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1867 Voters List

Abstraction from the Franklin Review Appeal
Williamson County, Tennessee
for June 14, 1867
by Sandra G. Craighead
© 1998

 Reprinted with permission
[Sandra's Note: Earlier issues of the 1867 Appeal were studied,
but no other voter registration lists were found.
In order to register, former confederates had to first sign
a loyalty oath to the Union. Presumably, this is
why there were more blacks on the list than whites.]


The following is a list of voters registered for the week ending
Wednesday evening last -- numbering, with those previously published, 808.

Boyd M. Young R. Swanson Sr
N.N. Smithson  Jne M. Curren
Jne A. Butler  W.P. Thweatt
Ennis Murry  Jne D. Morton
L.G. Heathcock W.M. Nolen
W.C. Waddey E.C. Harrison
S.S. Mortom Jne Andrews
Lewis Kanghman G.Y. McConnico
W.H. Denton  Stephen W. Hicks
H.S. Reynolds  Thos Short
Wm Skelly  Geo W. Parham
S.A. Shy  A.B. Poynor
Jne W. Poyner S.P. Smith
Mark L. Waddey  Jne M. Porter
Dennis Hagerty S.M. Sweeney
Jerry Shea  W.T. Allen 
Alfred Scruggs  Dan'l Parrish
Ben Downing  Wm Carter
Harry Edmondson  Clem Pinkston
Sam Johnson  Dan'l Maxwell
Andy Sawyers Reuben Hayes 
Henry Davis  Wm Brown
Harry Bostick  Zechiel Grimes
Nick Warren Geo Bond
Jack Scales  Albert Figuers
Sam Swanzy  Robert Mayberry
Ben Swanzy  Cuffe Mayberry
Granville Scales  Sam Demumbrane
Wash Haley Sam Crutcher
Edmond Cannon  Jackson Crutcher
Pleasant Shelburn, Sr. Dan'l Harrison
Pleasant Shelburn, Jr. Lewis Shannon
Frank House Wilson Hay
Albert Pope Henry White
Sam Parkes  Allen Mathews
Jessee Williams  Eph Garnett
Peter Williams  Jerry Shannon
John Crafton  Wm Porter
Jim Stevens  Jno Duff
Adam Tulloss  Ike Carothers
Ben Waters, 1st  Jno Lee
Chas Crockett  Luke Perkins
Ambrose Fitzgerald  Booker Morton
Green Bailey  Moses Carothers
Carter Perkins Jacob Winstead
Green W. Bailey  Henry Webb
Presley Buford  Toney Webb
Peter Burns  Jack Farmer
Geo Price  Billy Puryear
Mose Mayberry Boas Jones
Celim Kelso  Frank McNeely
Andrew Ewing  Abram Waddey
Abner Nolan  Grundy Page
James A. Haley  Jackson Tucker
Howell Ellson Ben Polk
Wm Ogilvie Osborn Polk
Henry Covington  Arthur Pointer
Sam Covington  Bowling Raddick
Reuben Covington  Jim Robinson
Geo Demumbrane  Nelson McGavock
Ned Shelburne  Jas Butler
Thos Phillips  Bob Watson
Geo Redmond  Cicero Young
Abram Demumbrane Bowling Swanson
Jas Austin Chas Moore
Giles Redmond Jno Winstead
Ed Demumbrane  Lewis Hughes
Luke Demumbrane  Abram Rucker, Jr
John Harrison  Peter Kinnard
Edmund Merritt  Stephen Watson
Isaac Tucker Boas Shelburne
Wm Brown Abe Hughes
Geo Parrish Lewis North
Calvin Patton Noah Shelburne
Manuel McConnico Henry Ledbetter
Isaac McEwen, 2d Wm Johnson
Ned Demoss  Sam McEwen
Anderson Tulloss  Claib Westmoreland
Simon Webb Gran Grimes
Jacob Cannon Henderson McEwen 
Henry Lamar Jeff Allen
Brice Hughes  Allen Bingham
Jas Chadwell  Jordan Grimes
Jerry Gosey  Dan'l Buchanan
Peter Starnes Robert Hughes
Wm Petway  Martin Boxley
Jo Jordan  Lewis Kirkpatrick
Andy German Jim Taylor
David Radcliffe  Chas Perkins
Sandy Hughes  Jim Halfacre
Granderson Neely  Alfred Gibson
Allen Gentry  Clay Andrews
Clinton Long  Charles M. Owen
Ludlow Hughes Sam Hatcher
Doc Alexander