Catoosa County Georgia
The Bird Family Letters, 1863
~ 23 August 1863 ~

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From the Tennessee State Library & Archives
Nashville, Tennessee
Civil War Transcription Project 1939
Re-Transcription by Tom Agan

John Bird, of Catoosa County, Georgia on Aug 23, 1863. Written to his nephew, Jacob Bird of Tuckaleechee Cove, Blount County, TN. John Bird lived and died in Catoosa County. The letter was written by Mary Bird for her father and is written on blue paper with "London" printed in the corner of the paper.

Catoosa Co., Georgia
August 23, 1863

Mr. Jacob Bird

Dear Nephew-
I this beautiful Sabbath Morning seat myself to answer you very welcome letter that I received the other day I was so glad to hear that you were on you way home once more and would have been glad you would come to see us. Myself and family are tolerrable well except Newton I have been after him and got home with him of the 7th of this month He got wounded at Gettysburg, Pa. On the 1st of July on the back of his head and in the shoulder. I think now with good attention he will get well sometime though he is very low. Jasper is still in the Army and well and hearty or was a few days back. William is still there with him. Dock got slightly wounded at the same [time] Newton did and is a prisoner I reckon he has never been heard of since the retreat. The boys say their loss was heavy but nothing Compared to the Yankees they are expecting more fighting out there and are ready for it. That army is not afraid of getting whipped. I have to go myself now but I will work for he government a while and see how I like that and see if Newton gets well.

They are fighting out the other side of Chattanooga or were day before yesterday with no particular result. I don't know whether Bragg will fight or retreat. I want you to come by when you start to your Command Write for certain when you will be at Ringold and Marion will meet you there. Tell your father and mother and all the children howdy for me. I will be glad to see them all but cant at present. Be sure and come by so no more at present only I remain your Uncle until death

Write soon

John Bird

Mary Bird of Catoosa County, GA wrote her cousin, Jacob Bird, of Tuckaleecnee Cove, Blount County on August 23, 1863.

Catoosa Co., Georgia
August 23, 1863

Dear Cousin,

I write you a line or two to let you know I received a letter from you when you were at Meridian Miss. I was sorry to hear of you getting your knee thrown out of joint but glad you escaped the Yankees. I wrote you a letter but reckon you left there before you got it. Pa was then gone to Virginia after brother.

Tell my Cousins they need not write to me if they don't want to for I have written to them several times and no answer but perhaps they never got my letters for I did not know where to back them I just directed them to Blount Co. I like to get letters from my Cousins and friends if they like to write to me. I have written more letters since this cural war started than you would think for and its good company for me.

Cousin Jac. I want to see you the worst you ever saw I want to hear something about the Texan Soldier You must be sure and come by here and stay awhile you must write soon and tell the rest of them to write - give my love and respect to Uncle and Aunt and Cousins and Aunt Polly and family. I would like to come up there and see them all but the troubles of our land are in the way of all pleasures now. I hope the day I not far distant when friends may be permitted to stay at home - the times look gloomy now but we must not get out of heart the Yankees may outnumber us and they may kill all our soldiers but they will never get the Southern States.

Write soon without fail

Your Cousin Mary Bird

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