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Orange and Arlie Lay

Arlie M. Lay married Orange Mae West on June 12, 1922. This union was blessed with six sons: William Joseph Donald Lay, Robert Burton Lay, David Harold Lay, Allyn Monroe Lay, Jack Marvin Lay and John Charles Lay.

 Home for the Lay family was on Fourth Street in Oneida, however, many happy times were spent also "on the farm", which is located on Coopertown Road near Terry & Terry's Store. The farm was purchased in the early 1940s and was a working farm for several years where the sons helped Arlie with the cattle and crops. In the 1950s, Arlie, with his brother Ezra's assistance, built a lake and cabin at the farm and many family outings, retreats and reunions have taken place at the farm and continue even today.

Very active in civic, church and school activities, the family of Arlie and Orange Lay has played an important role in the shaping of both the economic and social structure of Oneida and Scott County. They have actively participated in the First Baptist Church of Oneida, Arlie was influential in the movement to build the Scott County Hospital, he was a strong supporter of industrial development through the purchase of local bonds such as those used for the building that housed the Boss Manufacturing Plant, he served as Chairman of the Board of First Trust & Savings Bank of Oneida, and after he retired from the furniture business, he was quite involved with tracing genealogy and publishing The Lay Family History.

Orange and the sons were full partners with Arlie in the farm, as well as, the furniture stores up until the store businesses were incorporated and then they became stockholders. Arlie said that Orange was not only his partner in marriage, but his partner in business as well.

Long and fruitful lives were lived by Arlie and Orange Lay. She lived to be 80 years of age and Arlie was 93 when he died in 1990.

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