Historical Statements Concerning
The Battle Of Kings Mountain
Army War College, Historical Section, 1928

Excerpted from "70th Congress, 1st Session House Document No. 328, Historical Statements Concerning The Battle Of Kings Mountain And The Battle Of The Cowpens, South Carolina," United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1928, published in response to House Resolution No. 230, "That the historical statements concerning the Battle of the Cowpens, South Carolina, of January 17, 1781, and the Battle of Kings Mountain, South Carolina, October 7, 1780, be prepared by the Historical Section of the Army War College, and be printed, with illustrations, as a document."

I. Subjugation   II. The Battle   III. Conclusion   IV. The Mountain   Bibliography



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MAPS: United States Geological Survey—Kings Mountain quadrangle; Gaffney quadrangle; Roan Mountain quadrangle; Mount Mitchell quadrangle; Morganton quadrangle; State of Tennessee; State of North Carolina; State of South Carolina. Price and Strother—North Carolina, 1808. Mills Atlas, 1825. BOOKS and PAMPHLETS READ

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I. Subjugation   II. The Battle   III. Conclusion   IV. The Mountain   Bibliography

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