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Oldest Passbook Savings Account Held by Oneida's Adrienne Baker

When Adrienne Terry was a small child, her mother opened a savings account for her with "piggy bank" money that had been saved from birthday money and the like. The original passbook traces activity on an account that chronicles a lifetime for this lady that we know today as Adrienne Baker.

Adrienne's father, Chester Terry, was President of The First National Bank of Oneida from 1943 to 1959. Being a banker, he instilled in Adrienne at an early age the importance of a bank savings account.

Adrienne graduated from Oneida High School, completed college at Berea in Kentucky and finished her graduate work at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Her first job was teaching Home Economics at Polk County High School in Benton, Tennessee. Subsequently, she taught at both Oneida and Huntsville High Schools and retired from Oneida High School in 1980.

After marrying Warner Harrison of Savannah, Tennessee, she taught only intermittently during the time her children, Allan T. Harrison and Sara Rose (Harrison) Sohmer, were growing up.

In 1970, Adrienne married James W. Baker and they lived in Huntsville. After his death, she moved into a home she had built near her home place on Chester Street in Oneida.

Adrienne’s passbook has an opening entry dated February 8, 1922, marking over 72 years that she has had an active account. She is the winner of a $100 U.S. Savings Bond for having banked the longest number of years with The First National Bank of Oneida.

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