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Mother’s Day 1931

As a follow-up to our stories on the Oak Grove section of Oneida, in general, and the Bethlehem Baptist Church, in particular, (FNB Chronicle, October 3, 1996), RONALD BREWSTER of Oneida brought this old photo by . . . with identifications for all but two of those pictured here. First row, from left: MARY SLAVEN, LUCINDA KEETON, ELIZABETH MAYS (mother of BILL MAYS), MINDY COFFEY (ODIE CRABTREE’s grandmother), Aunt POP THOMAS, MISSOURI BILBREY, MARTHA LITTON, unknown, RUBEN JONES (pastor), SAM GARRETT, REBECCA JEFFERS (an aunt of CALDWELL TERRY), MINDY COFFEY(?), Aunt LINA TERRY and NANCY ANN LITTON (an aunt of CALDWELL TERRY). Second row: NANCE BEETS (mother of JOHNNY BEETS), Mrs. DAN ACRES, DAN ACRES (father of JIM ACRES, grandfather of CHARLIE ACRES), RANS LITTON (or NELSON LITTON), BART TERRY (father of HARRISON TERRY), RUBEN HUNT (uncle of HARRY COFFEY), JOHN SMITH, EMMA SMITH, LOUIS COFFEY (grandfather of RALPH COFFEY), LOUVERNA WATERS and Mrs. JOHN SMITH. Back row: HOUSTON BLEVINS, JESSIE BILBREY, FINLEY THOMAS, (unknown), WILL LITTON and SAM JONES (father of ELLIS and WALTER JONES).

FNB Chronicle, Vol. 8, No. 2 – Winter 1997
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P.O. Box 4699
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