Letters From Forgotten Ancestors

The Hunt, King, Taylor,
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Canton Mississippi

“. . . his misfortune and distressed condition
caused from the death of Sis Mary . . . ”
~ 1840 ~
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Stampless folded letter sheet:
Black circular postmark: Canton Mis May 19
and rate: 25
Mr William King
Sumner County
Per Mail

Letter’s author: G. W. King

Canton Missi May 18 1840

Much esteemed Father,
It is with pleasure that I again address you with my humble pen. I am happy to say and feel thankful to the good Lord that my health is much improved since you last heard from me --
I visited Brother Charles & Family last week all were well with the exception of little Francis -- she still has Chills -- mises one day then has chills two days in succession -- Charles got some medicis while I was there that has great reputation for curing chills -- he flattered himself that he would be able to stop them --. A few days ago before I got to his house he received a letter from Isaac & one from John. Isaacs family was in good health which was the principal news of interest that he wrote. Johns letter was principally on the subject of his misfortune and distressed condition caused from the death of Sis Mary about which I expect he has wrote to you.
I will forbear saying anything in relation to the inroads death is making in family more than my sincere Remorse and hearts desire is that those that are still on times side of Eternity may ere long meet those that have gone before, on the banks of eternal deliverance where death will never separate us again -- Father, I place but little estimation on the thing of life -- my chieff desire is to lay up treasures that will not fade or perish away, an inheritance in the world of Bliss which is of some more value than all things Earthly -- Time is but short at its longest yet O how many are they who seam only to begin to live when death summonds them to another world --
I was sorry to learn that Sis Caroline and your self did not reach Windreys before Sis Emmeline ceased to live, though she was fare from the moast of her earthly friends thank the Lord. She had with her the best of Friends one that can make the head of death soft as downy pillows are -- In Johns letter to Charles he expressed himself somewhat like visiting the state this summer provided he could get some one to take charge of his place that he could have confidence in, he spoke of fetching his two oldest children with him if he came -- he also wrote that he thought he had heard of Aunt Sharlotte who was one Sharlotte Hassell -- he said that she was living within the bounds of the same circuit in which he lived and the Preacher ____ told him her name was Sharlotte ____ She told him that she used to live in Sumner County Ten -- on a public road leading to and nine miles from Gallatin, She went to Texas from Florida with a respectable family and is a member of the Methodist Church. I think circumstances go strong to prove she is Aunt Sharlotte --
Father, since I saw you there has So[me wh]at of a chang come over my mind -- I [ad]vised you and really thought that I wou[ld] quit Mississippi return to Ten -- and s[pend] that ballance of my days with you [as] long as we both lived. this change in my course [is] not without cause and in relation to ____ I am shure I can satisfy your whim which will be in June if nothing [hap]pens more than I know if my calculation to start on the 8th day of June though I am [not] shure if I will first go to New Orleans --
I was in in Jackson the other day and to [my] supprise came across Cousin W. P. Houiton [he] was in fine health, says that he is about sett[led] near Columbus Mi -- has ½ doz girls in view and will marry this year certain -- give my love to the Family and friends.
G. W. King
Wm King }

Cotton crops are very bad caused by Cold weather and insects -- I have my two horses and all my mules saved myself and that is about all --

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: eBay Online Auction, 1998

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