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James N. (Jimmy) Tate and Reba Ross Tate

James N. (Jimmy) Tate and Reba Ross Tate Mr. and Mrs. James N. (Jimmy) Tate Jimmy was born in Fayetteville, Tennessee. He came to Scott County in 1935, where he met Reba Ross, who was a school teacher. She taught at Honey Creek, Glenmary and Gum Branch schools.

In 1937 he started his business as a mechanic and parts distributor. In 1948 the busi-ness was moved to the present location, is known today as Tate Distributors, and is where he and Reba worked until their retirement.

The Tate’s have been married 58 years and were blessed with three children. They are: Norton Tate of Huntsville, Tennessee; John Tate of Elgin, Tennessee; and David Tate of Mesa, Arizona.

Jimmy and Reba Tate are members of Barton Chapel Congregational Church at Robbins, where Jimmy serves as vice president of the church.

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