Scott County, Tennessee
Bible and Journal Records

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  Please send me copies of your family bibles for inclusion here.  (Please include the masthead or cover sheet that shows when the bible was published)
Bibles Journals
Boyatt, Flemmon Douglas bible (1828-1921) Reed, Irel J. journal (contains 1818-1945 marriage, birth, death dates)
Boyatt, Jordan and Sally bible (1807-1953) Corilda Catherine Owens Walker diaries (1917-1926)
Boyatt, Thomas and Susannah bible (1806-1845)  
Crowley, George and Stella bible (1852-1988)  
Lewellen, John bible (1812-1944)  
Pennington, George and Sarah bible (1858-1983)  
Smith, Goldman and Letha bible (1845-1991)  
West, John and Telitha bible  (1873-1954)  
West, Lacy J. J. and Lizzie Lee bible (1845-1998)  

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