They are firing guns Pistols and crackers
and an old Banjo playing all the time.
~ Christmas 1848 ~

Madison County, Alabama
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Circular blue postmark:
        DEC 27
and blue star handstamp:
        Mrs Evelina Crenshaw

Huntsville Dec the 26th 1848
Dear Sister
        I am very lonesome this evening and I think that I cannot employ my time better than by writing you a few lines, although I am confident that it will never be answered as they have been here to fore; but I will try you again this time, this leaves all well, that is at home, I am in hopes that your family are all well and enjoy these Christmas times finely; our town has been in a Continual uproar for 2 days it is so thickly crowded with men boys and Negros that there is not much chance for a lady to get along the streets at all, they are firing guns Pistols and crackers and an old Banjo playing all the time, it is quite Amusing to look at the Negros Dancing and we have a full view ay our house of all that is going on; and I suppose you as a Mother in law, and after a while will be a grandma, that will sound very strange to you; Evelina you do not know how much I want to see you again, there is one among you that I am confident I never shall have the pleasure of seeing again in this world, and that one I would give any thing on earth that I possess to see, and that is Papa, give my best respects to him Evelina and tell him that if I never see him again in this world, that I hope we will meet in that better land where parting will be no more, I suppose that James arrived home safe and is preparing to move to Marion give my best respects to Jim, Lori, Mrs Wheelock, and all of her family, as I do not know all of the given names, I expect Susan Jane is nearly grown by this time, and most married, tell her that she must not think of beaus too soon, her cousin Susan and her is nearly the same age and Sue Graham is not done playing with dolls yet, you would be surprised to see how she has grown since you last saw her, she likes only 1/2 inch being as tall as I am, I expect that James has told you all about them, tell Dan that Tom says he wishes he was here to go about the streets with him these Christmas holy days, and tell William for me that he mus not treat me as Alexander did, when he married, and what shall I say for Mr Crenshaw and the little ones. Oh: I forgot that James told me that these were no little ones, you are blessed I should say well tell him that if he can find a rich Widower or bachelor to send him this way, and that he must write to me and let me know who it is, so that I can be in readiness, how does all of our relatives come on up there, I should like to hear from you all often, I wrote to Sister Key some 3 months ago and she has never answered my letter yet, and I expect never will, and that is poor consolation, dont you think so, if I were there you would say yes; and if you do not take care I will have the same to say about you, but I am in hopes that you will write a little better than that; I miss Georgeanny so much that I do not know how to contain myself, and if I could just have her with me this evening I would be perfectly happy, I have not had a letter from her since James left tell Jim that that Mat received a letter from William a few days ago, they were all well; William says he has not been up town of a night since James left there, and he feels quite lonesome, Well it is now 9 Oclock at night and we have had a good deal of company and enjoyed ourselves finely had a great deal of fun, When James comes Evelina you must not forget to send me the Coverlid that you promised me when I was there, you said if you ever had an opportunity that you would send me one and now is the time; Sue says tell Susan Jane to write to her and she will answer her letter, Tom and Sue both say that you must send them a Christmas Gift, -- and tell Mr Crenshaw New Years Gift for me, Evelina if you ever come as far as John Keys again you must be sure and come to see me, it is only 60 miles farther and if I were as able as you are that would be nothing comparatively speaking; as I have filled this letter, I must bring it to a close, My Father and Mother desire to be remembered to you and family also to papa, James Lori, and all of our relatives, be sure and answer this letter give my love to all, particularly to your old man, Farewell for the present,

Very truly and affectionately your
Sister J. A. G.

Hartsville is the County Seat of Trousdale County Tennessee.

From the Collection of Fred Smoot
Provenance: David Agnew, 1998

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