Rutherford County Justices of the Peace
Many thanks to Don Detwiler
Rutherford County Archives

January 20, 1823

Agreeably to an act of General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, the court proceeded to class themselves in the following manner, to wit,

John Fulton, Solomon Beesley, George Usleton, Robert Miller, George W. Oliver, Cullin Curlee, Bennett Smith, Jesse Stovall, Beverly Randolph, Lucket Davis, William H. Davis and Theophilus A. Cannon, Esquires, to compose the first class, to hold the present term of the court.

James S. Jetton, Jordan Williford, James Askins, Francis Gillispie, Henry Goodloe, John Knight, Burton L. McFerrin, Baxter B. Dickins, John L. Jetton, John Clarke, William Deloach & Logan Henderson, (Esquires), to compose the second class and to preside and hold the April term of this court.

John Edwards, John Carter, Alexander McEwen, William Vaughan, Henry Trott, William Vinson, John Fletcher, Robert McCombs, Jacob Payne, David Abbott, Jacob Wright, Daniel Bowman, Esquires, to compose the third class and to hold the July term of this court, and

Hugh Robinson, Thomas Nash, John Hoover, Overton W. Crockett, Abner Johns, Glover W. Banton, Robert Warnick, William Mankin, James Sharpe, William W. Searcy, Benjamin Johnston and John Hill, Esquires, to compose the fourth class, to hold and preside at the at the October term of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Rutherford County.

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