Claiborne County Tennessee
“...his children all died
a going over the oragin mountain...”

~ 1853 ~

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Stampless folded letter sheet.
Manuscript postmark:
       Tazewell Ten Jul 5
Manuscript rate:
       to Squire moor a living in lin county
       the State of misura
       Lynn County
       to linnean post office

Tazewell TN postmark
FLS full front
June the 30 day 1853 my dear and loving children this comes to inform you of our circumstances that we are not veary well but we are a bout as well as you could expect old people to be the most of your connection is all well as far as i no except anderson jinnings he is lying very bad of[f] confined to his bed betwixt five and six ths morn and it is mighty uncertain of his ever recovering at this time i have sold my land and is a living with andersons family at this time and expect to live with them while i do live and i can live on the interest of my money while i do live i was not able to tend my farm and i thought i could live easier on the interest of my money than i could to work my dear and loving children you have no idea how bad we want to see you and i want you when you get this letter to rite to us i want you to rite to us about charles lewis whether he is ever come back from california or not and about young fielding lewis if you hear from him Since went over the oragin mountain and we heare that his wife was dead and three of his children all died a going over the oragin mountain i would be glad to come and see you all but i dont believe i should be able to get there if i was to start i wish you would come and see us if possibly could come and if you cant come and i cant come see you let us try to meet in heaven where parting is no more i want you when you get this letter to send it to charles family and from charles to alfords family i did think if i thought travel then i would stay and come this fall if i do start to come i expect that anderson jinnings son David will come withe me and if we dont i want you to rite to us all three familes Squire and Charles and Alford this from your loving father
David moor
god bless you all for ever

Anderson jinnings family is a doing about as well as are a family in the country is a doing John Jinnings family is not doing as well as anderson family is doing he is a living on andersons land if it wasent for Drinking to much he wood do pretty well and he has a big family they nine children green cardwell he married anderson Daughter jane and he is adoing first rate

one of your Sister Sarah lebo Sons got killed at knoxville the Spring her oldest Son his name was John lebo another man stagged him

there has been the greatest Droueth in this country this season that ever has been been known Since the county was first Settled there hant been but one rain in too months that wet the ground more than one inch deep

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