Scott County, Tennessee

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"The Knoxville Gazette was the first newspaper published in what was to become Tennessee. The original owners G. Roulstone and R. Ferguson brought their press over the mountains from North Carolina to Rogersville in present day Hawkins County. They began publication on November 5, 1791. The paper was printed at Rogersville for about one year and then the press was moved to Knoxville which was fast becoming the political center of Tennessee." The Knoxville Gazette may contain relevant genealogical and historical information for ancestors that ultimately settled in what is now Scott Co, TN. Visit Steve McKay's The Knoxville Gazette page to see transcriptions.

There were a number of newspapers published in Scott Co, TN over the years. Two are still published today. Unfortunately, none are completely archived.

Apparently none of the Tennessee State Library and Archive microfilm rolls dealing with Scott Co, TN newspapers are numbered. The rolls are simply labeled with the name of the newspaper. I've provided, in the last column, the publication dates that are archived for each newspaper. If you see errors or can fill in the question marks (e.g. publication dates for the Scott Countian) then please let me know.

Newspaper Name Address & Phone Publication Dates
& Editor
TSLA Archive Information
Cumberland Chronicle
The paper was founded and published by James F. Baker, a Huntsville attorney
Huntsville, TN 1892-1918
James F. Baker
all of 1890
29 Oct 1892
6 Oct 1894
6 Jul 1895
23 Oct 1915
Some dates also available from Scott County Historical Soc
Independent Herald 415 Alberta Street
Oneida, TN 37841
ph: (423)569-6343
fax: (423)569-9566
Jun 1976 - present
Paul Roy
1976 to present
Scott Countian** Oneida, TN ?
Paul Human
20 Feb 1941
20 Mar 1941
27 Mar 1941
24 Apr 1941
8 May 1941
22 May 1941
29 May 1941
2 Oct 1941
16 Oct 1941
Scott County Call Helenwood, TN 1887-?
Thomas and Price
17 Jun 1887
20 Jun 1888
Scott County Herald** Oneida, TN 27 Apr 1906 - ?
F. P. James
Scott County News
The paper is published weekly, 51 times a year. The newspaper was founded by Edward Bell and first edited by T.L. Ashley.
224 S. Alberta Street
Oneida, TN 37841
ph: (423)569-8351
fax: (423)569-4500
1916 - present
Sheila R. Erwin, Publisher;
Richard Magyar Jr, Editor
21 Sep 1917
20 Aug 1920
14 Nov 1920
9 Dec 1921
18 May 1923
29 May 1923
29 Jun 1923
4 Apr 1924
Jan 1926 - Jun 1959
Jan 1964 - present

**There is some confusion about these two papers. The TSLA has no record of the Scott County Herald while the Scott Co historian has no record of the Scott Countian despite there being copies in the TSLA. They may be the same newspapers. In his book "Dusty Bits of the Forgotten Past: A History of Scott County", H.C. Smith only mentions the Scott County Herald.

You can also see the entire list of Tennessee Newspapers on Microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  This would be particularly useful for finding newspapers published in adjoining counties.

Some current newspapers from surrounding counties:

Newspaper Name County Address and Phone Number
Oak Ridger Anderson Co, TN PO Box 3446
785 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830
ph:  (865)482-1021
fax:  (865)220-5460
LaFollete Press Campbell Co, TN P.O. Box 1261
225 North First Street
LaFollette, TN  37766
ph:  (423)562-8468
fax:  (423)566-7060
Fentress Courier Fentress Co, TN P.O. Box 1198
Jamestown, TN  38556-1198
ph:  (931)879-4040
fax:  (931)879-7716
Morgan County News Morgan Co, TN P.O. Box 610
Kingston, TN  37763-0610
ph:  (423)346-6225
McCreary County Record McCreary Co, KY Courthouse Square
Whitley City, KY  42653
ph:  (606)376-5357
fax:  (606)376-9565

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