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January 5, 1844

Miss MARTHA JANE KIRKPATRICK died near Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 23, 1843 in 17th year of age.

ANDREW M. KERR died Columbia, Tenn., Dec. 20, 1843 in the 24th year of his age.

SARAH wife of Stephen CAVENDISH, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Dec. 16, 1843 in 42nd year of her age.


January 12, 1844

DANIEL JAMES McCALOP born Sampson Co., No. Carolina, August 31, 1815; died Wayne Co., Tenn., Oct. 10, 1843; surviving were his widow and two children.


January 19, 1844

FANNY N. daughter of Hardy Murfree, dec.; wife of David DICKINSON; born Murfreesboro, No. Carolina, August 2, 1783; married in 1799; died near Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1843; wife and mother. Baptist.


February 9, 1844

HARTWELL H. HOBBS, postmaster, Franklin, Tenn., died Feb. 2, 1844.

WILLIAM son of H. H. HOBBS, dec. and Harriet Hobbs, died Feb. 6, 1844.

CHARLES H. PICKERING born Northumberland Co., Va., Nov. 8, 1778; married Eliza L. Pobart, North Carolina, Dec. 19, 1802; moved to Tenn., 1805; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Jan. 15, 1844. Methodist.


February 23, 1844

TABITHA W. daughter of Hon. M. P. GENTRY died Wilson Co., Tenn., Feb. 4, 1844 aged 19 months.


March 8, 1844

NANCY JANE daughter of Gilbert MARSHALL, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Mar. [3?], 1844 aged 21 years.


March 29, 1844

MARY F. daughter of Hon. A. P. MAURY died Mar. 22, 1844 in the 14th year of her age.

Mrs. MILLEY HALEY died Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 17, 1844 aged about 70 years.


April 12, 1844

THOMAS S. SMITH died Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 22, 1844 aged about 50 years. Methodist.


April 26, 1844

SUSAN A. wife of Thomas A. PANKEY, Franklin, Tenn., died Apr. 25, 1844 "while sitting at the supper table."


May 16, 1844

EMILY wife of Hon. M. P. GENTRY, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Apr. 20, 1844 in the residence of her brother-in-law, Dr. G. W. Hoggatt.


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MARY J. wife of Miller NOLEN; daughter of Robertson Bryant, Maury Co., Tenn., died April 25, 1844 aged about 23 years.


May 17, 1844

Mrs. MARY TARKINGTON born in Terrill [Tyrrell] Co., No. Carolina, 1745; married Zebulon Tarkington; ten children; he died about 40 years ago; she was survived by six of her children; had lived with the family of her son-in-law, Colonel Richard Swanson for about 33 years; died April 3, 1844 aged 99 years. Reformed Methodist.

THOMAS HOGAN died Franklin, Tenn., May 11, 1843; newspaperman.

Major JOHN P. GRUNDY died Trenton, Tenn., May [6?] 1844 aged about 33 years.


May 24, 1844

Mr. Frelinghuysen.

          The Newark Daily Advertiser, after responding in the warmest terms, to the Whig nomination, gives the following sketch of Mr. Frelinghuysen: He is descended from the Rev. Theodorus J. Frelinghuysen, who imigrated to this country from Holland in 1720 and settled in the county of Somerset. He had the pastoral charge of the Church at Millstone, and of other neighboring parishes. He is said to have been "a great blessing to the Reformed Dutch Church of America." He was an able, evangelical, and eminently successful preacher. He left five sons, ministers, and two daughters married to ministers. One of his sons, the Rev. John Frelinghuysen; was also pastor of the same church, and died in 1754. A monument still remains to his memory in the grave yard at Somerville. His son, Gen. Frederick Frelinghuysen, (the father of the present Chancellor) was born in 1753, and when only 22 years old was sent by New Jersey to the continental Congress -- which placed he resigned in 1777. He received a large share of the confidence of his fellow citizens, and after serving in many state offices, was elected to the United States Senate in 1793, which domestic duties constrained him to resign in 1796. He was afterwards appointed Major General of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and rendered important military services to his country. He ranked among the ablest and purest citizens of his State and died in 1804, beloved and lamented by his country and his friends. He left three sons, of whom Theodore, (the candidate for the Vice Presidency) only survives.
        He was born at Millstone, Somerset co. in this State, in 1787 — and is consequently fifty-seven years of age. — He graduated at Princeton College in 1804. The Hon Samuel L. Southard, Thomas H. Crawford, George Chambers, Jos. R. Ingersoll and President Lindsley, of Nashville University, were among his classmates. He studied law with the late Richard Stockton, and was admitted to practice in 1808. He soon distinguished himself at the bar, and about 1814 was appointed Prosecutor of the Pleas for Sussex co, and in 1817, to be Attorney General of the State — an office for which he was eminently qualified, and the duties of which he fulfilled for a space of 12 years, with distinguished ability. It is said that the character which he had then acquired for integrity, and his fervid eloquence, enabled him to exercise an almost unlimited sway over the Juries which he was called upon to address. In 1826 he was elected to a seat upon the bench of the Supreme Court, vacated by the resignation of Judge Russell, which he declined. He continued to act as Attorney General until 1829, when he was elected to the Senate of the United States. His course, during the six years he occupied a seat in that body, is known to the country at large. In 1839 he was elected to preside as Chancellor over the University of the city of New Y. which station he now occupies.
        We might here conclude, but we cannot refrain from saying that this nomination will give great gratification to the Whigs of New Jersey. As a citizen, he is one whom the State has always delighted to honor — and as a politician, he has always steadfastly maintained and advocated the principles of the Whig party. In private life, he exhibits the suavity and amenity of manner, the kindness of heart and the benevolence of disposition, of a Christian. He brings to the discharge of all his duties soundness of judgment, steadiness of purpose and habits and principles of the strictest integrity. — His views are liberal and enlightened; he is beyond the control of mere selfish or partisan influence — and to no one could the great interests of the country be more safely entrusted.
        Grateful for the honor conferred upon her by the nomination, the Whigs New Jersey pledge to their fellow Whigs throughout the Union their most untiring efforts for the maintenance of whig principles -- and the next Electoral vote of the state for HENRY CLAY and THEODORE FRELINGHUYSEN.
        The Baltimore Correspondent of the Philadelphia North American, thus speaks of the Whig candidate for the Vice Presidency.
        Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN is the son of a Revolutionary patriot, soldier and statesman, whose biography is part of the history of his own State especially.


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CYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, edited by James G. Wilson and John Fiske, volume 2, New York, 1872, pages 543-544:


        Theodore, lawyer, b, in Franklin, Somerset co., N. J., 28 March, 1787; d. in New Brunswick, N. J., 12 April, 1861, was sent at the age of eleven to the grammar-school connected with Queen's college (now Rutgers), where he remained two years, but, on the resignation of the rector of the school, returned to his home at Millstone. Having no great disposition to apply himself to study, he persuaded his father to give him the privilege of remaining at home and becoming a farmer. But consent to this plan had been only partially obtained when his lather was called away on public business. His step-mother, a wise and estimable woman, believing that this arrangement would not be a judicious one, packed young Theodore's trunk and sent him to the classical academy recently established at Baskingridge, N. J., by the Rev. Dr. Robert Finley. Here he completed his preparatory studies, and in 1802 was admitted to the junior class of the College of New Jersey, at Princeton, from which he was graduated with high honors in 1804. In the mean time, his father having died, his elder brother, John, a lawyer, had taken charge of the homestead at Millstone. In the office of this brother he began the study of law, and, after being admitted to the bar, removed to Newark, N.J., where he married, and entered upon the practice of his profession, in which he soon attained eminence. In 1817 he was appointed attorney-general by a legislature whose majority was opposed to him in politics. Twice afterward he was reappointed on the expiration of his term of office, and finally resigned it in 1829, having been elected a senator of the United States. Prior to this, however, he had declined the office of justice of the supreme court, tendered to him in 1826. The first important matter on which he addressed the senate was the bill for the removal of the Indians beyond the Mississippi river. This speech availed nothing, however, except to bring its author prominently before the nation, and to give to him the title of the "Christian statesman."

        He also took an active part in the discussion of the pension bill, the president's protest, the removal of the deposits from the U.S. bank, the compromise, and the tariff. His senatorial term expired in 1835, when he resumed his professional labors in Newark. In 1836 Newark was incorporated as a city. In the following year Mr. Frelinghuysen was elected its mayor, and in 1838 he was re-elected to the same position. In 1839 he was unanimously chosen chancellor of the University of New York, and while in the occupancy of this office was, in May, 1844, nominated by the Whig national convention at Baltimore for the vice-presidency of the United States on the same ticket with Henry Clay. He continued in the discharge of his duties as chancellor of the university until 1850, when he accepted the presidency of Rutgers college, and in the same year was formally inducted into that office, continuing in it until the day of his death. Mr. Frelinghuysen was an earnest advocate of the claims of organized Christian benevolence, and it is said of him that no American layman was ever associated with so many great national organizations of religion and charity. He was president of no less than three of' these during some period of their existence, while his name may be found on the lists of officers of all the rest with scarcely an exception. For sixteen years he was president of the American board of commissioners for foreign missions. From April, 1846, till his death he was president of the American Bible society; from 1842 till 1848, of the American tract society; from 1826 till near the close of his life, vice-president of the American Sunday-school union; and for many years vice-president of the American colonization society. In the work of all these institutions he took an active part. His remains were buried in the grounds of the 1st Reformed Dutch church in New Brunswick, N.J. See a memoir of him by Rev. Talbot W. Chambers, D.D. (1863).

[Photocopied from original set of this series in Memphis Public Library and Information Center, Memphis, Tennessee. 920. 07, A65]


May 31, 1844

MADISON J. REYNOLDS died Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 8, 1844; consumption.

WATSON GENTRY died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 16, 1844 aged 85 years, 3 months and 5 days [born February 11, 1759]; moved from No. Carolina to Tennessee. Baptist.


June 28, 1844

Mrs. MARTHA MAURY died in the residence of her son, A. P. Maury, Williamson Co., Tenn., June 26, 1844 in the 70th year of her age.

REBECCA widow of John ANDERSON died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 11, 1844.

WILLIAM S. ALLEN died June 13, 1844 aged about 65 years.

NANCY wife of James A. BOSTICK; daughter of William King; died June 16, 1844 in 36th year of her age.

ISAAC GOODALL died Gallatin, Tenn., June 17, 1844 aged about 46 years; resident of Smith Co., TN.


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SARAH MORGAN daughter of Colonel Matthew and Eliza J. McCLUNG died Knoxville, Tenn., June 9, 1844 in the 20th year of her age.


July 5, 1844

ADELIA daughter of Edward Swanson; wife of H. G. W. MABERRY died June 16, 1844 in the 17th year of her age.

PARTHENIA F. wife of Allen HARRISON died Holly Springs, Miss., May 26, 1844 aged 30 years.

WILLIAM L. JOHNSON, Virginia, died in Memphis, Tenn., June 11, 1844.

JOHN S. youngest son of Dr. Andrew W. and Susan HUNT died Gibson Co., Tenn., June 13, 1844.

REBECCA wife of John TATE died Davidson Co., Tenn., June 9, 1844 in the 85th year of her age.

Colonel LEROY POPE died Huntsville, Ala., June 14, 1844 aged 85 years; veteran of the Revolutionary War. [Known as the "Father of Huntsville, Alabama." Leroy Pope, January 30, 1766-June 14, 1844; a small copy of his portrait and a genealogical account are located in the Jonathan K. T. Smith Collection, Special Collections, McWherter, Library, University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee. ]

MARTHA JANE youngest daughter of W. W. and Mary WALLACE died Holly Springs, Miss., July 2, 1844.

ADA daughter of Colonel John D. MARTIN, Holly Springs, Miss., died July [4?] 1844 aged 5 yrs.

JOSEPH and HIRAM SMITH, Mormon leaders, were killed at the Carthage, Mo. jail, shot by a mob, June 27, 1844.

Colonel LEROY POPE born in Virginia, 1764 [1766]; moved to Georgia, 1790; to Huntsville, Ala., 1810 where he died June 14, 1844.


July 12, 1844

INFANT SON of William BINGHAM died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 27, 1844.

HENRIETTA DESDEMONA daughter of John D. and Caroline WORSHAM died near Franklin, Tenn., June 15, 1844 aged 5 years and 6 months.

ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, esq., died Maury Co., Tenn., June 25, 1844 aged about 60 years.

ELIZABETH J. wife of William MINTER died Columbia, Tenn., June 23, 1844 in the 52nd year of her age.

FRANCIS HILL, veteran of the Revolutionary War, died Maury Co., Tenn., June 21, 1844 in the 85th year of His age. Presbyterian.

SUSAN H. wife of Samuel MOSLEY died Memphis, Tenn., June 26, 1844.


August 2, 1844

NANCY wife of William A. VERNON; daughter of Archibald and Ann Carmichael, born July 27, 1816; died Williamson Co., Tenn., July 19, 1844. Her infant [gender not provided] born June 11, 1844, died July 22, 1844.

REBECCA wife of Edwin H. EWING, esq., died near Nashville, Tenn., July 27, 1844 aged 27 yrs. [Rebecca Ewing, 1817-1844, buried in old city cemetery, Nashville]


August 9, 1844

TULLY R. WISE, brother of Henry A. Wise [Virginia], first auditor of the U.S. Treasury Dept., died Washington City [D.C.], July 23, 1844.


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August 16, 1844

JOHN N. CHARTER died Franklin, Tenn., August 14, 1844.

MARGARET wife of Colonel WILLIAM E. OWEN died near Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 2, 1844 in the 35th year of her age; native of Belfast, Ireland; migrated to U.S. in her youth; to Nashville, Tenn., 1836 and married there in 1843. Methodist.


September 13, 1844

JAMES M. BUTLER, Tuscumbia, Ala., died at Cayce's Springs, Williamson Co., Tenn., Aug. 1, 1844.

SAMUEL HENDERSON died Anderson Co., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1844 in the 20th year of his age.

WILLIAM F. DYER died DeSoto Co., Miss., Aug. 24, 1844 aged 20 years.

RICHARD FLINT died Hardeman Co., Tenn., July 27, 1844 aged 65 years.

WILLIAM MITCHELL died Holmes Co., Miss., recently, aged 30 years. Also died there, ALBERT TORRY, aged 10 years.

Hon. I. R. NICHOLSON died near Clinton, Miss., Aug. 28, 1844.

Hon. GEORGE ADAMS died near Jackson, Miss., Aug. 14, 1844.

ELIZABETH M. wife of Barclay McGEE died Monroe Co., Tenn., Aug. 27, 1844 in 26th year of her age.

MARY JANE daughter of William and Jane Crozier PARK died Knoxville, Tenn., Aug. 23, 1844 in the 25th year of her age.

Colonel ROBT. ALLEN died Smith Co., Tenn., Aug. 19, 1844 in 67th year of his age. WILLIAM GOODALL died the same day, aged 21 years.

CHARLES SEVIERE [sic], native of Greene Co., Tenn., died Madison Co., Miss., Aug. 5, 1849 in the 29th year of his age.

THOMAS H. WILSON died Little Rock, Ark., recently; attorney.

A. F. BERRY died Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 4, 1844.

The cornerstone of the new Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tenn. was laid on September 3, 1844.


October 4, 1844

ROBERT C. FOSTER born in Virginia, July 18, 1769; moved to Kentucky when 16 years old; sometime member of the Tennessee legislature; died Mansfield, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1844.[Robert Coleman Foster, Sr., July 8, 1769-Sept. 27, 1844; member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, 1803-1807; state Senate, 1809-1815; 1825-1827]

ABIGAIL S. wife of R. R. McPHERSON died Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 30, 1844.

LEONIDAS GUSTAVUS infant son of John arid Unity STONE died Franklin, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1844


October 11, 1844

HENRY GRAY died Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 27, 1844 aged about 70 years.

ROBERT W. PHIPPS died Sept. 30, 1844 aged 25 years.

WILLIAM PORTER died Sept. 15, 1844 aged about 64 years.

CARROLL PARKER, formerly of Williamson Co., Tenn., resident of Gibson Co, Tenn. since 1842 in the latter place of which he died Sept. 27, 1844.

JOHN G. ATCHISON died Gibson Co., Tenn., Sept. 26, 1844.

Hon. THOMAS NICHOLSON MORGAN died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 3, 1844.

ANDREW WILSON died Macon Co., Ill., Aug. 10, 1844 aged 69 years; native of Greene Co., Tenn.


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Colonel M. [MADISON] McLAURINE died Gibson Co., Tenn., recently; formerly sheriff of that county [1832-1842].

Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Trenton, Gibson Co., Tenn.:

SEP. 29, 1844
50 YS., 27 DS.
NOV. 11, 1869
65 YS. 2 MS. 26 DS.
Friend after friend departs;
Who has not lost a friend?
There is no union here of hearts
That hath no there its end.


HENRY SHANNON died Wilson Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1844 in 79th year of his age.

Colonel JOSEPH POWERS died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1844.

WILLIAM T. DELL, formerly of Florida, died Huntsville, Ala., Sept. 30, 1844.

STEVEN ANDERSON died Giles Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1844 aged 70 years.

MALVINA A. wife of Jefferson LOVE died Madison Co., Miss., Sept. 14, 1844.

G. W. G. SWIFT died Shelbyville, Tenn., Sept. 21, 1844 in 22nd year of his age.

JOHN MILTON son of Dr. John R. EVANS died Shelby Co., recently, aged 14 months.

Dr. DAVID E. ROSE, Pulaski, Tenn., died Shelby Co., Tenn., Oct. 3, 1844 in 27th year of his age. He had just begun the practice of medicine.

JOSEPH B. WILKINS died Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 21, 1844.


October 25, 1844

SARAH A. C. wife of John E. TULLOSS died Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 15, 1844 in 20th year of her age.

NANCY infant daughter of S. G. ALLEN died Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1844 aged abt. l year.

SARAH M., nee HITER, wife of Henry WILSON, died Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1844.

Colonel MATTHEW McCLUNG died Knoxville, Tenn., Oct. 5, 1844 aged 49 years.

JEREMIAH F. BAXTER died Marshall Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, 1844 aged 26 years.

Captain EDMUND WHITMAN died Bedford Co., Tenn., Oct. 3, 1844 aged 45 years. In the same place, PETER LEE, died Oct. 10, 1844 aged 58 years. In same place, WILLIAM REAMS died recently, aged 85 years.

ELIZABETH daughter of Benoni CRAWFORD died Trenton, Tenn., Oct. 7, 1844.

SARAH F. wife of James HAMILTON died Davidson Co., Tenn., Oct. 20, 1844 aged 37 years.

MARTHA wife of Macklin CROSS died Purdy, Tenn., recently, aged 36 years.

JAMES FLEMING died Sept. 21, 1844 aged 57 years.


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THOMAS THOMPSON died Hardeman Co., Tenn., Aug. 21, 1844 aged 63 years.

JOHN T. THOMPSON died Sept. 2, 1844 aged about 23 years.

Mrs. ALBERT McNEAL died Coffeeville, Miss., recently; formerly of Bolivar, Tenn.

WILLIAM L. DAWSON died Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., recently; freemason.

WILLIAM JARRETT died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 29, 1844.

AUDLEY WALLACE DEFRIES died Cleveland, Tenn., Sept. 23, 1844 aged 2 years.

LABINA wife of Paul DISMUKES died Davidson Co., Tenn., Sept. 30, 1844.


November 8, 1844

[This is a transcription of a clipping that is very difficult to read.— L. B.]

In Gibson Co., on the 10th ult., Maj. W. R. Davidson. — On the 14th, Green Woodson, Esq.

In Jackson, Tenn., on the 27th ult., Christopher Lynch, Esq., aged 41 years.

On the 14th ult., in Brownsville, Te. Miss Susan, eldest daughter of Felix Rutherford, Esq., formerly of this place.

In Nashville, on the 3rd inst., Ellen, daughter of G. M. Fogg, Esq.

In Nashville, on the 29th ult., Mr. John N. Todd. — On the following day, an infant son of Mr. Todd, aged 2 years.

In Grainger county, Tenn., 21st ult., Miss Cornelia Jane, daughter of the late John F, Jack, aged 17 years. – On the 13th ult., Dr. John N. McAnally, aged 28.

In Knoxville, on the 14th ult., Sam’l Bell, Jr. — In Grainger co., W. G. Rhoton. — On the 7th ult., Mrs. Cornelia Rhoton, wife of Rev. Dr. Rhoton.

In Grenada, Miss., on the 14th ult., J. J. Choate, Jr. Esq. editor, proprietor and publisher of the "Harry of the West," aged about 20 years.

From the South-Western Christian Advocate:

Sister Mary Andrews, consort of Wm. Andrews, and daughter of Isham and Mary B. Matthews, of Williamson co., departed this life 25th July last, at the residence of her deeply afflicted husband, in her 32d year, in full expectation of obtaining a better home in Heaven. She felt no fear of death, and regretted nothing but the loss of a mother to her infant and three older children. When asked what message she had for her absent brothers and sisters — said, "tell them to meet me in Heaven;" gave some pathetic charges concerning her children, and fell quietly asleep in the arms of Jesus. M.


November 15, 1844

FRANCIS P. NEWSOM born Southampton Co., Va., 1763; moved to Davidson Co., Tenn., 1798; joined Baptist Church, 1811; died Davidson Co., Tenn., Oct. 17, 1844.

Dr. WILLIAM G. DICKENSON born New Hampshire, August 4, 1791; died Nashville, Tenn., No. 11, 1844; formerly of Franklin and Columbia, TN.

Dr. DUNCAN HILL, formerly of Henry Co., Tenn., died Marshall Co., Tenn., Oct. 31, 1844.

OPHELIA JANE daughter of S. H. HOLT, died Maury Co., Tenn., recently, aged 7 years.

SARAH H. wife of David CAMPBELL, "late" of Knoxville, Tenn.; died Brunswick, Miss., Sept. 9, 1844 in her 54th year of age, David Campbell died Oct. 15, 1844 in 57th year of his age.

JOHN N. BARKSDALE, Columbus, Miss., died Rutherford Co., Tenn., Sept. 24, 1844.


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November 29, 1844

SAMUEL INMAN died Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 26, 1844 aged about 35 years.

Rev. JOHN B. WILSON, pastor, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Chulahoma, Miss., died Nov. 11, 1844 in the 32nd year of his age.

JAMES T. STOCKARD, Lafayette Co., Miss., died Marshall Co., Miss., Nov. 10, 1844 aged 32 years.


December 6, 1844

ELIZABETH G. wife of Joseph MARTIN died Hamilton Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1844 aged 59 years.

MARGARET wife of General W. WALLACE died Blount Co., Tenn., Nov. 8, 1844 aged 51 years.

MARY wife of Captain W. WALLACE died Nov. 15, 1844 aged about 60 years.

[These two women given as wives of W. Wallace, one a captain and one a general.]

JOHN W. PYATT died Roane Co., Tenn., Nov. 21, 1844 aged 27 years.

HARRIET E. wife of Mark B. WHITAKES [sic] died Maury Co., Tenn., Oct. 20, 1844 aged 27 years.

JOB MABARRY died Nov. 20, 1844 aged 55 years.

Dr. CHURCHILL STRONG died Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 3, 1844 in 70th year of his age.

REUBEN C. KESSEE died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Nov. 20, 1844 aged 25 years.

JULIET daughter of William and Susan BEAUMONT died Nov. 10, 1844 aged 6 years.

RACHAEL wife of E. W. BRYAN died White Co., Tenn., Nov. 9, 1844 aged 27 years.


December 13, 1844

Colonel DAVID DANCY died Jackson, Miss., Nov. 27, 1844 in 62nd year of his age.

WILLIAM R. KELTON died Rutherford Co., Tenn., Nov. 28, 1844 aged about 26 years.

ANN wife of Isaac THOMSON died Trenton, Tenn., Nov. 23, 1844.

Dr. DAVID NELSON, formerly of Knoxville, Tenn., died Quincy, Ill., Oct. 17, 1844 aged about 51 yrs.


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