...Murder Robbery and Hanging
is the order of the day...

Trinity County California
~ 1 October 1852 ~

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Samuel Bates
Nelson Bates
Whetstone Bar Trinity River Oct 1, 1852
Dear Father
This evening though somewhat tired I set down to wright a few lines to you but begin to think it is almost useless to wright to anyone in that country for I have ritten till I am almost discouraged for I have received but very few letters from any one since I have bin in this cuntry and what I have received has bin from Mr. Beach except two or three from my Wife I have ritten several letters to you but I have never heard by any letter I received whether you received my letters or not but seams very strange to me that among so many letters as I have ritten that so few of them has reached their. Mr. Beach in a letter of his of June last stated that their had no one received any letters from me since September last now this is strange enough for I have ritten to some one their every month and often two or three different ones at a time but I have hardly received any letters from any one in that cuntry I am now on Sunday agoing to the post office and I shall mail this letter to you and one to Mr. Beach and one to my Wife and perhaps some of them may reach their and if they do I wish you to wright imediately and let me know whether you have received any letters from me or not for I begin to think I am forgotten or else you all think me Dead but if I have bin sick nearly all sumner which you probably have learned before this but after all you will finde that I am not so easy got red of after all for old Net is nearly himself again.
I am now hard at work with three men fetching water on to the bar whare I am now located and if wee suckseed well I think I shall stay here while I stay in this cuntry for if I am not deceivd there is work enough to last me along time at any rate as long as I stay in this cuntry the weather here now is very fine and pleasant but it has bin unusually cold for this climate wee have had severall frosts and one knight it frose nearly as hard as it did at any time last winter. I have no newse to wright except that Murder Robbery and Hanging is the order of the day here now on Satturday last their was two men hung in Shasta City for Murder and on tuesday next there is one to be hung in Weaverville for Murder and Robbery.
My health is every day improving and I am now sufficiently strong to do a days work every day and I begin to think it time to begin to earn something again for I have paid out over one thousand dollars since last June so you see that it will not do to be sick long in this cuntry.
Nomore at preasant with respect to all. Please write direct to
      Trinity Co
Your affectionate Son      
Nelson Bates
Nelson Bates
Mr Samuel Bates

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