Scott County, Tennessee
SCHS Civil War Records

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Note:  You will need to visit the SCHS archives building in Huntsville, TN to see these records.  The Scott County Historical Society is not staffed to perform lookups in these records. 

*Alabama Regimental Histories -- Description and history of various regiments

Buck, Wilma -- April 4, 1998 letter from Fentress County resident Wilma Buck to SCHS member Louise Carson concerning several of her ancestors who served in the Civil War. Includes information on Josiah Terry, Emanuel Phillips, Drury Smith, William Polston Turner, Wm. Smith, and H. Clay Smith, with photocopies of pictures of some of these veterans

Battle For The Bluegrass -- An article reprinted from a Civil War magazine by James W. Flanagan, which was obtained from a site on the WWW

Bohemian Brigade Bookshop -- Knoxville News-Sentinel article (Feb. 22, 1998) by Fred Brown (who works for both the N-S & East Tennessee Historical Society) about Edgar Archer and his unusual Civil War (Confederate) bookstore in Knoxville

Burnside in Scott County -- Collection of articles and copies of Official Records references to Union General Ambrose Burnside's march through Scott County in August 1863

Civil War Battles, 1861-65 -- Chronological summary and record of all battles of the Civil War from 1861 to 1865, obtained from WWW

Civil War in Campbell County -- Copy of the book by Gregory K. Miller

Civil War in the Upper Cumberland -- Copy of Chap. 4 of Lend An Ear by Calvin Dickinson, et al

Civil War On The Upper Cumberland -- Research paper by Michael O'Neal (SCHS member) done during his college days -- good source of info. about Scott & surrounding counties in the Civil War

Cliff, William -- Colonel, 7th Tenn. Affidavit he provided on behalf of the widow of Wayne W. Cotton for her pension claim

Confederate Veteran -- File containing six copies of the veteran's magazine, five of which are in good condition. May 1921, Oct. 1923, March 1923, May 1923, Feb. 1923 and 1920 issue w/o cover

Civil War Correspondance -- Original letters and emails to Paul Roy of SCHS (and some replies) concerning the SCHS's Civil War book project begun in 1997

Chronology of Civil War in Tennessee -- Lengthy article in March 1961 issue of the Tennessee Conservationist which also includes a guide to battlefields, monuments, markers and plaques relating to the Civil War in Tennessee

Davis, Elijah -- Soldier in Co. K, 7th Tennessee, written by Luella Morgan and printed in Spring/Summer 1998 issue of "Creekmore Cousins". [Note -- This issue also contains the will of Able Brown, ancestor of CPR & 1930 letter concerning the 1796 Creekmore Family Bible, which is in possession  of CPR]

Divided Loyalities -- Certain pages (notes) copied from the book by same name written by Digby Gordon Seymour, concerning the Civil War in East Tennssee and Fort Sanders. Note -- Have two copies of this book at IH

Email Request Procedures -- Information on how to request National Archives forms for soldier's service and pension records via the Internet

FAQ -- Frequently asked questions and answers about Civil War genealogy (from the WWW)

Forms -- National Archives forms used to obtain Civil War veterans' service and pension records

Franklin, Battle of -- History of this Civil War battle obtained from WWW

G.A.R. -- Brief early history of the Grand Army of the Republic (Union veterans organization begun following the Civil War). Also, newspaper reference to the Scott County Chapter of the G.A.R.

Hardy, David T. -- Explains how to do Civil War research, defines certain military terms, etc., obtained from the WWW

Harris, Isham -- Tennessee Governor's message of the General Assembly in Nashville on January 7, 1861

Hinds, Thomas H. -- Newspaper article about a Kentucky judge who had served as a Confederate soldier in the command of Gen. John H. Morgan. Damaged copy of The Tri-State Farmer & Gardener (agricultural newspaper), Vol. 2, No. 3, Memphis, TN.

Howard, Lewis S.C. -- Newspaper article (Morgan County News) about the diary of Civil War soldier Lewis S.C. Howard who kept a diary throughout the war. SCHS member Mike O'Neal provided this article as well as a copy of Howard's photo

Huntsville, Battle of -- Newspaper articles (by Esther Sanderson & H. Clay Smith) of the so-called Battle of Huntsville. Also, information from newspaper accounts of the skirmish shortly after it occurred, which were provided by Robert Bailey

Huntsville Civil War-era Cabin -- Newspaper article (Neighborly Notes) written by Esther S. Sanderson

Internet Civil War Research -- Email submission by numerous individuals seeking info. about soldiers, regisments and units in the Civil War, obtained from a WWW site.

James, Westwood Wallace (Dairy of) -- Article from Civil War Times Illustrated (Oct. 1978), provided by Mike O'Neal.

Jones, E.B. (Capt., Co. G, 2nd TN) -- Letter to Jones from Wm. Bibb (12-29-1865). Original.

Kentucky Confederate Generals -- List obtained from the WWW; brief bio. of each.

Knoxville, Battle of -- Listing of some soldiers and their regiments who marched through Scott County enroute to Knoxville in August 1863.

Laurel County, Ky. in the Civil War -- Newspaper (Jubilee Edition) of the Sentinel-Echo, London, Ky., concerning men who served in the wars, including the Civil War.

Letters (Civil War Soldiers') -- Two files of Civil War era letters which were donated to SCHS by Bruce Butler, Norma Mabe, et al.

Map -- Tennessee Counties -- Outline of the 95 counties of TN. (TN Press Assoc.)

Map -- Va. & W. Va. -- detail map of Southwestern part of Virginia & all of West Virginia.

Map -- Southeastern KY. & NE Tennessee in 1862 -- Copy of map from Harper's Weekly and letter from Patrick Thomas, who provided it to SCHS.

Memories, Civil War (of Robert C. Carden) -- Article by B. McDon. from WWW concerning a Confederate soldier from Coffee County, TN., who served in Co. B, 16th TN Inf. (1861-1865).

Museum, Civil War -- Announcement from WWW concerning forthcoming Spring 1998 opening of the museum in Chattanooga. (Located across from entrance to Lookout Mt. Incline, 3914 Elmo Ave.)

Misc., Civil War -- 1) Article about Harrison Guffey, a member of Beaty's Ind. Scouts; 2) Sultana article, reference to survivor of post-Civil War disaster on Mississippi who enlished in Co. F, 3rd TN Cav (USA) at Huntsville, TN.; 3) Article on Champ Ferguson; 4) Article: "Nightmare of the Civil War on the Cumberland Plateau", from Morgan County Messenger,
Spring 1987.

National Cemetery (Richmond, VA.) -- Information sheet plus a photocopy of Richmond in Civil War times from Images of War. Belle Isle information "Nightmare of the Civil War on the Cumberland Plateau" -- Article printed in the Spring 1987 issue of the Morgan County Messenger.

Notes, Civil War -- Misc. notes about the Civil War book project of the SCHS.

Oath of Allegience -- Original of blank form used in Scott County immediately after the Civil War Also completed and signed oath forms Photos, Civil War era -- Soldiers, vets, local scenes, personalities of the Civil War, etc.

Reading List, Civil War -- From WWW site; list of books on the Civil War

Reed, Campbell County (Papers of) -- Obtained from Alta Presley by Mike O'Neal. C.C. Reed was in Co. G, 2nd TN. Papers date between 1850s - 1880s.

Regiments (Scott Countians served in) -- Listing in one file precedes files on individual units.

* Handwritten notes of Mike O'Neal as he abstracted records of local soldiers from publication (Tennesseans in the Civil War), 2nd TN, 7th TN & NG

* East Tennessee National Guard -- Roster of companies A, B and C, abstracted from Tennesseans in Civil War by Mike O'Neal; also similar list provided by Rick Carson.

* 1st Alabama Cav (USA) -- History of regiment from WWW site. Includes Jesse Smithers of Scott County, who is buried in Kilbeck Cemetery.

* 1st East Tennessee Volunteers (USA) -- Also known as Sander's Raiders.  Paper by Noah E. Howard of Harriman, TN., presented to UT Library on Nov. 7, 1966. History of regiment from diary of Civil War soldier. Also separate unit history provided by Jennifer Sexton.

* 1st Tennessee Cav. (USA) -- Col. Wm. G. "Parson" Brownlow's story. Article from Civil War Times via WWW

* 1st KY Cav. (USA) -- Copes of pages from the regimental history (Wild Riders of the 1st KY Cav), "Overview" from site on the WWW; Copies of pages from A History of Pulask Co., Ky., History of Cumberland Co., Ky. & History of Kentucky, all of which relate to the Keen family.

* 2nd Tennessee Inf. Reg. (USA) -- 1) 3-page history of reg. provided by Jennifer Sexton, who took it from Tennesseans in the Civil War; 2) Itinerary of regiment from WWW & Camp Wild Cat, Ky. info.; 3) Complete roster of the regiment obtained from a site on WWW, with specific info. about individual soldiers.

* 4th Ohio Ind. Battery (USA) -- Regimental history from WWW provided by Jennifer Sexton.

* 7th TN Vol. Inf. (& Mtd. Inf.) (USA) -- Roster, regimental history, roll of Co. F. Provided by Jennifer Sexton. Also separate file on the "Record of Events" of the 7th TN, provided by Mike O'Neal

* 9th Tennessee Cav. (USA) -- History taken from Tennesseans in the Civil War, provided by Jennifer Sexton

* 11th Tennessee Cav. (USA) -- History taken from Tennesseans in the Civil War, provided by Jennifer Sexton

* 12th Kentucky Volunteer Inf. (USA) -- Roster of Co. I from Robert Slavey, San Diego, CA., via WWW

* 13th Kentucky Cav. (USA) -- Muster roll, Co. H, Co. B., from WWW, provided by Jennifer Sexton

* 30th Kentucky Mtd. Inf. (USA) -- Roster of Co. I, provided by Mike O'Neal; Hisotry of regiment and Co. I roster, provided by Jennifer Sexton; complete regimental roster obtained from WWW and typeset by PR

* 40th Kentucky Volunteer Mtd. Inf. (USA) -- Regimental roster from WWW

* 42nd Indiana Volunteer Inf. (USA) -- Anecdotes from WWW site, provided by Jennifer Sexton

Registered Voters of 1866 (Scott County) -- Scott Countians identified as Civil War soldiers/veterans registered in a "Rough Registration" book and a permanent record book of the county by John Marion Cordell

Research, Civil War -- Basic resource sources, compling a soldier's history, where to find records, Civil War Photos & Maps, all from WWW site of National Archives

Resolution (TN House of Rep.) -- January 20, 1861 resolution concerning slavery, slave properties, call for Constitutional Convention of slave states

Repayment for Provisions -- James Phillips of Anderson County files for repayment for provisions provided to Dennis Trammell's Co. A., East Tenn. National Guard during Civil War. Provided by Barbara Blankenship

Revolutionary War Records -- Unrelated to but filed with Civil War records. Includes info. on the service of James Keeton, Reuben West, John Sexton, Wm. Guffey & Joseph Griffith

Roberts, Samuel (& Richard) -- Petition to U.S. Govt. for $1315 as reimbursement for provisions provided Union soldiers duirng the Civil War, by the two brothers of Brynyffynon (Welch Settlement) of Scott Co.

Rogersville, Battle of -- Reports of Brg. General Wm. E. Jones (CSA), Col. Henry L. Giltner (CSA), Col. James M. Corns (CSA) and Mjr. Daniel A. Carpenter (USA); as well as a list of Union troops' and their commanding officers involved in the battle

Scott, Winfield Gen. -- Photo provided by Mike O'Neal; bio. of Scott from the WWW

Scope of the Civil War -- Article from The Knoxville News-Sentinel (3-20-60), "Loyal Americans Glad Secession Was Failure" article by E.E. Patton; Veterans Admin. chart showing participants in U.S. wars (1775-1975), as well as casulties.

Soldiers & Events, Civil War -- Abstracts from Scott County, Tennessee and Its Families, abstracted by PR

Scott County, Civil War in -- Proposal for book project, outline provided by Mike O'Neal, articles printed about the project

Smith, H. Clay -- Collection of newspaper articles, some of which relate to Civil War; list of all H. Clay Smith articles on field with the SCHS, provided by Doris Lovett

Soldier's Letter -- Describing part of Scott County (J.A. Rogers), on Nov. 12, 1861

Scott County Soldiers -- Nov. 30, 1962 "Neighborly Notes" article by Esther S. Sanderson printed in Scott County News. Gives number of local soldiers serving in Union & Confederate regiments. Also stats from 1860 census

Strunk, Ambrose -- H. Clay Smith's Scott County News article telling of the youth killed at the Battle of Brimstone in April 1862. (July 9, 1965 Scott County News)

Tennessee Infantry Regiments -- Listing with breif history of regiments from WWW site

Tennessee State Library & Archives -- Information sheet. Guide to hours, info. on Civil War resoucrces, etc.

Tennessee -- The Civil War Years -- Publication by the Tennessee 200 organization, includes major battles, chronolgical events, glossary

Tennesee Confederate Soldiers -- Pages from Tennesseans In The Civil War with potential local names highlighted by Jennifer Sexton

Tennessee Union Soliders -- Pages from Tennesseans in the Civil War with potential local names highlighted by Jennifer Sexton

Tombstones (Civil War) of Scott County -- Names abstracted from the book Cemeteries of Scott County, plus photos of several Civil War tombstones

Union Flag -- Copy of the 35-star union flag, taken from site on the WWW Unit Histories -- Regimental histories and personal narratives of both Conf/Union units from University Publishers of American, WWW site

Veteran's Census -- Listing of local vets of the Civil War contained in the 1890 Veterans Census. With additional research material provided on individual soldiers by Jennifer Sexton

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