Sadlersville Community
Goodspeed's History of Tennessee

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Sadlersville, a station on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, in the northwest part of the county, was located in 1871.

In that year W. R. Sadler, who was operating a mill on Elk Fork, built a depot, but it was not recognized as a station until two or three years later.

The first store-house was built and occupied by Mr. Sadler in 1871. Soon after A. M. Jones opened a dry goods store.

The individuals and firms engaged in business there at present are R. T. Hollins, dry goods; J. S. Johnson, groceries; Hallums Bros., and John Lockard, tobacco dealers; T. J. Mitchell, grain dealer, and Clark Talley, blacksmith. The town has a good school, and the erection of a church is under contemplation.

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