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[The following information was edited solely for display purposes.  The original information was displayed in 14 different charts within the two Joseph Griffith:  Land Grant Settler of Brimstone and Brimstone: mountain homeplace of the Griffiths, articles found in the FNB Chronicle, Vol. 6, No. 2]

Descendants of Joseph "Sugar Joe" Griffith

Generation No. 1

1. Joseph "Sugar Joe"1 Griffith He married Sarah Newport November 23, 1960.

Children of Joseph Griffith and Sarah Newport are:

+ 2 i. Andrew2 Griffith.
+ 3 ii. Bernette Griffith.
+ 4 iii. Elizabeth Griffith.
+ 5 iv. Maynard Griffith.
+ 6 v. Lucy Griffith.
+ 7 vi. Calvin Griffith.
+ 8 vii. Elmer Griffith.

Generation No. 2

2. Andrew2 Griffith (Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Martha Massengale.

Children of Andrew Griffith and Martha Massengale are:

+ 9 i. Earl3 Griffith.
+ 10 ii. Ardelle Griffith.
+ 11 iii. Sudley Griffith.
+ 12 iv. Mitchell Griffith.
+ 13 v. Dealis Griffith.
+ 14 vi. Ernie Griffith.
+ 15 vii. Elimina Griffith.
+ 16 viii. Ida Griffith.
+ 17 ix. Sally Griffith.

3. Bernette2 Griffith (Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Jessie Brown.

Children of Bernette Griffith and Jessie Brown are:

+ 18 i. Lydia3 Brown.
+ 19 ii. Delia Brown.
+ 20 iii. Ernie Brown.
21 iv. Johnny Brown. He married Never Married.
22 v. Howard Brown. He married Never Married.

4. Elizabeth2 Griffith (Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Jim Rich.

Children of Elizabeth Griffith and Jim Rich are:

23 i. Elmina3 Rich.
24 ii. Cal Rich.
25 iii. Delphie Rich.
26 iv. Willard Rich.
27 v. Enman Rich.
28 vi. Lindsay Rich.

5. Maynard2 Griffith (Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Armeldie Newport.

Children of Maynard Griffith and Armeldie Newport are:

+ 29 i. Ardelle3 Griffith.
+ 30 ii. Lettie Griffith.
+ 31 iii. Sylvester Griffith.
+ 32 iv. Esau Griffith.
33 v. Harlan Griffith.
34 vi. McKinley Griffith.
35 vii. Joe Griffith.
+ 36 viii. Clodie Griffith.

6. Lucy2 Griffith (Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Wright Griffith.

Children of Lucy Griffith and Wright Griffith are:

+ 37 i. Leabert3 Griffith.
+ 38 ii. Elmer Griffith.
+ 39 iii. Leon Griffith.
+ 40 iv. Florence Griffith.
+ 41 v. Flara Griffith.

7. Calvin2 Griffith (Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Olive Robbins.

Children of Calvin Griffith and Olive Robbins are:

+ 42 i. Gilbert3 Griffith.
+ 43 ii. Lawrence Griffith.
+ 44 iii. Arlena Griffith.
+ 45 iv. Clifford Griffith.
+ 46 v. Minda Griffith.
+ 47 vi. Rosetta Griffith.

8. Elmer2 Griffith (Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Florinda Griffith.

Children of Elmer Griffith and Florinda Griffith are:

+ 48 i. Elsie3 Griffith.
+ 49 ii. Everett Griffith.
+ 50 iii. Jack Griffith.
+ 51 iv. Vicie Griffith.
+ 52 v. Lizzie Griffith.
+ 53 vi. Ed Griffith.
+ 54 vii. Fred Griffith.

Generation No. 3

9. Earl3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Cassie ____.

Child of Earl Griffith and Cassie ____ is:

55 i. Ben4 Griffith.

10. Ardelle3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Children of Ardelle Griffith are:

56 i. Grace4.
57 ii. Hugo.
58 iii. Beulah.
59 iv. Veda.
60 v. Patton.
61 vi. Tilda.
62 vii. Lloyd.
63 viii. Mae.
64 ix. Floyd.
65 x. Geneva.
66 xi. Oscar.

11. Sudley3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Children of Sudley Griffith are:

67 i. Joe4.
68 ii. Zenel.
69 iii. Zethry.
70 iv. Evalee.
71 v. Ozel.
72 vi. Esteline.
73 vii. Imanell.

12. Mitchell3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Carrie ____.

Children of Mitchell Griffith and Carrie ____ are:

74 i. Maxine4 Griffith. She married ___ Overton.
75 ii. Jean Griffith.
76 iii. Maudie Griffith.
77 iv. Claudie Griffith.
78 v. Don Griffith.
79 vi. Zelma Griffith. She married ____ Tate.
80 vii. Lola Griffith.
81 viii. Margie Griffith.
82 ix. Lonzie Griffith.
83 x. Bonnie Griffith. She married ____ Lawson.

13. Dealis3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Child of Dealis Griffith is:

84 i. No4 Children.

14. Ernie3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Rufus Rich.

Children of Ernie Griffith and Rufus Rich are:

85 i. Curtis4 Rich.
86 ii. Nelson Rich.
87 iii. Freda Rich.
88 iv. Ernie Mae Rich.
89 v. Henderson Rich.
90 vi. Inda Rich.
91 vii. ____ Rich.
92 viii. ____ Rich.
93 ix. ____ Rich.

15. Elimina3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Frank Rich.

Children of Elimina Griffith and Frank Rich are:

94 i. Clifton4 Rich.
95 ii. Clayton Rich.
96 iii. Thurman Rich.
97 iv. Delie Rich.
98 v. Belie Rich.
99 vi. Bertie Rich.
100 vii. Erva Rich.
101 viii. Howard Rich.

16. Ida3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married ____ Robbins.

Children of Ida Griffith and ____ Robbins are:

102 i. Walter4 Robbins.
103 ii. Mike Robbins.
104 iii. Mae Robbins.
105 iv. Vesta Robbins. She married ____ Phillips.
+ 106 v. Martha Robbins.
107 vi. Macel Robbins. She married ____ Reagan.
108 vii. Venise Robbins. She married ____ Sowards.
109 viii. Reba Robbins. She married ____ McBroom.

17. Sally3 Griffith (Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Joe Sexton.

Children of Sally Griffith and Joe Sexton are:

110 i. Ira4 Sexton.
111 ii. Leamon Sexton.
112 iii. Gordon Sexton.
113 iv. Kelly Sexton.
114 v. Charity Sexton.
115 vi. Joyce Sexton.  [She married ____ Mitchell, according to Brenda Cochrun, granddaughter of Sally and Joe Sexton]
116 vii. ____ Sexton.
[viii. Zina Sexton.  She married ____ Newport, according to Brenda Cochrun, granddaughter of Sally and Joe Sexton]
[ix.  Geneva Sexton.  She married ____ Jones, according to Brenda Cochrun, granddaughter of Sally and Joe Sexton]

18. Lydia3 Brown (Bernette2 Griffith, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Children of Lydia Brown are:

117 i. Gladys4.
118 ii. Bertha.
119 iii. Flora.
120 iv. Vergie.
121 v. Floyd.
122 vi. Clifford.
123 vii. Cletus.

19. Delia3 Brown (Bernette2 Griffith, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Children of Delia Brown are:

124 i. Jessie4.
125 ii. Georgia.
126 iii. Myrtle.
127 iv. Granville.
128 v. Wilma.
129 vi. Mae.
130 vii. Nellie.
131 viii. Woudie Jane.
132 ix. Sallie.
133 x. Mable.

20. Ernie3 Brown (Bernette2 Griffith, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Willard Asher.

Children of Ernie Brown and Willard Asher are:

134 i. Dealis4 Asher. She married ____ Walker.
135 ii. Lois Asher. She married ____ Carson.
136 iii. Pauine Asher. She married ____ Brown.
137 iv. Christine Asher. She married ____ Kidd.
138 v. Imogene Asher.
139 vi. Howard Asher.
140 vii. Clyde Asher.

29. Ardelle3 Griffith (Maynard2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Nora Griffith, daughter of Oda Griffith and Kansas Goodman.

Children of Ardelle Griffith and Nora Griffith are:

141 i. Christine4 Griffith.
142 ii. Hobart Griffith.
143 iii. Homer Griffith.
144 iv. Maynard Griffith.
145 v. Dempsie Griffith.
146 vi. Claude Griffith.
147 vii. Gaylon Griffith.
148 viii. Bobbie Griffith.
149 ix. Phyllis Griffith.
150 x. Carol Griffith.
151 xi. Willie Lee Griffith.
152 xii. Odie Griffith.

30. Lettie3 Griffith (Maynard2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Thomas Bowling.

Children of Lettie Griffith and Thomas Bowling are:

153 i. Fred4 Bowling.
154 ii. Mose Bowling.
155 iii. Benny Bowling.
156 iv. Tennessee Bowling.
157 v. Thelma Bowling.
158 vi. Flossie Bowling.
159 vii. Bessie Jolly Bowling.

31. Sylvester3 Griffith (Maynard2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Bertha Reagan.

Children of Sylvester Griffith and Bertha Reagan are:

160 i. Helen4 Griffith.
161 ii. Eloise Griffith.
162 iii. J. C. Griffith.
163 iv. Russell Griffith.
164 v. Joe Griffith.
165 vi. Floyd Griffith.
166 vii. Howard Griffith.
167 viii. Margie Griffith.

32. Esau3 Griffith (Maynard2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married L. Rich.

Children of Esau Griffith and L. Rich are:

168 i. Olive4 Griffith.
169 ii. Betty Griffith.

36. Clodie3 Griffith (Maynard2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Jessie Bowling.

Children of Clodie Griffith and Jessie Bowling are:

170 i. Robert4 Bowling.
171 ii. Hazel Bowling.
172 iii. Ella Bowling.
173 iv. McArthur Bowling.
174 v. Albert Bowling.
175 vi. Claude Bowling.
176 vii. Mary Lou Bowling.
177 viii. David Bowling.

[Note:  According to Melinda Rollins Tarkington, granddaughter of Clodie Griffith through Ella Rose Bowling (172 above):  Clodie married Jasper Bowling with whom she bore the children 170 through 177 listed above.  She later married Jessie Day with no issue.  Clodie's birth name was "Cloda".

37. Leabert3 Griffith (Lucy2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Artie Mae Gibson.

Children of Leabert Griffith and Artie Gibson are:

178 i. Wadene4 Griffith. She married ____ Keltner.
179 ii. Eugene Griffith.
180 iii. Billy Griffith.
181 iv. Florene Griffith.
182 v. Ina Mae Griffith.
183 vi. Cathy Griffith.

38. Elmer3 Griffith (Lucy2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Edna Neely.

Children of Elmer Griffith and Edna Neely are:

184 i. Helen4 Griffith.
185 ii. Hazel Griffith.
186 iii. June Griffith.
187 iv. Bob Griffith.
188 v. Floyd Griffith.
189 vi. Wilma Griffith.
190 vii. Dicky Griffith.
191 viii. Mary Griffith.

39. Leon3 Griffith (Lucy2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Vicie Hill.

Child of Leon Griffith and Vicie Hill is:

192 i. No4 Children.

40. Florence3 Griffith (Lucy2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Carl Griffith, son of Oda Griffith and Kansas Goodman. He was born 1911 in Tennessee.

Children of Florence Griffith and Carl Griffith are:

193 i. Beulah4 Griffith. She married ____ Clark.
194 ii. Maxine Griffith. She married ____ Mullins.
195 iii. Juanell Griffith. She married ____ Reed.
196 iv. Frank Griffith.
197 v. Freddie Griffith, born 1942 in Tennessee.
198 vi. Ina Mae Griffith.
199 vii. Iva Jean Griffith. She married ____ Malicoat.
200 viii. Kelly Griffith.
201 ix. Clyde Griffith.

41. Flara3 Griffith (Lucy2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Jerry Berry.

Children of Flara Griffith and Jerry Berry are:

202 i. Odelle4 Berry.
203 ii. Winton Berry.
204 iii. Ruth Berry.
205 iv. Opal Berry.
206 v. Glen Berry.

42. Gilbert3 Griffith (Calvin2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Odessa Hill.

Children of Gilbert Griffith and Odessa Hill are:

207 i. Ernest4 Griffith.
208 ii. Arzo Griffith.
209 iii. Opal Griffith.
210 iv. Ivazee Griffith.
211 v. Nadine Griffith.
212 vi. Delbert Griffith.
213 vii. Bill Griffith.
214 viii. Arie Griffith.
215 ix. Tommy Griffith.
216 x. Edith Griffith.
217 xi. Ethel Griffith.
218 xii. Shirley Griffith.
219 xiii. Flonnie Griffith.

43. Lawrence3 Griffith (Calvin2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Ocie Hill.

Children of Lawrence Griffith and Ocie Hill are:

220 i. Cal4 Griffith.
221 ii. Kenny Griffith.
222 iii. Kermit Griffith.
223 iv. Truman Griffith.
224 v. Lucille Griffith.
225 vi. Louise Griffith.
226 vii. Corrine Griffith.
227 viii. Evelyn Griffith.
228 ix. Roy Griffith.
229 x. Richard Griffith.
230 xi. Leonard Griffith.
231 xii. Louella Griffith.
232 xiii. Flossie Griffith.
233 xiv. Crawford Griffith.
234 xv. Arnold Griffith.

44. Arlena3 Griffith (Calvin2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Bart Sexton.

Children of Arlena Griffith and Bart Sexton are:

235 i. Starlin4 Sexton.
236 ii. Charlie Sexton.
237 iii. Una Fae Sexton.
238 iv. Lorene Sexton.
239 v. Josephine Sexton.
240 vi. Kathryn Sexton.
241 vii. Jack Sexton.
242 viii. Paul Sexton.

45. Clifford3 Griffith (Calvin2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Georgie Sexton.

Child of Clifford Griffith and Georgie Sexton is:

243 i. No4 Children.

46. Minda3 Griffith (Calvin2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Will Sexton.

Children of Minda Griffith and Will Sexton are:

244 i. Jr.4 Sexton.
245 ii. Sr. Sexton.

47. Rosetta3 Griffith (Calvin2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Jim Underwood.

Child of Rosetta Griffith and Jim Underwood is:

246 i. Mae4 Underwood.

48. Elsie3 Griffith (Elmer2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Will Griffith, son of Oda Griffith and Kansas Goodman.

Children of Elsie Griffith and Will Griffith are:

247 i. Charlene4 Griffith.
248 ii. Evelyn Griffith.
249 iii. Glois Griffith.

49. Everett3 Griffith (Elmer2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Mary Taylor.

Children of Everett Griffith and Mary Taylor are:

250 i. Loretta4 Griffith.
251 ii. Leamon Griffith.
252 iii. Stanley Griffith.
253 iv. Clayton Griffith.
254 v. Bernetta Griffith.
255 vi. Charlie Griffith.
256 vii. James Griffith.
257 viii. Mark Griffith.

50. Jack3 Griffith (Elmer2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Audrey ____.

Children of Jack Griffith and Audrey ____ are:

258 i. Wiley4 Griffith.
259 ii. David Griffith.
260 iii. Betty Griffith.
261 iv. Joan Griffith.

51. Vicie3 Griffith (Elmer2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Children of Vicie Griffith are:

262 i. Howard4 Griffith.
263 ii. Merita Griffith.

52. Lizzie3 Griffith (Elmer2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Child of Lizzie Griffith is:

264 i. No4 Children.

53. Ed3 Griffith (Elmer2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1)

Children of Ed Griffith are:

265 i. Ed4 Griffith, Jr..
266 ii. Cheryl Griffith.

54. Fred3 Griffith (Elmer2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) He married Nada ____.

Child of Fred Griffith and Nada ____ is:

267 i. No4 Children.

Generation No. 4

106. Martha4 Robbins (Ida3 Griffith, Andrew2, Joseph "Sugar Joe"1) She married Glen Griffith, son of Oda Griffith and Kansas Goodman.

Children of Martha Robbins and Glen Griffith are:

268 i. Keith5 Griffith.
269 ii. Roger Griffith.

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