Coopertown Community
Goodspeed's History of Tennessee

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     Coopertown, a village in the Thirteenth Civil District, was formerly called Naive's Cross-roads from David Naive, who settled there about 1825.

In 1850 the Sons of Temperance erected a building with a hall above and a store-room below. The following year a postoffice was removed to that place, and a stock of goods put in by W. W. Glover and James Graves.

The place was named Coopertown from the large number of men in that vicinity engaged in making barrels for the Red River mills. The town has never had a saloon, and but very little liquor has been sold there.

The business industries are now carried on by Davis & Son and Hinkle & Glover, general merchandise; R. G. Glover, drugs; F. M. Watts, steam flouring-mill; J. J. Reeves, undertaking; Scruggs & Reeves, blacksmithing; S. W. Frey and R. G. Glover, physicians. A church and a good school are maintained.

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