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Rev. Roy Blevins, 1904 - 1984

Rev. ROY BLEVINS, the son of JAMES DANIEL BLEVINS and TEMIA TERRY BLEVINS, was born August 28, 1904 in the Black Creek Cross Roads area of Scott County, Tennessee. He married DELPHIA ELLIS, the daughter of SANDERS ELLIS and LOUVERNA PARKER ELLIS, in 1918. This marriage lasted 63 years until DELPHIA’s death in 1982.

Bro. ROY, as he was known to many people, was employed in the coal and lumber business both in Scott and McCreary (Ky.) counties for several years. He was elected to the office of Circuit Court Clerk of Scott County in 1938 where he served for eight years.

Rev. BLEVINS was ordained as a minister by the Black Creek Baptist Church in 1926. He pastored many Baptist churches—among which were Black Creek, Helenwood, Robbins and Huntsville in Scott County, and Mt. Helen, Shirley and Fellowship in Fentress County. He also held many revival meetings in Scott, Fentress, Hamilton and Knox counties in Tennessee, and McCreary and Wayne counties in Kentucky, as well as in the states of Indiana and Oregon.

Rev. BLEVINS became pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Oneida in 1937, a position he held at the time of his death, 47 years later. During his tenure as pastor of Bethlehem, he spent a large amount of his time working with the young people of his congregation. He saw the church grow from a small one-room building to one of the largest, most modern churches in the area.

Mrs. BLEVINS was well-known in the area for the beautiful flowers which she raised around her home and garden. She was a faithful member of the church and spent many years working in the church nursery until she was crippled in a car wreck while returning from a church meeting a few years before her death.

Bro. ROY did not have, nor did he want, a mansion because he knew Someone who had gone to prepare a mansion for him. He just lived in a house beside the road and was a friend to man...

Rev. Roy Blevins
"A Preacher Who
Stands Tall For God"

In 1937, a country preacher was called to pastor
of the Bethlehem Baptist Church —
At that time, a wood structure, apparently
lacking the pull of a strong leader’s touch!

The Sunday School consisted of 37 members,
including 5 officers and teachers —
Not a man led in public prayer, excepting
Brother Roy, and of course visiting preachers!

They set a total of 50 members, and achieving that,
they reached a new high peak—
That was really something —something
of which to constantly brag and speak’

They had to park on the city streets,
with the city officials’ permission —
They had many other handicaps to overcome
for a clearer spiritual vision!

A coal stove for heat, and for water,
a ten-quart bucket or pail —
A kerosene lamp for light — even these
did not cause their zeal to lag or fail!

Baptismal services were performed
in New River or Clear Fork —
Then, prayer, leadership, and cooperation
showed results in much hard work!

The building was enlarged and bricked,
with several new additions —
Including a baptistery, central heating,
along with air-condition!

With an abundance of classrooms,
recreation area, and ample parking space —
With a church bus, a full-time janitor,
they are prepared to "run a good race!"

By the leadership of the holy Spirit,
and Brother Roy’s willingness to follow,
The service to God and humanity
is rich and full, not shallow or hollow!

By his side was Sister Delphia — helping
as a good Christian wife should —
Like the Biblical woman of old,
she "hath done what she could!"

Brother Roy’s ministry has been seen and felt
in all places of community life —
Wherever there has been sorrow,
mourning, sickness, trouble, even strife!

Whenever there has been a need for special projects,
or issues to be resolved —
Brother Roy has been right there in the midst—
in current "lingo," really getting involved.

Wherever the spirit leads, and
whatever the future may hold—
Brother Roy’s services cannot be truly
measured or bought with silver or gold!

In the service of his Master,
he has by the Holy Spirit been led—
And this tribute to the "Preacher"
may truly and sincerely be said:

And has brought the Church and its
membership to where it is today!

Written By Mrs. Rebecca Smith

FNB Chronicle, Vol. 8, No. 1 – Fall 1996
First National Bank
P.O. Box 4699
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