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Winfield Hotels of a Bygone Era

The Hines Motel

This was known as the Hines Hotel, which was located in Winfield and built around 1800. It was originally a log home built by a family named Sharp. One of the Sharp daughters married GEORGE B. HINES and it later became known as the Hines Hotel, and still later as the Foster house. It was destroyed by fire in 1980.


The Isham Hotel

The Isham Hotel/Boarding House, ca. 1890s, was established near the Tennessee-Kentucky state line. Isham, now a part of Winfield, was one of the first small towns to be established on the railroad. The building was constructed prior to 1896. 1.0. "Sonny" CHITWOOD, who wrote a book on the Chitwood family’s history, was born here. It was later used by CAL STEPHENS as a dwelling.

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