Scott County, Tennessee

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The records of marriage listed in the following pages come primarily from these nine original Scott Co marriage records:

Many of the records of marriage also com from a 4-part article in the FNB Chronicle called Abstracts of Scott County Marriages . . . From The Records Of The Scott County Historical Society.  The SCHS has many loose marriage records that are not contained on the microfilms held by the Tennessee State Library and Archives or the Mormon Family History Center.  The article appeared over four issues of the FNB Chronicle starting with Vol 4, No 1, Fall 1992 (1854-1868), continuing with the Vol 4, No 2, Winter 1993 (1868-1875) issue, Vol 4, No 3, Spring 1993 (1875-1877), and finishing with the Vol 5, No 1, Fall 1993 (1877-1880) issue.

Some records of marriage are also provided by visitors to this site.   One group of marriage records, in particular, were found by Matthew Muse just prior to tearing down some buildings on his grandfather's land.  Copies of these records only exist on this website.

Please send your corrections and additions.  (I will only post marriage information dates when accompanied by a copy of the marriage bond, marriage license, marriage return, or divorce decree.)

The following pages are separated into ten-year blocks beginning with marriages solemnized in 1851.   Each page is sorted by the husband's name (Last, First M).  The wife's name is also formated as "Last, First M".  Use your browser's find function to quickly find the husband's or wife's name you are interested in seeing.  Be sure to click on those highlighted dates to see copies of the original source record.

Note:  Marriages sometimes end in divorce.  Check Divorce in Early Tennessee for a discussion on divorce laws and things to look out for when reading divorce decrees.

Scott Co, TN Marriages

1851-1860 1861-1870 1871-1880 1881-1890 1891-1900
1901-1910 1911-1920 1921-1930 1931-1940  

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