State of Tennessee }
Franklin County    }
May the 7th 1814
Colo. Return J. Meiggs
Sir we the citizenry of Franklin County
beg leave to represent that lately a band of Thieves has been discovered who when at their respective places of residence are found to be Interspers’d among the People of Franklin Warran & Madison M.T.[] Counties and a considerable proportion of Them Residing on the Indian Land who have founded places of Deposit for Stolen goods. It has been Clearly discovered by the confession of some of the parties and by a great Quantity of Stolen goods being found on the Indian Land that theft & There only they make their places of Deposite. By means of which their business is Very much facilitated. there has been found of the Stolen goods 12 Horse Loads. the number of thieves is Said to Exceed one hundred all Connected by the Usual ties that bind such Characters -- as our Country Is Very much Infested and Our property Very Unsafe by Reason of these Nefarious Characters We beg that you will Interfere and Use Such means or procure Such force as you may think necessary to Remomove all persons who Contrary to Law has Settled on the Cherokee Land which we believe will be one of the most Effective means to remove those pests by which our Country is Infested The Citizens of this County If Authorised will Engage to Drive them off and not Suffer them to return; those on on the frontiers or adjacent thereto of this County & that of Madison M.T.

Wallis Estile
Richard Callaway
Leod Tarrant [Leonard Tarrant?]
John W. Holder
Jones Young
John Shankle
James Drake
Archd Woods
John Smith
John Turner
Hugh Caperton
James Doran
John Denson
Saml. Berry
Abram Horton
Wm Caperton
Wm Demnal
GB Miller
Saml Handly
John Barnett
James Cox
James Lewis
John Bell
David Bell
Wm Wood
Wm Cowen
R Crable
Jono Spyker [Jonathan Spyker?]
Wm Reynolds
Jas. Estile [Estill]
A J Achlen
B W McWhorter
Temple Pastor
John Russell
James L. McWhorter
Wm Mclain
Benjamin Wear
Henry N. Neeley
Hezekiah Farris
Robert Larkin
Pleasant H. Bean
Benjn Thompson
John Farris
William Russell
John Cowan
Temple Sargon
William Russell
George Russell
Robert Cowan

Note: M.T. = Mississippi Territory.

Source: Hoskins Library, Special Collections, of the University of Tennessee Libraries, Penelope Johnson Allen Collection, MS 2033, box 1, folder 78, document 0034.

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