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Governor John Sevier to the Tennessee Legislature, October 20, 1797

Legislative Message,* October 20, 1797

Knoxville, 20 October, 1797.
The Speaker of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
At this important crisis, when great numbers of our fellow citizens are in a few days to be compelled by the United States to leave their farms, their homes, and property, under the pretext that the Cherokee Indians require such removal immediately, I conceive it my duty to lay before you a message or talk, delivered to me by Arthur Coody, a principal man of that nation, and one of the interpreters of the United States, a few days past, from a number of the most influential chiefs. It is in substance as follows: ‘Let the people know, who appear to be upon our lands, by the extension of the line, that we don’t wish them to remove, and that we are willing they shall remain until we return from hunting, and we will then talk further on the subject.’
It is probable they will return from hunting about Christmas.
Your obedient servant,
John Sevier
* Senate Journal, 1797, 89.
House Journal, 1797, 218-219.

Source : Messages of the Governors of Tennessee, 1796--1821. Volume One. Robert H. White, Ph.D. 1952 The Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville, pp. 44-45.

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