A Daughter Dies in Blue Pond
a Big Sow Destroyed the Wheet Crops
~ 1849 ~

Cherokee County, Alabama
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County Alabama cover.

Manuscript Postmark: Blue Pond Ala, April 29,
and ms rate:

Addressee: Josiah M. Barkley, Silver Glade P.O. Anderson District S. C.

April the 28 1849
State of Alabama)
Cherokee county )

Dear Brother and sister. We take this oppertunity of writing a few lines to you to inform you that we are all well as yousial at this time hope that these lines may find you enjoying the __ some blessings when the come to have we will inform you that our eldest daughter Anna Elizabeth took the newmonia on the 7 of March and 29 took to bleeding at the nose and an afful braking out, at first like messels then it appeared like brused blood under the skin and some blood under the arms, then she got worse until the second of April when she expired about one hour and one half in the night and died pearfectly easy after being sick for 27 day and we have had a great deal of trouble for the loss we will inform you that George Martin and John Elihu started on the 22 of this month to move Mr. Henderson's family to Mississippi and the intent looking over Arkansas and portion ove Missouri and maby Texes and the expect to get Back in about three or four months - we will inform you that we have bad a _ __ winter and spring until the 15th of April when we had as big sow as is come in these parts and it has destroyed the greater part of the wheet crops and fruit besides - in the lows lands and on the water courses it has destroied a great deal of tim__ for it was in full leaf when the worst frost come - this has rased the price of corn and wheat considerably - corn is up 50 cents per bushel - wheet is 75 per bushel - bacon is 5 cents per pound.
Salt is frum 2 to 3 dollars per sack - sugar and coffee is from 9 to 11 pounds per dollar - Factory thred is at 80 cents per bunch. Nored home spon is from 5 to 20 cents per yard - Calico is from 6 to 25 cents per yard and all other kinds of goods and produce are in the like manner ---
We will inform you that Wm H is working a way from home in the smith shop at 75 cents per day and he is living in the town of girascuters a bout 5 miles off --- Tel Eliab that Wm says if he is still in the notion of comming out if he will go out he say he will try to come out if he can get off and he intends to try to go --- We will inform you that father and is as well as common - mother is in a bad situation - she has got no scents at toll worth any thing for she perfectly childish in her ways and her flesh is sherpt away tel she is a mear skelitan and she keeps her bed constant and can not get about at toll ---
Andrew wishes to be remembered to all friends and relation ---
Samuel sends his best respects to all the connection ---
we will inform you that all the Connection is well as far as we know - we wish to be remembered to Andrew and family and Catherine and Agnes & Mary and Sarah and her family and to all the connection - so no more at prsant but remains your loving brother and sister til death ___

William and
Anna Barkley
To Josiat & Elizabeth Barkley )
W B wrote you a letter some time ago and has not received any answer as yet and we wish you to write as soon as this comes to hand - direct your letters
Blue Pond Cherakee Ala.

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