G. EWING, Maury Co., Tenn. died Nov. 27, 1835 aged 22 years.

ARTHUR L. CAMPBELL married VIRGINIA daughter of ALEXANDER Young, Winchester, Tenn., Nov. 24, 1835.

ROBERT CATHEY married ELIZA daughter of THOMAS HAYNES, December 3, 1835.

WILLIAM D. WILSON, editor of the Pittsburg, Pa. DAILY ADVOCATE AND ADVERTISER, died in Washington, Pa., November 27, 1835.


December 11, 1835

CYRUS GRUNDY EWING, A. B., youngest son of WILLIAM EWING, died Jackson College, Maury Co., Tenn., November 27, 1835, aged 22 years; graduated there last June, then had served as an instructor at this college.

Dr. LUKE P. BLACKBURN, Versailles, Williamson Co., Tenn. married DAVIDELLA daughter of JOSEPH BOSWELL, dec., November 24, 1835.


December 18, 1835

SARAH ANN wife of the Rev. TALBOT FANNING, Nashville, Tenn., daughter of Judge W. SHREVE, Nicholasville, died September 20, 1835; married November 5, 1835.

Colonel BEN DESHA died Arkansas Co., Ark., November 21, 1835 in the 45th year of his age.

Colonel WILLIAM DUANE died in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 15, 1835 in the 76th year of his age.

ORVILLE SHELBY died "a few miles back of Vicksburg, Miss.," about December 16, 1835.



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