Adams Community
Goodspeed's History of Tennessee

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     Adams Station, an enterprising town of 400 people, is situated on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, about one mile east of Red River. Previous to 1858 the site of the town was owned by Reuben Adams. In that year the railroad was completed, and a depot was erected by the people of the surrounding country. The first store-house was built and occupied by Adams & Holloway, who carried on a grocery business. At about the same time B. O. Crenshaw opened a dry goods store. During the war nearly all the buildings were destroyed, and in 1866 there were only three dwellings in the town. About 1865 C. M. Brown & Company established a general merchandise business in the depot. A little later Capt. Thomas Mallory built a store-house on the lot now occupied by J. C. Moody's drug store, and a business was conducted there under the firm name of J. E. Ruffin & Company. The present business interests of the town are represented by J. E. Gaines, W. S. Miller and Redding & Cobb, dry goods; J. C. Murphey and Winters & Head, groceries; W. H. Howsley, general merchandise; J. S. Moody, drugs; Crouch & Co., and Hallums & Edwards, tobacco dealers, G. A. Farmer, flouring-mill; Alsbrooke & Robinson, blacksmiths; J. T. Bell and J. C. Moody, physicians. The town has two churches, Methodist and Missionary Baptist. The school under the principalship of S. A. Link is one of the best in the county.

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