“...the capitol of America has become a place of corruption and bloodshed...”
~ 1832 ~
Washington City
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       Doctor Lewis Wolfley
       J.M. Creed May 15th 1832
       Recd. May 19, 1832

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Washington May 15th 1832
Dear Friend
  The Houston case has closed at last and on yesterday he was reprimanded by the Speaker which I could linken to nothing else than a teacher saying to his child -- I reprimand you now and should you ever be guilty of the like offence I shall certainly scold you again --
  It was all a mere farce and was tantamount to a victory on the part of Houston --
  Immediately upon the discharge of Houston, Stanbery introduced a resolution for the appointment of a select committee to investigate that matter and to see whether John H. Eaton & others were guilty of fraud and how the President was concerned in said business -- All which you will observe in the Intelligencer -- We have fallen upon evil times indeed and as Col. Benton very correctly prophesied during Gen Jacksons Adminstration it would be necessary for Congress to legistate with dirks - pistols, &c --
  This declaration has been very correctly verified -- on yesterday Mr. Cooke of Ohio handed to the speaker of the house a challenge which he had received from a Doctor Davis of South Carolina, a witness in the case of Houston --
  You must no doubt have observed in the Intelligencer a note written by Mr. Arnold of Tennessee a member of Congress stating that he had been met in the Avenue by a certain Major Heard -- who threatened to chastise him for abusing his friend Samuel Houston --
  {The best is to come yet}
  Well last evening immediately upon the adjournment of Congress as Arnold was stepping down upon the pavement in front of the Capitol which you must remember well -- he was assailed by the Major Heard --
  Having a walking stick in his hand he turned and at the first blow knocked down -- he struck him several times --
  Heard finally rose up, drew a pistol from his pocket -- fired and Struck Arnold upon the left arm -- inflecting a flesh wound --
  Arnold then drew the sword from the cane and commenced upon him -- He cut his face all to pieces so that he was the most horrible looking object that could be presented to the view -- literally mangeled -- Arnold then knocked him down beat him over the head awhile and was just in the act of running his sword through as his arm was arrested and he was taken off.
  Everyone almost rejoices that it has to resulted -- friend and foe and had Stanbery done the same -- it would have been a night of rejoicing.
  No man is safe here now adays -- the capitol of America has become a place of corruption and bloodshed -- and object of disgust to those who may chance to visit here.
  Very little business is doing in either house this Stanbery matter has engrossed every thing here --
  Our Convention adjourned on the 12th -- We had a very plesant time indeed --
  Three hundred & twenty members were in attendance -- Many fine speeches were delivered an address and various resolutions prepared all which will be published in phamplets form and distributed throughout the country --
  Miss E is here and looks as blooming as a May flower -- She attracts much attention and appears to be enjoying herself exceeding well --
  I shall leave this on tomorrow and return immediately home -- I intend visiting Philadelphia but shall know but when I get to Baltimore.
I remain with assurances of respect &c.
In haste}              Yours John M. Creed
JM Creed

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(Letter sold at auction 24 Feb 2005)

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