Scott County, Tennessee
2008 Annual Get-Together
Oneida, TN - 15 Jun 2008

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The eighth annual (sort of) Scott Co, TN Researchers Get Together occurred 15 Jun 2008 at the Senior Citizens Center in Oneida, TN.  We had the entire center and its kitchen to ourselves.  Ample parking.  Clean facility.  Plenty of space.  Excellent kitchen.

About 20 people showed up for this event.  Sue and I were disappointed at the smallish turnout.  We were even more disappointed because several people who RSVP'd didn't attend.  We realize timing was the most likely cause.  Holding the get-together on Father's Day was bound to cause many to not attend.  Unfortunately, the date was constrained by when I would be in Scott County.  Sorry folks.

We had visitors from several states to include Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.   Again, this was a fun get together and a great way to meet and develop new friends.  Pictures and information were readily exchanged.  And lots of renewed friendships.

Below are pictures of some of the participants although not all -- I just didn't get pictures of everyone.  I guess I just flapped my gums to much.  And dag nabit, I forgot to take a group picture.  Sorry.

Please send me any pictures you might have taken of the get-together and will post them here.

Rick Chitwood and Sue Posey
photograph copyright 2008
l-r: Lilyan Strunk, Letha Slaven Hammock,
Betty Cheatham, and Michael Sharp
photograph copyright 2008
Claude Cheatham
photograph copyright 2008
Barbara Burton
photograph copyright 2008
Tom Terry
photograph copyright 2008
Paul Cordell
photograph copyright 2008
photograph copyright 2008
l-r: Logan Cheatham and Will West
photograph copyright 2008
The 2008 gang
photograph copyright 2008
Sandy Wood
photograph copyright 2008
Lilyan Strunk
photograph copyright 2008
l-r: Lilyan Strunk and Letha Slaven Hammock
photograph copyright 2008

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