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Reflections of the past

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a continuation (and the conclusion) of the late Carmel Burke’s year– by– year highlights of local, state and U.S. history, which were compiled in booklet form during America’s Bicentennial year. We begin here with the year 1964 and continue through 1976].

1964 – JOHN DUNCAN of Knoxville (formerly of Huntsville) elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

1965 – Huntsville incorporated.

1965 – Scott County Hospital expanded.

1966 – Pine Creek Watershed Lake built near Oneida for the city’s water supply.

1966 – HOWARD H. BAKER , Jr. of Huntsville elected to the U.S. Senate.

1966 – U.S. Post Office and Federal Building constructed in Oneida.

1966 – First canoe race held on the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River between Leatherwood Ford (in Scott County) and Yamacraw (in Kentucky).

1967 – Mr. H. F. COOPER died in Oneida

1967 – The Ponderosa Golf Course is completed.

1967 – First National Bank in Oneida constructs new headquarters on Alberta Avenue.

1967 – Oneida Vocational School opens.

1967 – First National Bank branch at Helenwood robbed.

1968 – Train wreck at Winfield. (Molasses, automobiles, etc.).

1968 – MARTIN LUTHER KING assassinated in Memphis.

1968 – Senator ROBERT KENNEDY assassinated at Los Angeles, California.

1968 – Explosion damaged Southern Labor Union Building in Oneida.

1968 – Worst drought in East Tennessee history.

1969 – USA lands first astronaut on the moon (NEIL A. ARMSTRONG).

1969 – "Oil Boom" starts in West Oneida.

1969 – Senator EVERETT DIRKSON died in Washington, D.C. (He was the father of Senator BAKER’S wife).

1970 – Freight train wrecks at Robbins.

1970 – Scott County’s population was 14,762.

1970 – Tennessee had 3,924,164 people.

1970 – Mr. A.V. ELLIS died. He served education here in Scott County and with the U.S. Government overseas. He became ill in Vietnam.

1970 – Large (8"x 10") article appeared in the Wall Street Journal concerning the "Oil Boom" in West Oneida field.

1971 – Glider lands at the Scott county Airport after a flight from the St. Louis area.

1971 – Strike at Scott county Hospital caused trouble.

1971 – New Scott High finished.

1971 – Federal Building at Huntsville completed.

1971 – Four lane highway constructed through Huntsville.

1971 – Bowaters Paper Company dedicated a park at Honey Creek Trail.

1971 – U.S. Army helicopter makes forced landing near Oneida.

1972 – New Methodist Church dedicated in Oneida.

1973 – Southern Railway purchases the Tennessee Railroad, and then Southern provided all rail service within the county.

1973 – Vietnam War ends for most Americans. Prisoners of War were released.

1973 – Watergate Investigation started in Washington, D.C. Senator BAKER was appointed Vice Chairman of the Senate Investigating Committee.

1973 – National TV coverage by CBS focused on Senator BAKER’S hometown in Huntsville:

1973 – Arvin Industries announced plans to move their plant from Oneida to Mississippi.

1973 – SPIRO AGNEW resigned as Vice President of the United States. GERALD FORD was selected to replace him.

1974 – RICHARD M. NIXON resigned as President of the United States, and GERALD FORD became the 38th President.

1974 – Freight train wrecked at New River.

1974 – Dr. WILSON GREENE (local optometrist) died of heart attack at Harriman.

1974 – Brushy Mountain Prison at Petros was closed by Governor DUNN.

1974 – Urban Renewal Project completed at Huntsville.

1974 – TED Q. WILSON injured by helicopter accident at Knoxville.

1974 – Gasoline shortage felt, because of the Arab embargo. Long lines were found at service stations, and some gas stations closed.

1974 – B.F. Goodrich announced plans to locate a manufacturing plant in the vacated Arvin facility.

1974 – The U.S. Corps of Engineers announced authorization of the Big South Fork National Recreation Area (park).

1974 – Tornado hit Scott County with heavy damages near Oneida and Jamestown.

1974 – Southern Railway announced plans to excavate the tunnel at Tunnel Hill.

1974 – Aircraft owned by West Coal Company crashed in Knoxville. The pilot, DALLAS CHRISTIAN, was killed.

1974 – Navy Jet Trainer (T2C Buckeye Basic) named the "City of Oneida" was dedicated in a ceremony at the Scott County Airport by personnel of the base at Kingsville, Texas.

1975 – Large snow (15 inches) covered Scott County.

1975 – Largest flood (50 year flood) since the 1929 flood does heavy damage.

1975 – Six Gypsies robbed businesses in Scott county and nearby counties of at least $1800 in goods. They were arrested and returned to the Scott County Jail.

1975 – Communists over– run South Vietnam and ended 30 years of war there.

1975 – Tennessee Highway 63 project was started at the Scott– Campbell line to rebuild and improve this route.

1975 – Southern Railway freight train crashed into and destroyed the High Point bridge.

1975 – Dynamite explosion accidentally destroyed the new Piggly Wiggly supermarket under construction in the new Northtown Plaza shopping center in Oneida.

1975 – Recreation Center dedicated in Oneida.

1975 – Major expansion of the water system started. New lines were extended to Winfield, Grave Hill, Paint Rock, Capital Hill, Fairview, Robbins and Rugby Road.

1976 – Republican rally at Huntsville (Scott High) drew approximately 1800. Numerous national and state Republicans attended (including Presidential candidate RONALD REAGAN, U.S. Senators HOWARD BAKER and BILL BROCK, U.S. Congressman JOHN DUNCAN and many others).

1976 – Plans announced for recreation center at Huntsville.

1976 – Freight train wrecked in Oneida.

1976 – Plans announced for new overpass from Depot Street to South Oneida. This would close the old surface crossing.

1976 – Armathwaite Manufacturing Company announced plans for a garment plant at Huntsville.

1976 – Plans announced for the removal of the tall water tank in Oneida at the high school.

1976 – High Point bridge opened.

1976 – JIMMY CARTER announced that he has enough delegates to be the Democratic candidate for President in November. The Republican Primaries did not produce a first choice candidate before the convention.

1976 – Independent Herald, new newspaper, started in Oneida.

1976 – Scott County had a Bicentennial Celebration, which included many types of activities. The Canoe Race was held again. Numerous sporting events were sponsored, and the central site on the Mall at Huntsville was programmed for almost all kinds of arts and crafts. A Bicentennial revival was also held at Scott High School.

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