Letters From Forgotten Ancestors

The Hunt, King, Taylor,
Fawks, Lancaster, Mitchell
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Madison County Mississippi

“. . . I wrote to your Sisters to select Some old ugly
Spiteful deformed toothless hag of a being for their Ma. . .”
~ 1842 ~
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Stampless folded letter sheet:
Manuscript postmark: Bassville Mi Septm 9th 1842
and rate: S. H. Lancaster P. M., Free [*]
Miss Ann Maria Lancaster
Sumner County

Letter’s author: Saml H. Lancaster

Madison County Mi Septr 12th 1842

My Dear little Ducky- -- You may think because I have not written to you, I do not love you, but be assured the cause is the reverse, for every time I think of you I am reminded of that Sweet kiss you gave me after getting in the carriage to part from me. I know not but forever, but I trust in God that I shall eer long clasp you in my arms and have a dozen more Kisses imprinted before the one I have received Shall be entirely obliterated, therefore for my children to doubt my affection, after Sacraficing ever remaining comfort which was left me solely for their Benefit would be the height of ingradtitude, a disposition which I trust has no place in their composition.

You may Shew this to your sisters and tell them they have become too Smart to write to their Father, and Should like to have an occulor demonstration of their Literary acquirements when I see them , as it does not cost me[*] any thin[g] if they would write every week. I will now Say Something to you about your Brothers & uncles, and class. Alonzo is going to college at Brandon Springs an institution which at present in high repute.

Saml W: I. P. P. Barbaus are going to an excellent preparatory School in the Country -- Alonzo is much larger than your uncle Macon and he has become a great Gallant, and of course he will never learn anything. Your Brother Barbaus Stays at Mr. Montgomerys who treats him like a mother, and I think he learns very well.

I will now Say Something which perhaps will make you Sorry, that is your Uncle will be up after you about Christmas, and you must learn all you can by that time so that you will be prepared to enter a higher class. -- I would send you some money, but have nothing but specie that would be of any service to you, and cannot enclose it in a letter. I have forgotten to Say what your Brother Sam is doing, when not confined to his literary Studies, which is playing the Fiddle at which he has made a considerable proficiency, and of course he will never learn anything, So you see that my hopes are centered on my Dear Daughters and if they Should come back to Mississippi mere novices, my hopes will be blessed indeed, but I will not despond -- I wrote to your Sisters to select Some old ugly Spiteful deformed toothless hag of a being for their Ma, and as they failed to do it then, I want her now, but intend to wait until you to come Home and make the Selection yourself.

Your Brother has to resume his C[o]llegiate Studies on Monday next and is making an effort to get up a Fish Fry to morrow on Pearl River, as I suppose to make a display among the Ladies before he leaves. Tell your Sisters to pay some attention to the Music and they will have an instrument when they come down.

Give my best respects and Sincere gratitude to them good people where you live for their Kindness to my little Motherless Daughter and pray Heaven may reward them.

Your affectionate Father
Saml H. Lancaster

Ann Maria

* Note: Samuel H. Lancaster was Post Master (P. M.) and therefore he had franking privileges (free mail).

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: eBay Online Auction, 1998

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