Greenbrier Community
Goodspeed's History of Tennessee

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Greenbrier is situated on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, in the southern portion of the county. It is the youngest town in the county, having been built up since 1876.

About 1858 E. S. Cheatham established a saw-mill on the present site of Greenbrier, and carried on an extensive business, but this had all disappeared before the foundation of the town.

The first store was opened by John Hinkle about ten years ago. The proximity of a large distillery which furnishes work for a large number of coopers and other employes, is the chief cause for the rapid growth of the town. The business industries of the present are John Hinkle, dry goods; A. C. Dale, drugs and groceries; Browning Bros, Ed Oglesby, John Guinn, C. Jones, groceries; A. Rodgers, dry goods and notions; B. F. Webster, cooper shop; Lemuel Briggs, tobacco dealer; Mathew Cole, livery stable; -------- Gavitt, blacksmith.

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