Scott County, Tennessee

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The people listed in the table below have graciously volunteered to do lookups in their copies of the indicated book or document.  Click on their name to send them an email.   Remember,  these people are volunteers.

email-anim.gif (14893 bytes)   Please let me know if you are also willing to do lookups for people.  Just provide me your name, email address, and the name of the books, documents, records, etc. in which you will do lookups.  TNGenWeb and USGenWeb policies also require written confirmation from the book's author that authorizes you to conduct these public lookups (email confirmation is not acceptable).  Written confirmation is not needed for books published by the Scott County Historical Society or for records in the public domain (e.g. census records; however census indexes would require permission).

Book or document Person willing to do lookup
Cooper Funeral Home Records Vol I (1932-1942) and
Sue Posey
Cooper Funeral Home Records Vol. II (1927-1932 and
Sue Posey
Low and Related Families Sindi Jeffers
Scott County, Tennessee Cemetery Records Vol 1 Dan Wilson
Scott County, Tennessee Cemetery Records Vol 2 Dan Wilson
Scott Co, TN - Some Original Marriage Licenses & Bonds, Vol. I (1850-1919) Dan Wilson
Scott County, Tennessee Surveyor's Book 1
Dan Wilson
Scott County, Tennessee Surveyor's Book 2
Dan Wilson
Scott County, Tennessee Wills
Dan Wilson
West-Murley Funeral Home Records (1949-1964) Sue Posey

You should also try Random Acts of Kindness to find people willing to volunteer their time to take pictures of headstone, copy documents, etc. located in their counties.  This is a great service especially when you can't visit the area.  You might also consider volunteering to do the same for area where you live.

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