Letters From Forgotten Ancestors

The Hunt, King, Taylor,
Fawks, Lancaster, Mitchell
and Harris Connection.

Franklin County North Carolina

“. . . My Mother Is No More . . .”
~ 8 December 1832 ~
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Folded letter sheet, stampless.
Manuscript postmark:
____, [Dec] 10 -- 1832

Mr Thomas Hunt
Sumner County


Franklin N.Carolina Dec 8th 1832

Dear Uncle,
In consequence of Macons being very much engaged in making preparations to start to Mississippi with part of our negros, I have concluded to write to you myself, but it is with difficulty that I do so, being able to write only with a pencil.

I will first inform you that my mother is no more. Some time last spring she accidentally fell while walking near the house, and so injured her hip as to prevent her ever standing afterwards from which time she continued to reduce until the 21st of Nov. when she expired.

As Macon expects to start in a few days and Aunt Sarah who is living with us at this time does not expect to stay with me constantly, I shall be left almost entirely without any white family, which in any situation must be disagreeable, but peculiarly so afflicted as I am.

The revival of religion which has been very great here, seems still to continue not much abated.

That dreadful scourge the cholera has not been nearrear than some of our remote seaboard towns, and has nearly disappeared there.

Our corn crops are tolerable good, cotton sorry. Corn is worth $2. per barrel from the stack. Cotton has been selling at $2.50 per hundred in the seed, but has fallen to $2.25.

As respects the Gold, there is more cry than wool., more labor than profit. The discovery of John Porticis [John Portis'] mine spread with the wind and seems to have inspired almost every one with a belief that he has but little to do, but go to the branch (the place where it is generally found) and commence digging, and washing and he would soon become rich. -- The gold has been found in a great many places, there fond hopes have not been realized. -- I expect that John Porticis mine near Swift creek in this county is the richest ever discovered in N.Carolina, and perhaps N.America. -- I am told that they average $100 per day to Rocker (10 or 12 hands) and that one forth of an acre (the only experiment tried produced eight thousand dollars. --

From several other mines in that neighbourhood a profit is derived. -- the mine on the land of Thomas Gay, is the only one that has been much worked in this neighbourhood and that has been abandoned.

You will discover from the above that our good crops, nor the quantity of gold, has been sufficient to make money plenty, and as the charters of all our banks will soon expire perhaps times will gro worse.

I received your letter with much pleasure, and my exertions shall be to maintain a correspondence with you. Any advice from you will be thankfully received -- any information asked as far as I am able will be given.

I am still very weak, but able to ride about home and attend to business.

The family, and family connection as far as I know are well.

Aunt Sarah wishes to be remembered to you all.

Your affectionate Nephew
Signed: Harry. P. Taylor

P.S. excuse this, and fail not to write me.
H. P. T.

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot.
Provenance: Keith Finley, 1998

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