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Jehu and Rebecca Sexton Phillips

Jehu and Rebecca Sexton Phillips

TOBIE PHILLIPS was a plantation and slave owner in Scott County, Virginia. About the year 1805, TOMMIE and JOSEPH PHILLIPS, sons of TOBIE, left Virginia and settled about two miles south of Huntsville in what would become Scott County, Tennessee some 45 years later. They settled on the site known as the Vanderpool Place. JOSEPH was born in 1788. He married MILLIE LAWSON who lived near Paint Rock. JEHU PHILLIPS was the third child of JOSEPH and MILLIE, and was born in 1818. JEHU married REBECCA SEXTON around 1842. Their children were FOUNTAIN, RILEY, ALMIRA, ELVINA, JANE, JAMES, HARVY, OLIVE, MILA, CALEDONIA and MARTHA.

JEHU was the first elected Trustee of Scott County after the Civil War. Many of his descendants still live in Scott County. Among them are JAMES TOOMEY BAKER, DAWSON PHILLIPS, PAUL W. PHILLIPS, W. T. (Bill) PHILLIPS, ORTHA ROBBINS, DOROTHY MOORE and R. E. (Buster) PHILLIPS.

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