Cross Plains Community
Goodspeed's History of Tennessee

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     Cross Plains is the second oldest town in the county.

The first building was a double log house erected by William Randolph in 1819, and used as a tavern. A stone house was built the next year by Louis Yates, and a little later a store was opened by Cook & Cole.

The town is situated in the midst of a fine agricultural region, and has a good trade. The individuals and firms now doing business there are Villines & Jernigan, Durrett & Shannon, Pitt & Randolph and P. O. West, general merchandise; W. R. Yates, dry goods, drugs and groceries; L. Carr, undertaker; Meredith McMurray, tobacco dealer; Smith Kinney, grist and saw-mill; Walter Cunningham, blacksmith; John Yates, shoemaker.

The population of the town is about 300.

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