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FNB's 90 Year Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

Winners of the contest commemorating the 90th anniversary include Adrienne Baker, who has a savings a-count that has been active since February 9, 1922.

The oldest customer, according to our records, is Della Hill, who is a resident of a nursing home in Science Hill, Kentucky. Della is 96 years of age. Her children are Raymond J. and Robert L. Hill of Muncie, Indiana, and Eva Jones of Strunk, Kentucky.

Thanks to everyone who submitted old pictures, cancelled checks, paid loan documents, newspaper advertisements, rain bonnets, dewing kits, pens, matchbooks, etc.

First, second and third place winners were drawn from the names of all who submitted mementoes and the winners are Raydean Boyatt, who won a one year’s subscription to the Independent Herald newspaper; Paul Roy, who won $25 worth of film processing at Tom's One Hour Photo; and Irene Baker, who won a free year's safe deposit rental at any office of The First National Bank of Oneida.

Congratulations to all our winners.

Everyone is invited to see the display of historical mementoes, pictures, checks, etc., during the month of October at the Main Office of The First National Bank in Oneida.

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