Alexander Gordon Biography
1755 - 1831
Contributed by Sharon Smith
© 2009

Our earliest known Gordon ancestor is Alexander Gordon who was born 1755 at West Point, King William County, Virginia. Nothing is known about his parents or siblings and it is unknown what year he migrated from Virginia to South Carolina. He enlisted in the 1st South Carolina Regiment Aug 11, 1782 as a private for a period of 3 years under the command of Colonel C. Pinckney.
Alexander was a planter & farmer, slave owner and an active member in each community he lived in. He married Sarah Lee in South Carolina about 1784. Sarah is the daughter of John Lee & Mary Cassels of Fairfield County South Carolina and was born about 1765 SC. In 1786 John Lee named Alexander as an executor of his will. In 1790 Alexander & Sarah sold some of the land they inherited from the will of John Lee & in that same year the South Carolina census shows Alexander & Sarah living in Fairfield County. Fairfield County was established in 1785 which was a part of the Camden District. Winnsboro, the county seat, was settled about 1755. During the Revolutionary War Lord Cornwallis made his headquarters in Winnsboro between Oct 1780 and Jan 1781.
The 1800 South Carolina census reveals that Alexander & Sarah Gordon had been living in Chester County and sometime between 1799-1803 they moved their family to Robertson Co TN near the state line of Logan Co KY. The 2 oldest sons, John & Green Berry, migrated to the Mississippi territory. The earliest deed found dated Feb 21, 1803 for 200 acres of land lying in Logan Co KY that Alexander sold to Lewis Barker. During his lifetime in Tennessee he farmed his land, served as a juror, bought and sold land and worked with others in his community building and repairing roads.
Sarah Lee-Gordon was not mentioned in Alexander's will in 1830 & census records indicate she died prior to 1820 in Robertson County TN but no records have been found to establish an exact date of death.
The Revolutionary War pension application on Alexander contained a letter written by him which indicate he most likely died due to brain cancer and was blind 1-2 years prior to his death.
Alexander wrote his will Jan 23, 1830 which listed the names of his children. It was recorded during the Nov 1831 term of the Robertson county court.

Alexander & Sarah's children: 1. John 2. Greenberry 3. Alexander George Washington 4. Mary 5. Elizabeth 6. Martha 7. Robert Boaz 8. William Wesley 9. Sarah 10. Rebecca.
1. John was born about 1785 South Carolina, died before 1870 Wayne Co MS.
He married Elizabeth ? and their children were Sampson, Alexander, Sidney, Mary, Ann, John S., Julia and Wesley.
2. Greenberry was born Apr 1, 1788 South Carolina, died 1850 MS.
He married Sarah ? and their children were: Alexander, Ann, Mary "Polly", Elizabeth, Samson P. and Sarah Rebecca.
Both John & Green Berry migrated to the Mississippi territory about 1800 and remained in the Wayne & Clarke counties areas the rest of their lives.
3. Alexander George Washington was born 1789 in South Carolina. He married Sarah Elvina McPherson about 1830. She was born June 18, 1805 Logan Co KY and the identity of her parents is unknown. Their land was located on the border of Logan Co KY and Robertson Co TN. Their children are William Wesley, James Bolton, Quintus Livingston, Albert G. and George E.
William Wesley married Mary Ann Chapman in Robertson Co TN & they moved to Saline Co IL between 1861-1863 & William died there before 1865. Their children are Nancy A., William A., Mary E., Amanda P. and Willie A. After William's death, Mary Ann moved to Graves Co KY with her children. She & her children were escorted to Kentucky by her brother-in-law, Albert G. Gordon.
Quintus and James Bolton, both joined the 9th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Co. G, C.S.A. in 1861. Between 1861 and 1863 A.G.W. and family moved to Saline County, Illinois where A.G.W. died Dec 3, 1865. He is buried at Old Brushy Cemetery adjacent to Brushy Fork Primitive Baptist Church. Their reason for moving to Illinois is unknown. Quintus married Malona Parallie Lawrence in Saline Co IL. She is the daughter of Washington & Eliza Lawrence of Logan Co KY. Quintus & Malona did not have any children. James Bolton Gordon married Malinda Jane Abney Sep 1865 in Saline Co IL. She is the daughter of John Abney & Mildred Stone.
Sarah, James B., Quintus Gordon & their wives and children moved to Kaufman Co Texas in the late 1870's.
Albert married Virginia Belle Custer about 1874. Their children are John A., Robert W., Eula Mae, Bessie, Lukin, Fannie & Richard. Albert was found in Graves Co KY census in 1870 after escorting his sister-in-law & her children to that county and he returned to Ellis Co TX in 1880. His relatives left Illinois in late 1870's & moved to Kaufman County TX. Albert died before 1900 in Texas or Oklahoma.
It is believed that George died prior to 1870.
4. Mary was born 1793 in South Carolina. She married William Morgan, a farmer, about 1816 in Robertson Co TN. He was born 1791 in North Carolina. William & Mary moved to Henderson County TN between 1820-1822 and remained there the rest of their lives. Mary died before 1860 and William died before 1870. Their children are Sophia, Elijah, Alfred, Lafayette, William N. and Mary E.
Sophia married Thomas Alexander Noel & their children are Mary Eliza, Harriet Elizabeth, Edmund Francis, Laura Frances, Susan Tamyra, William Priestly, Thomas Jefferson, James Alexander, Robert McKamey, Benjamin Franklin, Sarah Virginia & Albert Lafayette. They moved to Decatur Co TN prior to 1850 & then to Madison Co TN. Thomas worked as a store clerk. He was the son of Zachariah Noell & Mary Grizzard. His grandparents were Thomas Noell & Mildred Callaway. Mildred Callaway was the daughter of Richard Callaway who, along with Daniel Boone, established Boonesborough KY.
Alfred married Rianna Gooch Dec 18, 1850 in Carroll Co TN & their children are William, Ann, Mary, Cora, Clarence & Rufus.
Lafayette married Martha J. Taylor. They moved to Madison Co TN prior to 1860. Alfred died in 1913 & Rianna in 1901 & both were buried at Pleasant Plains Baptist Church Cemetery.
It is unknown what happened to Elijah, William N. and Mary.
5. Elizabeth was born Mar 12, 1795 South Carolina and died Dec 11, 1858 in Robertson County TN and was buried at Widick Cemetery. She married David James Walton, a farmer, about 1820 in Robertson County. He was born 1790 in Virginia to Dr. Martin Walton and Elizabeth Johnson. On Aug 17, 1845 David was murdered by two of his slaves and they were put on trial soon after his death. David is buried at Widick Cemetery. Elizabeth never remarried. Their children are Alexander, Elizabeth Permelia, Martha L., Caroline, Simeon and George Washington & Parallie.
Alexander did not marry and he died Jan 2, 1846 at age 25.
Elizabeth Permelia was first married to John Zech and had one daughter, R. Angelina. She married James William Herndon about 1845 in KY and their children were M.F., William and N.H.
Martha L. died at the age of 21.
Caroline married Carroll Huey 1847 in Robertson Co TN & their children are Thomas J. & Joseph W. Caroline died in 1854 & Carroll remarried to Susan Hawkins in 1881.
There is no information on Simeon.
George Washington married Mary Pitt and their children are G.W. & W.F.
Parallie married George Randolph 1856 in Robertson Co TN.
6. Martha was born June 6, 1797 Chester Co South Carolina and died 1844 Carroll Co Tennessee and buried at Morgan Cemetery. She married John Morgan, a farmer, about 1819 in Robertson Co Tennessee and they moved to Carroll Co Tennessee in 1823. He was born Mar 25, 1796 in Iredell Co North Carolina. There children are Minerva Lee, Alexander G., Calvin J., Rufus K., William Wilson, Dewit Clinton, Elbert W., Albert G., Martha Lee, John Oliver and Sarah E. John Morgan remarried to Catherine Thomas in 1853.
Minerva married Charles Morgan & their children are Thomas, John, Martha, Benjamin Clinton, Sarah & Susan. They moved to Tallahatchie Co MS where Minerva died in 1892.
Nothing is known about Alexander.
Calvin married Mary M. Stanford in Carroll Co TN & their children are John, Jesse & William Howell.
Rufus died in 1841 Carroll Co TN.
William died 1848 Carroll Co TN.
Dewit Clinton married Patience Elizabeth Ross in 1860 & their children are Martha, John, Pocahontas & Rubin.
Elbert is a twin to Albert & he never married.
Albert married Rachel Pernervie Shaver 1856 Carroll Co TN & their children are Martha Matilda, Sarah Eliza, Nancy, WillieAnn, Leonia F., Andrew Jackson, Margaret E., Minnie E., Elvina J. & Eveline.
Nothing is known about Martha Lee.
John Oliver married Martha Shaver 1855 Carroll Co TN & their children are Nancy, William Lee & Isaiah.
Sarah E. married William Calvin Ross 1861 TN & their children are William J., Daniel L., John A., David L. & Virginia Ross.
7. Robert Boaz was born 1800 Chester Co SC, died Aug 3, 1853 in Conway Co AR and buried at Grandview Cemetery. Robert is the only child of Alexander Gordon who moved to Conway Co AR. He married Milly Pitts about 1819 in Robertson County TN. She was born 1798 to Joseph Pitts and Martha Barbee and died before 1870 in Conway County AR. While living in Robertson County Robert was quite active in the community. He served on numerous jury trials, bought & sold land, served as witness for deed transactions and helped build and repair roads in the area he lived. Between 1830 & 1833 Robert moved his family to Carroll Co TN and farmed there until about 1837 and moved to Graves Co KY. He continued farming there until about the mid 1840s and moved to Conway Co AR where he remained the rest of his life. Robert was a farmer, Justice of Peace and served a term as County Judge in Conway County. He was one of the three Commissioners elected in 1850 to locate the County seat of Conway County and arrange for the building of a Courthouse. He also served as a Road Commissioner to apportion hands to the Road Overseers in Conway County.
Robert & Milly's children are Angeline, Alexander, Elvira, Elzanna, Eisora, Joseph Pitts, Johnathan James "John" and Missouri.
Angeline was born 1821 Robertson Co TN and married James H. Armstrong while living in Graves Co KY. They settled in St. Francis Co AR. James died prior to 1860 and Angeline moved to Conway Co AR with her children and then to Pope Co AR before 1870. Angeline & some of her children then moved to Collin Co TX before 1880. She & her son Freeman & his family moved to Oklahoma prior to 1900 where they lived the rest of their lives. Freeman died in Marshall Co OK.
Alexander was born 1822 Robertson Co TN. He was both a farmer and Justice of Peace. His first wife was Nancy Ragsdale and married her in Conway Co AR. She is the daughter of William & Sarah Ragsdale. Their children are Johnathan "John", Robert Bolen, Alexander Bruce and Lucian.
Johnathan "John" married Mary Starkey "Polly", daughter of Caleb Starkey & Sarah Huie. They did not have any children.
Robert Bolen married Nancy Elizabeth Reed, daughter of James Reed & Sarah Elizabeth Smith. Their children are James A. "Jim", Mary Ann, William Robert, John W. "Red", Joseph Lucian, Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie", Ira Austin, Lonnie Houston & 2 others that probably died at birth.
Alexander Bruce married Melvina Reed, daughter of James Reed & Sarah Elizabeth Smith. Their children are Nancy Ann "Nannie", Lucian R. "Luce", Jane, Lewis, Lucinda "Cindy", Sarah, John Bruce, Emma Jeannette, Elmer Alexander, Rosa Narsis "Sissy", Sreathie Ethel & Allie Melvina.
Lucian married Ophelia A. Doty Feb 18, 1885 in Conway Co AR. The last information I have on Lucian is from the 1910 Conway Co AR census. At that time they were living in Welborne township. They had a daughter named Maude & 2 other children, names unknown.
Nancy Ragsdale-Gordon died after Lucian was born & Alexander re-married to Elizabeth Prince July 26, 1859. She is a daughter of Miles Prince & Charity Halbrook. Alexander & Elizabeth's children are Joseph P., Roxie and William Miles.
Alexander enlisted June 10, 1861 in Co. C, 5th AR Infantry, C.S.A., as a private. His military records indicate he was wounded at the Battle of Perryville in Kentucky Oct 8, 1862. He died Mar 1, 1864 and was buried at Grandview Cemetery. His cause of death is unknown.
Elvira was born 1823 Robertson Co TN. She married Robert S. Wilson and they moved to Pope Co TN and remained there the rest of their lives. She died before 1860. Robert died Apr 21, 1859. They had two children, Mary Angeline & Joseph.
Elzanna was born 1825 Robertson Co TN. She married Samuel W. Wilson about 1843 & they settled on a farm in Pope Co AR. She died before 1861 and Samuel died Oct 1, 1866 in Pope Co AR. Their children are Margaret, Alexander, Missouri T., Gullett S. "Gully" and Finis Ello.
Eisora was born about 1832 Robertson Co TN. Her fisrt husband was Erastus Prince & their children were Mary who married Thomas Jefferson Clowers, Sarah & Nancy who married first to James A. Black then to Nathan Sandage. Eisora's second husband was W.C. Shearon & they had no children. Her third husband was William Thomas Pasley & had a son named John.
Joseph Pitts was born July 20, 1833 Carroll Co TN. He married Una Elvira Pate Aug 4, 1859 in Conway Co AR. She is the daughter of William Pate & Lovica McAllister. Joseph enlisted in the AR 17th Reg, Co. A, C.S.A. in 1861. Before 1870 he moved his family to Boone Co AR and then to Collin Co TX prior to 1880 where he remained the rest of his life. He died July 31, 1891 and Una died Sep 15, 1917 & both were buried at Crossroads Cemetery. Their children are Robert Bolden, Joseph L., David Alexander, Mary Magdalene "Maggie", James W. "Jim", Sarah Elizabeth "Bess", and Dixie Cleveland.
Johnathan James "John" was born 1837 Carroll Co TN. He married America Griggs "Mary" in AR. She is the daughter of Samuel Griggs & Fanny Maddox. They lived & farmed in Conway Co AR. He died Sep 24, 1861. America remarried to James Wilson Pate, a brother of Unia Pate who married Joseph Pitts Gordon.
Missouri was born Feb 11, 1839 Graves Co KY. She married Philip Manly Austin Sep 28, 1859 in Conway Co AR. Philip purchased 80 acres of homestead land in Conway County receiving his final certificate in 1861. They moved to Pope Co AR prior to 1870 where they remained the rest of their lives. Missouri died Sep 13, 1894 and Philip died Jan 4, 1916. Both were buried at Ford Cemetery in Pope County. Their children are Parallie and Sarah M.
8. William Wesley was born 1801 Robertson Co TN and died Apr 7, 1870 in Madison Co TN. He married Emily Morgan about 1834. She was born 1814 KY and died before 1860 in Tennessee. They moved from Robertson Co TN to Carroll Co TN before 1830 & then to Henderson Co TN before 1840 and by 1860 were living in Madison Co TN. Their children are George L., Elizabeth Calista, Virginia Pocahontas, Sarah L., Anna Bell, Mary Elizabeth "Eliza", Emily Taylor and Fannie Cordelia "Babe".
George L. married Isabelle Gooch in Carroll Co TN Oct 11, 1858 and he died June 10, 1864 during the battle of Brice's Cross Roads in Mississippi. Their children are William, George & Gerome. Isabelle married Joseph Howard about 1869.
Virginia Pocahontas died at an early age.
Anna Bell married James H. Moss and died in Henderson Co TN before 1869. After her death James married her sister Emily.
Sarah L. married Willis Moore and after she died he married her sister Fannie. They lived in Madison Co TN & all three are buried at Riverside Cemetery.
Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" married Robert M. Rutherford in Madison Co TN in 1866. Mary & Robert are both buried at Pleasant Plains Baptist Church Cemetery. Their children are Felix Wesley, Minnie, Edwin, Robert L., Willis Moore, George W., Herbert & Harry.
9. Sarah was born Jan 1, 1802 Chester Co South Carolina and died before 1870 KY. She married George King, a Logan County KY farmer, about 1832. George was born 1770 in Virginia and died before June 23, 1856 in Logan Co Kentucky. Identity of his first wife is unknown and children from his first marriage are Eliza, Thompson and Emily. Children of George and Sarah are George A. & Amanda.
George A. King married Mary Johnson & moved his family to Davidson Co TN prior to 1880.
10. Rebecca was born Apr 13, 1805 in Robertson Co, Tennessee and died Mar 26, 1878 Fayette Co, Tennessee. She married Gools Berry Chambers about 1823 in Robertson Co TN. Gools Berry was born Aug 11, 1802 Halifax Co Virginia and died 1881 in Fayette County Tennessee. He was a farmer and medical doctor. Gools Berry and Rebecca were members of the Primitive Baptist Church. They farmed in Robertson County until 1836 and then moved to District 15 of Fayette County Tennessee to a farm about 9 miles from the town of Somerville. Gools Berry entered the Botanical Medical College in Memphis Tennessee about 1846, graduated and practiced medicine in Fayette Co TN until 1862 when he retired. He then returned to farming. Their children are W.T., Mary Ann, Sarah Jane, Albert, Nancy, Marcus L., Daniel Gools, Ferdinand, Amanda, Elias B., Martha, Francis and George Washington.
Nothing is known about W.T. and most likely he died at an early age.
Mary Ann was first married to Albert H. Price in 1848 who died prior to 1870. Their children are M.J., Martha Elizabeth, A.A. & William F.
In 1871 Mary Ann married Henry M. Farmer & he died of cancer before 1900.
Sarah Jane married Robert B. Fletcher and lived their entire lives in Fayette Co TN. Their children are Jonathan Wiley, Sarah, Mary A., James Robert, Martha, Amanda & Cora.
There is no information on Albert or Nancy and they may have died at a young age.
Marcus first married Fannie Elizabeth Wade & their children are William H., Lafayette Ferdinand & Leonidas. His second wife was Mary E. Curl & their children are James C. "Jesse", Alpheous B., Mary E., Amanda V., Dora A., Georgia R.L., Emma, Charles W., Eunice A., Robert Lee & Marcus L., Annie Elizabeth & Lilly.
Daniel Gools married Mary Frances Taylor & their children are Martha Francis, Margaret Leeannia, Thomas Goolsberry & Amanda C.
Daniel & Mary lived in Fayette County their entire lives.
Nothing is known about Ferdinand.
Amanda married a McGowan.
Elias B. first married Mary M. Farmer about 1860 Fayette Co TN. They had one son named Madison Bluett, nicknamed "Perch" as he loved fishing as a young child. Elias married Sarah Atkinson 1866 Fayette Co TN. Their children are Charles Alf, James B., Winnie B., Beabe T., Elizabeth, Julia Ann & Elias Burton Jr.
Elias was a farmer & physician. He & Sarah moved to Tyronza AR about 1902/04. He died in 1906. Sarah moved to Memphis TN where she died in 1912.
Martha married James Franklin Taylor in 1866 Fayette Co TN. Their children are Jonathan Thomas, William Washington, Daniel Graydon, Florence Oma, Mary Anne, James Walter, Henry Lewis, Wiley Duncan, Jane Lelia, Effie Ethel & Mary. They moved to Crockett Co TN.
Nothing is known about Francis.
George Washington Chambers served in the 17th TN Cavalry Co C, C.S.A. His first wife was Mary Fortner & their children are Lillie Levator, Viola Virginia, Lee Washington "Jack" and Louis Zellener. His second wife was Mary Elizabeth Teague & their children are Lucius Alvah, Abner McGowan, Effie and Flora.


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